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Hazy // Seokjin

Drabble game request: Jin + “You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into.”+ Pub au | for @the95liner & anon

Word count: 2,898 words (whoops, how did this happen?)

Character: Seokjin x reader

Warning: Smut. More graphic smut and mature contents. Please read with caution. This will be my first time writing smut for him, I’m sorry, please bear with me.

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History Has Its Eyes On You (Pt.2)

Summary: This time on “Let’s Just Screw Up History” Alexander Hamilton’s Life

TW: Alcohol, swearing


Part One

The tavern you walk into is nothing like the bars you’re used to. That’s to be expected, though.

“Does your husband know you’re out here?” a man calls as he walks passed you.

Apparently, every drinking establishment has the same men. You approach the bartender and ask for “whatever the hell you want to give me”, earning a strange look, but when you give him the money, he stops questioning you. You take a sip, realizing he just gave you water, and look around the room.

“Oh shit,” you mumble when you see the man you ran into earlier.

He’s laughing with a few of his friends. “This woman just appeared.”

“Are you sure about that, Hamilton?”

“Fuck,” you mutter. Of all the people you would have run into, it had to be Alexander fucking Hamilton.

“I promise!” he insists. “I was paying attention to where I was going!”

Another man, he was tall and spoke broken English with a French accent. “You don’t have a great track record, mon ami.”

“Yeah,” agrees another tall man in a beanie, “Laf’s right.” The Marquis de Lafayette? Do all revolutionaries gather in this tavern?

“Laurens-” John Laurens, you recognize. “Of course, let me guess, Thomas Jefferson is just going to prance in here singing, isn’t he?”

You grab your trunk to leave, but Alexander Hamilton sees you. “Ma’am, excuse me, but are you okay? I apologize for running into you.”

You smile. “I’m fine. I should have been paying attention to where I was going. I am incredibly sorry.” You figure a little flattery can’t hurt you, especially if it gets you a place to stay.

He takes your hand and presses a kiss to the back of it. “I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot. My name is Alexander Hamilton.”

You ignore the voice in the back of your head that tells you that you’re fucking everything up. “(Y/N) (L/N).”

liluindefinido  asked:

thanks for all the work you put into sharing films in this blog! i was wondering if you recognize this (russian?) b&w film? all i remember is that a man enters a bar filled with drunkards, who address him as teacher and ask for a lesson. the man agrees and tells them about the stars, leading the men trough the bar in a slow dance where they become the universe. after that all the patrons are told to leave and the man walks away into the darkness of the night (u dnt have 2 answer if u dont wanna)

Thank you!

I didn’t recognise the film myself but I threw some of the text of your question into Google and it seems to be suggesting Béla Tarr’s Werckmeister Harmonies. I haven’t seen the film myself - Béla Tarr is one of those directors who’s a bit of a blind spot for me and whose films I need to check out (I’ve only seen The Turin Horse).

What Happens In Vegas.....Doesn’t Stay In Vegas

Ask: Bridget is vince’s adopted daughter. She is the newest ring announcer and also turned 21 years old. She has noticed Seth a few times before, never thought about him in that way until she bumps into him right near the locker rooms, fresh out of the shower and smelling heavenly. The two drink heavily at the nearest bar and wind up married in Vegas. Not knowing what happened or if this was a great idea, they end up giving the marriage a try. What does Vince say about this crazy marriage?

Ask 2: I sent in the Bridget one shot: Can I change it to Dean Ambrose instead of Seth Rollins? I just think it would be better to be Dean , having him as a son in law would be hysterical lol

Bridget was walking down the hall near the men’s locker room, heading to her father’s office where she had left her phone. Not paying any mind to where she was walking, she bumped into someone. She looked up and seen that the person she bumped into was nun other then, Dean Ambrose.

When her eyes locked with his, she then realized just how handsome Dean really was. She never thought about him in the way before, the had said hello and travailed a couple of time together, but that was really all. 

He looked to be fresh out of the shower and she could smell his cologne, that in her opinion smelled heavenly.

“I’m sorry! I should have watched where I was going!” Bridget said, smiling up at Dean. 

“Nah. Don’t be sorry, Darlin’?” Dean asked.

“Don’t call me Darlin’, Dimples!” Bridget said. Dean started laughing a little.

“Ahh, sassy are we? I like it” Dean said, smiling so that his dimples showed.

“I’m heading down to the nearest bar, you wanna join me, Darlin’?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, sure! I could go for a beer. I just gotten grab my phone and then I’ll meet you outside, Dimples! Bridget said. 

Dean smiled as he watched Bridget quickly make her way down the hall.

“There is no way you can do more shots then me!” Dean said, slamming down his beer bottle.

“I’ll bet you fifty bucks that I can!” Bridget said, reaching in her bag and pulling out her wallet.

“Fine! Bets on!” Dean said, waving the bar tender over and asking for a hole round of shots. Dean looked over at you with a smirk.

“You should just back down now while you still can” Dean said.

“Not a chance, Ambrose!” Bridget said, slapping a fifty down.

Bridget groined as the sunlight hit her face, her head was pounding and she felt sore everywhere. Bridget rolled over and opened her eyes to see another person in her bed, screaming, Bridget scrambled out of bed.

Dean eyes shot open and then he screamed because Bridget was screaming.

“DEAN!” Bridget yelled, in disbelieve.

“BRIDGET!” Dean yelled, back.

“What are you doing in my room!” They both yelled at the same time.

“Your room! This is my room!” They both yelled. Dean stopped and looked around the room.

“This….this isn’t the hotel we were staying at…..” Dean said, picking up piece of paper that had some information on it about the hotel.

Bridget then took a look around the room, realizing that it wasn’t the hotel, nun of her stuff was here and she was also wear Dean’s shirt.

Bridget’s eyes went wide at the fact the she’s wear Dean’s shirt, she looking up and seen that Dean only had on his boxer briefs. 

Dean seen that Bridget was stared at him, so he looked down and then he realized he was only in underwear and she was wearing his shirt.

Dean ran a hand over his face, when he felt something more heaver on his left hand. Dean looked at his hand and seen a sliver wedding band around his finger.

Dean looked at it in shock, he then quickly walked over to Bridget and pick up her left hand, seeing that she too had a wedding band on.

Bridget look down at her hand and seen the wedding band.

“Oh no…..we didn’t….did we?” Bridget asked, still looking at the diamond ring.

“We did” Dean said, sitting down at the foot of the bed, looking up at Bridget.

“Well….What are we going to do?” Bridget said, looking down at Dean.

Dean sat there thinking about what would best thing to do.

Dean got up and stood in front of Bridget, “Listen, I know we don’t really know each other that well, but I don’t know, from what I can remember from last night, I had a lot of fun with you, you’re sweet, funny, caring and sassy! And if you’re wiling to give this marriage a shot, then so am I” Dean said, never, not once looking away from Bridget.

Bridget scratched the back of her head and said “I don’t know, Dean. I mean marriage is totally different from dating! And….and my dad! He gonna be so pissed! He….he will be so disappointed in me for drinking that much to begin with, but then throwing marriage on top of it!” 

Bridget began to panic. Thinking about all the things Vince was going to say to her. She was so lost in thought and panic that she didn’t even realized that Dean was talking to her.

Dean was trying to get Bridget to snap out of it, but nothing he was doing seem to help. So he did the last thing he could think of, which was to kiss her.

Bridget felt Dean’s warm, soft lips on hers and almost insanely kissed back. The kiss was sweet and soft at first, but then Dean turned the kiss rougher, his hands moving up and down her body, as did hers. 

Dean pushed Bridget down on the bed and smirked. “So I take it as your going to give this marriage a try?” 

Bridget smiled back. “What’s the worse that could happen?”

Dean and Bridget made there way down to Vince’s office, after their little “date” in Vegas.

Bridget knock three times on the door and waited until she heard Vince yell “Come in!” 

Dean and Bridget walked in and took a seat across from Vince. 

“Ah, how are you doing honey?” Vince asked, smiling at his daughter.

“I’m doing fine. How are you?” Bridget asked.

“Fine, fine. So you told me there was something you needed to talk to me about?” Vince asked, shuffling papers on his desk.

Bridget stiffed and started to feel uneasy, until Dean began to rub circles on her knee and gave her a sweet smile, mouthing that it was going to okay.

“Yes there uh, was something that I needed to tell you…..” Bridget trailed off.

Vince looked up at her and nodded his head, telling her to continue.

“Well….You see, last night I went out with, Dean, and we went to a bar and got……got drunk…….and apparently……we kind of…..sort of…..got…married” Bridget said.

Vince looked at the couple in shock.”What do you mean by, kind of, sort of? Either you did or you didn’t” Vince said.

“We did…” Bridget said.

Vince sighed and looked between Dean and Bridget. “Well, did you talk about what you wanna do? Do you want to get the marriage annulled?” Vince asked.

“Actually, we wanted to give the marriage a try” Dean spoke up. 

Vince leaned back against his chair and sighed, waving his hand between the two. “If this doesn’t work, just know that the two of you can come to me and I’ll do my best to help and or fix it” Vince said.

“You’re not mad?” Bridget asked

“Yes I am. But it’s your life…..and if you want to be married to him- Vince pointed to Dean- then I can’t do or force you into anything. I don’t like it, one bit. But there is nothing I can do about it, but help you along the way” Vince said

Bridget smile and so did Dean. “Thank you, dad” Bridget said, standing and walking over to the other side of the desk, giving her father a hug.

Vince then told them to get out so he could finish whatever paper work he had there.

When Dean and Bridget were out in the hall, Dean pulled her in for a kiss and mumbled against her lips. “See it wasn’t that bad” 

Bridget smile and leaned and mumbled into his chest. “Shut up” 

Dean laughed and rubbed her back “Come on! Lets go get something to eat. I’m staving!” Dean said, grabbing her hand and pulling her behind him.

“But Dean, we just ate before we came here!” Bridget laughed.

“Yeah, well…..that wasn’t enough!” Dean said.

“Clearly!” Bridget said, laughing harder.

What Bridget and Dean didn’t know is that Vince watched the hole thing from the end of the hall, smiling. He may not like Dean that all much, but what he could see from that little scene was that Dean would be good to her, for how ever long it lasted.


‘  You sipped your drink while waiting for your boyfriend, Cas in a bar.

 Idiot 1: Hey hot stuff, can I get you a drink?

 You turned to see two muscular, tall men. You glanced at the door and saw Castiel walk in.

 Y/N: Sorry guys, but my ride is here.

 You placed a 15 dollar bill on the counter and grabbed your jacket, bidding the bartender a good night. Suddenly the second guy grabbed your arm.

 Idiot 2: Come on sugar, the night just started.

 Castiel: Is there a problem.

 Idiot 1: This is him? Oh you can do so much better. Maybe someone like me. Someone who can protect you. Look at him. He’s so weak.

 Castiel: I’m an angel, you ass.

 Idiot 2: He’s a nutter too.

 Within a blink Castiel’s fist collided with the jaw of the second guy, making him lose his grip on you. The first guy backed away as his friend knocked out on the ground.

 Y/N: Let’s go. There is nothing for us here.     ‘

Carefree Moments

Drabble request from @asfaraslifegets for

3. “Wait, don’t go! What’s your name?”
26. “Oh, it’s on sweetheart.”
38. “How long have you been sitting/standing there?”

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Dean X Reader

A/N: I love writing Dean! Especially fluffy Dean :) With love, Kat

Words: 1327 (lol what are word limits even)

You can still remember the first time you met Dean Winchester.

—2 Years Ago—

You were sitting on the most uncomfortable bar stool you’d ever sat on, nursing the whiskey in your hand and listening to the Black Sabbath song coming over the speakers. You were in a pair of black ripped jeans, an old AC/DC shirt that was faded and a black, grey, and red flannel with combat boots and your hair in a messy bun. You heard the door to the bar open and turned your head slightly so you could see who was walking in. Two men, and good god were they beautiful. Hunters, for sure. You could see by the way they surveyed the bar. The shorter of the two came up to your side,
“This seat taken?” he asked, a smirk on his face.
“Not yet, why don’t you take it, sweetheart?” you smiled up at him, letting the alcohol make you more friendly. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t want to take this man home tonight.

The two of you talked for hours, well, you let him do most of the talking. You found out his name was Dean, and the other man was his brother Sam. The immediate attraction to Dean was clear, he was strong, gruff, and he looked into your eyes when you talked as if nothing else in the world mattered.

“So, you’re a hunter?” you said, sipping your whiskey.
“Wha- uhh, yeah. Deer hunting is pretty common out here” he said, avoiding eye contact and rubbing the back of his neck.
“Dean” you said, shifting to face him, “I’m a hunter too.”
You chuckled as you pulled up the hem of your shirt to reveal a silver knife in a sheath attached to your belt loop. His eyes lingered on the small patch of skin that showed when you lifted your shirt.
“So Dean, you wanna get out of here?” you asked, making your intentions clear by the hand that landed on his thigh.
“Well, listen here’s the thing. I don’t want to move that fast with you, I know that seems crazy because you’re gorgeous and asking me to go back to your place, but I really feel a connection with yo-“ and before he could finish you cut him off.
“Dean, I’ve heard about enough. I was just trying to have a good time.”
You patted him on the shoulder, downed the rest of your whiskey and turned to leave the bar when you heard him say,
Wait, don’t go! What’s your name?
You laughed to yourself, realizing you never told him your name.
“Y/N. My name is Y/N” you said, writing your number on a napkin and handing it to the handsome green-eyed hunter as you left him slack-jawed on your way out of the bar.

—Present Day—

You had been living with the Winchesters for over a year now and Dean was as flirty as ever. You knew it was just his personality so you brushed it off and didn’t let it get to you. Even though you’d be lying if you said you didn’t wish a drunken night would lead to you and Dean finally sleeping together.

You padded into the kitchen and saw Dean making his coffee, so you went over to make some hot chocolate. Grabbing the whipped cream out of the fridge, an idea sprang into your head.
“Hey Dean” you said, trying to get him to turn around.
“Yeah, Y/N?” he asked as he turned to face you.
When he turned around, you sprayed whipped cream on his nose and burst out into laughter. Dean stood there in shock for a few seconds before the most devilish smirk you’d ever seen stretched across his face.
Oh, it’s on sweetheart” he said, grabbing the spray hose next to the sink and spraying you down until you were soaked.
“Dean!” you laughed, shaking your hands to rid them of water. The second he put the nozzle down you reached for it, spraying him with water so he was soaking too. You couldn’t help but appreciate the way his wet shirt clung to his muscular chest and abs.

Dean then grabbed the cocoa powder you were going to use to make your hot chocolate and poured half the container out over you, covering you in it and it stuck to you because you were still soaking wet.
“Dean, you jerk!” you yelled, tackling him to the ground and pouring cocoa powder onto him. You two were a wet, chocolatey, powdery mess and you didn’t really care one bit. These times were rare with Dean, and you loved them because he showed his true colors and let loose every once and a while with you. The two of you were laughing and wrestling all over the kitchen floor, each of you smearing chocolate all over the other.

You both stopped laughing when Dean was on top of you, looking into your eyes. His expression was different, more serious. You were underneath him and he was propped on one elbow, hovering over you.
“Dean” you breathed out, looking into his emerald eyes and seeing his pupils blown with some emotion you hadn’t faced with Dean before.
“Y/N” he practically whispered, glancing down at your lips for a moment before slowly leaning in. Was Dean freakin’ Winchester going to kiss you? You had dreamed of this moment many times before, but never thought it would happen in such a light-hearted, euphoric moment between the two of you. Little did you know, that’s when Dean loved you the most, when you were giggling and carefree. When his lips were mere centimeters from yours, he said something in the most sincere voice you’d ever heard him speak in.
“I love you, Y/N.”
“I love you too, Dean” you smiled, and you did love him. He was your everything, your anchor, your best friend. Your pleasant thoughts were interrupted by him speaking again.
“No, I don’t think you get it. I’m in love with you” he said, tucking a cocoa-coated strand of hair behind your ear.
“Dean, I…”
“it’s okay. I know you probably don’t feel the same” he said, moving to get off of you.
“No, wait” you said, pulling him by his shirt so he could return to his position hovering over you, “I’m in love with you too Dean.”

As Dean leaned in to finally kiss you, you were interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat.
“Hey guys” Sam said, a wide grin across his face while leaning against the doorframe.
“Oh, uh, hey Sam” you said, a blush rising quickly on your cheeks.
How long have you been standing there?” Dean asked, clearing his throat and moving to stand up, extending a hand for you to stand with him. Dean positioned himself oddly behind you, as if he was hiding from Sam.
“Long enough to know that the reason you’re hiding behind Y/N is because you have a hard-on” Sam said, laughing. Your eyes went wide and your face turned crimson as you whipped around to see the very obvious tent in Dean’s sweatpants.
“Oh my god, why do you have a boner?” you asked, half shocked, half smug. You knew it was at least partly because of you.
“I-I, uhh.. You’re all wet and your shirt is sticking to your boobs and then we were wrestling and when I was over top of you, every shift you’d make with your hips was basically rubbing right against me” Dean said, shuffling his feet and looking at the floor.
“Well, I’m gonna go get cleaned up” you said, smiling and leaving the kitchen.

You popped your head back in and looked at the boys,
“Dean, are you just gonna stand there or are you going to join me in the shower?” you winked.
“Oh, hell yeah!” Dean said, smiling and chasing after you into the bathroom in his room.

The Year is 2018

It’s been 2 years since Mother Clinton seized office, wrestling from the hands of the patriarchy.

A rigid curfew is enforced for the oppressing class. Straight white cis males are only allowed to and fro work between the hours of 7am and 7pm. They are not allowed any mode of transportation besides walking. Infallible leader Clinton calls this The Final Solution to the manspreading problem.

White Straight Men, who are only now allowed to work for the Fempire, as all private employment has been barred. They are put to work building infrastructure and fortifying the Atlantic coast.

Reverend General Al Sharpton of the Domestic Occupation Army publicly executed 20 filthy honky men for not paying their 7 billion Dworkin bucks in reparation for slavery. They attempted to argue that its impossible by saying “the government only allows us to earn up to 77 Solonas cents a day”. But that’s only evil white patriarchy logic.

Johnathan McIntosh, wearing a beautiful cocktail dress, is awarded the status of honorary woman in front of the nation for his service to feminism and social justice. Mother Clinton said “He is everything a man should be, and will serve as a shining example to the patriarchy which still brutally oppresses women and POCs in America.

Soon after, all gay white men are declared privileged by the Fempire. Many are deported to Cockwitz, marching through the gates under the lovely sign bearing the words "Privilege makes you free”.

The Department of Media Monitoring suppresses news of the Russian annexation of Eastern Europe and liberation of New Afghanistan City, formerly known as London.

Microsoft and Sony’s American branch, having been seized by the Fempire and put under the control of Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn, launch Depression Quest 4, Revolution 120, and WOC paraplegic autistic quadruple amputee blind def simulator 2019.