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Personal Log : Whalien 52

So, I just translated the lyrics for the BTS’s new album teaser (you could read it here.) and I couldn’t put my ears off ( or hand, or eyes, or everything! *sighs* ) for ther third track which entitled Whalien 52.

It’s about a lonely whale who couldn’t mate nor communicate with any whale due to her different frequency of voice. 

She always amaze me since I heard about her from 2004 and never stop following every update about research on her. Heck, I even got my room plastered with posters of whale.

But then, when I heard the song, I just got teared up.

Not only they made a song, entitled and dedicated to her, but also they (as in Rap Monster for now) rap their lines as if they’re the whale herself, looking from her point of view and not the others.

I literally just cried all night, just wanting to thank BTS and the producer PDogg for making people open their eyes about this whale.

Call me irrelevant, foolish or stupid, 

But I love this whale a lot, and love as if if I could go and help her find a mate, I will.

And by BTS doing this, I’m loving them more than ever.

Thank you BTS, for opening the people eyes to my beloved Whalien 52.