2 more weeks


GW2 fashion week day 1 (i’m playin catch up)!!

 this is my first year doin this and I’m ALREADY behind lmfao! but i’m starting off with my VERY first character so here’s the boy of the hour…

Xaeret / Tempest / he just loves to have fun


  • Vigil’s Honor Mantle
  • Dry Bones Garb
  • Vigil’s Honor Gloves
  • Primitive Legwraps
  • Vigil’s Honor Footwear


butterscotch, sienna, root, spearmint, gold, sand


Claws of the Desert + Hard Wood Staff

Planning our trip to LA (only 2 more weeks!)

Of course we’re checking out restaurants, because priorities. Thinking of going to Bea Bea’s again for their delicious and creative pancakes. I found an ice cream place in Pasadena called The Coolhaus Shop. They have some really unique flavors. I keep picturing the Big Bang Theory gang going out together.

There’s no way we’ll be able to try all these places in one trip. Will have to go again next season.



its like -93519 degrees outside 


“Think you can keep up with me?”

d.va phone wallpapers! feel free to use!

edit: blue versions of the wallpaper found here!

protect him


yo wassup im back for one day and i forgot to post all these good ipposens

Apparently Alec still has his stele in his hand when Magnus starts with his (pain killing) magic.

Why the fuck does he drop the stele suddenly then??? Is the pain too much? Did something happen to Jace in that moment? Or did Alec notice the hotness of his boyfriend doing magic on him?


The “Reflective Motive” Theory (or ‘John Williams is a sneaky bastard’)

Ok heres some really cool easter egg I found in the TFA soundtrack. I already made a post about this but I did some more research, consulted with some people, and I’m a bit better informed now (since I’m not much of a musician myself).

right. so. there’s this section of Rey’s theme called the ‘Reflective Motive’. 

It plays most prominently when Rey’s sat eating her meal outside her AT-AT home watching that ship fly up through Jakku’s atmosphere. Kind of a mirror to the moment in Rey’s vision where a younger version of her watches the ship that abandoned her fly away - its used to reference her loneliness. ‘reflective’ could mean she’s ‘reflecting’… or it might be more literal.

Rey’s Reflective motive is literally a reflection of the Han and Leia love theme.

The structure is ultimately the same, they have the same kind of step-wise motion toward the end, but what’s interesting is the keys are the exact corresponding major and minor keys for each other. And while the Love Theme is ascending the Reflective Motive is descending. Williams literally took Han and Leia’s Theme and flipped it on it’s head - creating a more wistful sound compared to the love theme which is meant to be compelling/passionate.

This reminded me of when I was informed that a section of Rey’s theme backward becomes a section Kylo’s theme - so this is a similar twist using the original music.

But what does it mean? Well Williams could just have done this to simply convey the Lack of love in Rey’s life or (bear with me) its a bit more complicated than that, especially since it was named the ‘reflective’ motive - and this is a little hint at who her parents are. It would be a very clever way for him to inform the audience that it is a specific set of people who have failed to be there for her (although in that case I would suggest it was most likely not their choice that she was separated from them). Han and Leia’s love theme would then be flipped to communicate a lack of their love/a lack of their presence in Rey’s life.