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The 7 Step Process To Manifesting Your Dreams

1. Intention - decide what you want. The first step is to look within and understand what we’re seeking and why. Once we know what we’re seeking we can make it the central focus of our lives - our intention. If peace of mind is our intention we will be able to discern what does & does not align with this and act accordingly.

2. Visualisation - build a clear picture of what it looks like. Adding details to the picture in our heads is a great way to aid the manifestation process. We can also use visualisation exercises to add finer details - what are the smells, tastes, sounds and sights associated with the life we seek to create? This will make it seem more realistic than just a far away dream that may never come to be.

3. Alignment - match your thoughts & beliefs to the goal. The first step to achieving anything is believing that it can be done - we need to become aware of any limiting beliefs or thought patterns that may be mentally or physically blocking that which we’re trying to manifest.

4. Actions - take action every single day. If the dream is to have a fit, healthy and functioning body we must make sure that our daily actions match the goal. We need to eat, sleep and exercise in a way that will help the manifestation process, when our actions and thoughts are aligned we become unstoppable.

5. Focus - block out the distractions. Anything that doesn’t exist in the dream life must be removed today and done so unapologetically. Whether that’s negative people, dysfunctional behaviour or negative ways of thinking - we need to prioritise our dreams if we want them to become reality.

6. Gratitude - be thankful for what you already have. When we become grateful for the good things in our lives we are moving into the abundance mindset, this is essential for manifestations because we attract what we are. If we start “wanting” instead of being thankful for having we begin to embody the scarcity mindset and this attracts more scarcity.

7. Manifestation - watch out for the signs. When we change our thoughts and actions to align with our dreams we will notice our environments changing. People, places and things we used to resonate with will naturally filter out to make room for what we are attracting. We cannot embrace the new whilst still holding on to the old.

We attract what we are, not what we want.

Peace & positive vibes.

Idyllwild: The One With A Throw Pillow

The premise: FLUFF

You can read the one with the broon coo here.

November 7th, 2011

“1 - 2 - 4 - 9 - 6… here I tum, Da!”

I walked into the living room just in time to see Jamie dive onto the sofa and cover his face with a throw pillow, leaving the rest of his six-foot-four frame in plain sight.

“What are you doing?” I asked unnecessarily as I stood in front of him, grinning.

His hand shot out and pulled me down on top of him. “Shh, we’re hiding.”

“We?” I laughed.

“Oh, aye, Sassenach,” the pillow eagerly replied, “you’re my favorite place to hide.”

I groaned, “Favorite or easiest to hide behind? Shall I turn sideways and make it easier for you?”

Faith ran into the room giggling, oblivious to my question directed at an inanimate object.

“Mum! Where Da?”

I felt a warm hand slip under my shirt as I glibly answered, “I don’t know, lovie, have you looked behind the chair?”

She squealed with delight and set off to the far corner of the room. Jamie’s arm slid around my waist, no small distance with five weeks to go before my due date. A low chuckle sounded as I swatted his tickling fingers away from their intended destination.

“Hear Da!” Faith circled back.

“Do you? Where could he be?” I feigned ignorance as she climbed onto what was left of my lap. “Whatever shall we do?”

“Find baby?”

I wasn’t sure which made me laugh more, her instantaneous abandonment of finding her father or the confusion on her face as she looked about the room. She understood that her baby sister was coming soon and that I “had a baby in my tummy” but she often failed to grasp that they were one and the same.

“Lovie, baby’s right here,” I shifted her, unintentionally seating Faith directly atop Jamie’s head, resulting in a muffled ‘oof.’ Moving her again, I aimed her sharp knees in the other direction. “Remember?”

She furrowed her brows as she tugged at the neckline of my shirt, shouting down it for good measure.

“Baby sis’er, tum OUT! Find you!”

Jamie vibrated with laughter, but somehow went undetected by his adamant daughter. Either in response to the vocal summons of her elder sister, or, more probably, the less-than-gentle prodding of the same, the baby moved in search of a more comfortable position in her cramped quarters.

“She hears you,” I grimaced as one daughter’s foot connected with my ribs and the other’s head bumped into my nose, “but she has to hide a bit longer.”

Faith hadn’t. She’d arrived at barely over thirty five weeks, spending a total of fifteen days in the NICU, with me in hospital for preeclampsia as well for ten of them. I would be thirty five weeks tomorrow and I desperately prayed that this time would be different.

Playful fingers slipped under the band of my pregnancy jeans and I elbowed Jamie solidly in the gut, ready for this game to be done, “Where do you think your Da is hiding?”

Faith took the bait and slid off my lap, onto the couch beside me. She wedged her little face between my back and her father’s torso and shrieked at the top of her lungs.

“Find Da!”

Jamie moved behind me and I tried to stand, to give him room to sit up, but failed and sank back into the spot he had just vacated. I tipped my head back to rest against the couch, sighing, “Oh good, do you suppose he’ll help mummy up?”

“He will, dinna fash,” Jamie stood, guiding and lifting me up beside him.

Faith leapt to her feet and bounced up and down in the couch cushions,  “Up, Da!”

He grinned as he gathered me into his arms instead, explaining, “Your mum needs a kiss first, munchkin.”

“Up!” She demanded, in Gaelic this time, tugging at my arm.

“Faith,” Jamie responded good naturedly as he nuzzled my neck, “I’ll pick you up in just a moment.”

I heard her clap and giggle, “Lips Da!”

“If you insist, a leannan,” he murmured as he eagerly followed his daughter’s instructions, kissing me soundly on the lips.

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Mom, let me just say that that anon was so fucking hilarious. He should be a comedian. I mean how could we not notice that BTS is the only kpop group that exists in this world and that they're practically Gods themselves. Bless us mom, for we have been blind all along. I mean, did we not realize that having your own preference isn't allowed? What have we been doing with our life mom? ffs. 🙃😂

agagshdjglhl right I can’t believe we’ve all been fooled, I can’t believe other kpop groups are just myths 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩


Hey @taylorswift I graduated and got a job in a city across the country, living on my own in a new city is scary but so rewarding. I also have been dating this awesome girl for 2 years now and we met because of you. I can’t wait to hear reputation, a new era is just what I need right now.

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Sooooo... I have a million questions about Carlosbut some of my biggest are 1.) His family (and like were they at the wedding??? Were they invited???) and pretty much everything about them. 2.) Can we please get canon dyslexic and/or autistic Carlos because that'd be lovely. What are your biggest questions about the handsome scientist or your thoughts on those? ^_^

I NEED TO KNOW SO MUCH MORE ABOUT CARLOS TBH. Also I agree that would be so nice! My biggest questions are mostly like yours tbh. I just wanna know more about him and hear his thoughts about Night Vale as someone who once lived in a normal place, and how he adjusted. I just really love his character and wish he was on more

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same same same. i dont care about dove/thomas relationship. get married, have kids, be the one celeb couple that lasts forever. i. do. not. care. but i do care about descendants writers inserting the cast members real lives into the series. because its blatantly ignoring canon and what they created for no reason (bal who?). i watched d2 for uma so if her character gets sidelined, if uma/harry is played off like theyre not even friends or he never had a crush on her, then im not watching d3

Same for all of that- like, I don’t give a fuck if they last forever or have kids or get married- I just care they affecting D3 at this rate.

(More like Bal and Huma who at this rate with Disney)

I wont even touch it- i’ll just avoid Disney Channel when it airs.

  • A Ravenclaw pumped up on six cups of highly sugared coffee, a five hour energy, and three packs of skittles: listen man I can tell you 43 different types of birds and every feasible fact about the book I'm reading but if I have to name one more goddamn constellation I'm shoving this star chart up Galileo's ass
  • Matt in October: omg pumpkins are just the best I love them
  • Matt on Valentines Day: omg man candy is just the best I mean it literally beats everything else wow
  • Matt on the first day of spring: omg guys plants!!! they are?? just?? amazing??? yay photosynthesis!!! :D

David’s ‘Friend Pills’

(( I’ve been told that it’s actually RX. See the thing is where I live, that doesn’t exist. I can’t really be expected to know everything about other countries.. we do it differently over here. So let’s just turn this theory into a fun ‘what if’ shall we?))

In episode Ep 1 of season 2 we see David pull out an orange bottle of pills labeled 'friend pills PX’ while he has a sing off with the cultist Daniel.

A lot of people speculate that these are antidepressants to help with depression, anxiolytics to help with anxiety or melatonin to help with insomnia (the inability to sleep or stay asleep). While these are all great theories, I did a quick search on 'pills PX’ and this is what I found

Any pill labeled 'PX’ or that had those letters prominent in the name was used to treat Dyskinesia or any disorders like that. Basically the inability to stop moving for a long amount of time.

It would make sense, whenever we see David he is usually making over the top gestures with over exaggerated movements of his hands, his arms and even legs. He jumps around quite a lot, and yeah it’s probably because he’s excited and always pretty darn happy, but it could also be because he literally is unable to stop himself. It would also explain his struggle sleeping and his constant night walks, he can’t stay still and he can’t sleep.

There is a form of these pills labelled 'IPX’ that even looks extremely similar to the pills we can just make out in David’s bottle.

I’m probably really dumb and stupid, but I haven’t seen many people mention it. Maybe it’s because I have no friends, who knows. please don’t attack me if I’m wrong *nervous laugh*

Maybe I’m just digging too deep, who knows.

[[note: don’t automatically believe everything I say, I could be wrong and it’s just a theory. We haven’t got too much proof and I’m not a doctor]]

How to Find your Purpose

1. Take time to ponder the questions “What really matters in life; what do I want to have achieved when I look back over my life?”

2. Make time for solitude and silence. Filling every minute makes it hard to listen to our intuition, or that inner guiding voice.

3. Seek out people who inspire you – and then learn from them. There are many people who live inspiring lives. We can learn from their experience, and what they have to share.

4. Consciously monitor your progress. It is easy to slip back into unproductive habits. Hence, we need to be committed to sticking to our plan.

5. Accept that struggles and setbacks will be part of your experience. There will be times when you are tempted to give up and stop trying … but choosing to keep going will lead you to your dreams.






You and I are gonna go S H O P P I N G

But, Semiramis! I just told you I’m broke! I can’t get nice things!



The world is full of wonders, one of them being


Remember sweeties, a witch’s best friend is scavenging.

Open your eyes. Look around. Scout your neighborhood.

But what about the things that I can’t get out on the streets!?

That’s what we’re shopping for!

Now before we move on, close your eyes… then open them again because you need to read the rest of the message… and repeat the following mantra:


No fancy ingredients, no pretty crystals, no expensive incenses will work better than your RAW HEART AND SOUL.


Now let’s go get some of that good shit.

How good?

Diz gud.

Now, it’s no mystery that a broke ass witch needs to pay a visit to the local dollar stores to get her materials every once in a while, but if you’re like me and live in a place where there are no dollar stores (and there are no dollars either) WHERE TO GO?

The answer is here:


These places are AWESOME for a witch on a budget, because they carry EVERYTHING. From toys to art supplies to kitchenware…


(That’s where we come in)

Speaking of budget, by the way. Let’s set one.

Say… $15?

FIFTEEN AMERICAN DOLLARS. I will take you home with some nice and rare goodies that will spice up your spells.

Let’s go in.

Oooh what a promising start. This here, my friends, are 25 grams of the purest coke Palo Santo wood. Don’t like it in its natural state?

They have it in incense too!

But we ain’t getting that shit. I’m allergic so I can’t burn anything scented or else I… die.

But know they’re there, as well as essential oils, and they’re quite accessi-




Nah I’m just kidding. This is the price in pesos, meaning that these oils are *math happens* $1.55 each!

What a D E A L


Also, holy shit…

You HAVE to see the candles aisle in this place.

They have them twirly



The photo is not blury, you’re drunk




Oh hellooo thereee~

Twelve candles for $1.94 you say?



Don’t let anyone tell you cheap candles don’t get the job done, people!

Plus they burn just as good.

NOW at this point the store was 10 minutes away from closing time, so I had to stop taking pictures to get my ass outta there, BUT

Here’s a look at what we got:

That doesn’t look too good, let’s add a F I L T E R

Those little crochet doilies that will serve as my new altar tablecloths? They were $0.55

But Amis! Those don’t look too witchy, more like what my grandma puts under her vases!

First of all, how dare you.

Second of all, how dare you.

Granmotherly stuff is witchy by D E F I N I T I O N. Embrace the grandma aesthetic, y’all!


If you’re poor you have to be CRAFTY. Look at that! It has a pentacle now. How long did it take? Literally 30 seconds! Imagine what we could do with a whole afternoon!

Ok, I admit it, that was a fiasco, BUT WE’RE ONTO SOMETHING THERE.

Let’s take a closer look at what else we brought, shall we?

This tiny chest is 7.5 cm wide x 5.5 cm tall x 5.5 cm deep (3 in x 2.1 in x 2.1 in) and will hold my pocket altar. It was *drum roll* $1.70!

I was getting tired of using my mom’s big ass scissors to cut my tiny delicate herbs, so I got myself this pair of snips! Price: $0.55 and they’re sharper than Tom Hiddleston’s style. Plus they serve a multitude of purposes, like shanking a bitch.

A quick stop by the crystal shop that was also closing (pfft crystal shop. Sounds like out of a fantasy novel, love it) yields the following goodies:

-Onyx ($0.55)

-Fluorite ($0.27)

-Snowflake obsidian (hard to get where I live. It’s kinda pricey at $2.20. I recommend other kinds of obsidian or maybe just black glass as I’ve been using until today, it still works awesomely. I got the obsidian because I wanted to experiment with it and my Mentor recommended me to get it, same as the fluorite).

-And the CUTEST little quartz formation. This one kinda defeats the purpose because it was a bit pricey. You don’t need it; any clear quartz will work the same.  It was $4.50 and it was my guilty pleasure of the month. It also came with a free satchel that’s most certainly going to be used with magickal results in the foreseeable future.

More of it because it’s so gorgeous ♥

Back to the fluorite! That shit is large and cheap! Well, you see, it’s kinda ugly because I was part of a larger stone and broke down the middle when they were trying to perforate it to make it into a pendant.

But check this hot babe out


Coming back from the imports store, I paid a visit to my pot dealer erh I mean my herbs supplier. Got myself some ginger for $0.27



Maybe they don’t package it like this in your country, but here this little shitty capsule is worth its weight in GOLD.

Y’all know what this is?

This is SAFFRON.

Now normally I steer fucking clear of things this expensive, but when I asked my dealer I mean the vendor she said it was on sale.

This stuff LITERALLY sold by FRACTIONS OF GRAMS. In this case that’s 0.2 grams of saffron, that’s 0.007 ounces. YES. ZERO POINT ZERO ZERO SEVEN. Insert here Bond reference

Retail price? Normally around $8 per capsule (EIGHT AMERICAN DOLLARS!)

How much on sale?


A tip for the broke witch: hunt down for sales. Even if you don’t use the ingredients in your spells, you can still trade them with other witches or with anyone, really.

After this I went home and decided to try out my new candles.

And as I said, if you’re poor, you gotta get crafty!

I cut one of the candles in half. A part went to my pocket altar, and the other half

I used one of those ceramic saucers with the little erh… lower level circle in the middle?


Melt the wax in the microwave or on the flame and then make sure it stays in the center of the saucer. Then take it out and wait until it cools down (or put it in the freezer if you are an impatient little shit). DO NOT LET IT SOLIDIFY COMPLETELY.

Then you take it out and use a round cookie cutter (or if you’re a cheap ass like me, find something else)

I just used the styling nozzle of my hair drying because F U K D A P O L I C E

Put it again in the freezer and once it’s completely solidified use a spatula because you, my dear witch

Just made yourself a moon wax amulet!

Engrave it with your sigils, place it on your altar, carefully soften the bottom with heat and use it as a seal, the possibilities are endless!



The rest? Melt it again or use it as a poppet in case you wanna cast a spell over an onion ring…

By the end of the day, our haul is:

-Altar cloth $0.55

-Herbs snips $0.55

-Mini-altar wooden box $1.70

-Dozen of blue candles $1.94

-Ginger root $0.27

-Satchel $0

-Snowflake obsidian $2.20

-Fluorite$ 0.27

-Onix $0.55

-Quartz crystal formation $4.50

-Saffron Capsule $2

A grand total of $14.53!

Of our budget of $15 we still have $0.47 that where I live is enough for the bus ride back home!

If we take away the unnecessarily pricey stuff (the quartz and the saffron) we got everything for $8.03!

Now if THAT’S not magick, I don’t know what is!


1)      REUSE as many things as you can.

2)      MOVE THOSE FEET. I know it doesn’t sound appealing, but CHECK SEVERAL PLACES. Find the best prices by checking different stores and comparing.

3)      BE CREATIVE. If you find yourself in need of something you can’t afford, think and find a way to replace it or get it through other routes. As I said, witch trading is a thing!

4)      BARGAIN. There’s no shame in it, people! If you’re dealing with independent merchants and buy regularly/are buying a lot, try to get better prices! Don’t disrespect their business, though!

5)      REMEMBER YOUR MANTRA. Witchcraft requires NOTHING. Except you.

Now go out there and work your Magick!

-Semiramis, the Magpie Witchling

100% organic, vegan, gluten-free Fandometrics

Happy days

  • (Music) Rihanna tap-tap-taps her way to No. 4 after Fenty Beauty changed lives.
  • (Celebs) Bill Skarsgård, aka Pennywise, debuts at No. 3; confirms they all float down there.
  • (Movies) A strong debut for It, coming in at No. 2
  • (Video Games) Detour ahead: Mystic Messenger moves up to No. 2 after a new route was released.
  • (TV) Bojack Horseman (No. 8) spends this season exploring the damage we inherit from our parents and, in turn, pass on to our children. What a fun cartoon horse!

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Seen better days

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9 Ways To Increase Your Vibration

1. Questions - transcending illusions requires you to question them. Illusions are beliefs we give our power to, they are designed to keep us living through the ego - which keeps our vibrations at a low level. When we question our reality & what we think we know - then we have the potential to transcend illusions, which raises our frequency. It’s like lifting a veil that’s been tightly fitted since birth, keep in mind that this will take time and there are many layers to every illusion.

2. Love - build your life around what you enjoy. Surrounding ourselves with the people, places and things we love will help us move into the love vibration - which is the highest vibrational state. When we’re doing what we love with the people we love our vibration will increase, the opposite is true when we surround ourselves with things we hate - our vibration will remain at a lower frequency.

3. Breath - your signal to the universe. When we take long, deep breaths we are sending a signal to the universe to say “I have an abundance of air” - as opposed to short, sharp breaths that send out a signal of lack. Having the mindset of abundance raises our vibrational frequency - attracting more abundance to us in other areas of our lives. 

4. Food - love your body. The body is our vessel & when we feed it healthy foods we increase our vibrations because we are showing love to ourselves & the body. Processed foods, sugary drinks and toxic drugs like alcohol are the most common culprits for keeping our vibrations low.

5. Thoughts - how we think determines how we live. To increase our vibration we need to think higher vibrational thoughts - love, peace, abundance - but that can be difficult at times. The best way to think these thoughts is to align our actions with the kind of thoughts we want to create because our actions create our thoughts. It’s a lot easier to think in a higher vibrational way when we’re around the people, places & things we love - so distancing ourselves from negativity is a great way to increase our vibration.

6. Nature - vibe with the planet. Mother nature offers us a higher vibrational environment for us to align ourselves with. Observe how everything behaves in nature and take note of sights, sounds, feelings & smells - make time to relax around some greenery. Breathing in fresh oxygen from the trees is another great way to raise our vibration.

7. Creativity - expression from the soul. We are not our bodies or minds, we are the consciousness that drives the vessel - allow it to express itself creatively to tune into who we truly are and we will notice our vibration increasing. Singing, dancing, painting, drawing & even washing the dishes can all be creative outlets - almost anything can be an opportunity for us to express ourselves creatively and this allows us to enter the love vibration.

8. Knowledge - true wisdom is knowing the extent of one’s own ignorance. When we acknowledge how much we don’t know we move out of ignorance - this opens the possibilities for us to learn more and through this acquisition of knowledge we can raise our vibrational frequency. The pursuit of knowledge lasts our whole lifetimes, but requires us to dissolve the egoic delusion that we are already knowledgable enough. We can liberate our own ignorance with knowledge & patience.

9. Gratitude - give thanks for the good & the bad. Increasing our vibration requires us to acknowledge that there is no such thing as good or bad - with this in mind we can give thanks for every experience because of what they have been sent to teach us. Becoming grateful for everything in our lives is the best hack to increasing our vibration because we move into the abundance mindset and attract more of what we are thankful for. Give thanks for everything you love in life and watch more of it roll in.

Transcend the negativity & vibrate higher.

Peace & positive vibes.

Consider what God may be trying to teach you...
  • When you feel isolated and lonely, consider that God may be trying to teach you that we can trust He will never truly leave us alone.
    • “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)
  • When you feel heartbroken, consider that God may be trying to teach you what it means to fully rely on His strength and perfect will.
    • “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)
  • When you feel like your future is going nowhere, consider that God may be growing you for the next season of your life in which you would never experience without the growth process first.
    • “Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” (John 15:2)
  • When you feel hopeless, consider that God may be trying to show you He gives us eternal hope, which outweighs the temporary hope this world offers us.
    • “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

The point is, God can teach us in every situation of our lives… we need only to be open to learning what that is.

Consider what He may be trying to teach you now!

I don’t know why the wildfires in Sonoma and Napa counties are not trending more, or why this news is not more widespread, but the devastation in the North Bay is phenomenal. 16 are dead (this death toll continues to rise), 2,000 homes- ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOODS- HAVE BEEN DESTROYED, 115,000 acres so far have been burned, and 183 people re unaccounted for.

We are all living out our worst nightmares as this beautiful place we call our homes is being desecrated by wildfires that continue to burn. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE HOMELESS. TENS OF THOUSANDS HAVE EVACUATED.

Please spread the word. Please find a way to help out. Please don’t let Eminem or Donald Trump or Harvey Weinstein be what everyone is talking about.

Help us.

It all started with a beer. We sat in a bar , the only one where you could still smoke and we listened to some woman trying to sing. As beer became 3 beers we started opening up. We talked about our past and what we wanted from the future. I loved his British accent and he thought mine was funny. He treated me like a lady - even though I never really felt like one. There was something in the air and we both knew, that it won’t be just one of those nights. I grabbed his phone and started recording a video -“ what are you doing?” - he asked me -“im recording a video of us on our first date”- i said -“what are we going to do with it?” - he looked at me -“ we will play it at our wedding”- i laughed. 
I was 22, he was 37. Everyone laughed when they saw us. They thought the age difference mattered, that we were just a fling. That we could not possibly understand eachother. But here we are today , 4 years later. Our own house, 2 pets, a baby on the way. We can’t wait to have beers together for the rest of our lives and show everyone the videos we have been making for the past 1400 days.
- Ella Dvornik about meeting Charles Pearce

this is sooo cuteee

Drabble List

Please specify which list you’re choosing from


1 - “I love you. I hope you know that.”
2 - “I bought this because I thought you’d like it.”
3 - “I just feel safe with you. Like nothing bad can happen.”
4 - “You’re adorable, and I can’t believe I have you all to myself.”
5 - “Are you warm enough? “
6 - “I don’t like when you say things like that. To me, you’re perfect.”
7 - “I like it when you say my name.”
8 - “I care about you. I’ve always cared about you.”
9 - “You’re soft and warm and I don’t want you to move.”
10 - “I love kissing you.”
11 - “I’m just glad you’re safe. I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you.”
12 - “Welcome home.”
13 - “God, you’re so beautiful.”
14 - “You make me want to become a better person.”
15 - “She’s/he’s not my boyfriend!”
16 - “I always want to kiss you.”
17 - “I’m really lucky to have you.”
18 - “I think it’s adorable how easily you blush.”
19 - “I just want to take care of you.”
20 - “Don’t tell me not to worry, because I’m going to do that anyway.”
21 - “I made you some breakfast.”
22 - “If you’re so cold, why didn’t you say something? Come here.”
23 - “I guess time flies when you’re with somebody you love.”
24 - “I never want you to think you’re anything less than my top priority.”
25 - “You look really cute in that.”


1 - “No, I don’t want to say goodbye. Not now.”
2 - “I think I might be better off without you.”
3 - “Don’t tell me what to do.”
4 - “I don’t want to do this without you.”
5 - “I thought we were friends.”
6 - “Stop yelling and listen for a second.”
7 - “What you did what stupid and dangerous and scared the hell out of me.”
8 - “I just want you to be safe. I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you.”
9 - “Please, just…be safe. Come back to me.”
10 - “Why didn’t you tell me? I thought you trusted me.”
11 - “Don’t cry. Everything’s going to be okay.”
12 - “Who did this? Who hurt you?”
13 - “I love you, not them.”
14 - “Am I not good enough?” / “I’m not good enough.”
15 - “I’m so, so sorry.”
16 - “This is all your fault.”
17 - “But I only just got home.”
18 - “Don’t say that. You’re going to be okay.”
19 - “Please don’t leave.”
20 - “I know you didn’t mean it, but it still hurt.”
21 - “I wish I didn’t have these feelings, but I do.”
22 - “Why would you think something like that?”
23 - “Look me in the eye and tell me you love me.”
24 - “I thought I’d never see you again.”
25 - “You can’t just leave like this.”


1 - “I missed you so much.”
2 - “Like what you see?”
3 - “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”
4 - “You’re so perfect. And I’m so fucking lucky.”
5 - “Try to stay quiet, understand?”
6 - “We’re in public, you know.”
7 - “I didn’t know you were so sensitive.”
8 - “Don’t be so rough. There can’t be any marks.”
9 - “Don’t smile at me like that. You know it drives me crazy.”
10 - “I like it when you say my name like that.”
11 - “I heard shower sex is dangerous, but right now, I’m willing to take the risk.”
12 - “I really don’t care. You still look hot and I’m trying not to kiss you senseless right now.”
13 - “You’re so much fun to touch.”
14 - “Can I at least take my shoes off before you pounce on me?”
15 - “Are you sure? Once we start, I might not be able to stop.”
16 - “No, I’m supposed to be making you feel good.”
17 - “Oh my God, do that again.”
18 - “You can be wearing a trashbag, and I’d still want you.”
19 - “I thought maybe we can do a little more than just kissing.”
20 - “I’m going to be late because you can’t keep it in your pants.”

too-many-overwhelming-feels  asked:

I’m lowkey surprised this hasn’t been done yet but can I get some Reddie hc for when Richie gets his wisdom teeth out and Eddie has to take him home all doped up? He keeps forgetting he’s dating Eddie and is amazed when Eddie confirms that they are in fact in a relationship

“woah, you’re hot, whats your name?”

“uh, eddie?”

“cute, you come here often?”

“richie this is your car”

“WOAH, i have a car? cool, wanna go to dinner with me? i have a car now so i can drive us”

“richie we have dinner at home”

“WOAH i have a home??”

“o-of course you do what??”

“but seriously, babe, you’re cute and i wanna get your number…i wanna take you on a date…i wanna be with you”

“richie for god sake we’re already dating!”


“we have been for like 2 years?”


“we’ve literally been having sex together and living together and we go to the same college an-”