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The Office

2 teams of 6 good looking men, 1 intern, 1 receptionist and an overwhelming amount of tension and flirting.

Part Eight - The Closed Door Meeting

Genre: CRACK | Fluff | Angst
Members: OT7
Word count: 1,755

A/N: ohohohoho, we’re getting to some good stuff i’m excited for you guys to read, IT’S GONNA BE A TIME. - Amelia

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anonymous asked:

Will your new skin be released soon? I really want to change my default but if your new one is out soon I will wait!

I’m feeling self-conscious about it so might take a while. It’s nothing fancy though, I’m warning you. It’s inspired on these(1|2) ts3 skins. I was looking for a veeery simple skin that wouldn’t change the EA’s skin too much, that’s why I didn’t do a lot.

Kakashi fankid stealin yo scenes.

And when he’s not doin’ that, he’s bein’ cuuuute with his expressions and his choppy Minato-side hair thingies…

He’s also cutely interested in classroom rules, or whatever that paper is: 

Also consider his toesies: 

…and this beautiful avatar he has gifted us with (he even has that chunk of bangs between his eyes like young kakashi!!): 

…and HIS ‘YAY’ WAVE: 

… and that he is not beyond being awkwardly animated (and this is only 2 episodes in at this point): 

I love him.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Will you be putting more art prints/stickers/other things on your storenvy at any point? Love your art! 🌺✨

Yes! I will be reopening my storenvy with an explosion of new things in June
But for now, it is temporarily open for stickers only!
There are 2 sticker sets available on my store rn, check them out here~
(store closes on March 20th)