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The foxes probably have an official Snapchat that they rotate between the members.

On days Dan and Kevin have it, they post pictures of practice, though Dan posts more fun ones while Kevin’s seem to be strictly practice.

Matt posts videos of the upperclassmen feat. Aaron, and sneaks pictures of Neil whenever he can.

ALL of Allison’s posts include herself in them, usually with at least another fox (more likely than not either Neil or Renee) by her side.

Renee takes pictures of banners with cheers on them and photos of when everybody is just hanging out rather than practicing or doing something crazy.

Andrew refuses to use Snapchat so they dropped him from the rotation.

Aaron does try to be serious with it, but Nicky always tries to photobomb any picture he takes by dabbing in front of the camera, so he sticks to being more professional about his posts.

Nicky is one of the more avid users of the account and uses it like a vlog about anything relating to the foxes. His are also the pictures more likely to be screenshotted

Neil just takes a lot of blurry pictures of Andrew and sometimes the rest of the team. It’s become a pastime to try and figure out what his pictures are for.

I’ve seen the idea of Peter visiting Meredith’s grave once he gets back to Earth (be it in Infinity War or after or another time) and while I really love that thought, I also think that Peter would be the kind of guy to drag his new family along to have his Mum “meet” them, in a way. Not to mention that I can totally see the Guardians wanting to tag along, and be it just to the cemetery to be there if Peter should need them.


Just – this mismatched group wandering through Earth’s street, standing out so extremely, not really knowing if they should joke around on the way there to lighten the mood or if solemn silence is more fitting. Groot has sprouted flowers that Mantis is carrying, Kraglin and Gamora have changed into clothes that are more fitting the planet (“You do know the fin and the green skin are still standing out, right” – “Thanks Rocket, we wouldn’t have noticed”) while Drax could not be convinced to put on a shirt, and Rocket climbs up on Kraglin’s shoulder and insists he’s not going to run alongside them just because they all have way too long legs.

Peter basically pushes them forward towards the grave when they hesitate and shuffle around awkwardly at the cemetery’s gates

“It’s yer Momma, Pete…”

“Yeah, like, aren’t you supposed to want to talk to her alone or…?”

“Oh shut up,” Peter answers nonchalantly, laughing when they look offended. “She would want to meet the whole family.”


And after a while of awkward and solemn and sad silence, Peter tries to lighten the tales he tells Meredith’s grave by jokes and funnier stories, and his friends readily chime in with anecdotes from Peter’s childhood (Kraglin provides embarrassing memories of Peter all too happily until Rocket is basically howling with laughter), the latest trouble Peter has gotten into (“Do not worry, we take care of him” Drax assures, and Gamora adds “We try”) and Groot tells how “boring” as a parent’s figure Peter can be while Rocket translates - until Peter waves his arms and yells “Okay, okay, she got the gist, okay, enough embarrassing me, you jerks!”

And Mantis laughs and laughs because she’s the only one who can feel the longing and the love and who thinks that, for just a second, she felt something pass like a whisper, a Thank you breathed right into her ear – Thank you for taking care of him – before it’s drowned out by her bickering and laughing friends again.

Don’t just give me a grave-visit, give me a family (re)union.

Eloping (July AU Drabble)

“Why aren’t we eloping again?” Rex asks his fiancé, resting his head in Euan’s lap.
“Because you love me and I love Lois’ cookies and she promised the recipe if we did the big wedding.”  Euan replies as he strokes Rex’s short hair.  “And I must confess, there is something about the idea I like.”
“Oh?” Rex murmurs
Euan leans down and kisses him “Being able to stand up and say you are mine and I am yours.  That I like.  The rest of it can go to hell.”
Rex smiled “I can live with that.”

And so they did.

(Rex and Euan are from @deadcatwithaflamethrower‘s wonderful novel Ashlesha (Awaken the Stars)  This is my July AU which is very much non canon XD)

I knew you before the burning started.
Somehow there are two versions of you now and
I am somewhere along the dead grass trail trying to find either.

I hear your howling and find you in the ashes.
You are smiling into the coals and
Your ruin here saved you.

You say that this is the new christening.
They took all of that sin and scorched it away.
Look at me.
I know the light and the light knows me
and it kissed me pure.

I knew you before the burning started.
I couldn’t wish to know you after.

—  some shit i made in creative writing

I don’t know about you, but just like I’m gonna block all the anti-tony blogs, I’m also not going to be putting up with any kind of Steve-bashing. That includes angstmaster headcanons about poor Tony getting stepped on by Steve just like [insert Tony’s enemy from the past, possibly the worst one]. 

I’m invested in this ship and the idea that someone else is invested and yet that’s what they come up with in their spare time… does not compute.

Hey if anyone can take a half blind kitten that’d be great. We’ve had her for weeks and are not suited or able to care for her 100% and get her all she needs. We have to keep her outside cause of other cats, she’s possibly sick, and the inability and stubbornness of others in the house not allowing us to keep her indoors will definitly make her condition worse. Not to mention its fall and its getting colder and started raining tonight.

All the places I called a few weeks back pulled “we take dogs” when I asked if they accepted cats into their shelters, a lot of people had expressed wanted but fell through immediatly, and we CANNOT keep her. There just isn’t space or the full ability to get her the medical help and proper space she needs.

So if you are in California (at least around the Modesto area – its the closest large city near us rip) and willing to take a little drive to own thr literally most affectionate kitten I’ve ever known, please message me, or @origamiscyclone , off anon. If you can’t, just spread this the best you can. We don’t need more people saying “I would but–” ; its not helpful for getting Karina (the kitten) a home, or for us to find her a safe place to stay.

We can show you pictures of her, tell you about her, whatever you need. She needs a good home and a steady home where she will get all she needs more than now.