2 months natural

Natalie from A Natural History of Dragons. She is a canon ace character, and I cannot recommend this series enough! It’s like feminist Indiana Jones in a Victorian type setting/social structure, and it brings up some good social issues. Also, dragons are fun.


Welcome, welcome back folks! With this post, my blog is finally ushered into the “modern age” (aka I’m finally posting a family I’ve played within the past few weeks instead of… eight months ago). 

This is the new house of the Thompson family. In an effort to get back into playing/posting since moving into my new apartment (which happened back in May lmao), I figured it’d be a good idea to start fresh and move them into a new house (well, new for them - this one’s been pre-built and landscaped and sitting in the hood for months). Not only that, but with Luna being a teen now (and Poe nearing teenagerdom… teenhood?), it seemed like a good idea to give them their own rooms instead of sharing the 3x3 spare bedroom in the duplex. :P 


bad quality because of no natural lighting (it was nearly midnight tbh) and i covered my face but that’s because i wanted to show off only my new haircut 🦂🦂 nothing original really about the haircut and sometimes i miss my old haircut but i needed a change 😊


dear someone watching from the shadows  { ♪♫♪ }

i am instituting a NEW SEGMENT in the patented McGavin Study Technique in which the participant adds a 3-4 minute DANCE BREAK, after the usual 10 squats/jumping jacks/crunches/pushups every 15 minutes (adjust to suit your needs), to account for the PIERCING JOY i feel knowing that there’s 2 weeks left of school 

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I always thought Beardo was ugly, so when he moved in from my girlfriend's town, I was beyond frustrated. But then my girlfriend died in a car accident 2 months ago. Naturally I was too devastated to play Animal Crossing for a while. When I booted it up again, I received a letter from Beardo that he had moved away. I cried for so damn long. It felt like one of the only pieces I had left of her slipped away from me. I never thought that creepy looking bear would mean so much to me.

Just a few photos of my lovely hair growth since the beginning of the year.

First pic- 7-8months natural
Second pic- 1 year natural
Third pic- 1 year, 2 months natural
Last pic- last week! 1 year 4 months

Sorry for the silly faces lol I hate taking pictures of myself…

I can’t believe my hair has finally started to hang. This hair journey has been more than growing my hair in its natural state for basically the first time ever… It’s a journey that has made me realize how beautiful I truly am being in the skin I’m in, and what God has given me.

I remember whenever my roots would raise after a While of not getting a perm in, I would burn my scalp to try to straighten my hair again. I’ve burnt off my hair so badly and my hair was so broken before I never thought it would flourish like it has 💕

Black is beautiful. And we all need to embrace it.