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i couldnt stop thinking abt andreil in suspenders after seeing @broship-addict drawing *o* i recommend reading saul’s mobster!au fic if you like this kind of aesthetic 

{Part 1} Mix Up // Kim Namjoon (University! AU)

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Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Comedy, Fluff, AU

Summary//Request: Arriving at your University dorms for the first time, you expect to be greeted by your new female roommate - however, upon walking in to find a half-naked man in his bed; things take an annoying, yet interesting turn.

{Part 1} {Part 2}

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anonymous asked:

I went on Erika Moen's comic site, what exactly do you take offence at regarding her work? Admittedly I only read a few posts but she just seems to encourage honesty and communication regarding sex.

Let me show you.

Here’s one example:

That one is disgusting for numerous reasons:

1. Oh, she is totally a LUG.

2. They’re objectifying a woman together as some astoundingly rude and sexist male-identifying assholes, and she doesn’t even like it - but they don’t care. Her, and her husband.

Then there’s this gem, which is obviously gross, and the only comic she apologized for - notice that. Which one did she apologize for? The one where she objectified trans MEN. All the NUMEROUS comics she objectifies WOMEN in are for one not even criticized by the queer community, and secondly not apologized for, because objectifying women is a-okay in Erikas and the rest of the queers imagination land.

She’s also a racist (self-explanatory picture, isn’t it?).

And last but not least: this fucking thing, where she takes her husband to a fucking strip club and ogles exploited women with him because she’s SO QUEER she’s almost a fucking man.

- Pi


Top 10 quotes from serial killers

1. Ted Bundy - “I just liked to kill, I wanted to kill.” / “You learn what you need to kill and take care of the details…Its like changing a tire…The 1st time you’re careful…By the 30th time, you can’t remember where you left the lug wrench.” 

2. Richard Ramirez - “You maggots make me sick, I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells within us all.” / “We’ve all got the power in our hands to kill, but most people are afraid to use it. The ones who aren’t afraid, control life itself.” 

3. Jeffrey Dahmer - “I’ve got to start eating at home more..” / “My consuming lust was to experience their bodies. I viewed them as objects, as strangers. It is hard for me to believe a human being could have done what I’ve done”

4. John Wayne Gacy - “A clown can get away with murder.” 

5. Charles Manson - “I’m nobody, I’m a tramp, a bum, a hobo, I’m a boxcar and a jug of wine and a straight razor… if you get too close to me”

6.  Ian Brady - “We do whatever we enjoy doing. Whether it happens to be judged good or evil is a matter for others to decide.”

7.  Albert Fish - “I like children, they are tasty.”



Regardless of the mission, from close to long range, the Remington 700PSS is capable of excellent accuracy and reliability. This manually operated bolt action rifle has 2 forward dual-opposed lugs. The bolt face is recessed, and the C-clip extractor sits within it. The ejector is a plunger on the bolt face actuated by a coil spring. The bolt is of 3-piece construction, and the receiver is milled from round cross-section steel.


How to replace the holy grails useless “flerb” setting with a room reverb using only two tiny jumper wires.

1. Take your holy grail apart.
2. Locate the switch.
3. Solder a jumper between the 2 middle lugs of the switch. The brown wire should be soldered to one of them already.
4. Solder a second jumper from the yellow wires lug to the lug in the opposite corner.
5. Plug it in.
6. Switch to the flerb setting only to find it has been replaced with a room reverb.
7. Thanks Darrell you’re the greatest.

***disclaimer*** not all grails are created equal. different revisions may have different alternate algorithms. ZERO FLERB GUARANTEED.

There’s also a way to switch between long and short reverbs for each algorithm but It’s slightly more complicated so I’ll save that for anyone desperate enough to ask….