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Hey guys, I just added some hyperlinks to my description that go straight to my otayuri comics~ Sorry that it took so long for me to get on that, but this should make life easier for everyone. 😊

Hey guys, I drew a cute lil Peter Quill because I’ve always wanted to see him wear a black shirt 😋

(and i worked all day on this and i’m really proud of it especially bc that’s the first time i’ve drawn facial hair and i think it turned out pretty good?? anyway i worked really hard so please give me love)

[and for the love of fuck pls dont steal my shitty art ok]

Hmm. 3 missed calls from the source labeled ‘no caller ID’ and a voicemail where it’s 12 seconds of background noise. Yup, that’s not off-putting or creepy at all. >>;

anonymous asked:

sorry that ask but... monthly kanamari day? I didn't know something like this existed? O.o

hi Anon! Yes the 26th of every month is kanamari day, so you can expect tons of kanamari pics on twitter on that day (ノ´ з `)ノ  #毎月26日はかなまりの日

Also, the 11th of every month is kanadia day (and I actually know how this came to be - dan-san started the tag, chose the 11th because of Kanan and Dia’s birthdays (the 10th and 1st = 11) #毎月11日はかなダイの日

As a trash for both ships, I’ll be doing something on 11th & 26th each month #athyra being ambitious again