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They’re not just 2 dimensional men created by a software company. No. They’re my escape from reality. They’re my little forms of happiness. They’re the voices that tell me I’m good enough and that I don’t need to change so bad. They give me butterflies in my stomach when I’m too afraid to fall in love for real. They’re what I turn to whenever I wanna feel loved. They make me feel loved. Voltage Inc has done a tremendous job with creating their characters and they make me happy. They make millions of us happy. I’m happy to be part of the Voltage Inc fandom.

  • Me: no I'm not going to buy that route.
  • Voltage: but you'll love it.
  • Me: no. I don't have money for it.
  • Voltage: *shows me pic of bae all battered and bruised/ pointing a gun at someone/crying*
  • Voltage: guess you'll have to buy the route and find out.
  • Me: .....
  • Me: ........
  • Me: ........
  • Me: Damn it

The Voltage Older Man Appreciation Post

  1. Maximillion Levaincois (Be My Princess 2)
  2. Kazuki Serizawa (Finally, In Love Again)
  3. Jin Namba (Her Love In The Force)
  4. Johji Chakura (Dreamy Days in West Tokyo)
  5. Ginnosuke Oguri (In Your Arms Tonight)
  6. Hiroshi Kirisawa (Metro PD: Close to You)
  7. Tadanobu Nomura (Metro PD: Close to You)
  8. Kunihiko Aikawa (My Forged Wedding)
  9. Daisuke Katsuragi (My Sweet Bodyguard)
  10. Hiroto Chitose (My Wedding & 7 Rings)
  11. Ayame Suo (Our Two Bedroom Story)
  12. Jinpachi Yushima (Serendipity Next Door)
  13. Nozomu Fuse (True Love, Sweet Lies)
  14. Hiroki Eniwa (My Last First Kiss)

A mix of ojisan, men appreciably older than the MC, and men appreciably older than their love rivals.  The Older Man is frequently identifiable by his goatee, for some reason.

(I’m sure I left some out.  Feel free to add any I missed!)

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I’ve lived a hundred lives, I’ve loved a hundred loves, and I’ve walked in distant worlds… all thanks to Voltage.

How I feel about the Voltage Fandom...

I am Stitch

“His Wedding” Part 2

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Bucky and you are exes. He moved on but you couldn’t since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor - a ridiculous one. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will be fine. But it doesn’t always work out, does it?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 856

Warnings: maybe a lil angsty?

Author’s Note: repost, with a lil’ editing!

‘His Wedding’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2

To assure him that I’m actually considering it, I laugh and repeat, “Let’s do it! I’ll be your wedding planner, Bucky.”

“Oh, my God. You have no idea how much happy you’ve made me!” Bucky gets up from his chair and makes a round from the desk to reach out and pulls me up in a tight hug.

Yes, he’s happy because I said yes to plan his wedding with Lilly. Well, he must have been even happier when she would’ve said yes to marry him. But at least I made him smile by saying yes to this. While being in his arms, I tried not to smell his cologne because that will make me even more addicted than I am. I wiggle out of his grip, my hands falling back to my sides but his remained firm on mine.

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Literally my conversation earlier.

Voltage Inc Siblings

Shining some light on our guys’ siblings.

Alan Casiraghi, younger brother of Prince Glenn J. Casiraghi from Be My Princess (left) || Catherine ‘Cathy’ Alford, younger sister of Prince Keith Alford from Be My Princess (middle) || Stephen Alfred, older brother of Prince Wilfred A. Spencer from Be My Princess (right)

Tatsuki Maruyama, younger brother of Takao Maruyama from My Forged Wedding (left) || Jin Shibasaki, older brother of Ren Shibasaki from My Forged Wedding (right)

Christopher Brown, younger half-brother of Chiaki Yuasa from Our Two Bedroom Story (left) || Wataru Okouchi, younger brother of Minato Okouchi from Our Two Bedroom Story (right)

Sae Tanemura, younger sister of Haruki Tanemura from Dreamy Days in West Tokyo (top left) || Togo Sato, older brother of Ichigo Sato from Dreamy Days in West Tokyo (top right) || Rino (bottom left), Ryunoshin (bottom middle) and Rika Hatta (bottom right), younger siblings of Ryuzo Hatta

Heydar Mafdir, older half-brother of Prince Aslan Mafdir from Be My Princess 2 (left) || Taira, older brother of Shinra from Enchanted in the Moonlight (right)

Masatoshi Hibiya, older brother of Masaomi Hibiya from Serendipity Next Door (left) || Nero, younger brother of Nathan from Pirates in Love (right)

Nadeshiko, Momoko and Sakurako, older triplet sisters of Kaiji from My Sweet Bodyguard (left) || Shun Aijima, younger brother of Noel Aijima from Seduced in the Sleepless City (right)

If I’m missing anyone, feel free to add them!

First Day of My Life Pt 2

Chapter 1

Thanks again to @paperbacktrash for being the ultimate supporter and reading my words.

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He was so gods damned nervous. He fussed with his pine green tunic, straightening the already straightened fabric and causing the silver threading to catch in the light.

Aedion finally joined him in the room where they were getting ready in. Aedion took in his brother’s current state, “Are you going to be okay?”

Rowan stopped his fussing immediately, “What are you talking about?”

“Well - I mean… I don’t want to say that I saw a few bright flashes of light that looked suspiciously like the same flashes of light when you shift while I was walking down the hallway but…” he trailed off, eyebrows raised innocently.

“She can’t say no now, right? She wouldn’t.” The worries rushed out before he could leash them and he cursed himself inwardly for not having better restraint when it came to Aelin. He knew she was having difficulties adjusting. He saw the shadows flicker in her eyes. He knew that the days when she hadn’t been able to sleep were the days when he would take point on royal business. He knew she was independent but something had changed in these months. She started to rely on him more even when Rowan could tell that she wished she didn’t have to. Rowan would support her in whatever she needed, and if it turned out that Aelin needed space… as hard as it would be, he would give it to her. He knew better than to think she would lead him on but today, his mind was racing.

Aedion’s jaw dropped. “That’s what you’re worried about? Whether she’ll say yes to you? You do know you’re already married, right? You’ve also been officially declared mates AND you are the King of Terrasen. In fact, I seem to remember being there for your first wedding and the second one and for the mating ceremony.”

Rowan’s face fell marginally. “It’s just… this one feels more important somehow. These are our friends. Our closest friends and the people who have touched our lives and altered them so irrevocably. None of this would have been possible without each person here. We all bled together on those battlefields. It’s more than just a wedding.” He gestured helplessly around in emphasis.

Aedion approached him and clapped a reassuring hand on his brother’s shoulder. “It’s important yes, because it’s our family and our friends. This is the court we had promised we would build during those dark times - a court to rattle the stars. But you are our King, you are my brother. You are my family. What you did for Aelin… I will never forgive how I treated her before she was taken by that rutting bitch… You brought her back, you did that. I will forever be grateful. Today is for us to enjoy. For us to celebrate. We won and there’s no further reason for us to look over our shoulders in fear. Enjoy it.”

Rowan sat down on the armchair, needing something to ground him. “She didn’t come back, Aedion. She’s here physically – yes, but she’s changed. How can one woman withstand everything she has been through? She came back and there were no consequences. Aelin was supposed to die to defeat Erawan. To rid the world of Maeve, she almost did. She didn’t have to give anything up. She has her power, she has her kingdom. What if the cost was her soul? How can I fix that?”

Aedion took a seat across from Rowan. He bowed his head while he contemplated his answer. “You don’t fix it, Rowan. You do what you’ve already done for her, twice over. Bring her back. Don’t let the darkness drag her down again. But you don’t have to do it alone this time.” Aedion slumped back and watched as Rowan gruffly ran his fingers through his hair, still cropped short – a preference Aedion knew Aelin preferred.

“We survived, Rowan. After what she gave for years, the least we can do is be here to pull her out again. The blood oath was a promise we both chose to make at different times in our life because of who she is and what she represented. Hope. We have to give that to her.”

Rowan seemed to calm with Aedion’s reassuring words. Aedion sighed and stood up before going over to Rowan’s chair, “Don’t do that, Aelin will kill me if you look less than…” He cleared his throat as he realized his hands were now straightening Rowan’s hair. Rowan’s left eyebrow was raised in surprise at the sudden contact.

“What are your hands doing in my hair?”

Aedion moved back and coughed deliberately. “I slipped.”

“Into my hair?”

“It happens.”

Rowan looked in the mirror across from them, his hair was truly a mess now. He could imagine Aelin having something terribly offensive to say about it. He grumbled before sighing. “Can you please fix it? Unfortunately, you are right - your cousin has a certain desire for things to be perfect.”

Aedion chuckled, satisfied that Rowan seemed to accept his words and remain calm, “If it makes you feel better, I’m very good with hair. I don’t maintain ‘best hair in the family’ status by letting it run rampant.”

Rowan burst out laughing, true joy despite the heavy load he had off lifted just as the door opened to reveal the cadre. Gavriel smiled fondly at Aedion and clapped Rowan on the back. Fenrys’ signature wolfish grin was infectious as he entered with Lorcan at his back.

“We come bearing gifts.” Fenrys brought out a bottle of brandy, the expensive kind by the looks of the label.

“Or booze.” Gavriel said, rolling his eyes.

Lorcan snatched the bottle from Fenrys, “It’s all the same to me.”

Aedion grinned. “Hear, hear.”

Rowan grabbed glasses from the bar and Lorcan poured a knuckle’s worth in each of the glasses and the males each grabbed one.

“I’d like to propose a toast,” Lorcan said, raising his glass. “To our grouchy ass King Rowan-“

“Lorcan,” Gavriel cut him off before he could finish.

Lorcan rolled his eyes. “Fine, to our esteemed king Rowan. Without whom we might all be dead or possessed by the Valg.”

Fenrys snorted, “Classy, Lorcan.”

Gavriel shook his head. “Why do we ever let you out?”

Rowan chuckled. “Coming from Lorcan, it’s high praise.” He raised his glass and each of them nodded their agreement and they downed their drinks.

As the males all drank, Rowan couldn’t help but think that at least this had gone right. The cadre had been so close to being ripped apart by that bitch. He and Aelin had almost been ripped apart by her. This day, this ending, may never have been possible without those in this very room. For that, Rowan was grateful. More than he knew how to express. Aedion raised his glass slightly to Rowan, who had been unwittingly focusing on him. Rowan nodded in return. Aedion saw much. Much more than he let on.

“Well gentle-“ Lorcan began, before a soft knock sounded at the door.

Rowan raised his brows, he wasn’t expecting anyone else. Aedion, who was closest to the door, reached forward to open it to reveal…

“Aelin?” Rowan was instantly at the door, nudging Aedion out of the way.

She was resplendent in her gown, her hair down and loose in soft curls around her shoulders with a braided coronet at the crown of her head. Pine and some small white flowers Rowan didn’t remember the name of were intertwined between the braids.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” She looked away but Rowan caught the shadows in her eyes before her gaze averted.

“Everyone out.”

No one hesitated.

Rowan moved to close the distance between himself and his queen, closing the door in the process. He folded her into his arms, holding tight. Aelin released a single sob before she leashed her pain and began to shake with restraint.

“Why do you cry, Fireheart?” He kissed the top of her head, never letting go.

She didn’t answer for a few minutes. In his presence and in his arms, she felt herself slowly relaxing. Felt the vice grip on her heart loosen.

“I’m scared, Rowan. I’m scared I’m going to lose everything again. I-I can’t let a day go by without thinking about what I did. Who I killed. Who I was under her spell. I am not worthy.” She leaned back to look into his eyes, searching for answers he wasn’t sure he had.

He wiped an errant tear from her cheek, leaving his hand to cradle her face.

“Aelin, my Fireheart. Do not fret. It’s us who are not worthy of you. For hundreds of years, I didn’t know what I was looking for but I knew I was looking for something. That something, it was you. It surprised the hell out of me for a long while, until it didn’t. Until I knew, you were not a woman I could survive. But you saw me as I saw you and we clawed our way back out together. We formed unbreakable bonds. I swear to you, I will lead you out of the darkness that is trying to claim you. I will not lose you again.”

His eyes sparkled as tears welled and Aelin returned his gesture and wiped the tears away, also cradling his face. They held each other, their whole worlds, their entire beings focused where skin met skin. So much power, so much love, such breakable creatures.

Time, darkness, evil… None of it mattered. They could not be cleaved. They would not allow it. Their gazes relayed that same message to each other. They would not bend, they would not break. Aelin’s resolve grew, her heart steadied. Pain and anguish failed where it tried to grasp. It was pushed down and out, bit by bit.

It would not win, not this day.

Westallen Wedding Week: Day 2 (What’s in a Dress)

Iris was excited.

She really was up until an hour or so ago when she tried on the fifth dress of the day. She was now on dress ten or eleven, she didn’t know. It was hard to keep count. She had looked at and tried of so many dresses, she was getting frustrated.

And she was sure, her family and friends were getting frustrated too while waiting for her to come back out. The trust was, she didn’t want to face them. She didn’t want to go back out there and show her dad, Wally, Cecile, and Caitlin another pretty dress that she didn’t like. She sighed as she took one last look in the mirror.

It was one of those moments where she wished more than anything that her mother was here to help her. She didn’t realize just how hard shopping for a dress was going to be, and she wasn’t ready for the sheer panic at the thought that she was never going to find one.

“What’s wrong with this one?” Her dad ask, gauging her facial expressions.

“I like it,” Wally offered and she gave him a small smile. God bless her baby brother for putting up with her today.

“I don’t know. I like this top part,” Iris said pointing out the top of the dress, “but I don’t know… I guess I’m just not… feeling it.”

“Okay, well go pick another one. We’re not leaving here until you find the one,” her dad said encouragingly.

Iris felt a lump in her throat.

She went back into the dressing room to take off the dress and put on the next one. She had sat down to collect herself when her phone rang. It was Barry.

“Barry,” She breathed when she answered the phone.

“Hey, how’s it going?”

“It’s fine,” she sighed, “still haven’t found the dress.”

“You don’t sound fine,” Barry said, waiting for Iris to tell him the truth.

“It’s just… this is alot harder than I thought this would be,” she confessed. “And although I have all of these amazing people helping me… I… I guess I just want my mom here.”

“Hey,” Barry’s voice softened. “I understand..”

But Iris didn’t hear the rest of what he was saying due to Cecile coming in.

“Hey,” she said.

“Um Barry, can I call you back?” Iris said cutting him off.

“Yeah. Of course. Good luck, I love you!”

“I love you too,” Iris said hanging up the phone.

“Hey Cecile,” she said turning her attention to the petite woman in front of her.

“Hey,” Cecile smiled. “I thought you could use a little help. I know how hard this must be without your mother, and I don’t know. Maybe I can help.”


An hour or so later, after four more dresses, Iris found the perfect one– with help from Cecile. She couldn’t help but tear up as she stood in front of the mirror.

“Oh Iris,” Cecile said, “this one is…”

“Perfect,” Iris finished.

“Let’s go show everyone,” Cecile said.

Iris felt like a queen, truly, as she stood in front of her family and friends. Caitlin was the first to react. She jumped up and clapped her eyes earning a smile and laugh from Iris.

“I love it, Iris. You look amazing,” she said.

“Wow sis. That’s the one, definitely. I think Barry will really like it,” Wally said, smiling.

Joe was silent.

“Dad? What do you think?” Iris asked.

Joe slowly looked up at his daughter’s face, right into her eyes. His own eyes were glistening with tears and Iris could feel hers welling up even more as well.

“You look beautiful, Baby Girl… you look just like your mother.”

Joe took a deep breath and climbed the platform to hug his daughter. He couldn’t believe his little girl was all grown up.