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Toddler hell

True life: my toddler is an asshole.
Literally he is THE WORST. Cc is a spit fire, she’s got a short fuse, asks 2 million questions every 5 minutes, and says “what?” after any utterance or sound uttered by any person or dog in the house. All of those qualities are merely small annoyances compared to the asshole-ness that BB makes be the center of our day, every day.
Let me list the toddlerish things that he does that drives me crazy. (Also I’ll preface this list by saying I KNOW he’s only a toddler. I know. Most of these things are normal things. They are still annoying. I love him endlessly which is why I am annoyed by all of the things he does that suck)
1. He constantly screams. There is no middle ground. He is either silent or screaming. He has this rough, gravely, scream that is hard to describe. It’s very hoarse, (Stink has the same type of cry), it sounds almost like he’s always on the verge of losing his voice. It’s just his normal cry. But his normal cry sounds like he’s saying “holy fuck I’m actually dying someone is ripping out my vital organs” I imagine that if someone who didn’t know him heard him cry without me there to say, “that’s normal, he’s not really dying” they may take off and be calling 911 before they get to him.

2. He’s constantly climbing on everything. All the time. In and out of the play pen, up the backs of the couches, the ottoman, onto the table. There’s this white stand in our living room that we have made a “no touching” rule for. All the other children follow the rule. A few “no, don’t touch” and redirection toward something else and they’ve never thought twice. Bb? HA. It’s the first thing he goes for, every single day.

3. The child hates sleep. Hates is. He is up between 4:30 and 5 everyday. Then by 9 am he’s exhausted. But napping? HA. He’s currently been screaming and fussing in his crib for over an hour. I refuse to get him until he sleeps because he is MEAN. And for all of you “anti-cry-it- out” peeps, YEAH ME TOO EXCEPT FOR WITH THIS KID. If you go in to soothe him it sets him into a full on rage.

4. He is constantly breaking buttons/zippers off his clothes? Why? I don’t know.

That’s my list for now. I need to try to lay Stink down. I might be back to add to this.

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Americans aren’t globally aware.

While the death cultists at the NRA maintain their insistence that Americans continue to be cut down by their gun-manufacturer clients’ death penises, up in Canada they’re doing the same thing…if by the same thing you mean the opposite thing:
[W]orried about smuggled firearms from the United States, its government is preparing to stiffen its already tough gun laws and step up border surveillance.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised new regulations and a string of measures to counter gun smuggling, which is regarded here as a dangerous problem underscoring the United States’ much looser firearm laws. The move comes as police have discovered an increased number of high-powered handguns and semiautomatic and automatic weapons in Canadian cities.
Yet compared with the United States, the incidence of gun violence in Canada, which has a population of 35.2 million people, is almost minute. The latest figures, from 2014, show only 156 gun-related homicides in Canada compared with 10,945 in its more populous southern neighbor. … Nothing in the Canadian constitution even remotely implies a right to own a firearm.
Trudeau’s plan also calls for more security at the border, mainly to prevent Ted Cruz from returning and shooting his mouth off.