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💎 FUSIONTEEN 💎 aka seventeen fusions!!

(i havent posted them here so!!) These are exactly what you think they are, a fusion between two Seventeen members. Descriptions under keep reading…

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my fav lil things abt rap monster

- doesn’t trust hobi and jk because they’d eat even when they say they’re full
- how he takes his time to edit pictures on twt
- the fondness in his voice when he says “ayo suga” during ‘move’
- it’s not supposed to be deep but he’ll make it deep
- reads
- how he was followed around by tae for a long time but had no idea
- his dream to buy a house and rent it out
- “it’s r-a-p monster not d-a-n-c-e monster” & tht entire bomb
- @ mon studio
- imitating a birdie during baepsae
- “I take care of my team member, v”
- can be easily be mistaken as a model
- can’t draw n act n cook
- tht time he forgot the chorus of ‘born singer’ even tho he wrote it
- the dimpled grins tht make my heart grow flowers
- reading fan letters or writing lyrics on his phone during his free time
- The Iconic Moves aka the two fingers on an eye n slapping his own face
- The Look when he’s on ‘problematic men’
- when tae asked if he could say smth and he just said “shut up” dkskji
- the acknowledgement of both male and female fans through ‘i know’
- !!!v weak for maknae line, will do anything they say & go along w their shit
- how he mumbles lyrics
- the precious #kimdaily & #rmusic
- singing rly loud w his earphones in
- when he saw a pic of him looking like a producer staff and he started zooming in n complaining djjcdnfhdd cutest
- when jk said he looked like an egg while he was brushing his teeth and he just gagged in response
- caught a rly tiny frog the size of a fingernail
- the fancafe post abt running, reminding us tht it’s alright to be sad….upset…it’s ok
- silver-ish blue hair
- believes in yoongs and hobi the most
- tht one time he stuffed fries in his nose
- can name ANY gg song in less than a second but cannot dance to them to save his life
- The Core Of Bangtan™
- “woah wait a minute, [the octopus] got bigger!”
- when he was w tae alone in the sky and he was trying to connect w him but tae was like no and he was so sad abt it
- everything tht happened in the 4things show
- idk how to make this sound normal but when he tilts his head up and raps you can see his adams apple bobbing up and down oh my god it’s the hottest thing ive ever seen (specifically his part in ‘hold me tight’ in the hyyh concert dvd)
- thanking everyone through multiple languages
- tht way he talks in english
- when tae got home rly late n tried to sleep but rm grabbed his hand and said “oh, you’re back” without letting go
- ik…he’s said shit but pls dnt use tht to attack him he’s been apologizing through fancafe posts and learning so, yes pls acknowledge it but still respect him as a human…..you don’t have to love him to treat him properly…pls let him learn from his mistakes (which doesn’t include belittling him and sending malicious threats……it won’t do both parties any good)

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pt. 2 pls!!

Ohhhkay, pt2 of taegi smut I assume? Coming right up!

take off your clothes, one by one by strangedesires [2.4k]

All that you got, skin to skin by hologramwithyou [4.3k]

so far (it’s alright) by vsyubs [6k]

the only thing i know is you’re my baby by rapsucka (sonyeondanbiased) [4k]

Take Care. by signifying_nothing [5.5k]

Home. by signifying_nothing [10k]

fuck kim taehyung by prkjimin [4.7k]

bass line by vhopium (daestruct) [2.3k]

when he gets what he wants by hobilu [2.2k]

Efflorescence by pandorasumbrella [3.8k]

Just Skin by syubology [146k]

Here you go! Enjoy these and sin away!
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check please as tweets

bitty: can you believe i could have attended the formation world tour but i couldn’t cuz my dumbass uncle had to die smh

ransom: reverse racism doesn’t exist just like white people’s lips

holster: the abundance of selfies i post usually don’t show glasses but i wanna let everyone know im very blind & i wear glasses every day of my life

shitty: what the hell is a real man????? a man w a super fragile masculinity?????

lardo: that day was pretty, but i was prettier

nursey: 50k for a verse no album out yea my money’s so tall that mY BARBIE’S GOTTA CLIMB IT HOTTA DEN A MIDDLE EASTERN CLIMATE, VIOLENT

dex: when u wanna die but u know ur family can’t afford ur funeral


whiskey: “you’re so quiet” i speak, just not to u

tango: help how do i put songs on shuffle on ios10

tango pt.2: pls

tango pt.3: I FOUND IT

jack: when you are mutuals with someone but not mutuals mutuals but you want to be mutuals mutuals but don’t know how to

kent: i think every subtweet is abt me. u can tweet “i can’t believe u cheated again, james” & i’ll b like “i can’t believe i did that either”

The reader’s character took an interesting turn in this one. At first I was worried she was too impassive and emotionless but after a little tweaking I made it a little more realistic - hopefully. So this was popular, specifically with @jamesbuckyfuckingbarnes, @password234, @a-girl-who-loves-disney, @burr-fects-buckyfuckystucky. Enjoy, my darlings! 

Prompt: I need a part two for Nowhere Else pleaseee!!

Nowhere else pt.2 pls!

Hi! Your Nowhere Else story was fantastic!!! Would you consider doing a part 2? :)

I was wondering if you were going to do a part 2 of Nowhere else? It’s a great story :)

“Nowhere Else” (Part 2)

Part 1

Bucky stood in the kitchen watching the kettle as he waited for it to boil again. He felt severely underdressed with an ex-HYDRA assassin sat in his kitchen. Though he was turned away from you, he knew that you wouldn’t have moved – still sat with your hands balled up on the oak table, head low and eyes focused.

“How do you like your tea?” He asked, turning around and leaning back against the counter in an attempt to appear casual. You remained with your eyes cast down but dug your nails a little tighter into your palms.
“I… I don’t know.”

Bucky realised his blunder and cleared his throat.
“That’s alright. My fault, I should’ve known. Would you like it sweet? Milk? No, that’s not helping either. Um…” He scratched the back of his neck and cleared his throat again.
“Just… Whatever is fine.” You whispered. After a small, sad smile, Bucky spoke again.
“Hey, those clothes look a little… worn. Did you want something else to wear? I’m sure I’ve got something that would fit you.”

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Asshole Part 2 (Jungkook Fluff)

Request: Asshole jungkook pt 2 pls? Omg that scenario was really good//I really liked “asshole” could you maybe do a part 2? Please? :3

Summary: You and Jungkook make up after the awkward night.

Tags: Fluff, cliché af

Word count: 1.2K

Note: I’m sorry this took so long, but I wrote this when I took a break from studying Literature haha.  Enjoy and tell me what you think! :D

Read part 1 here: Asshole (Jungkook Angst)

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

“I’m sorry.”

The pair of your shared a quick glance as you both simultaneously apologized. You looked away from Jungkook, clearing your throat.

The rest of the journey back to your hotel was filled with silence, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but the glances that Jungkook sent you made you feel like jumping out the car window.

You couldn’t believe that, one, you thought he was cheating when in actual fact he was just drunk, and two, that you overreacted. You physically cringed at your embarrassing actions, causing Jungkook to give you a strange look.

Thankfully Jungkook didn’t puke until the both of you reached your hotel room. As he was leaned over the toilet puking his guts out, you went to grab a cloth and water bottle. When you returned, Jungkook was still hunched over the toilet.

You dampened the cloth before handing it over to him, causing him to cast you a thankful look. As he shakily stood up, you held onto him, his arms wrapping tightly around your shoulders.

As soon as Jungkook’s head landed on the soft pillow, he immediately shut his eyes and went to dreamland. You on the other hand, got a trashcan and set it next to him before leaving the hotel to go get some medicine and crackers for the hangover he was going to experience the next morning.

It was the least you could do.

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