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he knew the other would be around here somewhere, it was a nice day and bank seemed like the kind of person that would enjoy a park like this. he fixed as suit jacket as he looked around, straightening his tie upon seeing bank sitting down on a patch of grass he bit on a smile and walked up to the smaller male, patting him with his foot lightly. “hey, wanna see what i can do now?”

SO if you’re curious about who made which scarf in this pic of Aizawa i drew, here’s a handy list explaining who made what:

  • Izuku’s is the red and green one. he just enjoys red and green
  • Mineta’s is the spotted purple one. he just. really likes grapes
  • Tsuyu’s is the green one wtih yellow fluff. it has tiny little frogs on the design
  • Kirishima’s is the red one with light designs on it. he wanted to do something manly so he went with red and explosion/spikey looking things
  • Mina’s is the fuzzy chesire cat tail looking one. she saw this really cool and fluffy material at the store and just had to use it
  • Tokoyami’s is the black one. b/c Darkness
  • Momo’s is the plain red one. she wanted to do something simple and stylish, so red
  • Kaminari’s is the yellow and black one. he thought lightning bolts on a scarf instead of the usual stripes would be really cool
  • Ochako’s is the pale pink fuzzy one. it’s kinda weird and fuzzy b/c she’s poor and could only buy cheap material
  • Bakugou’s is the brown/orang one with a skull. the skull is usually on his shirts 
  • Jirou’s is the gray and white pinstriped one. she chose that design b/c it kinda looks like sheet music
  • Iida’s is the darker blue striped pattern. wanted to do a classic striped scarf b/c he has a fairly simple/old fashioned sense of style
  • Todoroki is the icey blue striped scarf. he didn’t know what kinda design to make so he went with a simple stripe pattern
  • Aoyama’s is the sparkly purple one. b/c his ideal fashion is sparkly purple stuff
Loved You First

 Loved You First

Summary: Liam and Danielle break up. Liam is devastated and drives straight to Zayns house where Zayn comforts him, and Liam finds out something that he should have known long ago. 

Warnings: Mild angst, fluff. 

Authors Note: This fic is dedicated to Ray. I love you & your cute little South American accent.

Pairings: Payzer, Ziam.

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