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being a cishet girl on tumblr is literally the most unwelcoming feeling in the world lmao

being a lgbt girl in society is literally the most unwelcoming feeling in the world lmao


12th Day, Month of Songs

I finally come to realize it ain’t enough just to have a tattoo. A tattoo is nothing but a pretty picture put in your skin. That’s all.

How many friends do the signs have?
  • Aries: too many
  • Taurus: 1. Exactly 1.
  • Gemini: like 10 maybe
  • Cancer: enough to form a cult
  • Leo: 4-5 good friends
  • Virgo: 3ish
  • Libra: 2 friends, a million hoes
  • Scorpio: a lot of fakes
  • Sagittarius: anywhere from 2-85
  • Capricorn: more than they think they do
  • Aquarius: 104, wow so popular
  • Pisces: more than average but most are online

I’m running out of bloods on Diily bc of all the leggos I’ve crafted dndjfk

Right from the start, this extraordinary singer/songwriter and performer born in 1989 has been elevating the place of music in our lives, breaking world records as a recording artist and bringing all types of people together in big and powerful ways as a touring sensation. She has won over 250 awards to date, I mean I don’t know how that's mathematically possible. She already holds five records in the Guinness Book of World Records. Word on the street is, she’s even in the pole vault in the up coming Olympics in Rio and she’s the favorite to win. taylor’s 1989 World Tour, her biggest and most attended tour yet, proved to be a defining moment in this young lady’s career and brought together over 2 million fans and friends. One just one single night in Sydney, Taylor brought together 76,000 fans, and event now beautifully documented in her concert film, and on the nose titled 1989 World Tour Live. Some people are out here to build walls, we ain’t namin’ no names, but as an artist… that was a political joke. [to crowd cheering] shut up you can’t even vote. I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Taylor chooses to knock down walls, and invite everyone to be on her #squad. Consider some of the very special guests who joined her on stage on the 1989 World Tour, she went from the Weeknd, to the Women’s US Soccer team in New Jersey. She got Mick Jagger to strut with her in Nashville. Lorde joined her in DC. Our mutual friends Little Big Town joined her in Pittsburgh. She even got Fetty Wap on stage, he didn’t have his 4-wheeler, but he was there in Seattle. How about that Pretty Woman Julia Roberts, co-starred with Taylor in Santa Clara. Finally we’ve got Kobe Bryant, Taylor’s BFF Selena, and even at the time, one very new, nervous dad, #poopydiapers, making the scene right here in Los Angeles. But make no mistake, the main attraction was the one and only, Taylor Swift.
—  Justin Timberlake introducing the Best Tour Award to Taylor Swift at the iHeart Radio Music Awards