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Legend of the Blue Sea // Episode 6


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PART 2 - MIN YOONGI X Taehyung & Jimin

A/N: As is tradition with the new year one-shot, its never released at new year xD Enjoy smut galore!

Part 1

Belated Birthday Presents - A.K.A ‘You’ve got to wear the blindfold again, Baby…’

It had been a month since Yoongi’s ‘apology’ to you.

And despite the multiple times that the two of you had been intimate between then and now, you’d always had the lingering need to know just who it had been on that night. Of course, you’d asked him multiple times, but it had ended up getting to the point that he had got so frustrated at you that the two of you had had to take a 3 day break, which ultimately had been resolved by Yoongi after he’d decided he couldn’t function properly without you.

However, since that argument you’d vowed to yourself not to mention it again, not wanting to push Yoongi since he’d become so busy, and not really wanting to fight with him again after almost losing yourself to the sadness the last time.

…But you still thought about it from time to time…

Surprisingly, you hadn’t planned for your birthday to be one of those times.

Especially when Yoongi had started your day by sneaking into your apartment at around 5am, preparing breakfast for you and decorating your kitchen with balloons and masses of flowers, before slipping quietly into your bedroom and waking you by kissing your neck, beginning gently and lovingly, and gradually upping the tempo until his teeth were nipping at your skin, his hand having slid down your body to find its way between your legs, where luckily for him he was met with no resistance from underwear since you slept in just one of his shirts you’d stolen.

‘Aish, Yoongi!’ you gasp, eyes flinging open after you’d realised you weren’t just having a wet dream, and that, in fact, your boyfriend was actually there, rolling your clit against the tips of his nimble pianist’s fingers.

‘Happy Birthday, baby.’ He hums huskily in your ear, nipping and kissing the shell as his fingers easily and eagerly glide through the wetness he’d worked up between your legs, the sensation forcing you to writhe in need against his hand, whilst simultaneously becoming aware of his arousal that’s pressed into your side where he’s curled tightly against you.

‘Fuck, Yoongi…when the hell did you-‘

‘Shush, those are all menial details, baby…besides…you gave me that key remember?’ he chuckles in your ear, his mouth coming down to nip at your jugular, eliciting sparks in your stomach and electric races up your spine as his fluffy hair tickles your chin.

‘Jesus…I have the best ideas….’ You sigh,

‘Mmmm, don’t take the credit so quickly, baby…not till you receive the present I brought for you..’ he growls, making you bite your lip as you close your eyes, humming happily as you get lost in what his hands were doing to you, inhaling sharply whenever he drew you even remotely close to an orgasm, despite the fact that he’d quickly back off whenever he thought you were close to your edge.

‘Are you really going to tease me this early in the morning, Yoongi?’ you grumble when he edges you for the 4th time, your hand at this point being twisted in his shirt, the skin of your ear and neck slick with his spit where his mouth had been latched to you the whole time, apart from the moments that he’d pull away to blow cool air over the dampness, eliciting pants and keens from you in response.

‘Ooooh, baby…This is just me getting you ready…’ he purrs, and with that you moan half happily, and half in anxious anticipation, the tiny voice in your brain wondering if he would have actually gone there again….

‘…You’ve got to wear the blindfold again though, baby…’ 

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