2 minute ab workout


April 10on10!

1. Woke up early and headed to the gym before work. Did about 30 minutes of rowing and a short ab workout.

2. My morning walk with Harper! I love mornings so much and how the light hits the trees. Everything is so beautiful when the sun starts to rise.

3. The morning was busy and I work in a heart failure clinic this month, so I really can’t take many pictures at work because of patient privacy, obviously. This was my lunch! Sweet potatoes, chickpeas, tomatoes, parsley, and a tahini sauce. So yummy!

4. A short bathroom break (and yes, I washed my hands)

5. Leaving work and the weather was GLORIOUS today!!! And I love this little polka dot dress my mom got me a few years ago. It’s been a work outfit staple of mine.

6. My car was looking a little dirty so I ran it through a quick car wash on the way home. I always love the crazy colored soaps.

7. I thought all afternoon about eating this when I got home. It’s so yummy! I’ve already eaten half the jar since yesterday 🙈

8. When I got home from work, it was such a nice day that we took Harper downtown for a nice stroll. The sun felt so good on my skin and this is one of my favorite shirts.

9. I decided last minute to run home from downtown just because I felt like it! It was marvelous.

10. Dinner and Westworld! Tonight is almond butter tofu rice noodle bowls- one of my favorite regular meals we make.

Happy Monday out there! I hope you all found a little magic in your day.

Hatha, Vinyasa & Power Yoga Videos




THE ADVENTURES OF KIMI X CAMMI : afternoon workouts!

Kimi and I began our #super30daychallenge 6 days ago. Our goals consist of getting back into cardio on a consistent basis and completing 30-50miles of running! 24 more days left!!!

Here’s a little ab-trainer workout shot by the infamous @fumfumko

Ab Workout:
🔶 Russian twist- with or without weight
🔷 Ankle touches
🔶Assisted sit ups (your partner can hold your feet while you do as many sit ups as possible in 2 minutes)
🔷 Plank to shoulder touch
🔶 Plank Up/downs

My current work out routine under the cut:

My current regime is as follows:

  • at least 20 minutes of cardio 5 times a week (done after weight training)
  • ab circuits twice a week
  • arm circuits 3 times a week
  • back circuits once a week
  • leg circuits once a week
  • yoga at least once a week
  • 2 cheat days, but at least 30 minutes of physical activity even if its just a walk or a few push ups/crunches 

It is optional but you can also do 5 minutes or cardio before a workout after stretching.

My circuits include bits and pieces from every video combined into one workout, so it creates some variety. I do not do every workout included in the circuit videos, just enough to break a sweat and feel accomplished. It is important to know your own limits.

please excuse the ridiculousness of some of these reference videos, and just focus on the techniques used in them



arm stretches

good warm up video / for beginners

deeper more intense arm workout 

intense shoulder workout


ab stretches

10 minute ab circuit pt 1

10 minute ab circuit pt 2

8 minute deep ab workout

intense ab workout 


leg stretches / also a good pre-workout warm up

general leg workout

bodyweight leg workout

thigh workout

intense leg workout


intense back workout

my preferred form of cardio is 20 minutes elliptical, but if you do not have the equipment please watch these videos

23 minute cardio workout

27 minute cardio & yoga cool down

37 minute cardio workout

I work at my own pace and I am comfortable with the amount I do, do not push yourself to follow this regime exactly, work at your own pace and remember this is just my personal routine I am not a trainer nor have I ever consulted with one. 

Be sure to always give yourself rest, do not push your body past it’s capacity and always take time to heal if you are sore to avoid injury.


I have made no changes to my current diet aside from cutting out some junk foods since I have not been at school. I also have cut out pop from my diet—doctor’s order, due to my kidney stone. I have been trying to control my portions, but due to my unusual schedule I live in snacks and one big meal a day. I drink about 3 full glasses of water a day, need to work on drinking more. It is important to eat lots of protein as well greens. 

I hope this helps some of you and be sure to do everything in moderation if you choose to follow my regime. Listen to your body and be sure to push it at a healthy rate. Best of luck!