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In honor of #BiWeek , a little appreciation for my favorite bisexual, Magnus Bane.

“I play a openly proud bisexual warlock, who’s a person of color that’s in a relationship with a recently out gay shadowhunter…”

Now we know who Mari got her clumsiness from
  • Tom when Mari walks in on him and Sabine decorating the cake: * is startled & throws cake into the bin *
  • Tom when Gina walks in and he thinks it's Mari: * is startled & throws cake into the bin *
  • Tom when Befana attacks him: * trips over a rolling pin & throws cake into the bin *



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Villain’s Best Friend 

Puppy Love

The Inner Isle’s Spy: Chapter One 

She/her pronouns for Pidge aren’t a headcanon

She came out as a girl because she wanted to be addressed as such

She came out as a girl because she wanted to be true to who she really is

She came out

She is trans and she is a girl

Trigger tagging Pidge being referred to as ‘she’ is not only misogynist but it is also transmysogynist

Insisting that she’s a trans boy or nonbinary is transmisogyny

If you are so uncomfortable with Pidge being referred to by her preferred pronouns then find another show to watch where trans girls existing doesn’t inconvenience you thanks