2 of them are gifts lol

Perks of being my girlfriend: Sad Edition

1) you will get cute handmade gifts because I have no money and that’s all I can afford

2) I’ll give you massages all the time always because I have too many lotions and I don’t want them to expire

3) shit ton of cereal because I love it and that’s always the first on my grocery list

4) good laugh from witnessing my 3am breakdowns over fluffy cows and that cute dog we saw on our walk earlier

5) shit ton of baths with or without me in them (you’re preference) and full range access to my collection of bath bombs and bubble bars

6) full range access to my makeup as long as I get to give you a makeover sometimes

7) daily sleepovers consisting of movies (preferably Tim burton 😏), cookies (only 6 at a time cuz all I have is a toaster oven), cuddles with my cats (as long as you get their consent), and maybe mayyyyybe a few makeout sessions if I’m lucky

8) guided snorkeling trips because I know a little too much about the ocean to be deemed healthy

9) did I mention massages??

10) *crying* please

Scout drabble (Anon Request)

Its christmas and the few mercs that have family missing them have recieved gifts in the mail. Scout rips open his to find a giant puffy sweater. The others laugh a little at how poory it was made; the cords hardly holding together and little strings dangling back and forth from the bottom. But scout wore it anyway. Every year, or when it was just getting cold Scout would get a sweater from home, it sort of became a game guessing what obnoxious color and how bad it would be. Scout never commented on it. And then came the day when their tours of duty for Mann Co were over. They were all waiting at the train station for bus that would drive them home or to the next step in their journey. When the bus reached Boston there was an older woman with black hair and a blue dress waiting all alone. Scout rushed his goodbyes and clambered of the bus. The woman raised her hands to greet her boy and the mercs saw her hands. The joints bloated and hard, fingers cemented into painful claws. She was unable to even grasp his coat when she embrased him. The Medic, though now his name wasn’t Medic anymore it was just Joseph, commented on how crippling the arthritis in her hands was, that she probably couldn’t even turn a door handle without extream pain. Scouts sweaters didnt seen so silly anymore.

The next Christmas, the first christmas in almost a decade for Scout, without Mann Co. And Scout was having trouble adjusting to the peace and quiet. Not to say his family was peaceful at all, but there was a lack of rocket launchers present that he couldnt help notice. The door bell rang, and one of his brothers answered. Scout didnt see who was making deliverys on christmas but when his brother returned he was holding 9 packages, all addresed to his mother. Scout sat next to her and helped pull the paper off. In the cold season her hands were always more painful. One by one, sweaters were revealed. Some were hardly put together, others were rather well done. They were all in pretty feminine pastels, just like how his mom liked. It was no mystery to Scout who they were from, but why they were here he had no clue.

The last gift was a well packaged box. Filled with sowing needles and high quality yarn and wool. And a smaller box filled with jars of lotion, about 10lbs of it. And a letter in Medic… Josephs scribble:

‘Keep out Scout warm for us.’

Scout opened on of the jars and a familiar tingle went over his hand. Everyday they appied a small amount onto his mothers hands, within a week the arthritis was gone. They kept going. And when the next Christmas came, under the trees and fireplaces of the 8 other mercenaries there was at least one present, mailed from Boston, about the size of a obnoxiously puffy sweater.

What I love about, "How are Thou Fallen":

•Malec’s casual conversation about sushi
•Alec giving Magnus a gift that is supposed to “protect”
•Magnus casually looking at that gift in the bar
• Malec kissing on the balcony
• Maia and Magnus’s friendship, I didn’t know I needed this until tonight
• MAIA! I love her so much oh my god, that line, “I spit in one” made me laugh, that was probably my favorite part of the episode!!!!
•Alec asking Izzy for advice, I want for sibling scenes between them
•Simon and Maia’s growing friendship. When Simon took Jace’s advice and was being a jerk, I was so frustrated at him! I’m glad he fixed things

Love is Just a Game [Ch.2]

Summary: [Modern Day Hooked Wayfinder AU] When couchsurfing globetrotter Maui meets backpacking student Moana in the Harrods store in London, they are complete strangers in a part of the world that is unfamiliar to them both. Circumstances lead to them participating in a prestigious Valentine’s Day competition, pretending to be lovers, just for laughs. But when they actually win a holiday together, they learn that playing pretend that they’re in a relationship isn’t as hard as they thought it would be.

Notes: This is my Valentine’s Week gift to all you Hooked Wayfinder shippers out there that are in the mood for some romance, fluff, smut or whatever. :-P Hope you’ll enjoy!
(Not giving up on Our Future Together, just want to give you all a little Valentine’s Day treat!) (Hope to finish this entire story within a week.)

Click here to go read Chapter 2!

pipalypso amusement park au

-they share funnel cake and wipe powered sugar from each other’s cheeks
-piper does many games to win calypso many stuffed prizes
-they eventually have to give most of the prizes to passing children because CALYPSO ONLY HAS TWO ARMS PIPER DAMN
-calypso tries to win Piper a prize too but it’s the test-your-strength game and she breaks the machine
-the 20 minutes it took piper to stop laughing as they hid behind a line of dumpsters was a gift in itself
-face painting
-leaning against one another as the tram takes them around the park again and again and again
-farris wheel kisses
-calypso discovers a love of rollercoasters after piper eggs her on
-piper eventually throwing up twice and blacking out because she couldnt chicken out in front of her maybe gf but she also couldnt handle 20 rides in a row on THE DEATH SPIRAL III PART 2
-calypso piggybacking piper back to the shuttle and to the hotel room

Ironpanther prompt 14.2

Tony rarely got any gifts. Surely his mother used to give him things for his birthday -and he still kept some of them, Rhodey and Pepper usually gave him presents for Christmas, Rhodey’s were usually jokes that got him to smile or laugh, other people gave him things in order to get into his good side or to kiss his ass, hypocrite people who smiled at him but scowled once he turned his back on them.

And then there was T'challa.

Tony was used to be the rich one in any relationship he got in -somewhat long or one night stands. But when T'challa walked into his life, that spot was taken from him. The King was at least nine times richer than him and the bastard was so smooth with his flirting that left the engineer speechless and blushing five different shades of red.

And to tell the truth, it felt nice to be spoiled for once.

shit-bin  asked:

me, peraleus' devoted #1 gay secret admirer for the past 75320523097 years: who's perry? i checked the perry tag and there's no one there?? never heard of them???



To be fair I think like…nobody I know ever refers to them by their full name…I’m not sure why HAHA;; (Me personally, “Perry” just sounds cuter and also I can make all of the cider jokes or somethin, yikes)

((anyways oh no…y’all are too good for my bad heartbreaker child… THANK YOU FOR THE MESSAGE!! I’m glad you think they are A Gift (*´∀`* )))

Anders: “I’ve never really thought about what life would be like in the Tevinter chantry. In the circle, they make it sound like the void itself. The Black Divine stalking Thedas. Making it unsafe for kittens and virgins.”

Hawke: “Those kittens and virgins will just have to find a nice strong mage to protect them.”

Anders: (laughs) “From what I hear about the Tevinters, that’s the last thing they’d want. The virgins, anyway. I’ve never heard about any horrific… kitten rituals.

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This is gonna be lengthy but i met my favorite band for the 1st & 2nd time two days apart, when the curtain first opened it was instinct to run to kellin and hug him (top right), i couldnt believe it was real i started crying but i pulled it together and showed him a the pic i wanted to do (top left) but i twisted his words around (longer story) and got 2 pics that day (bottom left) and then told the band i got them a gift, and whoever wanted it would have it, i told kellin he followed me on twitter, which he laughed at because of my @, and i asked justin to UNBLOCK me, which all of sws found the funniest thing ever. After i took the pic i left and they posed an IG picture with GABE holding my gift for them, and jack gave me the setlist. 2 days later i went again and they automatically remembered me by saying “hey your back!” “Good to see you again” and stuff like that, i asked for my pic (bottom right) and then told them something along the lines of how much theyve helped me, they all said it was “amazing” and to “keep it up” and high fived and hugged me. During the show i got 2 of nicks guitar picks, kellin nick jack and justin all took selfies on my phone, kellin threw me his sweat rag??? and i met jenna (jacks gf who i absolutely love) after the show and i am so emo i havent been so happy in my LIFE, then kellin posted the bottom right on twitter for my birthday; wishing me a happy birthday, justin unblocked me, and kellin DMd me saying he read my letter (:

XF Writing Challenge - Gifts

They’re driving home from Indiana. It’s 2 am and neither of them have slept in over 48 hours but they have to be at a hearing back in DC at noon and Mulder would really like a shower so they left with half a night of motel room still paid for and a handful of mints.

They agree that they both have to stay awake, to ensure the other doesn’t fall asleep, so he starts talking about summers in Quonochontaug and Scully nods and laughs at all the right times and chips in little stories of growing up on military bases. It’s dark and still and the only sounds are the engine, the road beneath them, and the cadence of her voice as she tells him about hopscotch and school uniforms and Mulder could stay here forever. He could never be allowed to leave this car and he would be content.

He can even see the stars, but he’s stopped looking at them. It’s become hard to divide his attention between Scully and the road; shadows are sliding over her face and every time he makes a joke she crinkles her nose.

She’s laughing about something she and Melissa used to think was rebellious when she falls asleep, mid-sentence, and slumps over against Mulder’s shoulder. He freezes and it’s like the whole world does too, right along with him. He stares, and spends the rest of the night sucking mints, terrified he’ll wake her.

He barely moves until the clouds are tinged pink and orange and he pulls up in front of her apartment building. He’s never been so stiff in his life and his arm has been asleep for the past hour but god, it was worth it because she’s warm and soft and she’s holding onto his thumb with her whole hand.

“Hey,” he murmurs, into her hair because that’s where his mouth ends up when he turns his head towards her.

She lets out a little groan and stirs, hand trailing up his arm to her face.
“Mulder, what-”

She sits up, eyes fighting to close again. “What time is it?”

“Six thirty. I think you got about 4 hours of sleep.”

She presses the heel of her hand to the bridge of her nose. “You should have woken me.”


“Mulder, you could have fallen asleep at the wheel!”

He smiles at her, too tired suddenly to make it look smug and teasing instead of silly and sweet. “I had your snoring to keep me awake.”

“I don’t snore.”

But she looks grateful as she climbs out of the car and heaves her traveling bag from the backseat.

“See you at noon,” he says, and she nods. “Get some sleep.”

He falls asleep at the hearing, behind his file folder, and she answers the few questions posed to him. She hopes no one notices, and if they do, they don’t say anything.

He wakes up to a hand on his shoulder and an empty room, and he could kiss her. He would, if he thought she would kiss him back.

“I love you,” he says when she hands him a cup of coffee, later. She snorts and he fancies that she looks flustered.

Watching FitzSimmons in season 1: These two are great with the comic relief stuff, but they’re awesome with drama too when they get the chance to show it. I hope the writers will give them something to sink their teeth into sometime soon.  

Watching FitzSimmons in season 2: Oh god, I’ve made a horrible mistake! Everything is depression and heartache and misery! Take me back to season 1! I WANT TO LAUGH AGAIN! 

Watching FitzSimmons in season 3: OMG! A whole episode where no one was crying or getting their heart ripped out and they weren’t needlessly torn apart or having people come between them or anything! What did I do to deserve this wonderful gift? Wait… what’s this about some flash forward full of blood and explosions? *begins drinking heavily*