2 notes here i come


I watched the subbed version of this short ONCE before jumbling down some notes. It’s currently 1:30 am, I am very tired, but this is important

Bold are important (look into), italics are favorites (theorize)

  • Black Hat gets too excited/happy his powers get… Uh… “Out of control”?
  • Black Hat vomits acid or something of the sort
  • The guy before Flug was important to Black Hat(?)
  • Someone laughed at Black Hat and supposedly lived and is also not currently part of the cast
  • Alan is beautiful and lovely
  • Those buzzards looked like something straight out of looney toons
  • Black Hat has an odd hatred for lemons
  • Black Hat enjoys cannibalism(?)
  • Black Hat got bored of Bubblegum cutting candy limbs OR doesn’t like cutting limbs
  • Black Hat throws a hissy fit (Pt.1 & Pt. 2)
  • Black Hat has a habit of switching to English when saying his organization’s name(?)
  • Flug has worn shorts and a low cut tank top(?)
  • Flug and Dementia were adults during VHS days and still look relatively the same (VHS’s were around when I was just a tot, so about 14-15 years?)
  • Black Hat can get very pisses and beaks facade when talking about the following: The viewers, 505, and Whiney villains who talk to much
  • Black Hat makes Flug skip each and every romantic moment between Fin and PBG
  • If there’s an opportunity to promote a product, Black Hat will take it
  • I love that joke about LemonGrab having ears because it shows Alan has seen us talking about Black Hat’s lack of ears Marry me Alan

Ah…. a jumbled bunch of notes to help gather my thoughts before bed.

Add, if you will, everyone, as again, I watched the short ONCE and jumbled a bunch of notes AFTERWARDS, so I could have forgotten something

Asks Issues: Updated

Okay guys, recently I’ve been doing this little fun thing with some of the anons with the Ask Akaashi and a few other things with the doodles, but due to the…. uh, overwhelming asks I’ve been getting lately cos of the interest, some stuff needs to be cleared out, okay? I’m all game with having fun, but there are things to do because I can’t possibly answer every ask.

I will only answer the “Ask Character” if the asks are:
1. Not NSFW. Asking for graphic content is a no-no. This blog will not feature any sort of graphic sexual content. Harmless sexy jokes aside, I am old and I am paranoid tweens are gonna see stuff on this blog.
2. About my OTPs only. I will not answer ships that are not to my preferences.
3. Having context. I will not answer if the ask is too vague.
4. Might take a while to answer if it includes a doodle, cos I be doing the comics/art first.
5. Do not contain spoilers. I can’t answer asks that may contain spoilers as those will be answered in the comics eventually.

Pretty much that’s all I gotta say for now. I’m amused that the Ask Akaashi/Ask Character is becoming a thing, lol. But yeah, keep it tame, guys. We ain’t no NSFW blog over here, okay? Love ya! (ΘεΘ) ~ ♥♥

Roommate || Part 1

Imagine: Justin asks to move in with Y/N


“Justin what are you doing here?” I asked bewildered. It was about 1 in the morning, and I wasn’t really in the mood for company. Justin takes a deep breath before looking towards me.

“I kind of need a place to stay…” he says quietly. I watch as he tugs on the strap of his bag before placing both hands in his front pockets of his jeans.

I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that question for two reasons. One, he’s the ex boyfriend of MY best friend. Two, it would completely catch everyone’s attention and by everyone I mean Selena and the paparazzi. Also, did I mention he’s the ex boyfriend of my best friend?

“I’m sorry but you’re telling me this because….?” I say still confused before crossing my arms.

Justin chuckles, he places his bag on the couch before turning towards me once again. “Like I said before, I need a place to stay. So…can I stay here please?” He asks.

My jaw dropped. “What?! No!” I yell, Justin looks up surprised.

“What why?” He asks confused, he takes a step closer towards me. I quickly grab his bag before shoving it back to him. He slowly takes it, confused.

I let out a sigh before looking towards him. “Justin look I know we were sort of close but you and Selena broke up, and as her best friend I think it’s best if you found some other place to stay so there won’t be any misunderstandings”.

Justin looks at me for a couple seconds before looking down. Did I offend him? Did I say something wrong? I was pretty straightforward about the subject and I was hoping he would understand but at this moment it didnt really look like it.

“So you’re saying just because Selena and I broke up, we suddenly can’t be friends?” He says hurt. Bingo! I was right, he did get offended.

“I never said we couldn’t, I just said I didn’t want any misunderstandings”. I say slightly irritated. Why the hell was he being so stubborn?

“There won’t be any” he says befor elooking at me with a pleasing look.

“Justin you’re a celebrity, there are fans, paparazzi that know what you’re up to no matter how much you hide, and one of those people can be Selena”. I say truthfully, Justin doesn’t say anything.
“Plus why can’t you stay at a hotel? Or fly back to one of your homes?” I say, he can’t argue with me on this one, I had a point.

“It’s not that easy, I have a huge endorsement here plus I have a concert, guest appearance on radio shows, photo shoots, etc. I’m assigned to be here for about a week”. He says in almost one breath. He takes a deep breath before continuing. “Y/N please, I’ll explain to you another time but in the meantime can I please stay here?” He asks desperately.

I swear this boy never gives up until he gets what he wants. I was going to argue but I was afraid he would do something embarrassing like going on his knees begging. The more I thought about it, the results scared me, but I mean he’s a friend. Plus he does have a point, just because Selena and him broke up doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. I mean, one roommate won’t hurt can it?

“Fine”. You say finally making a desicion. “You can stay here…”

Thanks for reading! Part 2 coming soon!

Note: I apologize for not being active. I’ve just been very busy and lately I’ve been on writers block:( I promise more imagines coming soon, if you have requests let me know!

Hugging Astro from behind

Masterlist: x


It was thirty minutes before one of Astro’s biggest stages. I mean, of course they have performed before, but never for an audience of 30,000+ people. Jinwoo’s nerves were clearly getting the best of him as he was pacing around, muttering his rap in Clap Clap. You being the great girlfriend you are, decided to come up behind him and hug him!

“What was that for?! And, can I have another one?!”

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This is my message to the USA (x)