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Professor Bucky Barnes x Student Female Reader

Summary: College!AU Where sex-on-legs Dr. Barnes is your History professor that makes it impossible to pay attention in class.  Perhaps it’s the danger of it all, but god help you - you can’t stay away. (COMPLETE)

 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12 || 13 || 14 || 15


StudentXProfessor relationship (No minors involved, Reader is a Grad student and completely legal at the age of 25), Fluff, Angst, EVENTUAL SMUTSlooow Burn, Sexual Tension, Bucky is a walking sex god, public smutiness!

Part 1: When it came to men, you always needed a little push, but Natasha always knew what to do.  And push she does!

Part 2: Sometimes friends help with one’s romantic dilemmas. Sometimes, they’re just assholes about it.

Part 3: Dr. Barnes should really know better than to show up in clothing that is sex incarnate.  Honestly, you can’t control yourself when he looks like that.  But really, who can?

Part 4: Natasha drags you to a bar to distract you from your infatuation with Dr. Barnes.  Though it doesn’t have the planned outcome, this is even better. NSFW

Part 5: Professor Barnes takes you home. NSFW

Part 6: After arguably the best night of your life, you wake up forced to face reality.  OR Dr. Barnes looks damn good when he’s asleep.

Part 7: Somehow you didn’t picture having to face Dr. Barnes would end up quite like this.  NSFW

Part 8: In which you just want to surprise your boyfriend but a very unexpected interruption has different ideas.  NSFW

Part 9: When you’ve got to keep your relationship a secret, the holidays can be a bit stressful.

Part 10: Awkward family dinners and Christmas day celebrations.  There’s nothing like the holidays.

Part 11: Your vacation with your family has been a blast, but everything has to come to an end some time.  Especially when Aunt Pepper finally introduces her boyfriend. NSFW

Part 12: Coming home is never easy.  Goodbyes are even harder.  OUT NOW

Part 13: You really needed to stop asking Nat for romantic advice.  Didn’t you learn your lesson the first time? 

Part 14: Bucky returns home while Y/N returns to the dating pool.  Neither is an easy transition. 

Part 15They say if you love someone, let them go.  Thankfully Natasha doesn’t believe in that lovedy-dovey shit, and she’s tired of seeing her friend hurting. OUT NOW

rockabye (4) - jackson

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pairing: jackson x reader
rating: mature
genre: angst, romance, smut
warnings: nudity? no nsfw action in this chapter.
word count: 1952
summary: life isn’t easy being a single parent, especially such a young one. but you do your best to make him happy and make sure his life is better than yours was, even if that means ‘exotic dancing’. he’s your entire world; the only man you’ll ever need. until you meet a certain idol who changes things almost as much as your son did.

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Behind These Hazel Eyes (Wanda Maximoff x Reader)

Hey Pretty Girl (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Baby It’s Cold Outside (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Thanksgiving Woes (Deadpool x Reader)

It’s Not Hammer Time (Thor x Child!Reader)

Loving You was Red (Natasha Romanoff x Reader)

Two Sexy Men Walk Into a Bar… (Tony Stark x Damon Salvatore crossover, no reader)

Boondock Saints

Who? Me? (Murphy MacManus x Reader)

At Least It’s Not Pink (Murphy MacManus X Reader)

Will Ye Go, Lassie? (Murphy MacManus x Reader series in-progress) Part 2 Part 3

The Walking Dead

Trouble (Daryl Dixon x Reader)

In This Moment (Negan x Reader)


Cat and Mouse (Sam Winchester x Reader) part 2 part 3 Final

Dancing with the Devil (Crowley x Reader)

Wake Up (Sam Winchester x Reader)

Worth It (Dean Winchester x Reader)

The Originals/The Vampire Diaries

Anywhere Else (Klaus Mikaelson x Reader)

Two Sexy Men Walk Into a Bar… (Damon Salvatore x Tony Stark crossover, no reader)

Hot Mess (Damon Salvatore x Reader)

True Blood

Home (Eric Northman x Reader)


Michael Gray x reader

Part 1 

Part 2 - 

A couple days had passed since the wedding and you had avoided going to the betting shop/offices entirely. Michael had come to Tommy’s house but you told Tommy you were unwell and that you couldn’t see him. Tommy had known you for years and knew fine something had happened but wanted to wait for you to tell him. But today was family meeting day about business with the Russians and Tommy fully expected you to come.

“You’re a part of this after your antics at my wedding left Russian blood on the floor of this house, I don’t know what your problem is but you will be coming to the meeting.” You sighed knowing there would be no point in arguing with him. You took your time getting dressed and ready to leave on purpose to prove some sort of a point. When you finally got in the car Tommy sped to Small Heath.

When you arrived everyone was already sat around the table and there was one seat left next to Michael. You stared at the chair and walked round the other side of the table leaning on the wall behind Arthur. This action didn’t go unnoticed as the whole family knew there was some sort of tension but you just confirmed it. Tommy silenced everyone and started talking through the business with the Russians. You knew he wasn’t telling the full story, but that’s just what Tommy does he hides things. You weren’t really paying attention just fiddling with a loose thread on your trousers. You could feel Michael staring at you, he had been trying to get your attention for days but you didn’t have it in him to talk. You hadn’t even realised Tommy had finished speaking until Arthur piped up.

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Charming… part 5

you can read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here & part 4 here

Tig was riding thru the city. Showing you places you had to visit or were you had to eat. Most of the time, he offered to take you there. After the city tour you stopped at a bar on the edge of the town.

Both of you were sitting at the bar waiting for your drinks.

“So how long are you staying?” Tig asks.

“Don’t know. Till I pay you guys back for the repair.”

“You have to stay longer. It’s a great town.”

You looked towards him and you just gave him a smile. The woman behind brings you the drinks and gives Tig a wink. Tig smile towards her.

A few hours past by and you were having a good time with Tig. Both of you were flirting with each other but not more than that. When the woman behind the bar but the last drink down she shoved a paper with her nummer towards Tig.

“I think I have to go. I will leave you two love birds to chat.” You said drinking the last shot.

“No wait.” Tig says grabbing your arm. “I will bring you home.”

“You don’t need…”

Before you could finish you sentence he responds “I want to.”

He drinks his shot and walks with you towards the door.

Outside the fresh air hits your face. It felt so good. Tig stands next to you and also takes in that moment.

“I actually want to walk.” You said to him with a smile.

“Hopp on the bike I will ride slow, so we can enjoy the night.”

He handles you the helmet. You put it on and sat at back of the bike. You steady yourself by hugging him from behind. You were tipsy and you really didn’t want to fall.

Tig didn’t say anything and just started the bike and rode away. You rested your head on his shoulder and looked thru the streets you passed. This was enjoyable. It just made you feel calm and peaceful. It made you feel free. You thought about Mike and Anna. You didn’t really want to go back. The story telling about Travis wasn’t something you wanted to go back to. You felt trapped and scared because of him. You just wanted to hold onto this feeling of freedom a little longer.

“Tig?” You said. He stopped his bike on the side of the street so he could hear you. You were still resting your face on his shoulder. “Can you take the long way back?”

“Yes of course.” He looks towards you making you take your head of his shoulder. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes, I just… I don’t want to go back at this moment. had a little fight so just want to stay away a little bit longer.”

He turns back and started riding again. You rested your head on his shoulder.

A few seconds later his phone started to ring. He stopped on the side of the road. You took your head of his shoulder. He took his phone of his pocket and looked towards it.

“I have to take this.” He says towards you. He steps away from his bike. You looked towards him, he was passing around talking on the phone.

He stops on his tracks and you see him look towards you. He says something back to the person on the phone and hangs up. He walks towards you again.

“I have to take you home. I have to do something.” He looks towards you. “I…”

“Tig it’s okay.” You said to him with a smile. You knew what he meant what he had to do something. The club needed him and the badge on his chest said pretty much enough to you.  

He nods at you and steps back on his bike.

Tig brought you back to the hotel.

“I had a good night.” TIg says

“Me too.”

“Maybe we can do this often.”

“Maybe we can.” You winked towards him. “Go on. YOu had something to do.”

He smiled at you and rides away.


Tig rode as fast as possible towards the TM. Clay called him a few minutes ago telling him that he needed him. Tig pulled up on the parking lot. He saw the bike of his brothers stand on one side and on the other side were 2 bikes were parked that he didn’t recognise. He parks his next to the one’s of his brothers and walks towards the clubhouse.

At the bar he saw Clay and Bobby talk to two men.

“TIg.” Clay said. “Come here.”

Tig walks towards them.

“Tig, this is Travis and Mark. They’re from the Bandidos in Texas.” Both men look towards Tig. “They’re want to buy guns from us.”

“Yes…” the man named Travis says. “We always have problems with your charters nearby so we thought let’s just visit the originals.”

“It was good thing that you did.” Clay says.

Tig was looking towards the men, something didn’t feel right to him.

History Has Its Eyes On You (Pt.2)

Summary: This time on “Let’s Just Screw Up History” Alexander Hamilton’s Life

TW: Alcohol, swearing


Part One

The tavern you walk into is nothing like the bars you’re used to. That’s to be expected, though.

“Does your husband know you’re out here?” a man calls as he walks passed you.

Apparently, every drinking establishment has the same men. You approach the bartender and ask for “whatever the hell you want to give me”, earning a strange look, but when you give him the money, he stops questioning you. You take a sip, realizing he just gave you water, and look around the room.

“Oh shit,” you mumble when you see the man you ran into earlier.

He’s laughing with a few of his friends. “This woman just appeared.”

“Are you sure about that, Hamilton?”

“Fuck,” you mutter. Of all the people you would have run into, it had to be Alexander fucking Hamilton.

“I promise!” he insists. “I was paying attention to where I was going!”

Another man, he was tall and spoke broken English with a French accent. “You don’t have a great track record, mon ami.”

“Yeah,” agrees another tall man in a beanie, “Laf’s right.” The Marquis de Lafayette? Do all revolutionaries gather in this tavern?

“Laurens-” John Laurens, you recognize. “Of course, let me guess, Thomas Jefferson is just going to prance in here singing, isn’t he?”

You grab your trunk to leave, but Alexander Hamilton sees you. “Ma’am, excuse me, but are you okay? I apologize for running into you.”

You smile. “I’m fine. I should have been paying attention to where I was going. I am incredibly sorry.” You figure a little flattery can’t hurt you, especially if it gets you a place to stay.

He takes your hand and presses a kiss to the back of it. “I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot. My name is Alexander Hamilton.”

You ignore the voice in the back of your head that tells you that you’re fucking everything up. “(Y/N) (L/N).”

Double Trouble

Setting this up to be a multi chapter thing.  Bear with the long backstory. It’s worth it. Please no hate mail, this is my first piece. Feedback is appreciated.

Some Language.  Smut. Fluff. SMUUUT. NSFW

3409 words.


You are a creative type, so you have no “real job” holding you down.  You do what you want, when you want.  You’re a musician, but not your typical starving artist type.  Money is no object – you are well off from a life insurance settlement from a husband that died.  You’re in no big hurry to marry again, you are a free spirit and pretty much do what and who you want. Like your favorite Pat Green song,  you are a threadbare gypsy soul.

The guys were in town because there was a house show, and they had RAW to tape.  You had a gig that night, and were not really expecting to see anybody other than the usual round of drunks that try to ply you with drinks in hopes that you’d be easy to take home. Little did they know, you were half Irish and can drink whiskey like a champ!


You know Sheamus and Cesaro from a year ago.  You were on the date from Hell, and Cesaro saved you from it.  It was a date a well-meaning friend had set up.  You weren’t really feeling it the first time you went out with Mark, but you are the Queen of second chances.   You give people more chances than they usually deserve.  Damn your big heart.  Mark was not a wrestling fan, but he got ringside seats for the two of you.  Clearly he wanted to impress you.  Him not being a fan, was kind of the final nail in the coffin in your book (He just made the list!)  You were explaining to him the storylines – who’s a heel, who hated who, etc.  He was bored, and wanted to go back to the hotel in the hopes of getting a piece of ass.  You were having the time of your life, and nowhere near ready to leave, Hell the title match of Lesnar V. Goldberg hadn’t even happened yet.  

You looked at him like he was crazy, and said that you would just catch up with him at the hotel later – you would get a cab back.  You turned back in time to see Kevin Owens finish entering the ring.  Dean Ambrose’s intro music cued up and out he comes! All of a sudden BAM! It goes dark, and you’re seeing red.  You’re seething mad, and in a lot of pain. A hard hit to the side of your face from out of nowhere happened. That motherfucker Mark just PUNCHED YOU in the face!  You fell hard into the big dude next to you.  He was a solid wall of muscle, like Braun Strowman.

Dean saw the whole thing happen, and broke character and jumped the wall and started beating the holy living shit out of Mark. The medics quickly took you to a room backstage to put ice on your eye, and check that shoulder.  No real damage done, they iced your face, gave you a BC Powder and a bottled water, and as a precaution, they taped up your shoulder with kinesio tape just like the kind Cesaro wears.  The medic had you lie down on the bench and rest a bit with the ice on your face.

After a while, you had had enough of this shit, you were bored, the night was screwed, and you were going to hit the bar before you went back to the hotel.  Thank GOD you weren’t sharing a hotel room with that douchebag. You put your Coco Chanel rhinestone dark glasses on to cover up the shiner you just KNOW you are getting, and you begin roaming the halls trying to find the entrance to the parking garage to get the HELL out of there. Only problem is you are a little directionally challenged, you were still a little bit woozy, and to make matters worse, you were a bit lost. You can’t find your ass with both hands in the dark, with a flashlight, AND GPS!

You weren’t seeing too clearly, your bruised eye was watering like a son of a bitch, and you plowed right into Cesaro! You hit with such force, and you were still a bit wobbly on your feet.  He caught your elbow to keep you from landing on your ass. Goosebumps popped up all over, and a pulsing throbbing started between your legs. “Oh my GOD! SHIT! I’m SO sorry!” You stammered.  He smiled radiantly, and you melted.  He was impeccably dressed in a dark Armani suit, and his trademark dark glasses.  He looked good, and smelled like Heaven.  He was wearing your favorite men’s scent, Bulgari. You melted a second time inwardly. “No worries darling. You must be lost to have gotten back here.” He said.  “No, actually I got hit in the face.” You said. He stopped smiling, and genuinely looked concerned. He gently removed your sunglasses to look at the faint bruising on your eye. “So YOU’RE the girl! I heard a beautiful lady got injured by her boyfriend tonight, and Dean stepped in. Dean was talking about it in the locker room. He’s lucky I wasn’t out there.” “He’s NOT my boyfriend!” I snapped. “No? Well then I have a chance.  Come to dinner with me.  I’d enjoy very much the company of a beautiful Lady.” The butterflies are doing flip flops in your stomach at this point.  You smile, and say “I’d love to” He holds his arm out to you, and you take it.

He walks you down the hall, and out to the parking garage, where the valet pulls up to you in a sleek black Porsche 911 Carrera.  Cesaro walks around and opens your door for you, and you sink into the plush leather seats. He takes you not too far away, to a quiet little Italian restaurant, and he pulls in, and tosses the keys to the valet. He walks around to your side and opens your door, holding his hand out to you, helping you out of the car. You blush, and again are filled with a hammering throbbing in your deepest parts. He places his hand in the small of your back possessively, a little too close to your ass, and guides you into the restaurant.  The table is in a dark corner, lit up by the light of many candles. The candlelight shines in your eyes, and reflects in your hair.

Once seated across from you, he reaches across, and gently removes your sunglasses. “I want to see you,” He says. He gently brushes the hair from your eyes, and traces his fingers down your face, under the guise of checking on your eye.  You were thinking of other places that those fingers could be! His eyes darken to pools of molten chocolate in the candlelight as he says to you in a husky whisper “Cosi’ bellou” So beautiful. You have no idea what he said, but you feel yourself getting wet with desire for him.

Over dinner, you talk about places he’s travelled to, places you’d like to go - things he’d like to show you – The Eiffel Tower, The Spanish Steps.  You tell him about your music, and he coaxes you to sing a little for him. He is noticeably impressed.  You discuss Art, literature, poetry, theater, opera and find out you have a lot of things in common.  You definitely agree on coffee after dinner, and you both agree Starbucks is the best! You enjoy a cup of coffee, and share a cannoli.  You got a bit of cream on your lip, and he reaches across and wipes at it with his finger, and sucks on it, never breaking eye contact with you.  

After the tab is paid, he walks you outside, and he slips his suit jacket around your shoulders because the night is brisk. Neither one of you are ready to return to the hotel just yet, so with it being a coastal town, you find yourselves walking hand in hand along the beach in the moonlight.  You couldn’t help but notice how perfectly your hand fits in his, and as if reading your mind, he squeezed your hand before bringing it to your lips for the softest of kisses.  His breath was warm across your knuckles, and he murmured in Italian “Attento, stai rubando il mio cuore.” Careful, you’re stealing my heart.  “What did you say?” You asked him.  “You’re beautiful.” He said, not REALLY telling you how he was feeling at that moment in time.

It was a little after midnight, and you walked with him in the surf where the water lapped the beach, you were laughing at his rolled-up suit pants, and ogling those perfect muscular calves.  You both laughed.  You loved the way his eyes crinkled up at the corners when he smiled.  God, he had a dazzling smile. “He is a God among men” You were thinking to yourself as you openly admired him.  You were so lost in his perfection, you failed to notice that you two had walked all the way out on a long fishing pier, and walked into an abandoned fishing shack to get shelter from the winds, and sea spray.  He put the big rough-hewn locking bar down, and turned to you and smiled warmly. The waves were relatively calm, but the wind had whipped up. There was a little porch with 2 chairs and a table outside at the back, and the view was incredible!  Inside the shack was a table with a coffeepot on it, and a bed, and some linens on the floor.

He closed the distance between you with a couple steps, and slipped his jacket off your shoulders, and draped it on the table.  He also set your purse on the table.   He reached out and took both your hands in his, and he looked into your (your eye color here) eyes and lightly brushed his lips across yours.  His hand moved up to caress your face, and soon found its way to being tangled in your hair.  His kisses became harder, more urgent and needful, his tongue exploring your mouth, sucking your tongue, biting and sucking on your lower lip.  Your lips were bruised from the kisses, and his beard scratched your face raw, but you didn’t care. You wanted him. You wanted this. You could feel his hardness straining against the zipper of his pants. When you took his lower lip in your mouth and sucked on it, he moaned, his brown eyes almost black with lust and desire for you.

In one swooping move, he scooped you up like you weighed nothing, and sat you on the edge of the bed. He knelt on the floor at your feet, and patiently undid your strappy sandals, and set them aside.  He placed a kiss upon each arch before kneading your calves with his strong hands. You arched your back and moaned. He worked your calves all the way up, his fingers probing and spreading your thighs.  You felt yourself getting wetter by the moment for him.  He went under your skirt and palmed your mound and squeezed, then grinned wolfishly up at you and smacked it twice with his palm before he pushed your black lace panties aside, and slid in a finger.  He worked in and out a couple of times before he pulled it out and sucked your sweetness off of it, then slid it back in, this time curling it in a beckoning manner, so he was hitting your sweet spot. He slid a second finger into your wetness, and teased you with a third – stretching your tight hole out.  His thumb flicked your clit mercilessly.  You were SO close to cumming, your walls clenched around his fingers and spasmed.  He pulled his fingers out, and again sucked your sweet cream off of them. He denied you your release.  He was like a cat toying with a mouse, it was much too soon for all that.  

You pouted your displeasure at being denied your release, and he laughed, a deep throaty sound.  He held both your hands over your head in one of his hands, and slid your slinky sundress off, and tossed it in the corner of the room. “Let me look at you” he said, as you tried being shy – mainly because by now your panties were soaked all the way through and sodden.  His hardness strained against the zipper of his pants, and it threatened to inch down of its own accord.  He said in French – the language of lovers – as he openly and lasciviously admired your soft curves “Vouse’ tes une vision de la beaute’, mon dieu, vous e’tes parfait!”  - You are a vision of beauty, My God you are perfect!

You were still clad in your black lace bra and panties, and had sat up, and stood up before him. You reached up, and slowly undid his tie, and let it hit the floor.  Your hands trembled as you unbuttoned his shirt, like it was the first time for you.  He kissed you passionately and whispered “Sweet Girl” against your lips – his shirt hit the floor.  You ran your hands across his broad chest, your face nuzzled in his chest hair, and you licked and sucked and teased his nipples and bit on them! He sharply inhaled. You kissed his injured shoulder, and followed the path of the kinesio tape in kisses.  You looked into his eyes and – he deftly unhooked your bra with one hand, and threw that across the room too.  His large warm hands cupped your heavy DD breasts, and his mouth returned the favor of what you did to his nipples. He took your nipple in his mouth – tongue teasing the bud until it puckered – and while sucking and nibbling, he pinched and rolled the other in his free hand.  

You kissed and licked all the way down his chest – you came back up and again teased his nipples and his hands tangled in your hair, and he bit your neck, marking you as his! You kissed down his “happy trail,” down to his navel, you swirled your tongue around, and he moaned low in his throat. You licked the hard lines of his “V” muscle – his obliques… you unbuttoned his pants, and pulled the zipper down the rest of the way with your teeth.  The zipper had started coming down on its own, after you unbuttoned his pants.  You never broke eye contact with him.   His bulge was sticking up past the waistband of his black briefs – the head, angry and purple was visible and shiny with pre-cum. You were on your knees before him, and slid his briefs off using your teeth!

Once free of its restriction, his dick, all long and hard and thick – and smooth bobbed and stuck straight out.  His balls were large and heavy and hung low – just begging to be sucked! You gasped at the size of him and said “You’re perfect. You would put Michelangelo’s David to shame!” He smiled and said “You would shame DiMilo’s Venus with your beauty, Mi amor.” And you again knelt before him, and licked the length of that beautiful monster cock, one hand cupping those heavy balls of his.  He let out a loud moan when you put one of his balls into my mouth.  You swished it around inside your mouth, then you switched to the other one; you were also stroking his thighs with your hands. He started breathing harder when you managed to put both his balls into your mouth at once.  You tenderly licked his balls while warming them up with your hot mouth. You used your tongue to move them all around; your lips were completely enveloping his entire sack, up to the root of his dick. Your hands began to stroke his dick.  Your hands kneaded his thighs; your fingers were inches from his balls. He let out a gasp when your red nails brushed up against his balls. “Oh God!” he said. Then came furious bobbing. Slow sucking. Gentle licking, swirling the head, probing the hole on top. You worked your way up to the sensitive underside of his cock, right under the head. you gave that area some licks, and then teased him a bit with some long slow licks up and down the shaft. When you knew he really needed some more direct stimulation, you finally put your lips around the whole head of his cock and started to gently suck him off. Fondling his balls with your hand, you slowly lowered your mouth over his entire organ, getting it deep inside your mouth.

You stopped sucking and teasing, and his dick popped free and bobbed, still sticking straight out.  He was breathing heavy, and moaned.. God he was close… you rose to your feet and walked around him, staring.  His ass was perfect and you couldn’t resist spanking it – HARD as you walked around him. His ring gear did not begin to do it justice.  He was truly a work of art – chiseled, hard, perfect.. yours.  His dick bobbed when you slapped his ass.

Without warning, and in one swift move, he tore your soaked panties off in his fist like he did his tear away suit in the ring. You gasped in surprise, and he scooped you up again, like you weighed nothing, and he placed you as gently as he could even in his state – rabid with arousal on the bed.  He nudged your thighs apart with his knee, and he hovered above you, teasing your clit with his hardness, teasing your opening, just putting in the tip. You arched your back to meet him, and he lost himself.. he slammed it home, and you moaned and screamed, and dragged your nails across his back, and you bit down on his shoulder. The biting and scratching made him thrust harder in a frenzy, he was speaking in French, pounding you, and you were both moaning.. your walls clenched around him, you wrapped your legs around him, holding him in you.  You came an entire ocean, and soaked him, he moaned, and you felt him shoot his hot seed deep in you.

You both lay there still connected for a moment, then he slid out.  You were too wet.  He reached down, and got you a dry towel to clean off, and he climbed behind you and nuzzled your neck, kissing your shoulders holding you tightly, arms wrapped around you, kissing you everywhere he could reach.  You both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, sun streamed through the window, Cesaro lay there looking at you, the light playing in your hair.  He had an angel. You stirred, and smiled sleepily. He handed you a cup of coffee, and you hugged each other tightly, and made love slowly.  Afterwards, you both got dressed – you sans panties of course. You both giggled as you walked out to the balcony and threw them in the sea!

He took you to Victoria’s Secret and bought you some more.  He also bought you a new sundress he couldn’t wait to see you in.  It was a stunning green that set off your hair nicely.  He also got you matching shoes and a purse! You went and had breakfast together in a quiet little French Bistro, lingering over coffee and bacon.  He asked “Can I see you again, my angel?”  “Of course,“ you said, and smiled.  God, he loved your smile.  And your numbers are in each other’s phones now, and he dropped you off at your hotel, but not before he gave you a deep kiss. “Come to the show tonight.  I will have tickets at will-call for you.” He said, and he drove off. He got back to the hotel he shared with Sheamus.

Sheamus glowered at him and said “Yer late fella. You were supposed to meet me at the gym today!”  Cesaro had a silly smile on his face, and said “Yeah… about that.  I met a Lady…” Sheamus sniffed the air loudly and said snidely “I couldn’t tell.” Cesaro punched his arm and said “Back off man! She’s coming to the show tonight and sitting in the Cesaro Section.  You be nice tonight.”

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You Have Some Explaining To Do

A soulmate fic where you have a counter that tells you when you’ll meet your soulmate, but for some reason your soulmate dies and comes back.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Cussing and pervy dudes. Plus this is really sucky and unedited cause I’m lazy

P.S. Send me requests
74 days 04 hours 45 minutes 06 seconds

The counter on your wrist read. You only had a little over two months until you would meet the one person who was meant for you. Your Soulmate.

As the days ticked by you couldn’t help but wonder what would happen when you finally met him. Would he even like you? You were meant for eachother so he had to like you, right?

You pushed these thoughts out of your head as you got ready for work. During the day you worked at a fancy restaurant and at night you pulled the late shift at the local bar.

“About time Y/N. I’m ready to get outta here,” your coworker mumbled while pushing past you. Time for another long night.

You were only halfway through you shift and already you were dead on your feet. “Another Jimmy?” you asked one of the regulars. Even though you already knew the answer. As you reached under the counter you heard a clink as your glass counter hit a drink glass.

You pulled your hand up to look at the trinket on your wrist, but you sucked in a breath at what you saw. The seconds weren’t ticking by. Time had literally frozen.

The numbers were stuck at 62 days 4 hours 05 minutes 03 seconds. Your counter had stopped.

You gently tapped it, hoping it would start ticking again, but it didn’t. This could only mean one thing. Your soulmate was dead.

Your hand flew up to cover your mouth as a sob racked your body. You couldn’t believe that the one person you’d waited your whole life to meet was dead. The sound of breaking glass could be heard as you stumbled backwards.

One of your coworkers ran up to you to see what had happened. You knew they were trying to talk to you, but you just couldn’t hear them. The only thing you could hear was your own sobs and the sound of your heartbeat.

A few hours later as you laid in bed and thought about what had happened you couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to your soulmate. A million probabilities ran through your head as tears sprang to your eyes once more.

You couldn’t help but feel that maybe you were overreacting. You’d never even met the guy and you were already bawling like a baby over him.

After some cleansing crying you came to the conclusion that you would have to move on, and hopefully you could.

4 months later and you had totally moved on, not. You’d done nothing but work. Going so far as to take on more shifts. You were doing everything in your power to not think about what had happened, and so far it had worked. Sleeping had become a thing of the past. Mainly because of how much you were working.

“Here ya go ma’am,” you said with a smile. The customer nodded at you in thanks before going back to her drink. You continued refilling drinks while occasionally glancing at your wrist. Your counter was covered by your long sleeve which was a good thing. It helped keep your mind off it.

As usual there was always creepy guys who hung out at the bar. This just so happened to be the day that they decided to screw with you. “Here ya go boys, enjoy your drinks,” you stated before starting to walk away.

Suddenly you were pulled back into one of the guys laps. You glared up at him while trying to stand up, but he wouldn’t let you. “I would enjoy it more if you stayed here.” This dude was obviously drunk.

“No thanks dude. Not interested,” you gave him a sickly sweet smile before trying to stand up again, and once again you were held in place. “You don’t get to say no,” the guy practically growled as he tightened his hold on you.

Enough was enough. Your palm flew straight up into the guy’s nose. “Shit!” he shouted while letting go of you. You stumbled out of his hold as he held his bleeding nose.

Crap. You’d gotten blood on your hand. You made your way to the sink in the back before pulling your sleeves up and washing your hands. As you were drying them you glanced down at your counter. The towel fell out of your hands when you saw it.

00days 03 hours 15 minutes 17 seconds

Not only had your counter started working again, but now the time had changed as well. How was this possible? People don’t just come back to life.

Your breathing accelerated as you walked back out into the bar. The creepy men were still sitting in the corner. Once they saw you, the one that you had given a bloody nose shouted, “You’re gonna regret that bitch!”

Over the course of the next 2 and a half hours they sat there glaring and drinking. You tried your best to ignore them and continued on with your job, and even though you managed to ignore them you couldn’t ignore the fact that you were supposed to meet your soulmate in just under an hour.

The creepy men left about 15 minutes before your shift ended and you sighed in relief. As you clocked out you saw that your counter said you only had 8 minutes left. You were practically shaking with anxiety. What if he was a murderer?!

You pushed your thoughts aside as you grabbed your coat and purse. As you left the bar and made your way towards your apartment you got distracted by the seconds ticking away on your counter.

Suddenly you were pulled into the side alley by the bar and thrown against a wall. “What the h-” you started to say but were cut off by a slap to the face. “Fucking bitch. I told you you’d regret being a prude,” the perv from the bar said. You rolled your eyes before quickly bringing your knee up into the guy’s balls. He grunted before bending over.

You then grabbed his face and brought it down to meet your knee. More blood started leaking from his nose as he fell to the ground, holding his balls. His two friends grabbed you and slammed you into the wall once more. You fought to escape their hold, but let’s face it, this fight wasn’t fair.

All of a sudden the two men were pulled off you and sent flying. You looked up to see the two men who had pulled the others off you. In just a few short seconds they had the two creeps on the ground.

Both of them turned to look at you. As they stared you slowly stood up. “Hey. Are you okay?” the taller one asked while the shorter one stared at you.

You chuckled before answering, “Ya. I’m good.” The tall one, who for some reason reminded you of a moose, kept questioning you while the one with green eyes kept staring.

“Okay dude. Do you have a problem or something?” you finally asked. He seemed to snap out of whatever thoughts he was having.

To your surprise he marched up to you and grabbed your wrist. The sandy haired man pulled your arm up and looked at your counter. With everything that had happened you had completely forgotten about meeting your soulmate.

He glanced up to your face before looking back at the tall man and giving him a nod. You suddenly realized that it was him. This man standing in front of you was your soulmate.

“You have some explaining to do,” you mumbled as you stared up at him.

Imagine - Luke Skywalker - NSFW

Could you please do something for Luke Skywalker? smut or not you decide Thank you. – there will be some nsfw material 

You and Luke grew up together while living on Tatoonie, the two of you grew very close to one another. Luke always looked after you as your guardian, your knight, and your comfort. The two of you watched each other grow up but most of your life was staying with Luke in his home, you rarely were home which Luke always asked you for the reason why “I’ll tell you some other time.” but that time never came.

The two of you grew into young adults but your bond remained as strong as the day the two of you met so young. On your way to meet Luke in his home you noticed his home was set ablaze and the smoke was rising into the sky. Running towards the scene you witnessed his Aunt and Uncle’s burning corpses laying in the sand. You dropped to your knees and was in utter shock, they were like your family. Luke came up on his transporter and ran towards you and his now deceased family. “Oh Luke, I am so sorry.” jumping up on your feet you brought him into an embrace, rubbing his back you tried your hardest to console him.

An older gentleman was walking towards the two of you along with C3P0 and R2, he was wearing a robe and had a white beard. “This is Ben, he saved us from the Sandpeople. Ben this is Y/N, my closest friend and now…my only family I have left.” you smiled and greeted Ben, resting your arm around his shoulders you brought him in close. Oh how you loved this man he has been there your entire life and now it was your turn for you to be there for him. Luke then informed you that Ben had given Luke the news of him being a Jedi and they were going to rescue the Princess that was recorded in a transmission on R2. “I’m leaving with Ben. I—” you cut him off, “Let me go with you! I can help.” Luke shook his head, “No, no. It’s far too dangerous.” you insisted and Luke gave in to your demands. Traveling into “town” you were stopped by a few Stormtroopers who began growing suspicious of you all. Then Ben demonstrated the Force, controlling the mind of the Stormtrooper, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…” Ben spoke, the trooper repeated. Walking into the Cantina, you needed a ship to take you to this important mission. Ben went to speak to someone about the matter that was needed attending to and Luke sat at the bar. Sitting next to him you scanned the crowd, analyzing everyone. 2 men walked up to Luke and were trying to start problems with him. Standing up you were ready to push them off, when one of them yanked Luke from his chair and shoved him on the floor and into a table. Ben pulled out a weapon from his side and took the 2 men down, “Whoa.” was all you could say, “This is a lightsaber.” Ben smiled slightly, turning it off he replaced it in his side.

A Wookie took you all over to a man that was sitting in the corner of the bar, “Han Solo, captain of The Millennium Falcon.” he paused, “Chewie here tells me that you’re looking for passage to Alderaan System.” Ben nodded his head, “Yes sir indeed, if it’s a fast ship.” Han seemed as if he was offended for a moment, “It’s the fastest ship in the galaxy.” he then went on and on about his ship. “What’s the cargo?” he asked Ben, “Only passengers, myself, the boy, the young woman, and 2 droids.” After some negotiating, Solo agreed to run the mission. Evading some attention from some Stormtroopers you made your way to docking bay 94. Solo was late to your meeting but you all were already on board of the Falcon, “What took you so long?” you asked and Han shook his head. “Oh nothing.” flipping some switches the ship took off into the air and towards Alderaan. You watched as Luke did some training with a saber as Ben mentored him. After a few hours of doing so, you went to where the sleeping quarters were located at. Laying down you stretched out and yawned. Looking up to the ship’s ceiling, you couldn’t believe this was happening. You finally got off Tatoonie after months of wanting to do so but never did it. Sitting up from the cot you slipped off your top, revealing a thin undershirt and as you did so Luke walked in. “Oh - oh I’m sorry Y/N..” he stuttered some and your face flashed red. Although Luke’s been around you plenty of times it wasn’t as young adults has he seen you like this. “No no it’s okay.” you grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the bed.

Smiling you placed a hand on his knee and looked into his eyes, “So how’s it feel to be a Jedi?” he smiled slightly and shrugged, “Oh I don’t know.. It’s a lot to take in.” laughing slightly you shook your head, “I thought you would say that.” an awkward silence was stagnate between the two of you, taking a deep breath you took Luke’s face and kissed him. He was shocked for a moment and pulled back but after he realized what was happening he kissed back. 

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You’re Fired (So Yeah You Win) - Ch 6

Pairings: Clexa
Rating: E  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Words: 10k+
Part: 6/?  

Summary: The one where Clarke draws Lexa’s name for the office Secret Santa, not knowing Lexa is the President of the company she works for. The gag gift she gets her is a bit… unconventional. A dildo. It’s a dildo.

Aka, the Secret Santa AU

[Ch. 1] [Ch. 2] [Ch. 3] [Ch. 4] [Ch. 5]

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Summary: Imagine hunting with Sam and Dean and Sam flirting with you at the library and Dean getting jealous.

Pairing: DeanxReader

Words: 1,489

A/N: This is a request from someone on the Supernatural Amino app. She asked me to write about Sam flirting with the reader and Dean getting jealous! Enjoy!

Tags: @boredoutofmymindwriting (If you would also like to be tagged in my future stories let me know!)


Dean was headed to the library in town to drop you and Sam off. You had met Sam and Dean at a bar about 2 years ago.

-2 years ago-

You were cleaning up your mess at the house you just made a huge mess in after killing a family of werewolves. You left the bodies there and staged it to look like the dad killed his entire family and then killed himself so kept the suspicions off of the supernatural. You had been in the hunting business for about 5 years since your family was murdered by vampires. You decided to go to Ellen’s Roadhouse which was in the next town over to have a couple of drinks. You heard it was a bar where hunters went to after a long day of hunting but you hadn’t been there yet. You walked over to a middle aged lady at the bar and she saw you walk over and smiled.

“Hey, I’m Ellen. 

You smiled and introduced yourself. “Y/N.”

“It’s nice to meet you Y/N. What can I get for you?” Ellen asked.

“Just a beer please.” Ellen nodded and walked towards the back and grabbed a cold beer and walked over and handed it to you. You went to pull out some cash and she put her hand up.

“First one is on the house.” Ellen stated smiling and you smiled too.

“Thanks.” Ellen watched you as you sipped your drinks. You heard the door open and Ellen had a big smile on her face.

“Sam! Dean! How have you boys been?” She asked as whoever it was came up to the bar and you looked over and saw 2 tall men set down.

“As well as we can be Ellen. How are you and Jo?” The taller one asked.

“I’m good. Jo’s on a hunt right now so I’m a little on edge. Thanks for asking Sam.” She smiled and turned to you. “This is Y/N.”

“Must be your first time here.” The other man you assumed was Dean.

“Yep. I’ve been hunting for about 5 years but I’ve never made it here. Thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.” You stated smiling.

“Great huh?” Dean asked and you nodded smiling.

“I’m Dean. And this is my brother Sammy.” Dean said introducing him and Sam who rolled his eyes.

“Dean, I’ve told you. You know Sammy is a chubby twelve-year-old.”

“Whatever. We’re the Winchesters.”

“Wait. You’re the Winchesters?” Your mouth widened in shock and Dean smiled and nodded. “Never heard of you.” You said smirking. Sam couldn’t help but laugh and Dean pouted.

“You mean you’ve never heard of us?” Dean asked and you shook your head. “Huh? Usually everyone’s heard of us.”

“I like to keep to myself. I don’t usually do things like this.” You said and Dean raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t drink?” Dean asked confused.

“Of course I do. But I don’t usually go to bars I usually stay at a motel and drink after a day of hunting.” You stated and he nodded. You spent the next couple of hours drinking and talking to Sam and Dean. You looked at the time on your phone and saw that it was 1 in the morning. “I probably should be getting back to my motel.” Before you could walk away Sam stopped you.

“We have a place not too far from here. Maybe you’d like to stay there in a real soft bed instead of those dinky hard beds in a motel?” Sam asked and you raised an eyebrow confused.

“You actually have your own place?” Dean nodded.

“Well it’s more of an heirloom. We’ll explain it later.” Sam stated. “So?” You thought about it for a minute and nodded and the boys both smiled. Sam drove you all to the bunker since he didn’t have as many drinks as you did. You ended up staying there that night, turning into many nights for two years.


You and Sam and Dean had decided to take a day to just relax because the last couple of days were rough. You and Sam had suggested going to the library but Dean didn’t want to so he just dropped the both of you off. You were into your book when you thought you saw someone staring at you. You peeked up from your book and Sam was staring at you. You mouthed “What?” and he shook his head and you giggle quietly before going back to your book. You were into your book when you heard a “Psst.” and you looked up and Sam moved his finger towards you. You moved closer to him and he whispered something into your ear which made you giggle. What you didn’t know was Dean had stayed behind at the library and he was watching everything Sam was doing. Dean started getting upset and he was about to walk over and break up the flirting when his phone buzzed and saw your name flash on his phone. He walked outside to answer the phone.

“Hey Dean, can you come and pick me up? I was going to get a book and left my card at the bunker.” You whispered in to the phone trying not to break any rules in the library while Dean got in the car to drive around the block and then come to the library.

“Sure. I’m just a few blocks away.” Dean lied. “I’ll be there in a minute.” Dean drove off a few blocks and then came back to the library. Dean drove you to the bunker not saying anything and went inside with you. He followed you to your room. You didn’t know he had followed you to your room and you jumped when you turned around and saw him in your doorway.

“Um…what are you doing?” You asked confused.

“What were you doing?”

“Just getting my library card?” You raised an eyebrow.

“No I meant at the library.” Dean stated angrily.

“Huh?” You asked totally confused.

“I saw you and Sam.” Dean spat.

“I’m really confused. You weren’t at the library.” You said putting a hand on your hip.

“I was. I saw Sam flirting with you. And you were flirting back.” Dean stated.

“And that’s a crime?”

“It is when it should be me flirting with you!” He yelled.

“What in the world are you yelling at me for? I didn’t do anything!” You yelled back. He didn’t say anything back he just pushed you against the doorway of your bedroom and kissed you. You were taken back at first but then when you realized what was happening you kissed back.

You pushed away and started to walk off and he pulled you back with his arm and pulled you over to the bed and you both started to make out until Dean’s phone started to ring. He groaned and pulled out his phone. He put the phone on speaker when he saw that it was Sam.

“Dean. Where are you guys? I’ve called Y/N like 5 times and she didn’t answer her phone.” You felt your pockets for your phone but then realized it was probably still out in the car.

“We are at the bunker. Y/N left her card here.” Dean stated.

“I know but you guys have been gone for over an hour it shouldn’t have taken you that long.” You looked up at your clock and saw that Sam was right and you smirked and held a hand over your mouth trying not to laugh and Dean smirked too.

“We’ll be there soon Sammy.” Dean stated before hanging up and you burst out laughing. He kissed you one more time before getting up off the bed and walking out to the Impala. Dean drove back to the library and you pulled up to Sam who was waiting outside.

“I’m gonna go in and grab the book I was going to get real quick.” You kissed him before getting out and walking inside the library and Sam looked shocked and then smirked.

“What?” Dean asked looking at Sam.

“Seems my plan worked.”

“What plan?” Dean asked confused.

“I saw you at the library Dean. I flirted with Y/N on purpose. Making sure to make you jealous so you would finally make a move.”

“I ought to kill you.” Sam just chuckled. “But I’m not going to since your my baby brother. It was silent in the car for a few seconds. “Thanks.”

“Anytime big bro.” Sam smirked and Dean rolled his eyes.

Dearest (Joker x reader) 9

Y/N’s curiosity got the better of her when she went exploring by herself in an old insane asylum. Little did she know of the murderous psychopath lurking in the shadows, obsessed and determined to break her and make her his.

Chapter 9

‘’So what’s the plan?’’ I could hear someone talking close to me, my head felt like brick and my ears were buzzing. ‘’I don’t know man, we’ll bring her to the boss. He’ll know what to do with her’’ What? The black turned a corner, making me bang my head on the car door. I groaned weakly at the sudden blow to the head. ‘’You didn’t put enough drugs in her, man. The bitch is waking up.’’ One of the men said. He sounded stressed. ‘’Don’t worry, I got it covered.’’ The other said. Huh? Then I felt the top of my head sting for about a second before everything went back to black.

The man in the front seat leaned back to his seat with a bat in his hands. The part that he’d hit me in the head with had a little bit of fresh blood on it. ‘’Problem solved.’’ He grinned with his worn down, brown fence-teeth. The van eventually pulled over and the two men carried me out of the van and into an abandoned warehouse. One of the men threw me into a cell and shut the bars, snickering to himself as he walked back into the shadows.

About 2 hours later, I managed to open my eyelids. I had no idea what had happened but I couldn’t help but start laughing. Jesus Christ, when was the last time I woke up normally. I looked around and saw prison bars surrounding me. Fuck. I started remembering everything that had happened. I remember being at Mister J’s club and dancing, and then everything after that is pretty blurry.

I could barely hear someone talking to each other, probably a couple of rooms away. ‘’So what now? We kill her or what?’’ one of the men from the van asked the back of a chair. Then the back of the chair spun around to reveal the face of a villain. ‘’No, no.’’ ‘’We ask her to tell us what we want to know. If she doesn’t comply, we do what we need to do to get the info out of her.’’ Their boss took a drag of his cigar and tapped his fingers on his mahogany desk. ‘’You sure she’s who we think she is?’’ The two men who took me looked at each other nervously before one of them looked back their boss. ‘’Yeah, we saw them. They came together and he had his eyes glued to that doll the entire night. When some guys made a move on her, he shot em dead. He wouldn’t do that for any bitch.’’ The boss nodded his head slowly and sniffed his nose. ‘’Do what you gotta do.’’ He said before turning his chair around again. The two men looked at each other and walked out of his office.

My feet were ice cold. The floor was stone, and ice cold. It felt like my veins had frozen into ice. I kept stomping my feet on the concrete floor to keep myself warm, but it didn’t do much good. Then I heard what sounded like an alarm go off and the doors slammed open. In came the two men in the car. ‘’Morning sweetheart. Sleep good?’’ the one with the yucky teeth asked and kicked the bars to my cell. ‘’Fuck off’’ I spat at them. ‘’Ho-ho-he-he listen to this one. You’ve got fire kid, I’ll give you that. Too bad, that won’t do you much good in here.’’

He pulled a little black key out of his pocket and dangled it between his fingers while looking at me. He put it in the locked and walked in. They were both armed and I was weak so I knew better than to try anything stupid. ‘’Now.’’ He said while brushing the hair from my face behind my ear. ‘’Why don’t you make this easy on yourself and tell us where the joker keeps his cash, huh sweets?’’ I glared at him and kneed him in the groin. He groaned in pain and grabbed his crotch. ‘’I don’t know nothing about no money. And if I did I sure as hell wouldn’t tell any of you scumbags.’’ I said.

The man sighed and pulled out a metal stick. ‘’I’m gonna play the nice guy for ya, and give you one last chance. Where is it.’’ He demanded as he toyed with the metal stick in his hand. I looked up at him with disgust and spit in his face. The man chuckled and looked back at his partner who took a step inside. ‘’Wrong choice sweetheart.’’ He said and raised the metal stick.

Meanwhile back at the club Mister J had just caught up on that I was missing. He had Frost pinned up against the wall. ‘’You let her go!?’’ he roared at his face. ‘’Boss, she was out of sight for a few seconds. Whoever took her, was waiting for her.’’ Mister J panted heavily but managed to calm himself. He needed to think of a plan. Grabbing a bottle of tequila, he poured himself a shot and sat down at the bar.

‘’So what do we do?’’ Frost asked, still standing with his back straight. It was essential that whenever Mister J lost control, Frost kept his intact. ‘’Bring the car around, we need to stop by the house and pick up a few things.’’ He growled and downed the liquid in his glass, shattering it to a million pieces when he smashed it against the bar-mirror.

The metal stick hit my stomach with a bang as I launched forward, wincing loudly and grabbing my stomach in pain. I’d never even been in a little fight before, let alone been tortured by crazy criminals. My body went into shock but I refused to lose my spirit. They weren’t going to break me. The man with the ugly teeth raised the stick again and I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain. And it came. Only this time it came on my knee as he shattered my knee-cap into little pieces.

I screamed a chillingly painful scream and rolled over on side. I was completely defenseless. I had no energy left in my body to even raise my fist, let alone throw a punch at him. And even if I did, he’d beat me down before I could look up at him. ‘’Bring me the knife.’’ He waved his fingers at the other one standing at the door. The other guy walked over and pulled a knife out of his pocket.

I started laughing and they looked down at me, puzzled. ‘’You’re so cool’’ I started laughing hysterically. The physic and mental shock was making me loopy. ‘’Bitch is just as crazy as that freaky clown’’ the one standing exclaimed. Dirty-teeth placed the knife on my forehead and looked me in the eyes. ‘’You deserve each other, toots’’ he said with a smile before he dragged the knife across my forehead. Blood was running down my face and getting into my mouth. I’d gone beyond the point of excruciating pain and my voice was so cracked, I couldn’t even groan in pain. I felt my body go limp and managed to look up at two men. ‘’You’re in soo much trouble’’ my hoarse voice cooed before I passed out from the pain.

Frost was gathering up machine guns, revolvers, knives, swords you fucking name it. Someone had taken Joker’s Mona Lisa from him and he was not pleased to say the least. Frost hadn’t seen him this bad for years. He’d been working for the joker a long time and could tell when he was about to go into his maniacal kill zone. At that point there would be no point in talking to him. Everything in his mind was focused on the kill. Mister J was walking around, back and forth, looking like he was trying to figure something out.

His brows were furrowed and kept rubbing his head, as if he was confused. Why did he care so much for that kid? Why did he so desperately want her back? What was it about that little minx that made his chest feel empty when she wasn’t by his side? One of the joker’s goons stormed in the door with satisfied look on his face. ‘’We found her, boss. I’m loading up the car.’’ He announced and turned on his heel. The Joker stopped in his tracks and grinned. He looked at Frost. ‘’We’re going for a drive.’’

A few hours later, I regained consciousness and started wincing in pain as I put my fingers to the cut on my forehead. Luckily it wasn’t too deep and it had stopped bleeding, but there was still dry blood all over my face. A whistle sound made me snap my head around to see one of the men sitting on a chair, watching me. ‘’You ready to talk now?’’ he said, tapping his boots on the concrete floor. To be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t have an answer to give them. I had no idea where Mister J kept his income, and I had no interest in all that stuff either. It just never came up in conversation. I knew he robbed banks and was loaded with cash but I hadn’t really given it that much thought.  

However, I wasn’t going to let these looney tunes know that. If they did, they’d probably kill me anyways. I took a sharp breath and raised my head. ‘’Fuck. You.’’ The man furiously got up and threw his chair to the wall. ‘’You’re a vexing little creature aren’t you.’’ He was breathing heavily and started pacing around my cell. ‘’What, you think that clown loves you? You got a pretty face sweets but you don’t know what you’re in for. You don’t know shit about the real world. That psychopathic clown is unable to feel anything. He thrives on misery and pain.’’ He raised his voice and picked up his pace. ‘’Where the hell did he find you anyways? You’re just a fucking kid!’’ he slammed his stupid metal stick on the bars, making me jump at the pitching sound.

I didn’t care about anything he had to say. I knew my puddin would come for me. ‘’Why don’t you come in here and say that?’’ I said with pleading eyes and winked at him. He was just about to burst in the door when we both heard gunshots firing. Eight or ten more men came running into the room where my cell was, loaded their guns and stood in position.

I quickly got up and walked over the prion bars, wrapping my pale fingers around them. Then it went quiet. Five seconds of absolute silence. The silence before the storm. I was breathing heavily and looked around.

That’s when I saw a familiar figure appearing from the shadows with a machine gun in his hands.

Before the men standing in front of my cell could react, he started firing at them. They all dropped to the floor before they had time to raise their guns. The man that had tortured me had shut his eyes, expecting himself to have taken shot to the heart too, but he hadn’t been hit yet.

The man in the spinning chair had now appeared from a back door and started walking towards Mister J with open arms. ‘’Joker! I was hoping you’d make an appearance,’’ he smiled. He was wearing a grey striped suit and blue suede shoes that echoed on the concrete as he walked.

He pointed his finger at him and pouted at him like a little boy. ‘’You STOLE my money.. and I assume you understand I can’t have any of that. The man with the metal stick had been covering me the entire time and didn’t move until his boss had slid into my cell and grabbed me by the throat.

Mister J was about to open his mouth. Then he saw me. The blood on my face and bruises on my body. His eyes went wide and he looked like he was going to explode. The man gripped my throat tighter and dug his fingertips into my trachea, which cut my air supply. ‘’Who touched her?’’ he growled and bawled his hand into a fist. Then he saw the metal stick in the hands of the guard standing outside of the cell.  

Mister J dramatically turned his head towards him and flipped a knife out of his vest. ‘’You knooow, I don’t particularly like it when civilized people such as yourself, touch what belongs to me.’’ He started. I couldn’t help but smile. Then he raised his hand and slit the guy’s throat, slowly enough for him to bleed to death. Slowly and painfully.

I was beginning to feel lightheaded and my face was turning blue. The spinning-chair man still had his fingers pressed to my throat. In one way it was a warning for the joker not to come any closer. But Mistah J didn’t care. Even if my life was on the line, he didn’t care. Because the joker didn’t live for anyone. Not even for himself. He jumped at the man and tackled him. This caused him to lose his grip on my throat and I fell to the floor, grabbing my throat and catching my breath.

Mister J and the boss were now in a full on fist fight. I felt relief when I saw Mister J throwing punches at the man’s face. Stupid amateur. I’d never seen him this angry. And neither had Frost who stood guard at one of the doors. He was throwing the guy around from wall to wall. Every muscle in his body tensed as he kicked him in the knees and slammed his head to the metal bars, cracking his skull. He had beat the guy to death a long time again but he didn’t stop beating him.

For a moment, I didn’t think he would stop until he had ripped every piece of him apart. I managed to get on my feet and looked at him. ‘’Puddin’’ I said. Then he stopped. He looked at me, eyes wild and chest rising and falling like a gorilla. His eyes softened when he looked into mine. Then he lifted his hands slightly and beckoned me over. ‘’Come on baby. Come on baby, come to daddy’’ My eyes filled with water as I ran towards him and wrapped my arms around him.

He kissed me forcefully and passionately and wrapped his hands around my body. ‘’Mmmm’’ he growled into the kiss. He purred in my ear as he picked me up and carried me out of the warehouse, Frost following in his heels.

He carefully placed me in the front seat of his Purple Lamborghini and got in the driver’s seat. Before we took off, he put some alcohol on a green cloth and cleaned the dry blood off my face. Then he added some more and rinsed the cut in my forehead. I held onto his arm as I felt it sting my face. Once he had finished, he started driving. ‘’We going home, puddin?’’ I murmured and looked at him with loving eyes. ‘’Not exactly.’’ He replied. I could see Frost furrow his brows in the rear view mirror. This was news to him. Weird. There wasn’t a plan, or a secret that Frost didn’t know. 30 minutes later, Mister J pulled over and stopped the car. I looked out the window and squinted my eyes at the building. On a huge sign with big block letters, it read; Ace chemicals.

Night and Day

5 Minute Drabble 

Summary: The reader works at a bar in New York City after recently moving across the country form her family. Leaving work late she is discovered and threatened. Soon saved by a mysterious man named Gabriel.  

You walked out of the back of the bar and into the alley way. It was dark and damp, but the sky was lit with the towering lights of skyscrapers. Your shift had just ended. Every fiber in you hated the god awful job you had. Drunk men hitting on you or first timers throwing up in the bathroom every night. It was 10 times more busy than any other bar considering you lived in the city that never sleeps , New York, The big Apple. whatever you wanted to call it. It was still full of danger and had no appealing features to you. Noisy, Busy and almost impossible to get a cab. You stopped walking down the alley to check your phone that had gone off.

It was a call from your mom. Probably to check up on how you were doing. It worried her a lot. The fact that it was your first move to such a big city and the truth was you weren’t doing so hot.

You ignored the call and placed the phone back in your pocket. Throwing your head back in frustration. You knew the whole move was a terrible idea, being so far from your family, and having a low salary. Your world was ready to start tumbling down around you. 

“Hey there baby! where do you think your going?” you heard a older voice call out along with a wolf whistle. You knew exactly who it was, Daryl and the rest of the obnoxious guys he hung out with. They were “regulars” at the bar, the most memorable, and unwanted. 

“My shift is over and I’m going home, you should do the same Daryl.” you said without hesitating. You had quickly grown tired of these men within the past 2 months. 

Daryl pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and let out smoke “Your not going anywhere.” He said pointing his lit cigarette at you. Daryl started to smile as he walked toward you but it wasn’t a pure smile with joy. It was filled with evil and had you trembling with fear. 

“Now.. Princess..” he began. He was an inch away. You could smell the thousands of beers he had drank as he spoke. Struggling to pull away. He grabbed your chin in a tight in a lock, forcing you to face him as he towered over you like a giant. “what are you gonna do?.. run?” He asked sarcastically. There was a sound almost like wind, or birds flying in the sky. This sound had startled you, causing you to kick Daryl in the crotch. Sending him straight to the cold,hard and , dirty pavement of the ally. 

“The B*tch kicked me!” he repeated struggling to stand, but he had no backup anymore. The men he had entered the alley with were now gone and replaced with a single man. He had long dirty blonde hair and eyes that reminded you of whiskey. For a split second you could have sworn you saw wings behind him, but you felt crazy for even thinking it. 

The man had approached Daryl, who had finally made his way to his feet limping as he stood.

“what the h-”  

“Don’t you call her a b*tch.” The man cut Daryl off and, threw a punch so hard it knocked him out cold. Trying to clam yourself to took a step back as the man approached you. 

“dont worry im not gonna hurt you.” He said reaching his hand out to you.He began to approach you slower, aware that he may have scared you. You grabbed his. still nervous but you felt like you could trust him. His hands were warm and soft. You slowly looked back up into his eyes, which you could get lost in forever, almost forgetting what you were about to say you snapped yourself back to reality. 

“who are you?”

“Gabriel, They call me Gabriel.” He said with a smile.

Lafayette x Reader

This Is Actually Chapter 1 Of A Story I’m Writing On Wattpad. Hope You Enjoy! 

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“Welcome to the great New York City.” The carriage driver says.

“Thank you for the ride.” My brother James says grabbing some bags. I get out of the carriage after him and we set our things down to say our goodbyes.

“Your gonna be okay right?” I ask him.

“Of course.”

James had been joining the revolution as I am too. He was going to a different place I was. I give him a hug as I grab my bags and walk towards where I need to be. About a block later I arrive and see big groups of guys hanging around the

“May I help you?” I look to see a guy with freckles on his face.

“Um yeah. I just got here and I’m not sure where to go.” I tell him.

“I’m John Laurens.” He puts his hand out and I shake it.

“Y/N. It’s nice to meet you.”

Laurens smiles and walks to a list posted on the wall. He traces his finger over what looks like my name.

“Your in the same barracks as me.” John grabs my bags and leads me down a corridor.

We reach a door and inside there are 4 beds.

“These 2 are mine and Mulligans. And that one is Lafayette’s.” He says point out who’s is who’s. He puts my stuff down by the bed that wasn’t claimed by anyone.

“Thank you.” I say.

“You’re welcome. Would you like to come and meet the guys? They should still hopefully be at the bar.” Laurens asks.


Once again we walk back down the corridor to the big open area crowded with guys. The bar is in the corner of the room so Laurens drags me through the crowd. Arriving at the bar I spot particularly two men who are laughing so loud the whole room can hear it. Laurens goes over to them and they are still laughing. Seeing as some bottles of liquor near them are empty it seems as they’re drunk. John then motions for me to come over.

“Hey guys! This girl is gonna be rooming with us!” He says to who I think to be Mulligan and Lafayette. “This is Lafayette and Mulligan.”

Laurens points to each of them and they smile at me.

“What’s a woman like you wanting to join the revolution for?” Mulligan asks.

“I have my reasons.” I say grabbing a drink.

“I am particularly happy this beautiful lady is here with us.” Lafayette says with a thick French accent.

He pauses and stares at me as I stare back.

“Come on lets get some more drinks over here!!” John yells towards the bar tender.

More rounds of drinks come and are soon gone. Laurens and Mulligan finally left back to the barracks way beyond tipsy. Let’s just say that all of us were beyond tipsy. I could barely even think straight.

“Mon amie. We should get going soon it’s late.” Lafayette says putting down his final drink.

I just stare into space while slowing drifting away.

“Your tired. Let’s go.” He grabs my arm and puts it around him. Suddenly he picks me up. Stubbling at first he finally gets balanced enough. I yawn against his chest as he takes me away to the barracks. He opens the door and then lays me on my bed. It was now raining outside and the thunder kept getting louder. Hail soon came in on the windows making it sound like a million rocks hitting them.

“Lafayette?” I say.

I hear some one move, “Oui?”

“The rain is really loud. Kinda scary.” I laugh a little.

“Would you like to come sleep with me?”


I get up and walk over to his bed. He scoots over leaving room for me. I lay down and he moves closer again now wrapping his arms around me. Usually I would never let this happen with a guy I met less than 24 hours ago but something just feels right.

“Bonne Nuit.”

Demon Goo

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Dean x Reader

A/N: I hope this is cute and fluffy enough for you :)

Summary: A witch killed a demon, you fell in the nasty ass black goo left behind, it ruined your hair and now Dean has to cut it.

Warning: Fluff

Chasing witches all around town is one thing, chasing a witch who has a habit of leaving a trail of dead demons is even worse because guess who gets stuck cleaning up the mess, that’s right you. Sam and Dean get to do the fun part; you get to be the one woman clean up “crew”.

Tonight was no different. Sam and Dean has been tracking a coven of witches for weeks now and they finally pin pointed their location, somewhere in nowhere Colorado. They caught most of them and sent them to Crowley figuring he might have a better idea with what to do with them, seeing as ya’ll aren’t in the business of killing humans and these witches weren’t born with power, nor were they using demons, they were just some stupid teenage girls who got into the wrong kind of magic.

The one the boys can’t seem to find is Zelda. She’s who the other witches call “Mother”. The boys and you assume she’s the one responsible for this coven. The problem is Zelda has a tendency to leave bodies where ever she goes. Usually demons and it’s usually messy.

As you and the boys enter the pub you step into what appears to be black tar, to the normal eye, but the guys and you know better. The black sticky, stinky, goo is that of a demon. That’s what happens when a witch kills a demon, they turn into some nasty ass black goo.

“Great” you exclaim, throwing your arms in the arm, smacking your thighs as they fall back down.

“Aw sorry princess looks like you’re going to need a new pair of shoes.” Dean laughed, Sam joining in when he turns and realizes what’s going on.

“These are brand new shoes Dean!” you shout “It’s not funny!”

“It kind of is Y/N” Sam added.

“Whatever, you guys go.” You pointed to the exit “I’ll stay back and clean this up before someone sees it” you look down at the mess the witch left you and then back at Sam and Dean, who were still standing there. “Why are you still here?” you asked “GO!” you yelled.

Dean bit his lip and looked down at the black mess on the floor and then back at you. This was the part he hated, leaving you alone. What if the witch came back? What if demons show up looking to punish someone for what happened? What ifs, were always at the front of Dean’s mind whenever he had to leave you alone.

“Okay but take this” Dean hands you the demon blade “Stab first, ask questions later” he suggested.

“No you might need this” you go to hand the blade back to Dean but he put his hands up refusing to take it back.

“Sam and I can handle ourselves, please just take it” Dean pleaded “I can’t be worrying about you when I need to be focused on the job” he simply put.

Sam looked like he was about to explode, he knew the more time you both took arguing over who needs the blade more, the more time Zelda has to get away. “Okay guys this is cute the whole worrying about each other thing but we really need to go Dean” Sam signals toward the door “Y/N will be fine, she always is” Sam reassured Dean.

With that Sam and Dean were out the door and into the Impala. You heard the loud roar of the engine before it slowly disappeared down the road.

You looked back down at the mess you need to clean. No one really knows this but it’s really hard to get demon goo or maybe its blood, you’ve always called it goo, out of carpet. The shit seems to clump together and become hard after a certain amount of time so the sooner you start cleaning the better.

As you lean down to clean the black slop off the ugly 70’s shag carpet you step on your shoelace and fell face first into the sticky mess. Luckily you caught yourself on your hands and you actually face didn’t fall into it, unfortunately your hair slipped passed your shoulders and fell directly into the tar like goo, all the way up to just below your shoulders.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” you yell out to the empty pub, seemingly talking to yourself.

As you were about to walk into the bathroom you heard voices coming from outside the door, it wasn’t Sam and Dean but it was 2 men. You quickly grab your bag off the ground next to you and hide behind the mirror covered bar. You cover your mouth with your hand, trying to control your own breathing. Sweat started beading at your forehead and you suddenly remember when you just do the cleaning and the boys do all the hunting.

The 2 men walk in, eyes going completely black when they see one of their own dead. They share an intense look at each other and one signal to the other to look behind the bar, where you are, and he turns to look under the tables. You slowly move around the bar as the demon approaches, trying to avoid him as long as possible.

You pull the blade out, in hand; ready to strike at anyone who comes close. You close your eyes, crouched down, you leaning against the bar and hum, quietly, Metallica. You learned that from Dean, who always hummed it when he needed to calm down. Honestly it wasn’t the humming that calmed you but instead it was the memories of Dean doing it that calmed you.

Out of nowhere a hand grabs your shoulder and you instinctively swing hoping you’d hit your target.

“Hey, hey, hey” You hear Dean’s voice “Watch where you’re swinging that thing Y/N”

You reach out and hug Dean, grateful it’s him and not some demon “Thank god it’s you” you mumble into Dean’s chest as you pull him in closer to you “There were demons here and I thought I was-“ Dean cut you off “It’s okay Y/N, I’m here” he went to go smooth your hair when he felt the black goo “How did you get demon stuff in your hair?” Dean asked.

“I feel and then the other demons came and I had to hide and now my hair is ruin” you cry out.


Back at the bunker you took 2 showers and washed your hair 4 times and the thick black globs still didn’t seem to disappear. You look in the shower, hair black from your shoulders to just above your waist. Tears started forming in your eyes and rolling down your rose toned cheeks.

“You okay?” you hear Dean’s voice from the door of the bathroom. You look at his reflection in the mirror as he walks toward you and puts his hands on your shoulders, massaging them gently.

“I think you’d look cute with short hair” he smiled at you trying to lighten the mood.

“Dean you know my hair is who I am. It defines me.” You explain.

“Y/N it’s only hair, it doesn’t make you, you.” He reassures you “You’ll still be the smart, sweet, funny, cute” he tickles your neck a little when he say’s ‘cute’ making you giggle “and amazing girl you’ve always been, just with shorter hair.” He smiles at your reflection.

You’ve never heard Dean describe you that way. It sounded so genuine and you were surprised how comfortable you’ve become with him over the years. You looked at yourself for a few more moments in the mirror, wondering how much of a different person you’d be without your hair.

“Okay but” you pick up the scissors and hand them to Dean “you have to do it, I can’t go to a salon they’ll want to know what this crap in my hair is and I can’t do it myself.” You explain to Dean.

He nods in agreement and grabs the scissors from your hand. He puts them up to your hair and looks at your reaction in the mirror. Your eyes are closed tight and your chest was pushed out, full of the deep breath you took and were now holding in.

“Sweetheart you need to breath it’ll be fine” Dean’s smooth voice seemed to help unravel your nerves and you let out a long overdue breath and as soon as you need you felt the light pull of the scissors on your hair and the cold blade on the back of your neck.

You open your eyes and see your hair, covered in black goo, spread across your feet, covering the ground below you like confetti. Your head felt lighter and you back felt cold. Your eyes begin to water but Dean notices and turns you around and pulls you into a hug.

“Hey it’s going to be okay, it’ll grow back. Please don’t cry” he pleaded as he held you tighter.

You took a deep breath in through your nose and looked up at Dean from his chest “I’m okay” you assured him and pulled away from him “Really I’m fine” you smile at him.

He smiles back at you “Good now let’s get you to a real hairstylist so they can fix what I just did” he laughed.

You turn around to look back in the mirror and back at Dean “you didn’t do too bad” you played with your hair a little “but you’re right someone should fix this” you chuckled.

Dean put his arm around you and pulled you into his side as you both walked out of the bathroom together “I think you look amazing” he whispered in your ear as he lead you to the garage.


‘  You sipped your drink while waiting for your boyfriend, Cas in a bar.

 Idiot 1: Hey hot stuff, can I get you a drink?

 You turned to see two muscular, tall men. You glanced at the door and saw Castiel walk in.

 Y/N: Sorry guys, but my ride is here.

 You placed a 15 dollar bill on the counter and grabbed your jacket, bidding the bartender a good night. Suddenly the second guy grabbed your arm.

 Idiot 2: Come on sugar, the night just started.

 Castiel: Is there a problem.

 Idiot 1: This is him? Oh you can do so much better. Maybe someone like me. Someone who can protect you. Look at him. He’s so weak.

 Castiel: I’m an angel, you ass.

 Idiot 2: He’s a nutter too.

 Within a blink Castiel’s fist collided with the jaw of the second guy, making him lose his grip on you. The first guy backed away as his friend knocked out on the ground.

 Y/N: Let’s go. There is nothing for us here.     ‘

Carefree Moments

Drabble request from @asfaraslifegets for

3. “Wait, don’t go! What’s your name?”
26. “Oh, it’s on sweetheart.”
38. “How long have you been sitting/standing there?”

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Dean X Reader

A/N: I love writing Dean! Especially fluffy Dean :) With love, Kat

Words: 1327 (lol what are word limits even)

You can still remember the first time you met Dean Winchester.

—2 Years Ago—

You were sitting on the most uncomfortable bar stool you’d ever sat on, nursing the whiskey in your hand and listening to the Black Sabbath song coming over the speakers. You were in a pair of black ripped jeans, an old AC/DC shirt that was faded and a black, grey, and red flannel with combat boots and your hair in a messy bun. You heard the door to the bar open and turned your head slightly so you could see who was walking in. Two men, and good god were they beautiful. Hunters, for sure. You could see by the way they surveyed the bar. The shorter of the two came up to your side,
“This seat taken?” he asked, a smirk on his face.
“Not yet, why don’t you take it, sweetheart?” you smiled up at him, letting the alcohol make you more friendly. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t want to take this man home tonight.

The two of you talked for hours, well, you let him do most of the talking. You found out his name was Dean, and the other man was his brother Sam. The immediate attraction to Dean was clear, he was strong, gruff, and he looked into your eyes when you talked as if nothing else in the world mattered.

“So, you’re a hunter?” you said, sipping your whiskey.
“Wha- uhh, yeah. Deer hunting is pretty common out here” he said, avoiding eye contact and rubbing the back of his neck.
“Dean” you said, shifting to face him, “I’m a hunter too.”
You chuckled as you pulled up the hem of your shirt to reveal a silver knife in a sheath attached to your belt loop. His eyes lingered on the small patch of skin that showed when you lifted your shirt.
“So Dean, you wanna get out of here?” you asked, making your intentions clear by the hand that landed on his thigh.
“Well, listen here’s the thing. I don’t want to move that fast with you, I know that seems crazy because you’re gorgeous and asking me to go back to your place, but I really feel a connection with yo-“ and before he could finish you cut him off.
“Dean, I’ve heard about enough. I was just trying to have a good time.”
You patted him on the shoulder, downed the rest of your whiskey and turned to leave the bar when you heard him say,
Wait, don’t go! What’s your name?
You laughed to yourself, realizing you never told him your name.
“Y/N. My name is Y/N” you said, writing your number on a napkin and handing it to the handsome green-eyed hunter as you left him slack-jawed on your way out of the bar.

—Present Day—

You had been living with the Winchesters for over a year now and Dean was as flirty as ever. You knew it was just his personality so you brushed it off and didn’t let it get to you. Even though you’d be lying if you said you didn’t wish a drunken night would lead to you and Dean finally sleeping together.

You padded into the kitchen and saw Dean making his coffee, so you went over to make some hot chocolate. Grabbing the whipped cream out of the fridge, an idea sprang into your head.
“Hey Dean” you said, trying to get him to turn around.
“Yeah, Y/N?” he asked as he turned to face you.
When he turned around, you sprayed whipped cream on his nose and burst out into laughter. Dean stood there in shock for a few seconds before the most devilish smirk you’d ever seen stretched across his face.
Oh, it’s on sweetheart” he said, grabbing the spray hose next to the sink and spraying you down until you were soaked.
“Dean!” you laughed, shaking your hands to rid them of water. The second he put the nozzle down you reached for it, spraying him with water so he was soaking too. You couldn’t help but appreciate the way his wet shirt clung to his muscular chest and abs.

Dean then grabbed the cocoa powder you were going to use to make your hot chocolate and poured half the container out over you, covering you in it and it stuck to you because you were still soaking wet.
“Dean, you jerk!” you yelled, tackling him to the ground and pouring cocoa powder onto him. You two were a wet, chocolatey, powdery mess and you didn’t really care one bit. These times were rare with Dean, and you loved them because he showed his true colors and let loose every once and a while with you. The two of you were laughing and wrestling all over the kitchen floor, each of you smearing chocolate all over the other.

You both stopped laughing when Dean was on top of you, looking into your eyes. His expression was different, more serious. You were underneath him and he was propped on one elbow, hovering over you.
“Dean” you breathed out, looking into his emerald eyes and seeing his pupils blown with some emotion you hadn’t faced with Dean before.
“Y/N” he practically whispered, glancing down at your lips for a moment before slowly leaning in. Was Dean freakin’ Winchester going to kiss you? You had dreamed of this moment many times before, but never thought it would happen in such a light-hearted, euphoric moment between the two of you. Little did you know, that’s when Dean loved you the most, when you were giggling and carefree. When his lips were mere centimeters from yours, he said something in the most sincere voice you’d ever heard him speak in.
“I love you, Y/N.”
“I love you too, Dean” you smiled, and you did love him. He was your everything, your anchor, your best friend. Your pleasant thoughts were interrupted by him speaking again.
“No, I don’t think you get it. I’m in love with you” he said, tucking a cocoa-coated strand of hair behind your ear.
“Dean, I…”
“it’s okay. I know you probably don’t feel the same” he said, moving to get off of you.
“No, wait” you said, pulling him by his shirt so he could return to his position hovering over you, “I’m in love with you too Dean.”

As Dean leaned in to finally kiss you, you were interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat.
“Hey guys” Sam said, a wide grin across his face while leaning against the doorframe.
“Oh, uh, hey Sam” you said, a blush rising quickly on your cheeks.
How long have you been standing there?” Dean asked, clearing his throat and moving to stand up, extending a hand for you to stand with him. Dean positioned himself oddly behind you, as if he was hiding from Sam.
“Long enough to know that the reason you’re hiding behind Y/N is because you have a hard-on” Sam said, laughing. Your eyes went wide and your face turned crimson as you whipped around to see the very obvious tent in Dean’s sweatpants.
“Oh my god, why do you have a boner?” you asked, half shocked, half smug. You knew it was at least partly because of you.
“I-I, uhh.. You’re all wet and your shirt is sticking to your boobs and then we were wrestling and when I was over top of you, every shift you’d make with your hips was basically rubbing right against me” Dean said, shuffling his feet and looking at the floor.
“Well, I’m gonna go get cleaned up” you said, smiling and leaving the kitchen.

You popped your head back in and looked at the boys,
“Dean, are you just gonna stand there or are you going to join me in the shower?” you winked.
“Oh, hell yeah!” Dean said, smiling and chasing after you into the bathroom in his room.





                                        ***SIX WEEKS AGO***

God damn Emma Swan.

She was ruining everything. First it was worming her way into Henry’s life, and now it was the Sheriff. Inch by Inch, everything Regina had was being stripped away. She’d seen them together, getting cozy on the streets, and though Graham denied it, Regina knew. It didn’t matter what she did, or said, or tried, he was wandering away…and she hated it. Besides Henry, Graham was the only true constant in her life right now. Not that they were anything…they weren’t. It was equally assumed that they were just have sex together, it wasn’t a relationship by any standards…but as far as Regina was concerned he was hers. He wanted her, he came to her at night. She let him chose to be honest, in the beginning, had stowed his heart away and allowed the huntsman to mostly dictate his own life, and he came to her. He sought her out, wanted to kiss her, to bed her, to ride her into a blissful climax…for 28 freaking years, it was his decisions.

Now there was the blonde, perky yet jaded, fit and strong, doe green eyes that made Regina want to slap her. God she hated this woman. What else was she going to do?

They were supposed to meet up tonight, she had made him dinner, lasagna as per his request, bought a bottle of red wine, had the entire table set…and then the text came through that Miss Swan needed him to look into something.  She cursed, throwing out every last bit of the meal, well besides the half she saved for Henry knowing it was his favorite, but still, she drained the wine, and threw it all out.

Sitting on the couch, the mayor seethed, how are he stand her up! If this was the Enchanted Forest she would have had his head for it…but it’s not the Enchanted Forest anymore is it. She is not the Queen that rules with an iron fist, bleeding fear into the heart of every commoner and royal with a thousand-mile radius. She has no real magic left, no ability to twist people to do what she wants. She is a mayor, of a small town, where no one really knows who they are.

She needs a damn drink. To bad she poured out that wine.

Throwing her coat on, she stalks down the sidewalk, ambivalent to the chill in the air. Henry is with that wretched woman tonight, so it’s not like she has anyone at home to care for. God she hates her.

The door slams closed behind her, and the ruckus in the bar dies down for a half moment before the uproar of “Reggie!” chimes out. It’s hard to contain the half smile, and while she may hate the nickname, she finds odd comfort in this group of men. They are rowdy, loud, vulgar, refuse to believe she can drink half of them under the table…but they are safe. They are constant. They don’t judge her icy exterior, rather they insist of making jokes about the “Ice Queen” that she puts off. She likes them. They like her. It’s easy. There is no pretense.

Rolling her eyes, a mug of ale is already sliding across the bar to her. Blue eyes connecting with a wink. What it is about this one particular man, she hasn’t exactly decided. She wonders if it’s ever crossed their minds who they really are. Of course it hasn’t, no one here knows who they are…but she does.

Robin Hood and the Merry Men.

Merry indeed as they cheer’s her in the air. The annoying little band of thieves that for whatever reason her guards couldn’t capture, made her look a fool once or twice to be honest. Yet here she is, guzzling down the first pint with the hoard. A Queen amongst thieves, how silly.  She is partial to John, his burly big exterior a farce given that he is a giant teddy bear. Alan is well Alan, he drinks to much, swears to often, but he is harmless. Will, she isn’t a fan of, not really anyway. He stares at her to hard, rarely says anything nice or appropriate, usually just scowls at her.

And then there is the man himself, Robin of Locksley. He is a conundrum to her. Quieter than the rest, but sharper in his wit. Calm in nature, but fierce in protection. They run the fire department. Fitting she used to muse, a band of tree huggers that run head on into blazing inferno’s. He does stare, not as obviously as Will, but it’s there. She can feel his gaze on her, like she is some puzzle he is trying to piece together. They are friends, she supposes. Have had many a drink together at this bar, him sitting across from her, relaying the day’s ridiculous nonsense till she can’t help but chuckle into her goblet. He likes to hear her laugh; she knows that much…well he has told her that much. A drunk night or eight has definitely led to some more interesting conversation than forest fires. He has a thing for her legs, and ass…and breasts…she scoffed at him that night, rolling her eyes heavy with an amused jab, so you like my body

He blushed, swallowed thickly before squaring back to her. Thank god the other men were either so pissed they couldn’t hear what he said, or were already passed out it fell on deaf ears. She could feel the redness in her face, the bar suddenly becoming a bit to small.

What did you say?

I like all of you Regina.

She figured she was drunk and imagining his words. Surely this ruggedly handsome, thick muscles, blonde stubbled, blue eyed, dimpled, sex walking on two legs of a man did not just tell her that he actually liked her!

What happened, later, well she blamed kissing him on the 9th beer of the night, it’s not like he was really protesting anyway when her lips crashed into his. They melded together, sucking hard on the others mouth, Regina climbing into Robins lap at some point either remembers, letting her hips grind down into his prodding erection. It was turbulent and perfect in her mind. The way he gripped her waist, groaned into her mouth. It lasted not long enough, until one or several of the guys started whooping and hollering.

That was weeks ago, and while they have still ended up a time or six groping and grinding like a pair of teenagers at each other, it hadn’t led anywhere more intimate or naked for that matter, other than Robin’s hand up her shirt…or down her pants, matching the stroking of her own palm on his boiling skin behind a closed door.  He never held it against her, not while he was also on the receiving end, didn’t really ask why she came to him sporadically, wanting nothing more than his tongue in her mouth and his fingers up her hot cunt.

Regina Mills, was a complicated woman.

She had let a few sorted details of her life slip while intoxicated, and for whatever reason Robin just understood her.

He liked the mayor… well in truth he was falling in love with the mayor, but the mayor was also with the sheriff, in a strange sort. He’d seen Graham walking to her place in the dead of night, had waited in his car till the guy left. Why he was doing it, watching out for her, Robin wasn’t entirely sure. But for one thing he didn’t like Graham. There had been one to many times in this very bar he had over heard the scum bragging about bedding the formidable woman. How she liked it rough, the marks he left behind on her body, the way she climaxed with a scream. It made Robin see red.

More than once he wished to tell Regina to leave the idiot behind… but it was her life, she didn’t seem unhappy necessarily, well not until recently. He knew about Emma Swan, this new woman who had marched her way into Storybrooke, and in the wake of her path was taking Henry away from Regina. That boy was her whole life. He’d noticed the sadness in her eyes as of late, the more distant reserved nature in her posture. Usually while she would engage after a few drinks with his buddies, she now would sit in the booth, staring out the window, smiling half heartedly at their attempts to cheer her up.

It made him miserable to see her like this.

“Care for another?”

She nodded, sliding the mug back.

“You alright?”

Sighing heavy, she ran her fingers through her hair, damn it was short, nothing like the long mane that used to weigh her down. “I’m fine”

“If you say so. I’m here though Regina” his hands reach across to squeeze her own, his head tilting just slightly to catch her eyes. “What ever you need”.

“Thank you Robin, but the liquor is enough for now”

“Alright, you just let me know”

He leaves her then, knowing when the mayor wants to talk she will, and its beyond obvious right now she is in no mood for conversation. So he works, behind the bar, while his friends get drunk as skunks, laughing and goading them on in their antics. He doesn’t miss when she turns around, leaning back against the bar to watch as well, a smirk on her ruby lips behind the goblet.

He can’t help the scan of her body, she is by far the most alluring woman he has ever crossed. Toned, delicate yet strong, curves in all the right places…he’d be lying to say he had never thought of what hides behind her clothing…granted he has felt it quite a few times, but it’s her own rule that clothes apparently can’t come off when he is ravishing her.

He fills her beer a few more times at the night passes, slowly by slowly the men are petering out, stumbling from the bar or slumped down into a booth. It’s past 2 by the time he walks back to her, and he is salivating. Her body is turned so she can lean against the bar, legs crossed, hiking her skirt up just enough he can see she is wearing thigh high garters. She leans on her elbows, a slight arch in her back, the button at the top of her blouse begging to be popped. His men call is the “button of ever lasting promise” when they tease Robin about his rendezvous, poking him in the ribs with play while the ask if he has had the courage to free the wonders underneath. He bats them off, knowing they are harmless as flies, but he does wonder.

She sighs, closing her eyes, lips parting gently as he watches her from the glass shelving.

“You’re staring”

He smirks at her, of course he is staring. She is Regina Mills, arguably one of the most exquisite, fascinating, alluring woman he has ever set eyes on. But it’s more than that, it always has been really. Since the first night she walked through that door, timid and uncertain, so very unlike the Mayor he was used to seeing. It took him a few times, but eventually, she opened up. Bit by bit he learned about this woman. He figures it was probably around the third or fourth time she had come to the bar and ended up in his lap, that there was something more going on. She is a book, and he is more than happy to read page by page.

From what he has read, she doesn’t believe she deserves to be treated with compassion and love apparently. She lets Graham dictate, is shockingly subservient to the guy. Why Robin has no clue – the sheriff is a complete idiot. But she doesn’t see it, doesn’t understand though he has said it many a time before, she deserves better. She usually shrugs, focuses on her beer instead, and on those nights Robin is truly persistent about proving it to her, she shuts him up with her lips on his.

“Can you blame me?”  he shrugs, leaning over the bar to land a quick kiss on her shoulder.

She turns just slightly to eye him up with an arched eye brow. God damn he looks good. A dark blue waffle shirt tight across his chest, dark jeans clinging to muscular thighs. His arms on display, flexing as he wipes another glass clean. He is beautiful, she thinks through the drunken haze of her mind. Why is he so beautiful? It’s not really fair… he has had her since the first time they locked eyes. Not that she would let him know that. But it’s why she comes back here, when things are getting to stressful, when Henry is acting up, or Graham has once again dropped her on the side- Robin is just there. He sits and pours whatever her heart desires, lets her vent when she is loose tongued enough, doesn’t judge what she lets slip. He is safe, she’s never really had safe.

Alan stirs behind them, grunting and groaning as he hauls up two of the other men, leaving the bar without a second slurred goodbye, and suddenly it’s just the two of them.

Setting the glass down, Robin moves around the bar, slowly closing the distance to the brunette who simply waits with a heated stare. He stops, a breath between her legs, arching a eyebrow at her in question. He always asks before he touches, even though she has never asked him to do it, he does. He waits for her to move first. So she does, trailing a black stilettoed heel up the inside of his pant leg, reveling in the hard inhale he takes.

Her breath quickens as his hands come into contact with her bare thighs, her skirt scrunched up enough to expose her to his grip. Robin bites down on his lip, as he devours her body with his eyes, his jeans beginning to constrict him a little too much when he hears the hitched light moan escape her. Squeezing the honey crème of her legs, he swallows thickly, roaming up her body, (there is that damn button), before catching her eyes.

How it’s possible she can be this ungodly wet when he hasn’t actually even really touched her yet, befalls Regina, but her thighs are slick, the silk of her panties sticking to her core. He tugs at her waist, pulling her off the stool, paying no real attention to the yelp she makes, and settling her on top of the bar, standing in between her legs. Her hands thread through his hair, moving him within a breath of her lips, she is definitely drunk… but not so drunk she can’t come to the conclusion that she likes Robin…actually likes him. Her heart stammers for a moment when his hands move to pull her blouse from the skirt.  Edging the material away so his thumb can finally brush the hidden skin below. He shifts, pulling her hips wide till she is snug against his groin, and by the gods he swears he can feel how wet she is through his pants.

He wants to consume her, or be consumed by her. She can see it as much in his eyes, the way his breath sharpens as her nails drag down his body, lifting away his shirt, baring his bronzed chest to her, and her mouth. He tastes like spice and sweat, her tongue licking a line from the base of his neck up to his jaw as she kisses him, his Adams apple bobbing when she nips at his pulse point.

Rolling his covered erection into her, his arms wrap around her waist, hoisting her up again for a half second while he tugs her skirt up, letting his hands cup her bare ass, squeezing her gorgeous round backside once before sitting her back down.

“Christ Regina”

She pulls back with a seductive stare, knowing damn well what has his breath panting. It’s black on black on black. High stiletto’s melt into sheer black stockings which end on high on her thighs, encased in lace and buckles on the outside. It wraps around her lower abdomen, connecting to a pair of dark hunter green silk panties, which if he can be smug; are already sodden by the looks of it.

“You are fucking beautiful”

She hums, arching her back up, so she can settle on her elbows once more, letting her heeled feet dangling on either side of him. She’s unbuttoned her blouse, and Robin is damned he missed that, but where a once royal blue shirt covered, now is a matching green and black lace bra, one that sinfully pushes her breasts up, all for him to feast on.

And feast he will.

Running a hand up her toned torso, her oblique’s tighten in a way that has blood rushing to his cock. Swiping over the silk of her bra, she hisses when he rubs over her hardening nipples, circling and pinching them just so. He watches her face as she bites on her lower lip, closing her eyes as her head falls back. She is a marvel he thinks as his mouth lowers down to taste her. It’s rich, as it always is. A faint rose and sugar, most likely from her lotion, that hits his taste buds first. She tastes like royalty he muses, sucking harder on the junction of her neck and shoulder.

She is royalty … she should be treated as such.

“He doesn’t deserve you” he mumbles against her breasts.

Regina stops, lifting herself back up a touch to move Robin a fraction away from her as she frowns at his statement.


Ohhh, that bastard

“He doesn’t deserve you Regina” His hands run up her spine

“Who says he has me” she bites back

Robin shakes his head, leaning down once more to pepper her skin in soft affection. “You are no ones to be claimed” he murmurs between the swells of her breasts, his hands returning to grip and squeeze her hips.

“Aren’t you claiming me right now?” she dead pans.

That makes Robin stop all together, erection throbbing be damned, the look in her eyes stalls his heart. She’s eyeing him up, trying her best to look ambivalent, but her eyes betray her, they always do. She is afraid, of him, Robin sure fucking hopes not, but of something. Maybe of thinking she can actually be told she is of worth, not some piece of meat. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, he shakes his head, “No”, as sincerely as possible, hoping to God she can understand that this is different.

She arches an eyebrow at him, flicking her gaze down to where his other hand sit precariously high and inside on her thighs. “Then what are you doing?”. A silent minute ticks by, Regina still half naked between Robins legs as he stares into her hard.

He’s an utter idiot- it hits him, he knew he loved her… but this right now… it’s almost suffocating, he is in absolute, totally consuming, soul binding love with her.

“Why are you smiling?” She frowns

It’s not really the appropriate time to tell her, not when he isn’t’ really sure if she feels the same way.

Another time.

Shrugging, his hands pull hers to his groin, letting her feel his arousal. “I will let you do whatever you want Regina. I am yours to claim”.

Those 5 bloody words have sealed the damn deal for her, and if she wasn’t so terrified to look him in the eyes right now, she is certain she would see the same sentiment flooding in his iris blues. Her heart stutters and stammers at the realization, she loves him, she actually is in love with Robin Hood.

It’s not the time for that though, she can’t open her heart like this, not when she hasn’t exacted real revenge on Snow White, not when she has damn Emma Swan trying to steal her son away.

No, it’s not the time for love. There isn’t ever a time for her to love, not anymore. No one loves her, not really. How could they? It’s a battle, she wants to be loved, but love is weakness. And Regina Mills is not weak, she just needs a good hard fuck to clear her mind.

“I want you to take me on this bar” she smirks darkly, deciding to give into the still pooling arousal in her body rather than fluttering in her heart. His eyes shade at her words, and he has told her she is in charge, he will do what she asks. So if being fucked on the bar is what the mayor wants, well Robin is a man to uphold his word.

It’s within a second her shirt is thrown absently behind them, his hands hot against her skin once more as he dives into her mouth, drowning in the ale and cinnamon taste of her tongue. This is better, she can focus on the feeling of him, the way his fingers return to her breasts, squeezing and twisting her nipples.

“Take my skirt off now” she whispers into his ear. It’s a race, to see who can remove the others clothing faster, Robin opting to rip the skirt just slightly, much to Regina’s scowl, but then his hands are on her, stroking her on top of the silk thong, smirking at the way she lets out a breathy moan.

“Oh my God….” She inhales sharp as his fingers press hard tight circles into her clit, her hips rolling on their own accord into his hand. His lips attach to her neck, licking away the droplets of sweat that glide down, one hand groping her breast while the other continues to torture her core with beautiful precision. It’s so different with him. He is attentive, is a rough rugged way, he seeks out her pleasure, listening to the heated whispering commands …keep going…faster…harder…more please more…

Her nails drag down his shoulder blades as he cups her core hard, letting the wetness of her drip down between his fingers.  God it feels incredible, but she needs more, always more, needs to feel him. Working her own bra off, Robin groans lowly at the pointed hard rose nipples that are literally begging for his mouth.

It’s sticky on her back when he crawls over top of her body, sucking on her breasts, his hand refusing to stop below. The thought that this is probably more on the gross dirty than sexy hot dirty crosses her mind.

“Robin” she swallows with a pant, her orgasm brewing like a fire with the pace of his fingers on her clit. She is literally sticking to the bar top. “Robin wait”. He leans away from her immediately, concerned he’s crossed some sort of line. They haven’t actually had sex before, it’s been a firm line she hasn’t let them cross.

“Regina I’m sorry. I—“

“Shut up”

He does, staring down at her still laying beneath him.

“It’s rather sticky” She motions with her hands, “I don’t really intend on going home smelling like whiskey and maraschino cherries”

He can’t help but chuckle, lifting himself off and settling back on the floor, his hands gripping her hips, tugging her legs to wrap around his waist as he moves them both off the bar. Stalling for a moment, Robin can’t help but realize just how small she is, scooped up in his arms. He rather likes it, having her wrapped around him, her fingers carding through his hair, scratching at the nape of his neck, her breasts exposed and resting on his chest, toned thigh clenching his waist.

“Something wrong?” her voice warm as she tilts her head down to catch his eyes.

“Nope” he smiles back, he will tell her soon, let her know that she does deserve to be loved, that he will love her like no other possibly could.

She leans down to capture his lips, the pace drastically different from their usual smacking. It’s long and languid, soft and loaded with a little more emotion that is usually given. She hums into his mouth, settling her arms around his neck. He is definitely safe, and she is starting to crave the protection he gives her.

“Thank you”

Robin frowns in question…and she blushes, truly blushes and it is stunning on her. He wants to ask her, wants to understand what goes on in that beautiful mind, but she seems to have caught herself in a vulnerable moment, the way she swallows thickly, breaking contact with him. It feels a bit to intimate now, where this was once a distraction for her battled mind, has slowly morphed into something a little deeper. She can’t focus on the way his eyes bore into hers, how his thumbs swipe gently streaks on her lower back, he makes her feel wanted, possibly even needed. But no one needs her, Graham only wants her body, and she is loathed to say it out loud, but she knows the next time he texts she will let him come back. She hates herself for it. Maybe soon she will be able to let him go, to refuse him…maybe there is someone else that can occupy that space in her heart. Someone with ocean blue eyes and a dimpled smile?

She sighs, maybe soon she can tell him, but it’s a little to fresh and vulnerable, especially if he doesn’t feel the same way…he does, she knows he does. Deciding for now, she will have whatever he is willing to give. Regina rolls her hips against Robin’s stomach, burrowing into the crook of his neck, sucking small little red marks, till she feels him give in and carries her to the back room.

He will tell her soon. Maybe after he has ravished her body for the entire night. Has brought her up to her peak time and time again, with his fingers, his tongue, and the rest of him. Maybe he will tell her tomorrow morning, if she decides, to stay…when he can kiss her awake, trail absent patterns on her honey skin till she stirs and he can make love to her all over again.

It’s all about timing with her.