2 months raw

  • Seth Rollins: *Injures his knee slightly and is set to miss a few weeks of action*
  • WWE: Sign this hold harmless agreement so we can't be sued and you can compete at Wrestlemania
  • Braun Strowman: *Injures his arm and is going to need surgery and will miss 1 to 2 months of action
  • Acting Raw GM Dean Ambrose: Eh, you look good enough.
2 months and 19 days FULLY RAW!

I really stopped counting a long time ago! It’s not a time thing anymore, just my life :)
But I have to report! Got on the scale today out of curiosity aaaaand I weight 59kg!!!! Woop! Woooop! That’s was my weight before I got all my allergies and problems, in 2010. So for three whole years nothing helped, noting worked, only made it worse but being RAW VEGAN only for 2 months gave me my body back, my confidence and my happiness!!!
The hell, I’m size 4 US now! lol!

Love you all and thanks for the support that everyone has been giving me!
Heading to the organic market now :))))) If anyone is in Firenze, you should definitely go @ Piazza Santo Spirito. And if you see me, a blond that wears too much pink and asks a lot of questions, come say hi!

Hey everyone! 

elespermatozoidemesozoico asked us an interesting question: 

how long does it take us to make one episode?  

Well, from start to finish our production takes about a whole year to create one episode. However we are constantly working on several episodes at once. 

When we create an episode we first start with writing. Then we record our voice actors, then we give the audio files to the Storyboard Artists

After we have a storyboard and we put the drawings together into a small rough movie (by our Animatic Editors) we hand it over to our Designers, they create all the Backgrounds, Characters, Props and FX for the show. Simultaneously we have Timers who take the animatic and create a sheet of paper letting the Animators overseas know how to animate these characters. 

Then we send it off to animation overseas to ANIMA in Mexico, and Yeson in Korea, and while that is happening we move our designs that our designers make to our BG painters and Color Stylists. When the colors are done we also send that along to the animation studios overseas so they can then color the animation that they have done. 

After about 3 months of animation we receive the finished animation. Finally, we move over to post production, which takes around 2 months from the raw animations to the final episode that you see on Nickelodeon. 

Now you all know what we do here at Nick! 

Hope that answers your question!