2 much power


lance has a lot of proud parents after he no-scoped that prison guard

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this is possibly the sloppiest thing i have ever made but when i was re-reading through the captive prince books this scene so just so damn cute it destroyed me all over again and i had to make something



Remi: “Oh gosh! A tragic past? Dark powers?! What a brave pokemon!”

Envy: “Yes! That sentence wasn’t contrived or facetious at all! Please, stay as long as you need!”

Remi: “We’ll do everything in our (dark)power to help!!!11!”

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Duckvember: Day 7: Hero Duck
From the short-lived “Let’s Appeal to the Edgy Youth” series Loonatics Unleashed, it’s Danger Duck! Poor Duck is too much like his ancestor for his own good but that’s why I love him.

Also the voice (Max Goof!)

Also-also the superpowers. It’s like Jubilee and Nightcrawler combined (completely random result energy eggs AND teleporting quantum quacking).

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uhm yknow those selfies u rb'ed from breastforce tagged 'look out he's behind you'? that's a girl I just wanted to make sure u knew and didn't misgender her :/

yea i know i was referring to woody, who was creeping up behind her in each photo

Real Talk

If I saw the inner circle walking down the street I would be so fucking intimated because
1. They’re all insanely hot
2. They have so much power it radiates off them
3. Cassian would probably give a wolffish grin and you know I’d be bolting away (and meeting him later that night but shhh)