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Spell For Ending Crushes.

We’ve all had a crush on someone we shouldn’t, or maybe a crush we’ve wanted to get over quickly.

Here’s a little easy spell to help.

- Water. (Moon or Sun Water is preferable but any kind will do.)
- That’s it. I said it was easy.

1. Fill a glass with the water of choice and take it and go and sit quietly.
2. Put the pointer finger of your preferred hand in the water, while holding the glass with that hand.
3. Chant:
“ End this flame, end this plight, make my heart be not alight.”
4. Imagine the water flowing up through your finger and washing through you, extinguishing the flame you had for your crush.
5. Dispose of the water outside.

There! I hope it helps you get over any stubborn crushes

neil josten paints his nails bright orange and uses a white nail pen to draw on everyone’s jersey numbers - he does the monsters on one hand himself: #8 on his thumb, #2 on his pointer finger, #5 on his pinky to piss Aaron off, #3 on his middle finger obviously because that’s Andrew’s response when he sees it and “no #10 isn’t on the ring finger because I’m basically married to Andrew stfu Nicky”

he gets Allison to do his other hand with the upperclassman starting with #4 on his thumb “because Matt is literally ‘thumbs up’ as a human being”, #1 goes on his pointer finger, #6 on the pinky in memory, Allison rightly draws #7 on his middle finger and puts #9 on his ring finger in no way copying exactly what Neil’s left hand means “stop being in denial Josten”

The ap chem exam alternated between giving me everything i could have wanted and giving me the topics i prayed not to see that test was a roller coaster jeez

Apparently, this is a topic more than one of my followers wishes for me to tackle.  Let it never be said I do not listen to my followers.


Because the requesters seemed to want to limit it to motorbikes or cars, I will not include any space-faring, water-going or flying vehicles for this list.  This is about wheeled ground transportation only.  Also, I won’t be including any giant robot component parts so if it transforms and becomes and arm/leg/head it’s not on this list.

So, ground rules set, let’s get started!

10. Spider Machine GP-7 from 1978′s Spider-Man.

Yes, in the Toei Tokusatsu version of the story of everyone’s favorite wall crawling hero, Spider-Man has a car.  It’s not just any car though, it’s an alien car from the planet Spider that launches forth from the Marveller starship to give Spidey extra mobility while chasing villains through the city. While this technically violates my rules because it can fly it is primarily a ground-based vehicle and comes equipped with machine guns and rockets hidden beneath the hood!

9. Goranger Machines from 1975′s Himitsu Sentai Goranger

The original set of motorcycles with sidecars from the original Sentai series have to appear somewhere on this list and only rank this low because they aren’t the best bikes from that era or even the best Sentai bikes of all time. They’re a bit blocky and kind of plain but they are just cool enough to edge out a flying car from the planet Spider, so that’s something!

8. Battle Hopper/Acrobatter from Kamen Rider Black/Black RX

I should probably count these as separate entries but they really are the same bike.  Battle Hopper served Kamen Rider Black well as a sentient motorcycle created by the evil Golgam the same as Black himself and was destroyed/killed in his final battle with Shadow Moon.  However, when Black was transformed into Black RX, Battle Hopper was also reborn as the more powerful Acrobatter to continue his service to the hero. 

7. Sidemachine from 1972′s Android Kikaider

Another motorcyle/sidecar combo this low-slung, streamlined motorcycle carried the android hero into battle against the force of DARK and propelled him on his quest to find and rescue his creator. This is one of the most low profile bikes on this list and looks super fast on film.

6. Tridoron from 2015′s Kamen Rider Drive

The newest vehicle on this makes is a sporty red car that is as much a part of Drive’s character as his belt. This is the vehicle that produces the tires used in his various power ups and actually becomes his armor for his final form.  It can be driven like a normal car or given over to Mr. Belt to let him drive. The steering wheel can become a sword and the door produces a gun, making it a vehicle and arsenal all in one.

5. Hakaider’s Motorcycle from Android Kikaider and Mechanical Violator Hakaider.

This is the only villain vehicle to make this list and it actually places higher than its heroic counterpart’s ride.  Why?  Because a Black Knight requires a steed as DARK as he is and this ride is the opposite of everything Kikaider’s Sidemachine is. It’s a high sitting touring bike, almost Harley-esque in appearance made for power rather than speed.  It’s also devoid of a sidecar as this man-machine has no need to carry anyone and works alone.  It fits his persona perfectly and that’s why it makes the number 5 spot on my list.

4. Zubat Car from 1977′s Kaiketsu Zubat

Like Spider Machine GP-7 this one is a bit of cheat because it can fly but it is primarily a ground vehicle.  This is Zubat’s primary means of transportation.  It’s very interestingly designs with the giant fan on the back, rockets on the side and the long, protruding nose on the front perfect for being used as a battering ram or the air intake for a jet engine hidden inside.

3. Den-Liner from 2007′s  Kamen Rider Den-O

There is no way I could make a list of important vehicles from tokusatsu and not include at least one train. Sure, this kind of sort of violates one of my rules because it can fly in some ways but it still travels along tracks, albeit tracks it lies down, making it a wheeled vehicle.  This is the train that travels through time, the primary mode of transport and home base for the heroes of Den-O. Without this train, there would be no story making it as integral to the tale being told as the titular Rider himself.

2. The Pointer from 1967′s Ultraseven

Arguably as famous in Japan as the 1966 Batmobile was in the United States, this car transported the TDF (Terrestrial Defense Force) elite Ultra Squad into battle against all of the monsters and aliens that would threaten Japan.  It was based on a 1957 Chrysler Imperial and made more public appearances than any other member of the cast save for Ultraseven himself.

1. The Cyclone from Kamen Rider

I don’t care if we are talking about the original version, it’s revision, the New Cyclone, the chunky touring bike version from 2016 or even the crotch rocket version from the 2005 movie Kamen Rider The First, the Cyclone is THE iconic vehicle in tokusatsu. The character gets part of his name, heck the franchise gets part of its name, from the fact that he rides a motorcycle and this is that motorcycle.  The essential red and white bike with the Rider logo is as much a part of the character as his belt, scarf or mask.  He is not Kamen Rider without the Cyclone!


So Ford knows how to play piano but imagine Bill being the one to teach him how to play back when they were ‘friends’.

I mean, when I had piano lessons, I remember the teacher assigning numbers to each of my fingers, the thumb being 1, pointer 2, middle finger 3, and so on.

But Ford has six fingers

imagine bill shape shifting his four fingered hand into six just to teach ford how to play the piano


Women of classic rock theme: leading sisters!

In order of appearance (2/2):

Anita and Bonnie Pointer, and June and Ruth Pointer, of The Pointer Sisters

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart

Vicki and Debbi Peterson of The Bangles

Kim and Kelley Deal of The Breeders

Peeps takin the SAT tomorrow

Dear presumably Junior or Sophomore person,
I have gone through the College Board’s bullshit many times, and for those of you taking it for the first time here are some pointers:
1. Gather all your stuff, RIGHT NOW. Don’t do it tomorrow morning, you’re going to be tired and might forget something gather everything into a small bag and put said bag by the door. The contents of said bag should most certainly include: a calculator, pencils, an eraser, your SAT ticket, student ID, pencil sharpener, and some dry snacks or small cut up food. (Goldfish or sliced apples are good, although might want to avoid sticky foods)
2. When you get up, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IF YOU HAVE TO PEE WHEN YOU HAVE CAFFEINE DO NOT DRINK COFFEE. The LAST thing you need on this bull shit test is the strong need to pee, PLUS lines are like 30 miles long during the breaks.
3. If you are studying right now (although probably not if you’re on tumblr) stop. Right now. That’s right, don’t try to cram right now, it tends not to help, AND just adds to anxiety. Breathe. Relax. Take a shower or bath. Play a video game. Do something to de-stress yourself. Maybe GLANCE at something SAT related, but steer clear for the night.
4. Wear something comfortable. As much as you love those high heels, or that mascara, everyone else around you is likely to be wearing PJs. Just like pointer #2, you don’t want to be worrying anymore than necessary. Dress comfy, ain’t nobody there for looks.
And last but not least
This is a bull shit test, written by a company that wants your money. Smart fuckers, but sadistic as fuck. They created a need for something that didn’t exist, and got rich off of it. It’s a test that is rather arbitrary. THIS IS NOT A TEST OF INTELLIGENCE. You are not stupid if you get a bad score! I repeat. YOU ARE NOT STUPID IF YOU GET A BAD SCORE. The test is made to trick you. It was made to reap your pain. You’re given a short amount of time to answer questions that gradually get harder and harder. It is a stressful situation, that many find hard to do well under. I have friends in school who get STRAIGHT A’s IN EVERY CLASS AND CAN’T FOR THE LIFE OF THEM GET A HIGH SCORE ON THE SAT (although there are plenty of problems with the grade system as well, but these kids know their shit. ) And unfortunately, the SAT is a necessary cog in college machine. Colleges use it to help decide whether they will accept you into their institution. It’s bullshit. A sadistic test that doesn’t reflect who you are as a person. But until colleges and universities abolish test requirements for applications, it remains a part of the system. It sucks, big time. Ultimately, try your best. They give shitty conditions, with shitty questions, to take your money and make you sad and I am sorry for that. Just keep your head high. Try hard. Don’t give up. You aren’t the stupid one, the test is. Good luck. Good night.

Yamada Hizashi (3)


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Hizashi’s mom actually volunteers to drive him to the practical exam.  She doesn’t say anything during the drive, and when they arrive at the gates of UA academy her “…well, good luck sweetie” sounds a little bit stilted.  But she does smile at him as he gets out, and rolls down the window to wave. 

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Hank, German Shorthaired Pointer (2 y/o), Hudson & Bleecker St., New York, NY • “He’s afraid of lightning, thunder, and some men. He’s got some issues.”

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Suggestion: breb has mentioned wanting to do acting.... Live action musicals and putting Disney movies on Broadway, both v popular things that happen.... Breb,,, looks,,, like Flynn Ryder.... And they,,, act,,, the same.... So.... Everybody say it wiTh me NoW.... Either Brendon in Tangled on Broadway, or Brendon in a live action version of Tangled :))))

u had me at musicals

Warned You {Requested}

TV Show: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Young!Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 949

Summary: Hey sweetheart can you do a young Derek imagine where he’s jealous of another guy talking to his girl. - bmthxnjh

Warnings: Cursing, Mild Violence

Derek was territorial.

You knew this going into the relationship and you didn’t mind it, you knew you didn’t want anyone else but him. He was the jealous type though and he was never more than a few feet away from you at all times to keep everyone with a penis away from you. It was cute 90% of the time, but 10% of the time it was the biggest pain in your ass because your friends with penises were being accosted by your werewolf boyfriend.

The basketball game wasn’t one of those times.

You sat in the stands, cheering as loud as you could for your boyfriend as he easily made his way through the opposing teams defensive line to get a 2 pointer, placing his team even further ahead in the game. You stood up and yelled for him, knowing by the smirk on his face that he had heard you loud and clear. You sat back down and noticed a new person next to you, but you didn’t pay them much mind as you were very focused on the game.

“Hi, I’m Trent.” the boy next to you said. You turned to face him and smiled kindly, you liked meeting new people.

“Hi my name’s Y/N” You responded putting out your hand, he took it and shook it and you both turned your attention back to the game.

“So uh, anyone you know playing tonight?” He asked as the crowd erupted into appaulse as Derek got a 3-point basket.

You smiled and clapped before answering “Yeah my boyfriend Derek, he’s number 34.” you pointed to him as he crossed the player who had been on him, making his way to the basket once again.

“Oh that’s cool.” Trent said with a smile. You two fell into silence for a while after that, until you felt his hand creep onto yours. You looked down startled and then up at him with a very annoyed face. You didn’t like being touched by people you didn’t know and you knew if Derek found out he would go into a jealous rage.

He chuckled “You ever think of trying something new?” His grip on your hand became a little tighter and your heart rate spiked in panic and anger. Derek’s head shot up to look at where you were, causing him to get the ball stolen from him and for the other team to squeeze in a quick two pointer before the halftime buzzer sounded.

“Please don’t touch me okay? You’re going to regret it.” You warned him. You were right, if he didn’t stop right now Derek would be up here in half a second to tell him to get off himself.

Trent laughed outloud “Or what? You’re scrawny little boyfriend is going to make me? I’ve got like 40 pounds him easily.” He was still laughing when another hand ripped yours apart from each other and a body stood between you and him. Derek and Trent stood not even a foot apart, sizing each other up and trying to stare the other in submission.

“Get away from my girlfriend.” Derek’s voice was low and authoritative.

“Why should I?” He replied crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Look I’m asking you nicely for the last time to leave, she doesn’t want you here and neither do I. Just go.” Derek’s hands were balled in fists, his knuckles were white, he was showing a lot of restraint with this guy because we were in public. He couldn’t just wolf out at a basketball game. 

“Listen bitch, your slut girlfriend came onto me. I think maybe you feel a little threatened, you know because you’re a little bitch.” Trent said as he pushed Derek’s shoulder, for which he received the deadliest glare you had ever seen come from Derek’s eyes. That was it, the game was over. Derek had him on his back against a bleacher in 3 seconds flat, his hand holding Trent there by his shirt collar. Everyone around the altercation was extremely interested in the events that unfolded, it was quite the sight.

“You can either apologize to my beautiful, intelligent, kind, virtuous girlfriend right now or I will beat the living shit out of you.” Derek growled. Trent didn’t say anything for a few seconds most likely because he was in shock and trying to figure out where he was.

“Apologize!” Derek’s eyes flashed a bright vibrant blue for a second and Trent’s eyes widened before his head quickly snapped to face you.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll leave you alone. I’m sorry please!” He begged. Derek, satisfied with his work, let him go and watched him practically run toward the gym exit and disappear behind the other side of the door. He turned to face you, his arms snaking around you gently. You brought a hand to his cheek as the other lay on his chest.

“I could have handled it.” You said smiling at the goofy face he made when you said that.

“Yeah I know Y/N, that was more for me than for you.” You made a face that said you didn’t really understand what he meant by that.

“Now everyone knows you are mine and I am yours. More importantly, no guy is going to talk to you like that again.” He concluded. You stared at him for a little bit before standing on your tiptoes to kiss him softly on the lips. He deepened it slightly by easily lifting you to face level, one of his hands reaching the back of your head to hold you steady. The buzzer rang signaling the end of halftime and Derek’s coach shouting for him pulled you both back to earth. You kissed his nose before he placed you back on the ground.

“Go kick some ass.” You urged him pushing him back to his team. He gave you a cheeky smile.

 “Yes ma’am.” He started his way back down and left you with a thought that you believed mattered heavily in terms of what you said.

“You know I’m not being literal right?!”

A/N: This didn’t turn out the way it was suppose to, I’m so sorry if you didn’t like it bmthxnjh! My ask box is still open (As of August 5th, 2015) so send in requests for your favorite characters!