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Earth 2 Harrison Wells x Reader – Angry make up sex

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Imagine having a really bad argument with Harry … and a really hot make up sex after that.

Note: I had this idea stuck in my head for quite a while now but I wasn’t sure how exactly I wanted to write it. Well, now I do. Something about angry Harry is just too hot to not write about it.
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„Can you stop doing that noise?“ Harry grumbled with annoyance as he turned his head from the board filled with equations of some sort.

„Well, I am sorry, I can’t weld the pieces together without making a bit of noise. By the way, weren’t you the one who asked me to make this device in the first place?“

„Then go do it somewhere else!“ This time he raised his voice as he slammed the desk.

„Fine!“ You snapped back. „Maybe next time you can do it yourself, when my way sucks so much!“

„I am trying to do some real work here and you are being really annoying.“

„Real work. Seriously? This could help us with defeating Dr. Inferno, who is – if your forgot – trying to kill Barry and every single living being that stands in his way!“

„In case you forgot, Zoom still has my daughter and getting her back is the number one priority!“

„I didn’t forget, Harry. And if you didn’t notice, I’m doing everything I can to help you! But I can’t do that, if you keep acting like such a dick!“

Of course you understood his fear of losing his daughter, but that didn’t give him the right to yell at everyone around whenever something from his plan goes wrong.

„I’m really not in a mood for this, Y/N.“ He whispered in his deep husky voice as he came closer making you move backwards until you hit the door.

„Great. Neither am I.“ You couldn’t deny that his beviour was scaring you a bit now but you had no intentions of letting him know.

It would take just few seconds and you would be out of there. Harry would cool down until the morning and you could talk about this like two responsible adults.

But that would be too easy.

Just when you tried to turn around, Harry cought your arm firmly and didn’t want to let go.

“Don’t you walk out on me like that.“

„W-Why? W-what would you possibly do, hm?“ You tried to keep your voice from shaking but you failed. Miserably.

„You will find out very soon.“

You noticed a slight smirk on his face as he pinned both of your hands up and started … kissing you.

At first you struggled but his grip was too strong. He slipped one of his cold hands under your shirt and started teasing your now bare skin.

You were still mad at him, but god, he knew your body so well. He probably noticed that you stopped resisting so he skilfully unhooked your bra and took it off along with your shirt leaving you now topless.

Your hands were free for just a second so you tried to cover your chest but Harry was of a different opinion.

„Who said you can do that?“ He growled as your hands ended up pinned up back again. His lips traced down your neck leaving small, hot kisses driving you insane.

„H-Harry, s-stop … w-what if someone-“

„Nobody’s here at this hour.“ He whispered and let go of your wrists just so he could pick you up and put your legs around his waist leaning you against the door.

Screw it.

You couldn’t resist him any longer. You tangled your fingers in his hair and this time, you were the one who iniciated the kiss. He kissed you back hungrily, sliding his tongue inside your mouth making you moan.

He hated to break the kiss, only allowing it for a few seconds so that you could take off his shirt.

Not even bothering with your skirt still on, he leaned closer to kiss you again, while tracing his hand down your waist and thigh. Pushing your panties aside, he inserted his finger inside you making you gasp. You were already wet so he inserted another and another finger easily.

You were already breathing heavily and your arms were now wrapped tight around his neck.

‘H-Harry, I-I’m fine, g-go on …“

That was all he needed to hear. He carried you onto the nearest desk, unzipped his pants exposing his rock-hard member. He inserted himself slowly inside you, taking his time not wanting to hurt you.

You nodded in agreement and he slowly started moving inside and out. It did hurt at first but the pain soon turned into pleasure and you started to move your hips against him.

You didn’t even have to say anything, he knew exactly what you wanted.

He thursted faster and deeper while he put you back into a passionate kiss making it even harder for you to breathe. He could feel your inside tightening around his lenght letting him know you’re close.

„H-Harry, I-I’m gonna …“

„M-me too.“

You clung to him as he pounded into you both still exchanging increasingly hungry kisses. You came together, hard, him grunting into your neck and you screaming his name.

Finally, he stopped and pulled out letting you both catch some breath.

—Minutes after—

„I really hate arguing with you, Harry … next time you wanna make out, you can just tell me and we can skip the fighting whatsoever.“ You said with a smile trying to lighten the situation before.

„Right.“ He smiled back and gave you a little kiss on the forehead. „I’m sorry … for what I said earlier, by the way.“

„It’s okay.“ You returned his kiss, this time on the cheek. „I said some not very pretty things as well so I guess we’re even.“

He wrapped an arm around your shoulder pulling you close into sweet embrace.

„Ramon’s going to be so pissed when he finds out.“ Harry let out a slight laugh.

„Ooh, no. If Cisco ever finds out that we made out in his workshop, on his desk, we’re both dead. So we better make sure he never finds out.“

So.. HR. We need to talk about HR. He acts like he’s oblivious to any negative comment that comes his way, and he just goes on living his super-positive life. But then. Every once in awhile. We see a different side of him. A side that lets us know that he hears everything directed toward him. A side that lets us know that he’s not oblivious, not even a little. Earth-2 Wells wanted to know why HR was still here, and HR didn’t act like he even heard it; he just continued to be a ball of sunshine. But then when E-2 Wells was asleep, and HR was alone, he made a comment that really hit me. He knows E-2 will be really angry when he finds out his daughter wants to stay. And you know what HR did? He smiled. An almost manipulative smile. That reminds you that HR doesn’t really let these things go. That is what I want to see more of, and I’m tempted to rewatch all the episodes he’s in just to see more of that side.

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Hi ♥ So I was the anon who asked you a few days ago about the dancing doodles on your pictures, and then asked about gimp? I found out how to do it, but it awkwardly skips between frames no matter what I do. I was going to send you an example but we aren't mutuals lol. But I was wondering if you'd be able to help me? -- Side Note ; thank you for blessing my dash with your children ;-;

hi lil buddy!!!! sorry for a late reply!! i wanted 2 help u so bad i was downloadin gimp and my internet was like turtle speed today and it took like 2 hr to DL omg.. but i made u a lil tutorial that if u follow u should be able to make a doodle gif thingy!! 

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Question! I just had an interview at mart-K and the manager told me that they will increase their pay to $11.50/$12 hr (min is $10.50) after the first of the month AND all associates get a bonus of $2 per credit app. This all sounds like total BS b/c I know the company is going under and i when I worked as an AS at R//oss I made $12 and when I was at K//ohls they didn't even pay $2 a credit app but apparently mart-k pays better for just a sales associate job ???

It may be hard for them to get reliable people with every knowing they are in trouble and the pay is an attempt to get reliable people.


Anyway so y'all have fucking upset me and I’m to sleep deprived and fragile for this

But like when season 2 aired here I was going through a really dark and scary mood and I was sooooo busy with end of school projects I could hardly breath and maintaining a weekly 6+ hours of dance classes but I still made sure to livestream the first few episodes when I was in an ok mindset and get links and files from the abc website when I wasn’t

Like this was your time to shine Canada. You always complain about not getting it first and now you did and are keeping it to yourselves which is a huge kick in the gut to everyone around the world who worked tirelessly so that you could see the previous seasons as early as possible

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Hi Cass, I know your inbox is probably swamped now but I have to get this off my chest. I work in government media in Australia and there is absolutely no way there is not a media strategy in place for this, regardless of whether you believe there's a baby or not. If it's his they want to own the story and release the details when they want to probably with a cute pic of a foot or hand with the name,weight etc. they don't let a rumour ran rampart on the web without comment when the mother is 1/2

Gave birth like 2 hrs earlier and still would be in hospital. There is nothing they’re currently selling so who cares if they announce and all the Larries walk away, that’s the perfect outcome no $$ impact and Louis finally gets rid of the pesky gay rumours. Win win. A press release could have been made weeks ago and they just fill in weight etc. to me radio silence from the rep only makes sense if there is another narrative going (ie not his) their PR is bad but no one can be this bad


Yep:.. I agree. As we’ve learnt and people in media like yourself has told us before, they keep stories going if they have another outcome for it. Yay!! Let’s sit and wait now