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Every episode of season two of Legends seems to have at least one (usually more) joke about Mick's intelligence or usefulness. This didn't happen nearly as often in season one. Each character has done it now, even the genuinely good and kind ones you wouldn't expect this from like Jax, Ray, and Nate. It's not like Mick has been incompetent. He was useful with Washington and in the last episode. Do you think this is leading up to something for when Len returns? Or is it all just comic relief?

No, season 1 was really different. Ray had issues with Mick’s morality but wasn’t so likely disparage his (anyone’s) intellect. Martin was always a dick to everyone in his own special way, but didn’t call Mick an idiot really, certainly not so often or bluntly. Sara had no issue with Mick, it seemed. Jax was always chill with him, barring the whole ‘criminal’ thing. The only one who really put him down as ‘thick’ or ‘IQ of meat’ was Rip, in S1. And even then, Rip would agree with him when he had points (like about Druce wanting to kill Rip in that forest) and defer to Mick’s better judgement without making a huge production of it.

S2, like you said, obviously different. Literally everyone has made comments, or multiple. He keeps displaying an amazing amount of competence and keeps getting shit on for it. From finding them all through history (with Nate, of course, but Mick did the piloting), to defeating a bunch of ninjas single-handedly to actually building rapport with the enemy of the week in the old west (they could have used that instead of starting a brawl omg), to saving Washington (and the United States in the process) to coming up with plans to taking charge and owning it in the Capone era to taking out an entire army in Camelot 3000 with just his mind

Mick kicks ass. 

He’s literally never been incompetent in any way, shape, or form on the team. I’ve been pointing out since season 1 that he’s probably the most skilled of them all (barring maybe Rip) in terms of what their journey demands (here’s a decent overview with in-line links to other posts all about Mick’s skill and intellect).

So… ugh. I’ve complained about it a lot, how the team seems to be incapable of recognizing and respecting that. I won’t link the posts – they’re plentiful though, in my Mick Rory tag.

But I do think you might have a point. It’s been something I’m pondering. 

At first I thought they were creating a split-team rift. I thought they were going to have Ray and Mick get close, him get close to Amaya too, but maybe feel more distant from Sara (and Rip, upon return) and maybe Martin too? So that when Len showed back up, Mick was going to have this tension between the members of the team he wanted to protect vs. those he didn’t feel so close with, so that going with Len was a real, genuine dilemma for him. So I didn’t think the comments would really take off with the whole team.

But then they did and now… well, my honest suspicion? They changed the story starting after 2x04. My best guess is that Mick won’t be around next season (Dominic Purcell is vocal on social media about disliking Vancouver and missing his family) and so they realized that the stories they were building with him couldn’t be carried forward. So they swapped major parts of those stories (closeness and budding romance with Amaya, close friendship/partnership with Ray) over to Nate instead (which I argue doesn’t work as well for character dynamics but w/e). I can’t say this is really the case, obviously, but it feels that way if you look at what they were building and then how it started to change and what abruptly got dropped or added.

As a consequence of that, they decided that Mick’s dilemma isn’t going to be so tough after all. He’s going to be crapped on by the team a lot and eventually start to show that he’s getting fed up with it, instead of taking it so much in stride (look at how he stood up to Sara’s orders in Camelot, basically ready to throw down, or how he bent Ray’s arm for poking him about crumbs, compared to how he didn’t mind Rip complaining about his stealing stuff in France in 2x01). So then the dilemma of going along with Len wouldn’t seem like such a difficult decision. He’s going to go with Len, hands down. He’s under-appreciated by the team and he’s going to peace out. 

Wishful thinking version? The team is going to realize they’ve made a grave mistake and end up in a dire situation and Mick’s going to cave enough to help save the day, and then he’s going to be done for good with the Legends and return to Central City with Len. In a perfect world, they’re then going to use some of the knowledge and skills (and allies, like Reverse Flash) they’ve gained in order to really start the Rogues. The Rogues become a major part of Flash season 4. My crops are watered and my skin is clear.

I mean, it’s a little far-fetched but that’s how I would write it, personally.

More realistically, they’re still going to show some serious dilemma for Mick and the team aren’t ever going to be properly reprimanded or remorseful over the shitty way they’ve treated Mick, and the writers are doing it at least a little for the sake of humor, because a lot of those lines have seemed like they’re trying to be comedic (unlike Rip and Mick’s blowout with the pirates), even if they fall totally flat.

But eh. At least for one moment, someone recognized his value.

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okay i get that simon has been in love with clary for a long time but where the fuck did clary’s feelings come from??? like maybe i wasn’t paying attention but it totally came out of nowhere for me? ??? i’ve never seen any indication that she felt the same way. i only got sister/brother/bff vibes from her. anyways they have no chemistry and it feels weird to see them making out when is it gonna end


my makeup looks kinda good today i guess?


happy one year + one day with astro!! i already wrote one long cheesy message but they’ve come so far and i can’t wait to see what’s to come 💕💐✨


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as a celly and huge thank you to all of you out there i wrote up this short and sweet bellarke fic (because i know most of y'all are bellarke fam! love u all anyways tho) taken from clarke’s POV from the rescue/reunion scene in 3x02!! i really love writing and i hope that it conveys how much i appreciate all of you! hope you enjoy! and once again if you have any fic prompts/requests feel free to ask me about them!! and as always let me know what you think!!

I’ll Do Anything

Clarke feels more dejected and defeated than she has in a long while. Probably since she left Camp Jaha three months ago. Roan, her kidnapper, spoke the words she was denying to herself. No one will come for her. Why would they? He was right. She left them. Abandoned them. Abandoned him… 

She pushes the image of a tall, strong, warm, and welcoming body out of her mind. No, not him. Never him. He’s the last person that would come after her. Leaving him all alone… She remembers his face when she told him she wasn’t coming in. It’s one of the many things she hates herself for. He probably hates her too. 

Enough, she tells herself, feeling worse than when she started. Think about something less painful, less guilt-inducing.  So she thinks about her imminent meeting with the Ice Queen. ‘Meeting’ being a pretty word for ‘death.’ Under different circumstances, it would be funny, that her imminent death is a more welcome thought than the people, the boy she left behind. But these circumstances are sort of horrible, so it’s not funny. Because the thought of having lost him, the person she relied on so much, is too painful to think about. It’s right up there with her murder of Finn, and the massacre at Ton DC. Staring at her lap, hair a mop covering her face, she wishes she could push it away, but her hands are bound to the pillar at her back. She doesn’t even try to squirm anymore. There’s no point, no hope. Clarke’s ears pick up the faintest rustle in the cave, but she pays it no mind. It’s probably just Roan peddling around somewhere. 

Suddenly, a face is in front of her. There’s freckles, caramel skin, soft brown eyes, a mess of curly black hair and she can’t believe her eyes. She can’t believe it, it can’t be him, but, it is. It’s him. It’s Bellamy… 

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