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First Lines Rules

  • List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether). - I’m just doing my AO3 ones due to me being lazy
  • See if there are any patterns.
  • Then, tag your favorite authors.

1. Next Time - (2.1K)The war may be over but the end doesn’t necessarily mean the end for emotional scars. Everyone Is Alive AU. Stohn. Mentioned Devedor and Navrina. One Shot.
- In the warm lights stood the couple of honor. It was Lorien’s first wedding since the invasion, since the massacre.

2. His Eyes - (3.3K)Five finds the snap in John just as disturbing as everyone else, but not without reason. It’s about time he did something for his fellow Garde. Cohn.
- He hates the government. Despises each and every operative that stepped a foot near his cell. His new favorite activity was coming up with cruel and unusual ways to punish the soldiers who made a mockery of him.

3. Chilled - (2.9K)Moving on is hard but realizing that everyone might have started without you is harder.
- John Smith hated how much his mind traveled. He hated where it traveled to, how it snaked and twisted from his sweetest moments to the darkest, damnedest times of his short life on this planet.

4. Kryptonite - (2.4K)John needs to become a better fighter to save the world like he’s destined to. But did his sparring partner have to be the object of his latest desires?
- His first thought was they wouldn’t get anything done. He needed to be better, to be ready for the inevitable war that they were faced with. All he had managed to master was avoiding the other boy since New Mexico, the rescue mission, and their encounter after a short fight with Five. His second thought was of course . But, that was the luck of a Garde after all.

5. Tomorrow - (3.5K)When his life flips from popular bad boy to hopeful athlete trying to find his place, Stanley Worthington realizes his time in Paradise, Ohio might be starting to run out. How was it Homecoming season already?
- To Stanley, the year should only just be getting started. As he waited for the light at the intersection to turn green before the familiar long strip of fields of his date’s, he didn’t know if he felt angry or disappointed. His summer shouldn’t be over, his month and a half in Cancun couldn’t possibly just be gone and done with. He shouldn’t have spent all day up until now in the back of his closet of his school year home, wrinkling and tossing every dress shirt he owned across the room in desperation.

6. The Ice - (1.6K)Marina and Naveen have a chance meeting at an Ice Rink that has shaped their lives for the better. AU. Navrina. One Shot.
- The moment her beautiful yet incredibly clumsy boyfriend stepped a cautious foot out onto the ice, Marina had to hold herself back from racing across the cold surface of the rink to catch what she thought and feared would be his pending fall.

7. Shut Up and Kiss Me - (2.0K)Four hates games until he’s challenged to one he wouldn’t dare pass up, the chance to kiss Nine.Stohn. Oneshot.
- Four started off hating the games. Mental, physical, emotional, he grew sick every kind of game to be played. He didn’t have the time to mess around. The world couldn’t afford him to mess around.

8. Stuck In Space - (2.4K)Nine and John are forced into sharing a bed together.
- “Can you please stop rolling around so much? You’re going to shove me off.”

9. Aftermath - (3.8K)Post UAO One shot. With the absolute death of Sétrakus Ra comes the horrendous nightmares. Nine still doesn’t know if he is dreaming.
- Nine was sure he didn’t bleed. But, in his current state of shock, he can only imagine how much blood everyone was seeing. There would always be horrified looks on his friends’ faces now.

10. Tonight - (12.8K)Paradise High School Prom night is here and new kid John Smith couldn’t be less excited about it. His date is the prom queen and his close friends are all together but John’s left out and by complete chance, it looks like someone else is too.
- “Are you ready to go?” Sarah’s voice called down from the upper floor. John stood in the main hallway by the front door next to the staircase, nervously pulling on the lapel of his suit. He was keeping his eyes trained in his feet to avoid the rest of the Hart family’s curious stares.

11. Not Like This - (1.3K)An alternate finale for UAO - The war for man and Loric alike has taken away almost everyone John Smith has deeply cared for. He was not going to let the aftermath of the Mogadorians take away one more.One Shot. Stohn. Platonic.
- They lost everyone. He lost everyone, all of his friends, dead. Henri, The other Garde, the humans, they were practically all gone. Each and every one of them were taken.

12. Repercussions - (4.3K)Nine still struggles with what happened over the last year, so much so it haunts his dreams and prevents him from sleeping. Who could possibly get hurt next because of him? Stohn mention. Fall of Five alternate scene. Minor blood. An older story that I really enjoyed writing but uses first person, sorry in advance.
The air of the lecture hall is quiet and cold enough that I can see delicate gray clouds of my breaths coming out in panting. I don’t know how long I have been down here, punching away my problems with my favorite and only punching bag left. 

13. [MATURE] A Few Firsts - (3.2K)Nine finds that he can’t stop checking his friend out. He can much less barely keep himself from thinking about him. What John can’t imagine is where the little encounter will go to from there. Stohn. One shot. Mature. Smut.
- Yet again, he found his eyes drifting. They took their agonizing, hungry journey from the top to the bottom of the body in front of him. A toned, well trained, balanced body, with every appendage the ripe size and every curve subtle and natural. He didn’t need excess muscle like every male was advertised like, as long as whoever peaked his interest obviously cared for how his body was.

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