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BTS Reaction to You Not Minding That There Are Girls in The Highlight Reels

note // they’re nervous about how you would feel

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jungkook ; kookie didn’t tell you that there were girls in the highlight reel because he was afraid of how you would take it so he decided to let you watch it for yourself when it released. so when it was finally out,, he sat you down and went to the youtube app, and to the video. as the video started, kookie leaned back and kept his eyes on you to see how you would react. once you saw jin’s part, your lips stretched into a smile (which relieved him) and it stayed like that throughout the whole video. “they’re pretty. i liked it” ,,as soon as kookie heard your comment, he let out a relieved sigh. “damn i thought you wouldn’t like it.” “why? you thought i’d be jealous that a girl held your hand for like five seconds or something? you holding hands with an actress doesn’t even come close to what we do so i’m chilling.” (c gif) “well shit, you’re right.”

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taehyung ; “is this what you were talking about?” you asked tae once you received a notification from bighit’s channel. tae had told you a couple hours back that something would be released and to not watch it until he was right beside you. he nodded and told you to watch it. you couldn’t tell but he was running his finger across his chin, with that nervous/blank facial expression that he always did. once you got to tae’s part of the video, you turned to him (you knew that he was waiting for you to say something). “she’s pretty.“ tae tried hiding his smile but failed which only made you laugh. “why were you acting all nervous? you didn’t even touch her. plus you’re with me, not her…unless you’re seeing her behind my back?” you raised an eyebrow at him. “of course not!”

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jimin ; you and jimin were in your room laid up when you got a notification. since you were halfway asleep, you didn’t even notice so jimin went to the video himself. “y/n, the video is out.” he softly spoke as he shook you until you opened your eyes. “really? now?’ you asked, yawning. he held up your phone and nodded. *skip ahead, the video is over* "well for one, i have to tell hobi that he did great. two, you did great, and three what’s the girl’s number? she’s fine as hell hot.” (c gif) jimin’s body loosened up (because he was relieved that you weren’t jealous) as he laughed at you. “chill out!”

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namjoon ; the video was finally out. namjoon’s nerves were high. and you were clueless about why he was acting the way that he had been acting all day. every time you asked him if he was okay, he’d just give you a smile and say, “i’m good.” but you still felt like there was something wrong. when namjoon was finally sitting down and on his phone, you took that time to try to dig deeper. you took his phone from him and sat in his lap. before you could ask him any questions, you noticed a video playing on the device. since it was the boys, you started it over and watched. *while wondering why tf nj didn’t do anything when you took his phone and sat in his thick lap* when the video ended, you gave the phone back to him. “i’m a little confused about everything, but the girls were beautiful and everyone’s acting was good. hell, i don’t blame you for stalking the girl, she’s a good look.” you said which made namjoon roll his eyes. “why are you like this?”

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hoseok ; hoseok wasn’t too nervous (BuT hE StiLl WaS) because he trusted that you wouldn’t get jealous of a video. so when it was released, he called you in his studio and let you watch it. “oh there’s girls..” you said, more to yourself than to hoseok (which highkey made him a little more nervous than he already was). when it got to his part, he looked away from the screen and at you. he was eager to hear what you had to say since the only thing that you said (WitH No EmoTioNS) throughout the whole video was “oh there’s girls.." ,,,so when you saw him dancing and the video was over, you clapped your hands and smiled at him. "thank you for making me realize how gay i really am.” “what!?” hoseok asked, looking lost af but happyily laughing since you liked the video.

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yoongi ; you and yoongi were literally knocked out in bed (tired from something that happened earlier) so he had to set an alarm for the release. it had to repeat about three times before you woke up and stopped it. “yoongi..” you repeatedly said, poking him until he woke up. “it’s out.” you told him, while he sat up on his elbows and waited for you to open the video. when it got to yoongi’s part, you smirked. everything in the apartment reminded you of yours. yoongi had basically turned your home into a place that he could go to and play music, drink coffee and write music. “she’s so fucking beautiful. how can i thank her for taking that lighter from you though?” you said/asked, under your breath,, not even realizing that you had paused the video and been staring at her for almost half a minute. “ah see i knew you’d like it”

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jin ; you were sitting across from jin, watching him while he looked for something to wear when you received a noni. jin had been talking about the highlight reels for days now, he had already told you that there would be girls in the video and to not be jealous (in a joking way). as you watched the video, you did feel a little weird about it because it was their first time (having girls in their videos) in a long time,, but you were happy that they had did something fresh. “i liked it a lot. i’m so proud of you. with those acting skills you need to audition for movies and dramas.” you went over to him and kissed him wherever the hell you kissed him “thank you bay…bee (he basically said baby,, slowly)” he was the happiest guy in the world thanks to yee gas.


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Lonesome Dreams. Chapter 2. 

I Feel Like This Needs To Be Said

Okay, so like, I ship Maxerica. Maxon and America are so cute and are goals, but they’re not my main ship. I’m still over here shipping Asperica (Aspen and America). Aspen gets a lot of hate for breaking up with America and then chasing after her again, but hear me out: he broke up with her for what he thought was her own good. He believed he was wronging America by letting her provide for him. I believe Aspen was born with a need to protect others. And once he found America, he needed to protect her. He was distraught when he finally figured out he couldn’t (precisely because of their differences in castes), and all the emotions of that night are probably part of what made him break up with America. I think both of them knew that they weren’t completed “broken up” after that night, though.

So, imagine you’re Aspen for a moment here. You’ve been drafted in the army, and it just so happens that you are assigned to protect the castle where the love of your life is staying while she is supposedly attempting to make the Prince fall in love with her. Not only protect the castle, but protect the very room she’s staying in. The first time you see her since your “break up”, she’s arm-in-arm with the Prince. The Prince is one of the most wealthiest men in the country. He could give the love of your life anything and everything, a thousand times more than what you could provide for her. Now, tell me you wouldn’t try and at least talk with her again.

Going back to Aspen’s need to protect: He obviously does everything he can as a Six to help provide for his family, but it’s still not enough. For Heaven’s sake, his younger brother was whipped for trying to steal a tiny bit of fruit to eat. No matter how hard the Legers work, there simply will not be enough to keep them afloat for much longer. It’s inevitable. Aspen figured the one person he could protect and provide for was America. And that was all he wanted to do. For the past three years, that’s all he had been doing. When suddenly, a Prince came into the picture and just swept the love of his life off her feet, into this magical world of dresses and jewels and crowns, a world he would never be able to give her. You still think Aspen deserves the hate he gets? Hang on.

Let’s not forget the scene towards the end of The One, when Maxon is about to announce his engagement to one of the final girls. Then, of course, the Rebels attack. What does Aspen do? He saves the Prince’s life. Granted, it was his job, but he had a deep hatred for Maxon at that point. (Read the Guard, you’ll see.) After all he had been through fighting for love, he was willing to risk his own life to save the other guy’s life. Are you really not convinced yet? That’s okay, I still have one more point to make.

I love America Singer. She’s one of my favorite female fictional characters. However, I think we can all agree she was a bit possessive during the Selection. There’s indecisive, but there’s also selfish, and I think by the middle of the Elite America was pretty dang selfish. Not only was she still holding on to Aspen, she would also get annoyed when Maxon went on dates with the other girls. Basically, whenever Maxon wasn’t available, she would use Aspen as a back-up. Which was in no way fair to either of the boys, but especially Aspen. Maxon had a pool of 35 girls to choose from, Aspen had one. And that one was taking slight advantage of him. Aspen kept holding on to America, he would always believe her when she said she was still there. He didn’t lose faith in the fact that she would come back to him. This was holding him back from continuing on with his own life, from finding love again. Yes, Aspen found love with Lucy, and believe me, I ship it, but I feel as though the whole Aspen-and-Lucy thing was just kind of tacked on at the end, as an extra thing just for an added happily-ever-after effect. Or maybe Kiera did it that way because that’s how it happened, out of the blue, with no one expecting it. I’m not sure of that, but I do not doubt Aspen and Lucy’s love for each other. I also believe that, although I know how deep Maxon and America’s love runs, deep down, really deep down, Aspen and America will always love each other. And not just in the brother-and-sister way that was represented in parts of The Heir. Real love, deep down. Neither of them will ever forget their three years together in Carolina as a Five and a Six, those nights spent in the tree house, the pennies Aspen would pay America when she sang to him. “A few months at the palace couldn’t erase three years.” -America Singer

Homecoming (chapter 2)

I finally reunited with my computer so I could write chapter 2! Apologies for any grammar/punctuation errors. I’m running on 4 hours of sleep after a long work day, so…

Anyway, I think this thing may end up being more like 5-6 chapters instead of the 3-4 that I initially planned…..oops! 

Thanks for all your lovely comments on the first chapter (chapter 1). I don’t really (aka ever) write fiction, mostly just research or poems, so this is all pretty new to me!

Chapter 2: Observer of Humanity

The harsh city streets of Greenwich Village softened as the autumn leaves speckled the asphalt in shades of red and gold. The wind provided an encouraging nudge to the throngs of people moving about with their own individual rhythms to form the city’s unique collective cadence. Mid-rise luxury apartments, renovated 19th century row houses, and NYU’s signature purple flags encircled the downtown neighborhood, inflicting architectural warfare on the ghosts of the Village’s bohemian past. As Riley made her way down MacDougal Street, she passed one such ghost, the cornerside club Cafe Wha?. Home to one of Bob Dylan’s earliest NYC performances, the club still stands today–although rising cover fees and the changing neighborhood landscape have slightly diminished its once bohemian atmosphere. 

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Our partnership, our relationship, is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me

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Hey mod sync can I do some error!sans headcanons

*wheezes* Someone call Errorbae to come pluck me out of this universe, I’ve worked maybe 80+ hours in 2 and ½ weeks. - Mod Sync

Error!Sans Headcanons

- Error will tell you otherwise, but he doesn’t hate Ink simply because he’s Ink and he gets in the way a lot, but because he also envies how Ink found happiness where Error could only find despair.

- There is a method to his madness when choosing an AU to destroy. A convoluted, backward, only-he-can-understand method, but a method nonetheless.

- Crashing and rebooting is absolutely terrifying. First off it leaves him entirely helpless and vulnerable, which is bad, but then the mental part of it is there. You go completely blind you can’t speak and all you can hear is static, screeching dial up sounds, and just a cacophony of noise bouncing around in your head scrambling it, drowning out your own thoughts until beeee-. It’s like fainting while standing, but after you wake up your head is even more jumbled than it was before and you don’t know if anything happened while you were out or if what you remember is even what happened before.

- Error hates sleeping. He did it too often before the madness set in, but also because of his dreams. He doesn’t remember them, they’re barely snaches of images when he can, but something scares him about them. Even so, it’s the only time the voices are quiet.

No, It’s Bucky: Part 9b

Type: Reader insert

Relationship/pairing: Bucky/ Female Reader

Word count: 3,156

Warnings: Language (curse words etc) . Just horrible writing. BUCKY IS CLINGY

Reader and Bucky reunite after the reader returns home to work after 6 years of no contact.


A/N: Here it is. I am so sorry it’s late. Lots of personal stuff has been happening and with work.. I just wasn’t in a ‘writing’ mood. Anyway. Here it is. I hope you like it and it was worth the wait. Only a few more parts to go. possibly 3 more

All errors are mine.

 | Part 9a |         | PART 10  |

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2 Hours. That’s how much notice Steve gives you before the party to get to his apartment and help him set up. Saying no is useless with Steve. He is like a lost puppy when he doesn’t get his way, so to save yourself the trouble of arguing with him because HE feels you are late; you quickly get changed into your costume and head straight over there. Should you have gotten dressed there? Probably. Did you think about that as an option as you were knocking on their front door? 100%

You knock on the door. No answer.

You bang on the door again, your hands going to your hips as you wait. It takes some time before the door finally opens. What the fuck could those 2 possibly be doing? Your hands drop from your hips as the door opens, Bucky eyes going wide as he opens the door, just staring at you.

“Holy shit.” You almost don’t hear him say it, Bucky’s comment coming out very quiet and mumbled.

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~Do you know where the wild things go?~

~They go along to take your honey.~



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Coding makes me want to drink bleach and shower in battery acid. One fucking typo just delayed me by 2 hours trying to figure out why I was getting a compiling error.

Now Applejack is my rubber ducky so I don’t make that mistake again.

If your planning on binge watching Supernatural, here are some things you need to know:

So, you’re planning on watching the entirety of Supernatural on Netflix (season 1-10) now are you?

These are some things you need to know: 

First off:

  • There are 10 seasons on Netflix as of Novemer 19, 2015
  • There are a total of 218 episodes

This is where it gets slightly more complicated:

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omg…. I got a “ Error. There was an error processing your request. Our engineers have been alerted and will work quickly to correct any issues. Find out why you may have encountered this error. “ for like 2 hours and couldn’t enter Tumblr I thought it wouldn’t have it for a month! 

Anyways I’ve come here to post a lil thing i made