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Even before it’s recent cancellation, a discussion about Sense8 would be filled with tears. Netflix’s diverse, unapologetically queer science fiction drama from the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski gave us 2 seasons of heartbreak and life affirmation. In today’s episode, Rose and Steele pay their respects.

We begin by trying (perhaps unsuccessfully) to explain just what Sense8 is about and exactly why it has resonated with it’s queer and nerdy audience. We then run through our favourite moments from Season 1 and 2 before mourning its loss and thinking of ways to make sure shows like Sense8 keep getting commissioned.

Today’s episode is sponsored by GlitterWolf, a 2-piece synth wave band from dystopian Kent. Their debut single, Nite Beast is available in iTunes now. Follow them on Facebook at GlitterWolfSynth

And special thanks as always for our audio and theme music to Graham Waller at grahamwaller.com.

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