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things mr 50s gets a Bone 4

ppl killing ppl
murder in general. even if ur murder him
no scratch that ESPIECIILAY if ur murerign him
ppl talking abt things that are beyond his intellectual capacity
low voices (dudes)
breathy voices (girls)
most bikinis
porn staches
most knees
shirtless ppl
ken bone

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Moon in Aries

Setting off the cardinal grand cross today, particularly later in the day (and for people east of the Greenwich Meridian, Wednesday morning). The Moon is primarily response, and in Aries she’s a First Responder. We’ll feel impelled to jump right into the middle of things. We may eagerly grasp the opportunity, or we may mightily resent it, or both. A better use of the energy would be to clean your bathroom, go on a long solitary jog, or anything else you can do (1) alone, that is (2) constructive.

Looking ahead to Wednesday: rather more stable.

anonymous asked:

second thing here, i came up with a list of things that can be good to do when male presenting in order to feel more comfortable and appear more stereotypically male if one should wish: gait and pose help a lot, standing with your hands in your pockets and walking with your feet shoulder width apart can help. obviously short hair is v androgynous which is coo. makeup can help you out a lot with that kind of thing as well, look up tutorials for male looks on youtube. glasses might help too? (1/2)

(2/2) it depends on your individual aesthetic. if you have a binder then obviously that’s super helpful. shorts look great and masculine if they’re long or loose. loose jeans and trousers help, male clothes tend to be loose fitting around the back and give a straight figure so that may help too. feel free to not use in any way if you should wish, if any of this is helpful at all then that’s cool if not then that’s cool too C: thanks for your time [/end]

(there’s been quite a few people asking about “passing” so i’ll post this. but no one should feel like they have to “pass” as anything if they don’t want to. this is specifically for people who need to “pass” for dysphoria relief or whatever)

to add on- there are specific short haircuts that look more “masculine” but there are also “masculine” ways to style long hair too. glasses can be helpful if you wear them, but look for rectangular frames, ideally from the men’s or boys’ section (if that’s not possible, there are “women’s” glasses that fit the bill- i “passed” as male the whole time i had my last pair of glasses, which were “women’s” glasses. loose clothes can be helpful, but they should still fit you. 

- jay

GA #2 Moth Attack

He looked up right before the swarm hit him


1. My giveaways will run from 5pm CST to 7pm CST.

2. Deposit a level 1-10 Minior nicknamed MinyGA in the GTS for a trade.

3. Level lock for the pokemon you want, if possible, to keep sniping to a minimum.

4. If it has the wrong nickname, I won’t trade you. I’ll assume it’s not my GA.

5. You’re allowed to grab one of each pokemon. No double dipping, please. (If I have leftovers I might decide to do another giveaway for them.)
Feel free to submits some pics of these precious Pokemon lol

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casual reminder that

at the banquet

Victor stalked followed Yuuri with his gaze

his very focused

curious gaze…