2 more until 100

28/100 days of productivity

07.05.17 2 more weeks until exams!!! Tried adding a time tracker to see how much time I’m wasting using productively in preparation for my exams.

Today: math, biology and chemistry past papers, edit PLT essay, finish maths IA and do some research for my EE

So, I did a thing

I like lists..and structure. So..i made myself my own structured list oriented plan! I know its weird but I’m pretty pumped about it. So for accountability sake, I’m gonna share it with you all… Exercise: 1) Ride my bike to work when my schedule permits. -I’ve discovered that rush hour traffic near the highway is a little scary so for now I’m gonna ride on my later days until I’m more comfortable. 2) 50 squats, 100 situps, and 25 pushups a day. 3) Do my workout dvds at home on MWF while the boyfriend is at practice (until I can afford Crossfit. HELLO unemployment) 4) Run or Bike on the weekend in the mornings. Food: 1) Vegetables and/or fruit with every meal. 2) Avoid as much sugar as possible. 3) Water, tea, or coffee all day everyday but mainly water. Also, I’m a Dr. Pepper addict so I am going to give myself 1 a week either on Friday after work or during my “heavy meal.” 4) I’m not gonna call it a cheat meal bc that implies I’m depriving myself. But I’m going to have 1 heavy meal on the weekends of whatever I want and ZERO GUILT. 5) Keep it as low carb as possible. 6) No carbs after 8pm-this includes carby fruits. 7) If I need a snack it will be fruits or vegetables. I’m sure it sounds odd but really its all just healthier choices and clean eating. This starts tomorrow as I already had a sandwich for lunch lol. My running clothes are already set up for the morning and those bacon and eggs for breakfast are calling my name!

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can we take a minute to talk about how i drew bob’s burgers characters and quotes on 100 sticky notes and put them all in my friend’s car for her 18th birthday and then drew even more on her car windows and painted a card too

2 more days!!!

         So excited, only two more days until I start my 100 day program! I am so ready, I’m tempted to start now, but I promised my friend I would wait for her so we can do it together (I am in a different town right now). Monday couldn’t come any sooner!

          So as I said yesterday, I want to explain why I named this blog after Dillon Francis. First of all, if you don’t know who Dillon Francis is, you need to look that shit up. Anyways, one day during the peak of my anorexia I was at the gym watching MTVu on the tv. I was listening to my ipod, so I couldn’t hear sound from the television, just watching the music videos and such. All of a sudden, this music video came on that was different from any I had ever seen before. It had all of these trippy emojis animated and dancing around. I watched the whole video, with no sound, and saw at the end that the artist was “Dillon Francis ft. Simon Lord”. When I left the gym, I decided to listen to the song. I figured the video was so cool, I couldn’t imagine what kind of music was behind it. The song, “Messages”, blew my mind. I loved it so much. I’ve always enjoyed various EDM music but this just struck a different chord in my ears. It was so different and I loved it so much. I listened to it over and over. I realized that Dillon Francis was the DJ/producer, and Simon Lord was the singer. I decided to check out more of Dillon’s music and was hooked instantly.

            I began looking at Dillon’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His Instagram is filled with silly videos he makes about random things. He’s got these alter-ego characters Becky, Treva, DJ Hanzel, DJ Rich as Fuck, and Rave Dad who he does these short skirts with. Besides falling in love with his music, I was quickly drawn to his funny personality. As someone who struggles with depression and who is also a HUGE introvert, I am often very shy and embarassed to do anything silly in front of others. I always feel like I am being judged about everything, so I just keep to myself. Seeing how out of the box Dillon was and his zest for life and fun and his motto that I quickly adapted as my own, IDGAFOS, really inspired me to continue with my treatment of anorexia whenever I felt like giving up. He also inspired me to literally, stop giving a fuck or shit about what other people think as well as obsessing about fat and calories. In short, I am a huge fan of Dillon not just for his music but for his great vibes and kind personality.

             When I finished treatment during the summer, I decided to write Dillon a letter. I explained in my letter how much he has influenced my recovery and inspired me to change my life. I asked him in my letter if he could send me something back so when I get sad and feel like giving up, I can go to it for inspiration. I wrote the letter completely on a whim, figuring he would never get it or bother to read it (I assumed he probably got tons of fan mail but I forgot that everything is online these days and no one sends letters anymore). luckily, I was wrong. I got a call from his manager on my cell phone asking me for my email address because Dillon wanted to send me something.

               When his manger Zoe called me, my heart dropped. I felt like I was going to throw up, I could NOT believe he actually got my letter and wanted to respond to me! I figured, with all of his growing fame as a producer and being in the midst of his summer tour, there was no way he would have the time to respond even if he wanted to. I am SO glad I was wrong. What came in the email was a voice message that Dillon recorded for me. In it he says:

“Hey Jennifer, this is Dillon Francis. I am recording this message for two reasons; one, who the fuck sends fan mail in actual mail anymore cause that’s fuckin’ amazing, and I love you for that. Two, um, your letter was really touching and I want you to know that I’m super happy that you don’t give a fuck or shit anymore because that’s how you should always feel about everything. Don’t let anyone get you down ever, and just know that I love you and I hope that everything will be okay and it’s going to be an awesome roller coaster ride with ups and downs because that’s going to make you who you are. So, listen to this message everyday and feel empowered, and take on the world like it’s your fuckin’ oyster. Thank you for not giving a fuck or shit, I love you *****what sounds like blowing a kiss*****”

             I also received an IDGAFOS necklace in the mail. I cried the first 100 times I listened to this message. Maybe I’m just a pessimist, but honestly it seems to me that bad things always happen to me and good things never do. I still cannot believe that my favorite music artist, who means a lot more to me than just some good songs, who kept me going when I felt like giving up, responded to my letter and sent me a voice message. I listen to this message every day at every meal, to remind me that no matter how sad I may get or how fat I may think I am, it is important for me to keep eating and stay in recovery.

                 I went to see Dillon at the Mad Decent Block Part in Norfolk, VA on August 2nd. I was the only person in the crowd with a sign, which read “DILLON HELPS ME FIGHT ANOREXIA” on one side, and a quote about DJ Hanzel on the other. I was in the front row but all the way to the right side. I don’t think Dillon saw me, but either way, the set was amazing and I had a great night.

              So in short, (I tend to write a lot..always….whoops XD) Dillon has and continues to inspire me to keep going. His response to my letter was an amazing event for me, it taught me that dreams do come true and I just need to be myself and follow my heart. If I feel like doing something on a whim (like writing a letter), do it. Don’t think about what other people will think or anything like that. IDGAFOS is like my personal mantra, my YOLO. It is for this reason, that I have named my blog after him.

            I pre-ordered his debut album which is set to come out in October. I also sent him a thank you letter in the mail and a t-shirt that I designed for him to thank him for the message and necklace. The front of the shirt says “Dillon Francis” with the anorexia recovery symbol replacing the “O” in Dillon, and the back says “Anorexia Sucks, Tacos Rule” which is a play on words with his album title “Money sucks, friends rule” and a reference to his love of tacos. Will he respond to this letter? Will I ever get to meet him and hug him? I don’t know, but what I do know is he will always have a fan in me and that the inspiration he has given me is priceless and much appreciated.


1x09 unity day

long ago, when the Earth was one fire, 12 stations floated through space… all alone. Then one day, they realized that life would be better together. The other stations saw this and they wanted to be together too. When all the stations were joined… they called themselves the Ark

omg! 67 days down and only 66 more until the 100 season 2 :)