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Five ships for America!

America - fuck yeah! Here we go!

5. America/Lithuania - Yes, so I prefer Lithuania/Poland, but this is pretty nice as well. I kinda feel it brings out America’s more…nurturing side? And I feel that Liet would kinda mow down the more abrasive sides of America’s personality. They’re low-key and sweet, kinda like a cozy blanket on a winter day. Not a “favorite”, but something that I enjoy from time to time.

4. AmeViet - An unfortunately rare pair, but definitely a guilty pleasure. Obviously, the height of this would be during the Vietnam War both historically and in AU, but…it’s pretty adorable in modern day settings as well! Honestly, one of the best oneshot fanfics I’ve ever read (Sobertalk, ‘Nam era, AU - which has been deleted from the internet…ugh!!!) was what really got me hooked into this. But yeah - a really interesting pairing for sure. Miss Saigon, anyone? (Just kidding!)

3. Ameripan - This used to be tied for first place with…well, what’s now first place on here, but it dropped because I strongly dislike how painfully cute/innocent/ultra girly/gentle all Ameripan fanfics seem to make Japan. It…bugs me. Still, I can’t quite shake this couple off, because when they’re well written - they are really well written. Period. I love that they’re such good buddies in the series even though once they went through this dark, difficult history. Honestly, I just really love their interactions and I feel they’re a genuinely adorable pair with great chemistry. Besides, Ameripan has some of the best doujinshies from the fandom, omg.

2. GerAme - This is definitely my favorite Germany pairing and a pair I wish wasn’t so rare! Just…ugh!! They have so much potential to be really good together! I love how different their personalities are, but I really feel they’d bring out the best in each other. Germany would make America more disaplined, less boistrous and America would be good for Germany to ease up and be more spontaneous, affectionate. There’s history here both good and bad, there is the fact that so much of what America is comes from German immigrants. Yeah, I love this pairing a lot. And there could be such cute and totally annoying double dates with Prussia/Austria.

1. RusAme - Guys. Guys. I don’t even know where to begin with my love of these two. Massive OTP here! Jeeze, I think I shipped them in the long ago days before Hetalia, in the hours of history textbooks. I just. I dunno - my love of this pairing spills out all the time. I love everything about these two together - good, bad, ugly, violent, sweet, dark, fluffy - it doesn’t matter. It will always, always be a Hetalia OTP and a pair I go back to time and time again. It used to be my favorite Hetalia pairing as well (before PruAus and FrUk came about to tie it)!

Bonus: I also enjoy several crack!pairings with America too - he’s just so gosh darn shippable. Stuff like America/N.Italy, America/Austria, America/North Korea (I know…I know)…heck, I even like a lil America/China now and then! Or even America/Mexico (you do not know how much I wish this was a thing - why isn’t this a thing???)

Damn it all, I ship America with everyone.

Except England.

Because he belongs with France.

Happy Birthday to meeeeee!

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ASOIAF Minor Characters Meme - 2/9 Scenes

Lady Smallwood gave her breeches, belt, and tunic to wear, and a brown doeskin jerkin dotted with iron studs. “They were my son’s things,” she said. “He died when he was seven.”

“I’m sorry, my lady.” Arya suddenly felt bad for her, and ashamed.