2 mouths

uahhgshg with gabriel i put a lot of survival point and low med points so him eating stuff healed him way faster and better then stimpacks but with this legion courier im doing the exact opposite. but im still used to using food for healing items, and also stimpacks are harder to come by… so basically my legion courier has become some sort of cryptid gremlin that goes around stealing and eating every food item he can get his grubby hands on

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I was hiatus for about 2 mouths and I can say I missed you the most. Im glad im back looking at you acc Ally. Ilysm 💗

thankyou so much nonny omg welcome back!!!!!! i’ve been too burnt out from commissions to actively answer asks and queue posts but i’ll try my best to update regularly so that you’ll have new content to browse! ;3; 💕

Extra Things Bellamy Blake has done in Clarke Griffin's Presence

1) Knocked a (maybe poisoned) cup out of her hand when it was nowhere near her mouth
2) Stared at her while she was sleeping
3) Dressed up in Grounder clothes while leaving his gun and replacing it with a sword instead
4) Taking a moment to stop and caress Clarke’s face before saving her
5) Screaming how they can’t lose her
6) Told her he didn’t need her advice but .5 seconds later he needed her advice
7) Makes jokes at inappropriate times just to make her smile
8) Writes her name in big block letters
9) Storms through crowds all angry when Clarke is threaten
10) Crashes a car because he is too busy staring at her

Mess o’ Mine

Harry X Reader: Angst, smut

In which Harry’s stolen from you and needs to fix it.

Request? No

Part 2: Mouth o’ Mine // Part 3: Mind o’ Mine

The apartment is dark, lights dimmed so you can set the mood for what you expect to be an emotional performance. Your laptop is plugged into the television and the screen is flickering, splashing colors across your face from a product commercial. Harry is across the world, about to premiere a song from his upcoming album on a popular talk show. Despite how excited you are to hear the music, you’re still nervous for him, as you always are. There’s no doubt in your mind that he’ll smash whatever he performs, but he always seems to get in his own way.

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