2 min. exposure


A Min Yoongi/Suga Fanfiction

Summary:  Exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it’s been captured by a camera…So why can you only see rainbows when you look at him.

Part 1 Part 2

Part 2

‘Wait! Hold on!’ you call, lunging after him out of the doorway after being frozen in place by the realisation of who he was, and just managing to see him turn into one of the studios before the door closes.

You march after him, pushing open the door without pausing to knock and seeing him just as he sits down in the spinny chair at the desk, letting out a heavy sigh when he hears you come in behind him.

'Can I help you?’ he asks disinterestedly, already tapping away at various keys on the keyboard in front of him, and looking for all the world like he couldn’t care less if you were there.

'You cant just tell me you’re the Yoongi. And then leave like that, I mean-’

the Yoongi, huh? …I quite like the sound of that; The Yoongi…sounds like a cool type of dance move or something’ he muses, cutting you out of your frustration at the surprise of finding out who he was, and leaving you -for some reason- following his train of thought as you imagine this pretend dance move.

'I feel like it would be smooth and slow, but hard hitting all at once…like a tango move or something.’ you murmur after a few quiet moments, hurrying to shake yourself out of your trance before realising that he was chuckling beneath his breath as he faced away from you.

'What’s so funny?’ you ask, your voice quiet as you realise the room had been cast into a warm silence in tune with the light from the lamp in the corner, eyes pinned to the back of his head as you frown a little whilst waiting for him to respond.

'Oh, nothing. One of my friends just sent me a picture of a puppy with a ball in its mouth, but its wearing antlers and the ball is red and too big for the dogs mouth, so it looks a little bit like Rudolph.’ he explains, making you frown even more in confusion at the bizarre turn of the conversation, and yet you still find yourself creeping closer to him to take a look at the picture on the computer screen over his shoulder.

'That’s actually pretty cute.’ you murmur, feeling a smile pull at your lips as you inspect the picture, the dog looking like one that you’d had as a child.

’…so…did you want me for something?’ he asks after a moment, and you realise you were still staring at the picture and reminiscing about your childhood with your dog, the smell in the air around you even reminding you of the walks you’d take through the pine forest back home.

'I…uh…’ you take a step away from him as you realise you were stood quite close, your eyes drifting around the room as you try to remember what you’d been doing, before your gaze falls back on the dark brown eyes that sloped sleepily beneath light grey hair.

'You dyed your hair.’ you murmur off-handedly, feeling yourself blush as you realise that was a very random and personal comment to make, and quickly shifting your gaze away from him, missing the way his lips twitch at the edges at your observation.

'I get my hair dyed quite a lot…its part of the job.’ he says, and you only then realise how subtly deep and scratchy his voice was, the sound of him talking for some reason causing a little bit of anxiety to stir within you.

'Oh….and, uh…what…what do you do?’ you ask, a second later realising just how stupid your question was when you remember that there was only one main group to the company- minus the older male duo- and that he was a big part of it.

'Do you really want me to answer that?’ he asks when he sees how embarrassed you were after asking the question, his own question making you look up at him with your lips pursed nervously as you shake your head and see his subtle smirk.

'No…sorry, that was obvious.’

There’s a moment of quiet between you as you try to think of what to say next, having a strange need within yourself to keep talking to him, and eventually putting it down to the fact that you had no friends in Seoul and that you’d been quite lonely up until that moment. But when Yoongi lets out a short, awkward cough, you realise you’d overstayed your welcome and you slowly begin to retreat to the door.

'Well…i’m sorry for stopping you from working….I-uh..thanks for helping me find the book.’ you ramble, going to quickly turn and escape when your hand finds the door handle, but accidentally crashing into the door when you try to pull it open whilst turning too quickly, feeling the wood bang against your head and gritting your teeth in annoyance at your own awkwardness.

'Woah…are you-’

'I’m fine. Thanks again.’ you mutter quickly, not being able to meet his eyes as you quickly slip out of the door and shut it firmly behind you, leaning against the wall outside and letting out a long sigh as you try to stop your heart from crashing in your chest.

You don’t see the way Yoongi watches after you, or the way his mouth quirks up into a smile, which was the first genuine one that had appeared that week, after a hill slide of practises, composing, shows and interviews.

And you definitely don’t hear the words he murmurs to himself as he turns back to his computer with the smile still firmly in place, sighing happily before getting back to work.

'She’s cute.’