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Being black is a damn blessing and one hell of a gift, fuck you mean? Tell whoever makes you feel like it’s a curse or something bad to get they lives checked. We poppin, fam.


Last blackout day I did not participate. I was afraid, afraid of being too ugly for it, too trans for it, not woman enough for it, not natural enough for it, and too thin for it but after seeing such beauty all over my dash and such support I’ve decided to share my melanin too this is me, a black trans woman who still has some growing to do sharing her truth, this is me with weave and without it- which is a first b/c i think my twa make me look like a boy, this me as the sister, friend, daughter, feminist, writer, student, natural hair AND weave enthusiast i am, and i am honored to share it with you all. I hope those of you reluctant to share your melanin join me and HAPPY BLACKOUT DAY!!

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me: characterization can be very difficult and ill-defined when it comes to mythology - so much depends on which sources you’re using, and it’s perfectly acceptable to pick and choose the version(s) you’d like to draw from or change some plot/character details when creating derivative works. after all, what is mythology but a collaborative body of work that has been constantly interpreted and reinterpreted for thousands of years

also me: why are everyone’s myth opinions so Wrong

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