2 male

Found a breeder who had a 2 week male pup available who we have decided to say yes to! It’s not 100% yet, but they are all drop dead gorgeous,
some black and some brown, all with a nice amount of white. Really really hoping we can get one of them cause they are perfect.

also, i know it sucks there are only 2 gay male romance options but there’s literally no evidence to support the fact that jaal was originally supposed to have a male romance but it got cut. i was honestly expecting him to be bi just because of fake leeks but there’s no evidence.

the same thing happened with cullen. and with kaidan and ashley in me1. i don’t know about any cut dialogue for jaal, but i know the voice actors had to voice certain lines in order to get around glitches or something and it’s not proof same-sex romances were planned.

also, please stop saying certain characters are “bi-coded”. cullen isn’t bi-coded, thane isn’t bi-coded, and jaal isn’t bi-coded as far as i’m aware. (kind of a tangent, but cullen has NEVER shown any interest in men, only female amell and surana before Inquisition. staring as bull’s penis doesn’t automatically mean you’re attracted to men.)

please reblog this post telling me how biphobic i am

Listen up

Personality traits DOES NOT = gender

there are 2 genders -male and female

you can be a masculine woman or a feminine man, but that does not mean you’re any different gender, it is just your personality traits. So please stop making up all of these ‘genders’ to feel like you belong somewhere.