2 hours of heaven

every hunter: gotta hide my secret abilities it could cost me my life if anyone found out

hisoka: [writes his own wikipedia page] i am a transmuter and my nen has the qualities of gum and rubber, rubber and gum, , i named it after my favourite candy from my childhood it is BUNGEE GUM , also here is my home address & social security number , come to heavens arena in the next 2 hours if u want an asskicking ❤️

so i met my boyfriend’s new niece tonight

she is the first baby i’ve ever held and she is such a sweet little nugget and her head smells like heaven and i held her for like 2 hours and she fell asleep in my arms and 😭

10 Pickup Lines I Would Probably Say:

1. Are you anxiety? Because you haunt my every waking hour.

2. Did you fall from heaven? Because so did Satan.

3. Hey baby are you Bing? ‘Cause nobody’s gonna use that.

4. If you were a tree, you’d be a nice one.

5. Why did the chicken cross the road? To go out with me. Please go out with me.

6. Hey girl are you from Tennessee 'cause you’re like a 6.

7. Get in the van…

8. I think I love you more than the Japanese love tentacle porn.

9. Girl, you sitting on that F5 key? 'Cause that ass is refreshing.

10. Did it hurt when you climbed up from Hell?

Let’s just say I’m real smooth.