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anonymous asked:

What would make us all very happy (me especially) is if you expended the lil ficlet you made where draco steals Harry's sweater, because its adorable and perfect and everything I need in my life and I'm dying for more

Ok~ (edit: I wrote this thinking anon meant the hoodie stealing fic but they also might have meant the holiday jumper stealing fic. Hopefully, I picked the right one or at least made them happy?)

Stealing Sweaters (Part 2)

“Potter. Potter. Potter!”

Harry looked up from his plate across the table at Draco with a frown, “What? I’m right here, you don’t have to shout, you twat.”

“Then answer the first time,” Draco sniffed.

Harry rolled his eyes, “What do you want?”

“Do you want my potatoes?” He pushed his plate halfway across the table.

Harry frowned at them, “What’s wrong with them?”

“There’s nothing wrong with them. You ate some of them, you daft wanker.”

Harry made a face at him, “What’s wrong with yours then?”

“Merlin save me,” Draco muttered, briefly pressing his fingers to his forehead. “I just don’t want them.”

“Don’t you like the roasted potatoes?” Harry asked.

“No.” Draco said flatly, “Now do you want them or not.”

Ron leant over and pointed at Draco with his fork, “Liar. I’ve seen you eating them.”

“On occasion,” Draco said stiffly.

“They’re one of your favourites,” Ron went on mercilessly.

Draco glared at him, “Well today they’re not.”

“They’re Harry’s favourites too,” Ron said.

“So?” Draco said.

“They’re the first dish to run out,” Ron said with mounting frustration, “You could just be honest and say you got them for him.”

Draco gave him a cold look and then turned away like Ron had ceased to exist. He picked up his plate and dumped the potatoes onto Harry’s plate and then stood up. “It’s not my fault you’re too scrawny,” he said and marched off.

“Hey! I am not!” Harry yelled after, standing as well. He went to follow and hesitated, glancing at his plate and quickly shovelling down the potatoes before running after him.

Ron slowly dropped his forehead onto the table with a thump, “They’re going to be the death of me… If I don’t strangle them with my bare hands first.”

Hermione patted his back sympathetically, “Well, you tried.”

Part 1 ~ Part 2 (you are here) ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Part 7

Dating Leo Valdez Would Include

Request: Dating Leo Valdez would include?

  • You met Leo through Annabeth
  • He was very upfront with you and you kinda just clicked
  • You were always talking to each other but you never realized you were falling for him
  • It wasn’t until some of your friends started telling you how you’re always talking about him and how you just drool over his existence
    • “Oh my God! I fell so hard for him!” you looked at Percy and Annabeth. “Yeah,” Annabeth nodded her head. “You kinda did,” Percy tried his best to hide his laugh.
  • You became a little more distant with him because you didn’t want to mess anything up
  • He noticed and immediately started asking why you weren’t talking to him
  • You tried your best not to say anything but it kinda just slipped
    • “But all in all it’s only because I really like you. So, I just kinda steered around your path from time to ti-” “Wait for just a second, did you just say you like me?” Leo held up a finger as he looked at you. “What?! Of course not! Why would I say that- that’s absolutely…” you looked up Leo and down to the ground. “Yeah… I kinda did,” you chuckled nervously. “Great!” “What?!” you looked up quickly. “I said ‘Great’. How ‘bout you meet me at the lake at 8 tonight?” Leo started walking away. “Uh… I mean sure I guess… what just happened?” “He just asked you on a date idiot.” “Shut up Percy!”
  • It kinda started slowly after that
  • You automatically became the cutest couple at Camp Half-Blood
  • Leo would always bring you on walks around camp and you would just talk and hold hands
  • When sitting around a campfire he would make little fire hearts and things
    • “Leo! Stop! You’re gonna make the fire go out!” “Shut up! I am doing it for a totally good reason!” “It might be a good reason to you, but I don’t want to freeze my ass off because you’re trying to impress Y/N!”
  • Cuddling is like a daily routine, you cuddle at least an hour a day
  • He uses pickup lines all the time
    • “Hey Y/N?” Leo was already laughing. “What Leo?” you looked up at him. “How many letters are there in the alphabet?” he asked. “26, why?” you narrowed your eyes. “Oh really, I thought there was only 21. I guess I forgot U, R, A, Q, T.” “I swear if you use one more cheesy pickup line, I’m breaking up with you!”
  • Leo is still a major flirt with you
  • Sitting by the lake at night, just looking at the stars and talking
  • Playing pranks on your friends together
    • “Did you put the water bucket up yet?” Leo asked, a huge grin on his face. “We should be getting the signal in 3, 2-” “Oh my Gods! Y/N, Leo! You’re so dead!” everyone stopped and looked at the two of you. “Run,” Leo said taking your hand. “Go! Run now!”
  • Would fight every breathing living thing for you
    • Having to calm him down before he burns everything down
the road trip ☼ stiles stilinski

request : hii! love your writing! could you write an imagine where Stiles and the reader are dating and they go on a road trip and just fluff. thanks <3

word count : 2.7K

author’s note : this deviates from the original request in the aspect that the reader and stiles are not yet together, but are getting there. thank you for requesting and for reading !! 

  “Stiles? Any reason why you’re half asleep in front of my locker right now?” Y/N peered down at her friend, whom, as stated previously, was slumped in front of her locker with his backpack curled in his arms and his lips parted in a way that told pretty much everyone he was on the verge of passing out. He jerked awake suddenly, a familiar spasm of flailing limbs that Y/N had seen on many occasions previous to this one. 

   He got to his feet, slinging his bag over his shoulder and greeting Y/N with an all encompassing hug that lifted her slightly off her feet because of how tight it was and made her heart do a little nervous flip because of who was doing the hugging. “Sorry, was waiting up for you ‘cause I have a question but then… well, you know the rest,” he gestured to where he had been sleeping just moments before with a little laugh and an awkward rubbing of the back of his neck. Y/N noted that boys do that quite often, from what she’s seen. 

  She touched a hand to the back of her own neck to see if it brought her the same sort of comfort that it seemed to bring every boy she had ever come into contact with, but she just felt odd, so she brought her hand back to her side.  

    “Oh,” Y/N smiled at him, she couldn’t help it, and turned to open her locker as he leaned against the row next to hers. “So, what was the question, buddy?” She prodded, thrusting her bag into Stiles’ hands without warning and instructing him to open it for her. She adjusted her hair in the mirror on the door before chucking it into her bag along with the books she hadn’t bothered to bring home already. She knew for a fact that Stiles had cleaned out his locker ages ago and only insisted on coming back to school every day for two purposes: he had nothing better to do, and he loved the vexed look that would cross Bobby Finstock’s face whenever the man glimpsed the lanky eighteen year old in the hallways. 

    The look on coach’s face was enough to send Stiles running down the hallway with a gleeful look on his face, screaming at the top of his lungs how much he loves Finstock until Lydia’s mother was called out of her office to stop the disturbance he was causing. 

   He had been paying more attention to the side of Y/N’s face than the words coming out of her mouth up until she slammed the locker shut, causing Stiles to flinch and jerk back. “Ouch, Y/N, cool it with the slamming, would ya?” 

   “You were gawking at me like an idiot,” she explained, not letting him justify himself before she continued on, “What was your question, again?” 

    Stiles, struggling to recover from his faux pas but failing due to the new color in his cheeks, placed Y/N’s bag on the ground and made sure it was secure before answering her. “Right, that…” He paused, not sure if he wanted to ask her the question anymore after what had just happened. If he couldn’t manage to keep his cool around her for a mere five minutes, how was he supposed to manage doing so for what was most likely going to be a trip that was a week long, possibly more depending on the amount of stops they made. She waited patiently as ever. Y/N had learned to be patient when it came to Stiles.  

    “Um, well, I was just wondering if you maybe, possibly, wanted to go on a little bit of what sort of is an adventure with me this summer?” Before Y/N could answer, Stiles was talking again. “Well, okay, it’s not really an adventure and it’s more of a thing where I don’t wanna go move into my dorm alone and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me on the drive and help me move in and stuff. It’s a two day drive with no stops but I figure you’ll probably wanna stop and whatnot and that’s fine as long as you’re with me on the trip and then I’ll pay for your plane ticket back I just really want someone to drive with me and also I need you to drive because I lost my license inside that stupid wild hunt train station….” 

   Y/N gaped at him for a second. She was slightly baffled that so many words had just come out of his mouth, though considering it was Stiles and she had known him since the age of eleven, she probably shouldn’t have been as surprised as she was. “You don’t want Scott to come?” She asked, lifting her bag from the ground and holding it securely in her arms. 

    Stiles, now afraid that she had no desire to accompany him on this road trip and feeling sufficiently embarrassed, said, “Oh, that’d be, you know, cool, but Scott’s staying in California and he still wants to stay for his mom and stuff and you were my first choice to come with me, anyway, but if you don’t want to that’s fine I’ll ask Lydia or something-” 

   “Oh my gosh, Stiles!” Y/N exclaimed with a shake of her head, grabbing his arm before he could run away. “I’ll do the road trip with you! God, calm down sometimes, will you?” 

   He scoffed. “Do you not know me at all, Y/N?” 

     “You can’t complain about the music I listen to.” Y/N told Stiles, stern. He rolled his eyes at her, stacking one box precariously on top of another. She had folded down the backseat of her mother’s car in order to make more room for Stiles’ stuff, since he was moving into his dorm as well. They had fit as much as they could in there for now; he would whatever else he needed when his dad came up before the first day of his classes. 

     “As the passenger of this car, I have a right to complain, Miss Y/N.” 

     “As the person driving your dumbass across the U.S. and then driving myself back, you have absolutely zero right to complain, Mieczyslaw.” Y/N laughed to herself as Stiles let out a loud groan, scowling at her from the passenger seat as she climbed into her car. 

    “Now, you-” he shook his head at her- “you’re terrible. Just terrible. I don’t know why I’m best friends with you. At all. I should be given a large present just for putting up with your bullshit.” 

    “Yeah, yeah, Stiles,” Y/N laughed, patting his knee as she started the car. “Just remember, driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.”

     “Stop trying to be Dean Winchester.” 



       He stared at the empty place in front of her as they sat in the diner. Y/N was sipping on her water, confused as to why he was so fixated on the fact that she wasn’t hungry right now. 

       “You’ve gotta be hungry,” he finally said, glancing down at the generous heap of curly fries that were piling on his plate. He had ordered two plates for himself and combined them without realizing that Y/N hadn’t ordered a thing besides the glass of water she had managed to make last throughout the hour. “C’mon, order something.” She shook her head adamantly. 

      “No, no, I’m not hungry, I swear,” she insisted for the third time that hour. It was also because they had about twenty dollars to their name at this point, and they were only halfway to D.C. and needed the credit card to pay for a motel on the nights where they couldn’t bear to sleep in the stuffy car or outside.

      “You’re too stubborn,” he sighed. Stiles took another look at his fries, called the waitress over, and asked for another plate. He shoved more than half of his fries off his plate and onto hers, pushing it toward her. “Eat, okay? For me?” He gave her a tiny smile as he bit into one of his own fries, and Y/N felt her stomach squeeze when that soft grin was sent her way. 

     She was snoring and Stiles couldn’t find it in him to care. He just didn’t. Nothing she did ever bothered him, or could ever bother him. They were in the car, the air conditioner blasting as high as it could go. They were parked somewhere in some state that Stiles couldn’t remember the name of because he was so damn sleep deprived he wasn’t thinking straight. He figured her snoring was what was keeping him up, but waking her up was something he’d rather not do. Mostly because he never seen someone with a look of such serenity on their face whilst they were sleeping; her window was wide open, a pillow was propped on it so she could rest comfortably, and she was doing just that. She looked incredibly peaceful and calm and happy and Stiles loved this look on her. 

    Well, he had grown to love every look on her, but that was a whole different conversation. 

     He reached behind his seat and grabbed a blanket, placing it over her but still careful not to wake her up. Just in case she was cold. Stiles turned away and slumped against his seat, closing his eyes. He was just being a good friend. It didn’t mean anything, right?

    Y/N wakes up first that morning, her eyes peeling open and staring almost directly into the soft rays of the just rising sun. She feels the warmth on her face, the sky a pink so lovely when she looks at it, it could rival the way she feels when Stiles Stilinski looks into her eyes as if maybe he’s in love with her, too. She had felt his hand reaching for hers in the middle of the night, when she was somewhere in between awake and asleep, and had grasped it in hers as tightly as she could. It was a moment she had wanted to keep locked away in her mind forever. 

    “Y/N? You up?” Stiles called out, his voice still raspy with sleep. He released her hand from his as soon as he had woken up, reluctantly so. She hummed in response, glancing over at Stiles as he struggled to sit up. He had twisted himself into an odd sort of pretzel shape in the middle of the night in an effort to get comfortable. He groaned as his back cracked. “Jesus, that was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been, ever.” 

    “Don’t be a baby,” Y/N said teasingly, sending him a smile. He squeezed his eyes shut, then opened them again. It was too early for such a lovely sight, he thought to himself, rubbing his eyes. Stiles playfully punched her arm in response, not knowing what else to do. “No, but seriously, should we get a motel next time we’re too tired to keep driving?” 

    “Yeah, why not? We haven’t used the credit card yet, we should splurge,” he joked, knowing a motel was not a luxury in the slightest. It was still better than their current situation, though. “I’m cheap, though, so we might have to spring for a single bedroom only. Like, you know, with only one bed.” 

    “I know, Stiles,” she replied, seemingly unfazed. 

    “So… you’re cool with that?” 

    Her heart hammering in her chest, she said, “Why wouldn’t I be?” He shrugged in response, secretly just a little giddy. 

    Stiles worriedly peered out the car window, waiting for Y/N to return from the little convenient store next to the gas station. She had told him she needed to grab a few things from the store but they were down to their last five bucks and they had a good two days to go. And Y/N was pretty much always hungry. Suddenly, the door to the shop flew open and Y/N came running out with multiple bags of snacks in her hands and a mischievous grin on her face. Stiles quickly opened the car door and she threw herself inside, shoving the snacks between them and screaming, “GO, GO, GO!” Alarmed, Stiles fumbled with the keys and was screeching out of the parking lot before they knew it. 

    “Did you just fucking steal those?” 

     “We had two bucks left, Stiles!” 

     Laughing hysterically despite the fact that Y/N could have just became a known fugitive across this town, Stiles beamed at her as he drove. He wasn’t technically supposed to be driving, but he wasn’t thinking about that in this moment. All he could think of was- “God, I love you,” he said, louder than necessary and with more force than he ever thought possible. He said it so loud that the words prevailed over the thump of the music pounding through the car speakers, and he knew once the words slipped past his lips he could never take them back. And maybe he didn’t want to. 

   They were in his dorm room now. She was sitting on his roommate’s bed, the roommate that had yet to arrive, and folding Stiles’ jeans neatly because Stiles was hopeless when it came to neatly putting his clothes away. Stiles was putting his books on the small shelf he had been granted that was next to his new desk, where he had set up his computer already. He had a framed picture of him, Scott, and Y/N on his bedside table. It was almost perfect. He looked over at Y/N, putting the last book on the shelf and taking a deep breath. He sat on his own bed, patting the seat next to him. 

    “You okay, Stiles?”  She placed a hand on his shoulder.

     “Yeah, no, I’m totally fine,” he said, his voice squeaking slightly. His hands were clammy and his lips now felt oddly dry and cracked. He licked them nervously. “I just need to tell you something really, really important.” 

      “Go for it.” Her smile was encouraging, and so he did. 

     He sighed again, struggling to find the right words to tell this girl how he felt, how he had always felt, how he’d been feeling this past week and the way he knew he’d feel for the rest of his life. “Love is… love is stumbling through life with your best friend, you know? It’s this beautiful, wonderful thing. And I think that… that when you think that you’ve found love, then you’ve gotta go for it, right? Well, this is me going for it. You’re my best friend, all right? And you’re my person. The person I wanna spend my life with, as messy and shitty and complicated as it may be. I wanna stumble through life with you, okay? So, I’m just hoping that maybe you’ll wanna stumble through life with me, too.” 

      She didn’t need to think twice before reaching for his face and kissing him, her Stiles, the idiot she loved so much it made her brain hurt sometimes. He was hers, too. And if there was one person she was going to live a messy and wild and unpredictable and great life with, it was going to be him. Stiles pulled away first, bumping his nose against hers playfully. 

    “I don’t want you to leave now,” he frowned, his face still in close proximity to hers as he brushed her hair out of her face. “Wanna transfer schools?” His eyes lit up when he had this idea, but in his heart he knew that going to NYU had been a dream of hers for awhile and he would never ask her to seriously give such a thing up.

    “I’m a three hour drive from you, Stiles, I’ll come to see you all the time. Or you can come to me and I’ll show you around the city,” Y/N kissed him again. “I’m not letting you go now that I’ve got you.” 

     “Likewise, pretty girl,” he said with a stupidly dreamy smile on his face and a blush on his cheeks that wouldn’t leave so long as he had her, and it only took a ridiculously long overdue road trip to bring them together. 




Draco x reader

Imagines & One-shot & Song Request

Draco x Reader

George x Reader

Fred x Reader

Harry x Reader

Sirius x Reader

Severus x Reader

No Romance


Lucifer x Reader


Bruce Banner x Reader

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Loki x Reader

Natasha x Reader

Steve Rogers x reader

Tony Stark x Reader

No Romance


Arthur x Reader

Gwaine x Reader

Melin x Reader

No Romance


Mad Hatter x Reader

No Romance


Mycroft x Reader

Sherlock x John

Sherlock x Reader

Not Romance


Doctor ‘Bones’ McCoy x Reader


Han Solo x Reader


Balthazar x Reader

Castiel x Reader

Charlie x Reader

Chuck x Reader

Crowley x Reader

Dean x Reader

Death x Reader

Gabriel x Reader

Lucifer x Reader

Michael x Reader

Sam x Reader

No Romance


(Requested by Anon)

“1… 2… 3…”

Can’t let him catch me. Gotta get away. Gotta find someplace safe.

You ran for your life, feet aching and calves burning as you pushed yourself to get away from the predator that was hunting you. You knew running was pointless, but damn if you were going to go down without a fight.

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It’ll All Be Okay

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky recently broke up with his girlfriend and now its your job to pick up the pieces 

Words Count: 687, just a lil drabble

Genre: slightly angsty, nothing too bad

Warnings: Language

So my last fic actually got notes! thought i might as well do another one :) Also, I’m still super new so if y’all have fic ideas, don’t hesitate to request fics! Don’t forget to follow like and reblog, I’m loving all the notes<3

 not my gif but oHMYgOd how cute is he in this gif??

   You woke up to the sound of cupboards slamming down the hall. As you flip over onto your side, you look at your alarm clock and groan. It’s 2:30 in the morning. Who in the right god damn mind is slamming cupboards in the middle of the night??

You sit up and stretch out your back, ready to give whoever it was a piece of your mind. You stand up and mentally prepare what you’re going to say as you walk down the hall to the tower’s kitchen, but what you find there shocks you.

“Bucky?” you ask alarmed, “what the hell are you doing on the floor covered in corn flakes? I thought you were staying with Clair tonight?”

He looks up at you with eyes full of tears,”(y/n)..” 

Shit, not again. 

 “she broke up with me, she said this time for good” he said turning his head to the refrigerator. They had been like this for over a year. They would be on and happy for awhile, then the fights would start, and then you would find him distraught and pick up his pieces just in time to watch him run back to her arms. It made it all the worse that you were madly in love with the man, he couldn’t see it and if the rest of the team did, they did one hell of a job hiding it.

You lean down, “’comon buck, lets go. Get up, we’re going to the couch.” He wasn’t drunk but he might as well have been, he was too upset to function. You finally get him on the couch then ran out of the room only to return with two glasses and a bottle of scotch. You sit down and pour him a drink.

He takes a sip the starts,”I don’t know why the hell I put up with this, she obviously doesn’t love me, so why do I keep going back to her” he mumbles.

Funny, you thought, I was just thinking the same thing…

You didn’t say anything, just grunted and leaned back. “(y/n), your a girl right?Why are girls like this? No one is here for me like you and Steve are. God I miss her, but she just didn’t understand! Hydra and the Winter Soldier  aren’t something I can just forget and move on from!” 

I understand.. You think.

“I don’t know.. Was it my fault? Was I to difficult to deal with? Maybe I talked too much, she said I do that a lot..” he said. You grab his chin and made sure he was looking in your eyes.

“James Buchanan Barnes, don’t you dare let me hear you say that again. This is not your fault. If she cannot handle your past, she doesn’t deserve your future. Someone who actually loved you would stick by you, faults and all, as long as you needed them. Sure you talk a lot, but I have never found it annoying have I? No. You know why?” Because I love you! “Because I’m your best god damn friend and those flaws she saw are just the different strokes that make up the masterpiece of you. She didn’t deserve you before and she sure as hell doesn’t deserve you now,” I do… “You got that?” you ask.

He looks at you with those damn puppy dog eyes that makes your heart melt and smiles, “Thanks (y/n), you’re a true friend. Wanna turn on some friends and forget that tonight happened?” 

You smile lightly back, “yeah Buck, sure. you set it up and I’m going to clear up your attempt at cereal of of the floor, I’ll be back.”

“thanks doll!” he said back, seemingly forgetting the moment you both just shared.

That night, you stayed up all night and ranted about the world. The next morning Bucky got a call from Clair and they made up as always. He forgets the pain she caused and You try to bury your feelings down as far as you can.

Because, I’m just a true friend right? Who would I be to tear them apart with my selfish desires…

I’ll Teach You (Jughead x Reader Smut) *Part 3*


Hun PLEASE do a final part for I’ll Teach You, I’ll sell my soul for it.


Part 3 of I’ll Teach You?

Please do another part to ‘I’ll Teach You’ ohMY ITS SO SPICY

A/N: Part 3 was HIGHLY requested! So Here you go! I really hope I did a decent job with this one! (Also I hit 1k followers today? So Thank you! It’s official. My sideblog is better than my actual one) Requests are welcome!!

WARNINGS: Smut! Very descriptive blowjob. Lots of sin in this one. You requested more sin and you got it.


-Part 1 - Part 2  - 

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Mom doesn’t wish to see you [Part 4](Bruce Wayne imagine)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Requested: Yes
Summary: Not only do you find out that you’ve been cheated on, but so do the boys, and the aftermath.
Word count: 683
Warning(s): cheating, divorce

You had just changed from your work clothes, fixing your makeup and giving your hair a quick brush through when you heard a knock on the apartment door. Looking at the digital clock on the shelf, a large 7:58 is displayed. You smile to yourself, Bruce was almost always very punctual. 

Opening the door, you see your ex husband looking as handsome as ever, a bouquet of flowers in hand, wearing quite casual clothing. “Here,” He says, giving you the bunch of flowers. You quickly navigate through your home, finding a vase, cutting off a little bit of the stems of the flowers, before placing them in the water filled vase next to the other flowers. “Thank you, shall we?” You ask as you grab your purse before stepping out with him, locking the door behind you.

Bruce took you to this old bar, the decorations were very western style, old posters and such put up on the wall. You found it quite nice, also a stark contrast to your usual dates, it felt nice to have a change.

So how’s it been?” Bruce asks, as you sit at a table facing each other. “Busy as usual,” You sigh, stirring your drink in its glass. “The boys seem happy to see us try again,”  He smiles, putting his hand on yours on the table. “Damian right?” You ask, slightly chuckling, “Yeah, Damian especially, but all the other boys seem to be a lot more content too,” He says. “They’re probably excited that they don’t have to have dinner with me once a week, “ You say, as the waitress brings your food to the table. 

You talk and eat, the conversation flowing great, just like it did when you first got married. But Bruce had caught unwanted attention from someone else in the bar. She closes her compact mirror, smacking her lips slightly to fix her lipstick before making her way over.

Hi Bruce, it’s nice to see you,” She says putting her overly manicured hand on his shoulder. “Hi,” He says back, bluntly, shrugging off her hand. You focus your eyes on your food, knowing exactly who that is. When you had found out Bruce was cheating on you, this was the exact secretary, whom to your knowledge was fired soon after. “What do you want,” Bruce asks, not bothering to look at her, “You,” She smirks back, making visible anger and distaste appear to boil in the man.

No, never speak to me ever again, I don’t want to see you anywhere near or I’ll have a restraining order taken out, “ He says, little to no emotion in his voice. “So I was just a toy to you,” She says bitterly, before the clicking of her heals leaves through the door. Looking up you could see her wiping her face as if in tears in the window.

I’m so sorry about that,” Bruce apologizes, giving your hand a squeeze, “No, it’s alright,” You smile, even though it didn’t reach your eyes. “That’s long over, it never even started, she’s just bitter she got fired,” Bruce explains. You nod, putting more food in your mouth.

A little while later you had finished eating, “Wait here, I’ll go pay,” Bruce instructed, going to the bar. You slipped on your jacket, and hung your purse over your shoulder. “Let’s go,” He says, offering you his elbow to hold on to. 

He walks you to your apartment door, through the dark and cold streets of Gotham. You talked the whole way there. As it was time to part ways, Bruce seemed nervous. “What’s wrong?” You ask him, giving both his hands a squeeze in front of you. “I would want to kiss you good night, but I don’t know if you’ll allow me to.” He says, smiling sweetly. You lean up to him, placing a soft kiss on his chapped lips, your chin grazing his rough five o’clock shadow slightly.

Good night Bruce,” You smile, pulling away, entering your apartment. He stands there, a goofy smile on his face as your door clicks locked.


With love,

Too Long [Jason Dilaurentis]

Fandom: Pretty Little Liars

Character: Jason Dilaurentis x reader

Word Count: 2,907

Triggers: Smut

Needed to write about Jason because 1) He’s so hot 2) I love him and 3) This man needs more imagines! Hope you enjoy x

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It was a well known fact that Noel Kahn threw the best parties in Rosewood. As soon as Alison Dilaurentis had told the group it was obvious that you would all be attending - no one ever said no to Allie.

“Are you really going to wear that Hanna?” Alison questioned sweetly, her head tilted to the side as she watched Hanna try on a tight green dress.

Hanna looked down at her figure, her face falling as she glanced back up at Alison, “Why? Does it look bad?”

“It looks great.” You cut in before Alison could say anything.

“Thanks.” Hanna grinned while Alison glared at you.

Your relationship with Alison was definitely strange. You had know Allie, Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily forever. Alison had formed your friendship group at the beginning of high school; she was the glue that held everyone together, however she sometimes was the very weapon that destroyed us. You knew that Alison loved you all but the things she said to you all sometimes could cut like a knife. That was the thing about Alison, she could either make or break you.

“Allie?” A voice called from outside the door of Alison’s bedroom.

“Ugh, what does he want?” Alison scoffed under her breath as she made her way across the room to her bedroom door. She swung the door open, revealing Jason Dilaurentis, her older brother, “What?”

Jason rolled his eyes at his sister’s annoyed tone, “Are you going to that party tonight?”

“Maybe.” Alison smirked.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Jason snapped, “Me and the guys are going to so I’ll give you a lift.”

“You and the guys?” Alison repeated, her eyebrows rising in interest.

“Yeah, Ian and Garrett are coming over in a minute, so hurry up.” Jason sighed frustratedly.

His eyes fell on you and you looked away quickly; embarrassed that you had been caught watching him. You had always had a crush on Jason despite the fact that he was a few years older than you. There was just something about him that drew you in; you didn’t know if it was his rebel without a cause attitude or his deep brown eyes that seemed to stare right through you. All you did know was that your crush was definitely unrequited; he probably only saw you as Alison’s little minion, which brought you to the next point - Allie would roast you alive if you ever got with Jason. She had made it very clear that she would not accept any of her friends pursuing Jason; Alison was always weirdly possessive over Jason.

“What are you staring at?” Alison snapped.

“Nothing.” Jason mumbled distractedly, “Just be ready in five.”

* * *

Looks like someone is finally going to get Noel Khan’s attention tonight.” Alison smirked at you as you were walking down the staircase and into the kitchen.


“Relax, I won’t tell anyone.” Alison said sincerely, entwining your hands, “I’m just saying you look hot. Like really hot.” She reassured me.

You couldn’t help but smile at her; choosing to let the Noel Khan comment slip. It was moment like this that you remembered why you loved Allie. No matter how horrible she could be sometimes, she had moments where she was kind and sweet. You knew Allie would do anything for you, she was fiercely protective and always looked out for you.

“She’s right.” Emily called from behind you, “That dress looks amazing.”

You smiled at your friend, fingering the silky velvet material of your red dress. It was bolder than the dresses you usually wore but you had to admit you felt good in it; it hugged you in all the right places and the short skirt made your legs appear longer than they actually were. You had paired it with a pair of black thigh high boots that Aria had insisted you borrow.

“Alright Emily, don’t get a crush now.” Alison sniggered, smiling sweetly at Emily over her shoulder. Emily grimaced, slowing down slightly so she was no longer walking behind you.

“What was that about?” You questioned in confusion.

“Nothing.” Alison replied, squeezing your hand gently.

“Well it’s about time!” Ian yelled in mock distress as you all piled into the kitchen. Ian and Garrett were leaning against the counters, cans of beer in their hands. Your eyes flickered to Jason who had his back turned, in the process of opening a beer himself. Ian quickly greeted you, pressing a chaste kiss on your cheek before he moved on to Spencer.

“Weren’t you supposed to be hanging out with Melissa tonight?” Spencer questioned suspiciously.

Ian only laughed, “I couldn’t let my boys down now could I?”

“Plus Ian can never miss a good party.” Jason sniggered as he turned around.

He went to raise the beer to his lips, however his movements stilled when his eyes fell on you. His eyes seemed to darken, his adam’s apple bobbing harshly as he swallowed hard. You stared back at him, your cheeks heating up despite the voice in your head insisting you had just imagined the lustful look he had just given you.

“You guys want some beer?” Garrett offered, pointing at the crate of open cans.

“Yes.” Alison answered immediately.

“Allie, we’re underaged.” Spencer protested as Alison waltzed over to the cans of beer.

“Oh come on Spencer, don’t be such a party pooper.” Alison scoffed, tossing her mane of golden hair over her shoulder, “Just have a drink.”

“Why do I feel like tonight is not going to end well?” Spencer whispered beside you.

* * *

The party was in full swing by the time you arrived. The car journey had seemed to take forever. You had been squeezed between Jason and Emily, your bare leg flushed against his own and your hands occasionally brushing as you passed around Ian’s hip flask of whiskey. You and the girls had quickly succumbed to the peer pressure of drinking; coming to the conclusion that you would all watch out for each other if one of the group got to drunk.

Your bets were on Aria. She was definitely the biggest lightweight.

“Come on ladies,” Ian yelled over the loud music, “Let’s dance.”

You watched as Ian grabbed Allie’s hand; both of them running to the dancefloor. You averted your eyes quickly as they began grinding. You couldn’t help but wondering if there was something going on between Allie and Ian, he had been around the Dilaurentis home a lot more recently, not to mention the fact that they were almost having sex on the dancefloor right now.

“Look at them!” Spencer growled, her eyes fixed on Alison and Ian.

“I’m sorry Spence.” You sighed, “It’s not fair on Melissa.”

Spencer looked down, her face unreadable, “Yeah, it’s not.”

“Come on, let’s get a drink.” Aria sighed before leading us through the dancing crowd. You glanced over your shoulder, stupidly searching for Jason, only to see him walking in the opposite direction with Garrett, a cigarette in his hand.

You quickly shook off your disappointment, it was stupid of you to think he would want to spend time with you. You tried to forget about him and instead focused on having fun with your friends. You took shots and danced; allowing yourself to get lost in the music as you grew more and more intoxicated.

“So…” Aria drawled as you were pouring some vodka and coke for you both, “You and Noel huh?”

“What?” You snorted, spilling the coke slightly as you laughed.

“You don’t like him?” Aria guessed.

You shook your head, “No.”

“What about Jason?” Aria pressed.

You froze, your eyes going wide as you slammed down the bottle of coke. You looked at Aria only to see that she was smiling knowingly.

“Is it that obvious?” You groaned, hiding your face with you hands.

“No!” Aria reassured you, pushing your hands away so that she could look at you, “I just know you. I see the way you look at him; hell I see the way he looks at you. You always act so awkward around each other, it’s almost uncomfortable how obvious it is that you both want to rip each other’s clothes off.” Aria giggled at your red face, “It’s alright. I won’t tell Allie.”

You sighed with relief, moving forward to hug your tiny friend, “Thank you.”

A few hours had passed and you were currently searching for your friends. You had gone to the bathroom a few minutes ago and when you had come back they were nowhere to be found. You were in the middle of ringing Spencer when someone cleared their throat behind you.

You turned around to see Jason behind you, leaning against a tree with a cigarette in his hand. You took a moment to appreciate how good he looked; his dark green shirt tight in all the right places, his golden hair windswept and the delicious stubble shadowing his prominent jaw line.

“You ok?” He asked after a moment of just staring at each other.

You nodded and joined him against the tree trunk so he could hear you over the music, “Yeah, I’ve just lost the girls. I was just about to call them.”

“I think I saw them over by the drinks table before.” Jason stated before he took another drag of his cigarette, “My sisters still with Ian.”

“Really?” You grimaced when you noticed his dark expression.

“I tried to find her earlier but she’s disappeared, as usual.” Jason sighed, running his hands through his hair.

“Hey, I’ll help you find her.” I offered.

Jason smirked, “And miss the party?”

“I’m sure I can spare a few minutes.” You teased playfully.

Jason smiled at you, the corners of his lips tilting up boyishly as he pushed himself away from the tree trunk. He moved closer to you, bowing his head slightly so that his face was inches away from you. Your heart stuttered in your chest, your head going blurry at the close proximity and the smell of his aftershave and tobacco.

“If you’re sure.” Jason smirked before he moved away, grabbing your hand and leading you outside.

* * *

Milkshakes are not better than coffee!” Jason exclaimed for the fifth time.

“Of course they are!” You protested, “How can they not be?”

“Coffee is the best thing to ever be invented.”

You and Jason had been talking about everything and anything for the past hour you had been searching for Allie. You had walked a good few streets, occasionally calling Allie’s name before continuing with whatever topic of conversation you were discussing at the time. Throughout the hour you had both moved closer and closer to each other, so close that every now and then your hands brushed. You knew it was wrong - Allie would kill you if she knew you were alone with Jason, but at the moment you didn’t care, you were enjoying his company too much.

“You cold?” Jason questioned when he noticed you shivering.

You shrugged, “Yeah, this dress wasn’t exactly built to be warm.” You joked.

Jason touched your hand and stopped walking. You watched as he shrugged off his leather jacket; moving closer to you so he could drape it over your shoulders. You stilled when he was inches away from you, his hands on your shoulders.


His lips were on yours in seconds, the kiss fervent and hungry. His hands moved from your shoulders to rest on your waist, pulling you closer to him before he slid his hands through your hair. You succumbed to your desire, forgetting all the reasons why you shouldn’t be doing this. You kissed him back passionately, your hands moving to his shoulders as you fell into his body. You continued to kiss, getting lost in each other entirely; your hands all over each other, biting exposed skin and gripping at each others hair. You were two bombs who had finally exploded.

“Jesus, I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” Jason murmured against the skin of your neck as he backed you up against a nearby tree. You were hidden away from everyone, your kissing figures protected by the cluster of trees around you. “Do you know how often I thought about kissing you. Every time you would come around, looking so damn beautiful.” His hands skimmed the hem of your dress, rubbing the skin, “And tonight, when I saw you in this dress,” His teeth nipped at your bottom lip, “Jesus, I thought you were trying to kill me.”

You were dizzy with passion as you continued to kiss him, your hands knotted in his hair, tugging slightly and causing groans to escape his lips.

“I thought you didn’t like me.” You admitted against his lips, “I thought I was delusional for ever thinking that anything could happen between us.”

“How could I not like you Y/N?” Jason laughed, tucking your hair behind your ear affectionately, “I like you. I like you a fucking lot.”

You smiled like an idiot, pulling his face back to yours. You gasped when you felt his warm hands slide between your thighs, his hand teasing you over the fabric of your underwear. You moaned at the sensation, burying your face in his neck as he continued his movements, his mouth nibbling at your earlobe.

“Jason, what about Allie?” You panted, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you felt his hand slide into the waistband of your underwear.

“Screw Allie.” Jason growled, “She doesn’t have the right to keep us away from each other.

A cry sounded from your lips as his fingers entered you. His lips were at your neck, biting and sucking at the exposed skin. You squirmed and let out another moan as he curled his fingers inside of you, a shiver of pleasure running through you.

“You’re so wet.” He moaned huskily. “I just want to eat you all up.”

You watched as Jason kneeled down in front of you, his eyes never leaving yours as he lifted one of your legs over his shoulder. He moved your underwear to the side before he buried his face in your legs. You clutched at the bark of the tree, your body jolting as his tongue swirled around your clit painfully slow. He teased you for a while, forcing desperate moans from your lips before he delved deeper, his tongue moving mercilessly against you. You convulsed against him, a moaning mess as you came.

He got back to his feet, his arms encircling you as he kissed your forehead.

“You ok?” He whispered against your hair.

“God yes.” You whimpered, snuggling against him, “More than ok.”

You captured his lips again, your fingers moving to the bottom of his t-shirt. You lifted it over his head, admiring the sculpted muscles of his chest. Your lips found his neck, sucking on it as you worked on unbuckling his belt. Jason backed you up against the tree once again, a groan escaping his lips as you pressed yourself against him.

“Fuck me Jason.” You moaned against his lips, “God you have to fuck me right now.”

He kissed you passionately, his body shuddering slightly as he trapped you in his arms, hands either side of your head. He pulled away, rummaging around in the pocket of his jeans that had fallen to the floor. He found the condom that was in his pocket, putting it on him quickly before he moved close to you once again.

“Are you sure about this?” He questioned after a few minutes of kissing you.

You nodded, “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

He smiled and hoisted your leg around his hip. He slid into you, causing you to gasp as you felt him stretch you out. He was bigger than anyone you had ever experienced so it took you a while to adjust to him. Your hands dug into his shoulders, small wails sounding from your lips as he started to move faster. His lips and hands were everywhere, relieving all the pent up frustration from the months of holding back. He moved faster as your moans grew louder, his hips pounding into you as he forced your hands behind your head.

“God, you’re so beautiful.” He groaned, his head resting against yours as his hands tangled in your head.

“Oh God Jason!” You practically squealed as he hit a particular spot. You convulsed against him once again, moaning and cursing under your breath as you fell into him, your head fuzzy as you came. He continued to move fluidly, riding you through you hair before he stuttered, throwing his head back as he came. He swore and pulled out of you, his head still resting against your own as he engulfed you in his arms. You both fell to the floor, Jason pulling on his pants before he handed you his jacket once again.

“Holy shit.” Was all he could say.

“Yeah.” You agreed breathlessly.

His lips pressed against your forehead, “You do realise I’m definitely not letting you go now right?” He wrapped his arm around you, “I’ve waited too long for you to lose you after one night.”

You snuggled into him, a huge smile crossing your lips, “I’m definitely not going anywhere.”

“Good, and don’t worry about Alison, I’ll deal with her.” Jason reassured you, “Now come on, let’s go back home, I’m nowhere near done with you yet.”

whofan1000  asked:

Request for RFA and Saeran, how would they act around pregnant MC?

Thanks @whofan1000 for the request! Hope you enjoy <3 

Originally posted by winniethepao


  • This poor boy
  • He would worry all the time
  • But he’ll be the most devoted partner
  • When you’re going down steps he’s at your side leading you one at a time
  • “Yoosung…I’m only 2 weeks along…”
  • “You still have to be careful!”
  • He studies cook books on what’s best for you to eat and learns to cook them
  • He wants to be at every doctor appointment with you and if he’s not able to he has a serious pouting fit
  • He’ll sing lullaby’s to your stomach so the baby knows how much he loves it
  • When it comes to knowing the gender he’ll say that he wants it to be a surprise but constantly changes his mind worrying about what to buy
  • When he finds out your pregnant he can’t contain it
  • Everyone knows, he even tells the pets he treats at the clinic


  • He’s constantly talking about how your child will be the most handsome
  • “What if it’s a girl?” you ask.
  • “Well I’ll still love her but with these genes,” he smiles and winks, “he’s bound to be a boy.”
  • He’s praying it will be a boy.
  • Just thinking about his baby girl growing up with such wolves was too much for his heart to bare
  • In the first couple months he is away a lot for work so that in your final months he can be there as much as possible
  • He calls on breaks and Skype’s you from his hotel
  • You’ll have some of the most dramatic pregnancy pictures.
  • Very protective over you.
  • Sometimes you have to wonder whether he’s your husband or guard dog
  • Honestly, I imagine he’ll buy some sort of shirt that says “Zen’s Baby On Board”
  • But you’re not going to wear that in public
  • He also works his way up to quitting smoking. He doesn’t want it anywhere near you. 


  • She has a schedule set up for you during your pregnancy
  • There are restrictions on what you can and cannot have
  • All your appointments are made in advance and she attends every single one
  • When you try to argue with her on certain things
  • Like why you can’t have 2 tubs of ice cream.
  • She’s pulling out binders of research she has conducted
  • Every once in a while she feels bad and leaves sweets in the fridge/freezer for you
  • Near the end of your pregnancy she’ll work from home to look after you more
  • Her favorite part is decorating and shopping for the babies room
  • She’ll do most of the cleaning stating, “You need to rest.”
  • When you don’t listen she gets annoyed easily
  • Baehee will be the best mom though and you’re so happy to be married to her. 


  • Talk about protective
  • You can’t go anywhere without one of his body guards
  • You fight him a lot on it since you feel like you can never be alone
  • He’s unyielding as his biggest fear is something happening to you or the baby
  • He cancels appointments often so that he can come home to you
  • Whatever you desire he’ll get it for you
  • The chef makes you special meals with all the nutrients and vitamins you could need
  • He’ll always tell you how beautiful you look
  • “No one in this world compares to you, my love.”
  • When you’re emotions run rampant he’ll hold you in his arms until you calm down
  • He’ll announce you’re pregnancy with photos of Elizabeth the third next to a sign saying “I’ll be a big sister in 9 months!”


  • We all know he’s a prankster
  • So he’ll have his jokes about how big you get
  • Or the way you waddle when you walk
  • Or how you left the keys in the freezer
  • Ok we get it.
  • And he’ll take some real pride in knowing that he was a part of making the baby
  • But he knows when to be serious
  • When you can’t sleep or feel restless he’ll let you choose a car and he’ll take you for a ride
  • “Even the red one?” you asked shocked.
  • He takes a deep breath and bites his fist. “Yup. Even,” his voice breaks a little, “even the red one…”
  • “Are you crying?”
  • “No…just…so happy,” he lied.
  • Your pregnancy photos are going to be either really cringe worthy or really cute in a fun way (probably both)
  • He gives you space and isn’t very clingy
  • However he loves to hold you in his arms to cuddle
  • When you get angry at him you eat all his chips as the ultimate revenge
  • You can hear him from the other room over yell, “Why have you forsaken me lord!?”
  • Expect cringe worthy shirts


  • In his entire life he never thought he would be a father
  • So he’s always worried about messing up and how the baby will turn out
  • You’ll be the calmest during this pregnancy
  • “One step at a time ok?” you encourage him.
  • He’ll put his forehead against yours and nod. “Ok.”
  • When you go out alone he wants to stop you or go with you but he doesn’t want to crowd you
  • However you’ve caught him following you a few times
  • It will be a real trial for him to get over his fears
  • You know this so don’t ask much of him
  • However he’s quick to pick up on certain habits like when you start to rub your back or feet
  • He’ll ask you to lay down and massage them for you
  • So he wants you to depend on him as much as possible
  • Saeran will get really embarrassed easy when people give him kudos and congratulate him
  • Especially his brother’s jokes. “I didn’t know you liked to bake.”
  • Saeran, “What?”
  • “Ho don’t do it,” you plead.
  • “You even have a bun in the oven right now.”
  • ಠ_ಠ   ☜(▨ヮ▨¬☜)
  • “Oh my god…” you face palm.
  • You constantly have to hold him back. “Saeran put down the chair!”
4 | No Escape

Genre: Apocolypse AU / Fluff / Angst / Future Smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1,863

Warnings: Mentions of dead bodies and blood, gory, mentions of rape

“What are you going to do? Shoot me with that gun? Little man, If you would look around, I think I out numbered you by maybe fifteen people.”

Masterlist ♥︎


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5

A/n: Sorry this part is so short, its sort of just a fill in chapter

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One-Hundred Strokes

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader


Summary: Lin comes home and is in a funk and asks his wife to brush his hair.  He ends up falling asleep while she does it.


Warnings:  This is just fluff so I don’t think so… Maybe self-doubt?


Authors Note: This is the first fic I’ve posted in about three years.  Someone validate me I tried…


     The door of your apartment opened with a bang.  You could hear your husband shuffling around out in the kitchen but you stayed where you were.  Wrapped up in a mound of blankets and working on an animation.  You waited for your husband to come in and kiss you.  You waited.  And waited.  After 10 minutes you finally got out of your chair.  It wasn’t like him to keep you waiting. 

     You slouched down the hall and entered the kitchen.  At first you didn’t see him. 

“Lin?” You called out softly.  You heard a sniff from over in the corner. 

“Yeah?” came a quiet, raspy reply.  Looking over, you saw Lin on the floor, curled in to a corner, drinking a glass of dark amber liquid.  You moved over to sit down next to him and he leaned into you. 

“What’s going on Lin?  Did something go wrong at the theater today?” 

He sighed and took another huge gulp of the honey whiskey he was holding.  “No.” he mumbled. 

You gently eased the glass out of his hands. 

“I don’t think we need any more of this…  Why don’t you go shower and I’ll make you something to eat.  We can talk when you get back.”

He hoisted himself off the floor and padded off towards the bathroom. 

     You started moving around the kitchen, making a mug of soup for Lin.  You finished making the soup right as the shower turned off. 

     Sitting down at the table, you waited for your husband to emerge.  He walked into the kitchen wearing a large white t-shirt and a pair of baggy black sweatpants.  You noticed that Lins’ wet hair still hung in tangles around his face.  Smiling to yourself you pointed to the mug of soup sitting on the table across from you.  Lin didn’t move.  He stood there in front of you like a statue. 

“Lin?  Honey? Something must have really gotten to you today…”  

Looking up, you realized he was holding out a hairbrush. 

“I want you to brush my hair.” He stated in a rush. 

“Would that make you feel better?” you asked, slightly surprised at his request. 

“Yes.” He whispered. 

You smiled and gave a quiet laugh, accepting the brush. 

“Cm’ere.” You said.  Lin trotted over and flopped down on the floor between your legs.  He rested the side of his head against your thigh and looped his arm around your calf. 

Gently as possible, you started to work the brush through his hair.  (1, 2, 3…

     He sighed and relaxed into your touch. 

“Tell me what’s going through that crazy head of yours Lin.  I’m your wife.  I want to help.”  You continued to pull the brush through his hair (29, 30, 31…), marveling at how soft it was.  You had almost forgotten. (45, 46, 47…

     Between yours and Lin’s schedules, you hadn’t spent a lot of time together lately. 

“I feel like I’m not enough…” he muttered.  “I’m never around for you and I’m too tired to do my best in Hamilton… It’s hard… I miss you.  I wish that there were at least four of me so I could be everywhere at once…” he was rambling.

     You squeezed his body gently with your knees. He quieted. 

“Lin you’re so special.” You murmured.  “So special.  To everyone.” 

You kept brushing his hair, even though it was free of tangles.  (72, 73, 74…

 “You’re so special and I love you so much.  You do your best.  No one could ask for more.  You are so wonderful and beautiful and I love you with my whole heart.”

The more you brushed, the more you could feel him relax.  (89, 90, 91…) You could feel him sagging against you.  His arm loosened from your leg. 

You could hear and feel his breathing evening out.  You could barely hear his sigh of “I love you too.”  Lin pressed a sleepy kiss to the inside of your knee and his body went slack against you.  His head lolling against your thigh. 

     Miraculously, he had fallen asleep. One look at his sleeping face, brow relaxed, mouth slightly open and every thought of  moving or waking him up fled your mind.

You pulled the brush through his hair one last time.  (100.)

Conditions [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Jason x reader where the reader asks Jason to train her and he’s hesitant because he doesn’t want her to be a superhero/vigilante"

A/N: Hope you love it darling!

Warning: Attempted assault


Perhaps this wasn’t your smartest decision. You had to work the night shift at your job tonight. Meaning you were going to have walk home at night, which was not a good idea. You could call Jason but your apartment was what 2 or 3 blocks away? You could make it.. right?

Wrong, you walked down the dark street. Only illuminated by the grimy street lamps. Walking quickly trying to get off these streets as soon as possible. Thinking of the lecture Jason would be giving you right now if he knew you were out on your own this late.

Apartment being only a block away you were beginning to feel a bit of relief. But it soon flushed away upon hearing two pairs of footsteps form behind you. Slowly glancing over your shoulder, finding two men eyeing you as you walked. Sadistic smirks showing their yellow teeth.

Your pace unconsciously sped up. “Hey sweetie, where are you going?” feeling a hand grip your wrist. “Let go of me!” trying to pull your arm away. But he only pulled you to him. Wrapping one arm around you and covering your mouth with his other hand

Trying to scream but only finding it muffled. Kicking and thrashing in his grip, however he held you tight. Throwing you to the ground. His buddy pinned your ankles as he kept your arms pinned and mouth covered. Struggling against his grip. He chuckled deeply, “I like’em feisty” his face right over yours.

Using the close distance, you headbutted him. Causing him to recoil, his hand slipping from your mouth. “HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!” Screaming at the top of your lungs. “Shut up bitch” he punched you in the face before forcing one of his gloves in your mouth.

“I’m going to have fun with this” His hand trailed down your chest before reaching the hem of your shirt, beginning to pull it up. Closing your eyes trying to keep the tears back, your scream muffled by the glove.

But your eyes shot open when you felt the pressure of the men leave you and hearing grunts. Seeing the men getting their asses kicked by none other than the Red Hood himself.

Pulling the glove from your mouth, a sob escaping your throat. Hearing that Jason knocked the two out before running over to you.

“Are you alright [F/n]? They didn’t hurt you did they?” His voice filled with concern. “I-I’m okay. Thank you”

“You’re still going to the hospital, police are on their way. Once they get here I’ll meet you there” he spoke softly cupping your cheeks in his gloved hands, careful to keep it calming. Nodding before you felt him pull you into a hug. He petted your hair as you gripped his jacket.

When the police got there you were taken to the hospital and as promised Jason was there as soon as you got there. Though out of uniform.

He sat with you the entire time and took you home once the doctors discharged you.

Getting back to your apartment, he didn’t ask any questions. Just got into bed with you and held you protectively. Knowing you didn’t need a lecture right now.

The next morning Jason was up before you. Waking up to the smell of pancakes and bacon. Feeling a pain in your eye, remembering the black eye you sustained last night.

Walking out of your room to find him making plates in the kitchen. He noticed you come in, “Morning babe” setting down the pan and coming to meet you.

“Good morning” not sounding as chipper as you usually do in the mornings. He gently brushed his thumb over your bruised eye. “It’s ugly” you muttered hiding your face from him.

Hooking his finger under your chin he lead your eyes to his. Shaking his head, “No, you’re as beautiful as you always are. And I wish I could rock a black eye the way you can” a smirk playing on his lips. Giggling you shook your head. He always knows how to help you feel better.

He quickly pecked your lips before returning to the counter to grab the two plates of food.

While you ate, not being able to help but think about what had happened to you. How if Jason hadn’t have been there, god knows what would’ve happen. Maybe it was time you learned how to defend yourself.

Jason noticed your deep thought while washing dishes, “Penny for your thoughts”

Bringing you back to reality you looked at him. Brows still furrowed as you were thinking. “What’s up?” he asked putting the sponge down. Giving you his undivided attention.

“Jay will you train me?”

His eyes widened in shock. “What?”

“Will you teach me to fight?” sternly asking again


“So I can defend myself from situations like last night. It was too close Jay, if you hadn’t been there..” Trailing off, realization fully hitting you. Tears welling in your eyes. Noticing he immediately hugged you tightly.

He knows you’re right, but he doesn’t want you falling into vigilantism. If you got hurt by becoming a hero, he couldn’t live with himself. Sighing he said, “Sure but I have some conditions.”

Pulling away you nodded as he began to list them. “First and foremost, we don’t start until you heal. Physically and mentally. I want you to go to a therapist to make sure you don’t end up developing PTSD or anything. Finally it’s only for self defense, if you even look at a mask” his eyes bore into yours.


A couple weeks after it happened Jason began to train you. Whether it be at the gym or the cave. It’s safe to say he’s turning you into a badass.

Though when you started to be into it and handling yourself. He would only have to watch to make sure your form was right. But this was causing him a dilemma.

Watching you train was a major turn on he didn’t know he had. Like whoa, he always thinks you’re attractive, but damn.

You were currently training on the punching bag in the cave. Punching and kicking with force and accuracy. You’re learning quickly. When you stopped for a breather you turned to see Jason staring at you.

“My eyes are up here Mr. Todd” chuckling as he met your eyes. Standing he walked over to you.

“I have another condition to add” he suddenly stated wrapping his arms around your waist. “And what would that be?” cocking an eyebrow suspiciously.

“We make our cool down a duet and move it to a certain room where we sleep and do other things” he described as you caught on. Noticing the passion in his eyes.

“Oh I see, and would you like to do that now?” Mischief in your tone. He vigorously nodded his head. Connecting his lips to yours. 

“Not in this house you are” a voice caused you both to freeze, an embarrassed blush flushing both of your faces.


Not So Bad

Summary: The company gets caught and you meet the Prince of the Woodland Realm.

Pairing: Legolas x Reader

Warnings: Mention of parent death

Word Count: 1,704

Request #1 by Anon: Okay yay! Thank you! Can you do a Legolas x reader fic where the reader is a part of the company in the Hobbit and somehow the reader gets left in Mirkwood and Legolas sneaks her out when he leaves with Tauriel? Thank you!

 Request #2 by Anon: Hmm… how about your a human traveling with the company, but when you get to mirkwood, you get pulled from the cells to go talk to thranduil after thorin gets back… and then bilbo arrives and they have to leave you in mirkwood?

Request # 3 by @bee-wrecker : Maybe human reader x legolas where he sees a human, still learning archery but already has a passion for the sport?

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You quickly grab an arrow from your quiver, notching it, and sending it flying into the large spider. How the hell did spiders get here? Especially these large bastards.

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Translator Problems [Part 2] || Taehyung

Requested by - @theb-tchyidol Here you go lovely <3

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader (ft. BTS)

Genre - Fluff, Humor

Summary - When asked about pranks, the boys do a great job at remembering you. But when it’s your turn to answer a question, you do a better job at leaving them embarrassed on live television (and they’re completely clueless)

‘We’re going live in…five,’ The producer yelled, everybody scurrying around as he held up five fingers in the air, counting down silently. With every finger that folded, the make up artists stepped away from the set and the hair stylists did their final touches right in time as the producer’s last finger folded back into his fist.

The camera was rolling, and all of you - the seven boys and yourself - faced the female interviewer whose name you surprisingly remembered.

Coming to Japan for the second time proved to be much of a hassle since your group had gotten more renowned, and you didn’t think there was even a single day when you didn’t have any interviews.

You pretty much enjoyed interviews, especially if the interviewer had a good sense of humor, and you knew she did - you remembered her name because of that.

As she spilled question after question, all the boys - especially Namjoon - answering with interest and perkiness, you occasionally spewing your own answers as well, time flew by.

Within half an hour, you’d all begun answering questions sent in by the fans, and to say they were interesting was definitely a hilarious understatement.

“Who pranks the most, and who falls for them the most?”- the interviewer read out of a card, -“By Y/N/N”
Not only did the question make everybody laugh, but the username of the fan made Jungkook almost fall off his chair.

‘So, is there?’ A playful twinkle danced in the interviewer’s eyes and you knew what the boys would say before they’d even opened their mouths.

'We’re know for a fact that Y/N falls for them the most - but she’s not to blame, we usually play collective pranks on her.’ Namjoon chuckled which soon turned into a fit of laughter. The others joined in later, Jimin throwing himself on top of you as he giggled.

You had to admit, it was funny - but Jin’s laugh that Jungkook had so artfully named 'the windshield wiper laugh’ made you crack harder. The interviewer and the crew seemed to enjoy it as well.

'Any instances?’ She managed to ask as she let out another laugh.

'There was this one time,’ Hoseok began but couldn’t finish his sentence. He said it was too funny.

'We’d pretended we didn’t know that Y/N knew Japanese and English.’ Jimin continued for him. 'And it almost drove her to the brink of throwing a plate at us.’ The boys laughed together, and you blushed so hard you were sure they’d definitely caught your red-tipped ears on camera.

'Speaking-’ The interviewer chuckled, ’-speaking of knowing languages, there’s this other question for you, Y/N, about your multilingual talent: How are you fluent in three different languages?’

You silently thanked for the minor distraction before you proceeded to answer the question, 'Well, my parents were settled in England by the time I was born, so I learned English that way. As for Japanese, I was just too done with subtitles while watching Animes - so I learned it. And I’m a Korean by birth.’ You explained.

'And they knew it when you met them first - right?’ She asked you and you were about to tell her yes, when your mind seemed to have other ideas.

'They did, actually. But of course, they love pranking me just because I fall for it. But perhaps they do it so that I don’t let the fans know about how much they fall for pranks themselves,’ You joked, winking at the camera. You heard Taehyung snicker from beside you and you knew he was aware of where you were leading the answer.

'Is that so?’ Humor danced in the interviewer’s eyes.

'To be honest,’ You began in Japanese, giving the interviewer a look to remain quiet while you pretended to narrate a story that was nothing but you explaining a completely different scenario - a scenario where a fan had given you a lovely album.

But with the way the boys were staring at you or glancing at each other, sweating profusely with their own minds trying to comprehend what exactly you were saying, you were absolutely enjoying it - so was the the lady opposite you. You even began insulting them very subtly by letting slip a few of their embarrassing moments like when Jimin had slept so soundly that he hadn’t noticed there were all sorts of drawings on his face - and hadn’t noticed it by next morning. Or when the laptop crashed thanks to the whole lot of 'videos’ stashed in it by none other than the leader. Perhaps deleting most of Jungkook’s Overwatch characters was the best prank you’d ever pulled off. You watched as Jungkook eyed you the moment he heard the word ‘overwatch’ spill from your lips - you were so, so, so begging for trouble.

'I’m sure what she’s saying isn’t true,’ Jin interrupts with an awkward laugh and you couldn’t help but giggle. Only the viewers and the interviewer along with the whole crew knew what you were saying. Even Namjoon seemed troubled with translating your speech.

'Revenge is always a dish served cold, ARMY.’ You winked at the camera again and of course, you knew you were in too deep shit. But hey, that’s what maknaes are for, right?

Mr. Barnes Will See You Now (11)

Prompt: 50 Shades of Barnes. VERY LOOSELY BASED!!!

Note: I do not own any of the characters or story line.

A/N: Busy week( I got my license and passport and hopefully will be leaving to the USA in a month of two to go aupair) So here it is, hope you like it! Please hit me up with requests if you have any, I might need a break from writing this soon… because Part 12 is already done and 13 is on it’s way! ;)

Word Count:  1905

( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 ) ( Part 3 ) ( Part 4 ) ( Part 5 ) ( Part 6 ) ( Part 7 ) ( Part 8 ) ( Part 9 )( Part 10 )

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Stiles Stilinski ~ Bakery

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1866

Warnings: None

Request: I don’t want give it away ;))

A/N: Few things!
1. What should I do for my 2k special?
2. I’ll get to the others soon !!

Extra: FBI!STILES !!

Originally posted by tweenw

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Royal Pains: The Announcement

This will be a multi chapter fic that takes place eight months into their marriage. It will take you through the incredible journey of Emma Swan and Killian Jones pregnancy. It will be full of love, tears, joy, and of course a little smut;) Should be updating soon!

Chapter 2 and  3!

Rated M

You can find more of my work on Ao3 and FF!

Her whole body hurt. It was like Emma couldn’t get a break. Dealing with the town, being the sheriff, and handling what ever crisis had arrived in between. Being ill was not going to work for her full time schedule. But per her family and Killian’s request she has been ordered to bed, and to stay there.

Of course she didn’t go down without a fight saying that David needed help at the station. David solved that problem. Emma’s now husband is acting deputy, helping out until Emma is back on her feet. Killian argued at first saying that he needed to be there at home to take care of her. It was sweet of him, but she wasn’t ten. She could take care of herself.

Emma did love how her father and Killian were getting along again. There had been some bad blood for a while, but it seemed to have worked itself out as she thought it would. It was even David’s idea to have Hook stay on as a permanent deputy, saying that had extra money in the budget to bring him on part time.

Emma hoped that she would only be gone for only a day or so, but it had been almost a week of this shit. She could barely keep any food down, her body ached, and her temperature was elevated for the majority of the day. And then, like night and day she was better. Just like that, like nothing happened. Emma was back to work and life went on as usual.

Her father and husband were on patrol while Emma and her mother were getting weeks worth of paperwork caught up. They were carrying on normal motherly daughter conversation. Talking about married life and how Henry was doing in school when Emma sensed a familiar feeling deep in her gut. She dropped the files in her hands and booked it to the bathroom, barely making it in time.

“Emma honey, are you alright?” Snow worried through the door.

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How many vacations do you need?

So I work in a clothing store and I love it. The only thing I can’t stand is my co-workers. None of them. And I could write a whole book why but my current top one is everyone’s abuse of vacations. Note all these vacations are 7-9 days and these are only the vacations from January till now. Boss is going on vacation #4 (Laughed at #1 cause she voted drumpf and was all about building that wall and yet she went to mexico…) Assistant man #1 is going on vacation #2 soon while #3 ( this one is 2 weeks!)is being planned already. Assistant man #2 is going on vacation #1 same time as boss and will come back for a week only to go back on vac #2. Assiant man #3 went on vacation and then just quit with no 2 week notice??? Part-timer just got off vac #2. Second Part-timer just asked for the whole summer off so she could do some Christian camp thing?? With our other part-timer working a full time job it was down to 4 people running this store for a week so people could go on vacations. I asked for 2 days of a month in advanced and got told no because all the part-timer requested it off as part of their vacations. Like what. The. Ever. Loving. Fuck. MORE VACATIONS? I’m not even suppose to be working full-time hours due to health reasons yet here I am…covering shifts and my ass can’t get two days off. And my boss wonders why so many people quit. I have no FUCKING clue…