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Struggles Part 3- Josh Dun

You were 36 weeks pregnant and couldn’t wait to be done with the it. You were huge, hot, and you couldn’t even shave your own legs. Josh did it for you along with helping you get dressed and undressed. You were so tired and felt like a huge nuisance having to get help with most things. Josh told you all the time that he didn’t care taking care of you. He told you he rather take care of you so the babies could stay inside as long as possible. With multiples and it being a high risk pregnancy you were put on bed rest basically so the babies would stay as healthy as possible and to not put more stress on your body.

It was early in the morning when you felt a sharp pain in your lower abdomen. You quickly woke up Josh fearing the worst and memories of the night almost 4 years ago flooded back to you.  

“Hey it’s okay. The babies are fine. You said you felt them kicking a half hour ago. Try and get some sleep. This is probably some early signs of labor. The doctor warned you this was most likely to happen.” he said calming your nervous.

“Okay, you’re right. First I have to pee though.” you said, struggling to get out of bed due to your size.

You waddled to the bathroom and you heard Josh chuckle, probably at how you walked.

You went to pee, but instead a gush of water fell from you.

“Josh.” you called for him knowing that your water just broke.

He was next to you in seconds. “I think my water just broke.” you said.

“D- does that mean it’s time?” he stuttered.

“Yeah Josh. It’s time. It’s finally time.” you felt like you were about to cry.

“Okay. I’ll help you to the car and I’ll grab the last minute stuff. How do you feel?” he was fanatic.

“Josh, honey slow down. I’m gonna call the hospital and see if we can come in and you need to breathe okay?” he nodded his head and grabbed your phone for you.

“Yes, hi my name is Y/N Dun and I’m 36 weeks with twin and my water just broke. I was wondering if I should come in now or wait it out a bit, my midwife told me to call the hospital when this happened.” you explained.

Once off the phone you went to Josh who was sitting on the bed and his leg was bouncing up and down. “Yeah, it’s time. They’re ready for us, but you need to relax a it Josh.” you said.

Josh breathed for a minute before leading you out to the car and went back in to grab last minute things while you sent out a quick text to family and close friends that you were on your way to the hospital. It was 3 in the morning and you were shaking with excitement.

“You ready for this?” Josh asked while starting the car.

“I’ve been ready for almost 5 years. I can’t go back now.” you said and he leaned over and kissed you before driving.

Once at the hospital they hooked you up to all the machines. Due to the fact that you were high risk and pregnant with twins you were going to have to get a c-section. They were going to wait until 10 am to start, allowing your body time to process it was in labor.

“Josh get some sleep. We’re in the hospital nothing will go wrong. This is probably the last chance at sleep you’ll have for the next like year.” you said trying to calm your fidgeting husband.

He sat back on the couch and closed his eyes trying to not freak out. He was about to be a father and you could tell he was a mix of nervous and overly excited.

You took a four hour nap and when you woke up Tyler and Jenna were there.

“How’s it going?” Jenna asked.

“Great we’re about to get these princesses into the real world. What time it is?” you asked.

“Jut about 8. 2 more hours and they’ll be here.” she said excitedly.

“I know. Josh is freaked out a bit, but I calmed him enough so he could sleep some.” you said gesturing to Josh who was sleeping on the couch.

“Good it’s probably the last he’ll get in a while.” Tyler added from the corner of the room.

They stayed with you until 9  when a nurse came in to prepare you for surgery. You woke Josh up so he could be aware of what’s happening.

“You could have woken me up before.” he said.

“I didn’t want to. You looked cute sleeping.” you said.

“Okay honey, we’re gonna wheel you back in a few minutes and get those babies out. Josh you can put the gown on and we’ll call you back when we’re all set up.” the nurse came in to explain.

Before you knew it you were laying face up on a table with Josh whispering in your ear about how amazing and beautiful you are. You felt some tugging then heard a cry which made you cry.

“One baby down, one more to go.” you heard a nurse say.

“Y/N it’s real, there’s no going back.” Josh said with tears in his eyes.

“I’m aware.” you said and then you heard a second cry.

“A and B are here.” Josh said kissing you.

After a few minutes two nurses came over to show your girls.

“They’re so perfect.” Josh said

“They are. Both healthy and beautiful.” one nurse said.

You couldn’t hold them yet and you weren’t going to be able for another hour or so due to the fact that you were being stitched up currently. They took the babies away to the nursery. You told Josh to go look after them just in case anything bad were to happen.

“You did amazing Y/N.” Josh said kissing you before he left.

You were happy knowing that Josh was with the babies while they got you ready to go back to the room.

When you got back Jenna and Tyler were there with Josh.

“How you feeling now mom?” Tyler asked.

“Surprisingly great, but I wanna hold my babies.” you said.

“So do I, but I wanted you to be the first so they’re bring them here now.” Josh said and the room door opened and two nurse came in with the babies in their beds.

Jenna let out an ‘awww’ when she saw them.

The nurse put one in each of your arms and tears started to roll down your cheeks. “I waited so long for this and it’s better than I could ever imagined this feeling.” you said.

“They’re beautiful Y/N. You did it and I’m so proud of you.” Josh placed a kiss on your forehead and looked down at his daughter’s in his wife’s arms.

After a few minutes you told Josh he could have his turn and you never saw him smile so big while crying when he got to hold them.

“Which one is which?” Tyler asked.

“The bigger one is Aria and the smaller one with the slight bruising is Braylee. They said the bruises are from the lack of space and her sister kicking her since week 16.” you said.

The rest of the day was spent with your newborn babies and people were in and out all day visiting.

“How are you going to tell them apart they look so similar.” Ashley commented while holding Aria.

“Well Aria is slightly bigger and Braylee is bruised. Other than that I have no idea.” Josh said.

“We’ll have to write a and b on their foreheads until they can tell us who they are.” you joked.

“Good thing they look like you Y/N. I wouldn’t want to have two girls who look like me.” Josh said.

“Josh they look like you too. You were an adorable baby. Who knows maybe the next will look like you.” you told him and his eyes went big.

“You want another?”

“Not for a long time, but yes.” you said and Josh released a breathe. 

You were so happy to have family around throughout the day. Just seeing everyone happy to see the tiny humans brought so much happiness to your heart.

You stayed in the hospital for the next 4 days with them until they were sent home.

“You ready for this?”Josh asked as you packed up your things in the hospital room.

“Well we can’t go back now.” you joked. “We can handle this. I’ve been looking forward to this for years.”

“And now we have 18 years ahead of us.” Josh said and kissed you on the cheek.

“Sorry to interrupt, but the girls are all ready to go home. A nurse will help you outside when you’re ready.” a nurse told you.

After putting the last few things in your bag Josh got you a wheelchair. You still were in a lot of pain seeing how they basically cut you open to deliver the babies. Two nurses helped carry the car seats out while Josh pushed you. He helped you into the car before taking the babies from each nurse and setting them in the car. When he finally got into the driver’s seat you looked over to him and smiled.

“You know what this means, right?” he said.

“Yeah. It just got real. We’re parents.” you kissed his cheek and he started driving.

At the hospital you had the nurses help when both babies were crying, but now it was just you and Josh. He had one baby and you had the other. He was an amazing help and although you were both exhausted, when you snapped at him he just took it. It had been one week since they babies came home and you were in the living room napping on the couch. Josh had told you to enjoy a nap and he would take care of the girls. You graciously accepted his offer and passed out on the couch. When you woke up the house was silent. You took in the peace before looking around for Josh.

You peaked into the nursery careful to not make noise in case the babies were sleeping. You saw Josh rocking in the rocking chair with one of the babies. He was whispering to her as she made small noises. It warmed your heart seeing him so relaxed with his daughter.

“You’re beautiful little Braylee. Yes you look just like mommy. You girls are very lucky to look like her. She’s such an amazing mom and I hope you turn out just like her.” he said and kissed her small head.

Aria started to cry so he stood carefully, laid Braylee down and picked up Aria.

“Look at you probably jealous, always taking space and time from your sister.” Josh said. “Or did you poop. Eww this one stinks. Do you think we should go wake up mommy for this one?” he joked then laid her one the changing table. “There you go. See I got this whole dad thing down.” he said after changing the diaper.

“Yes you do. I told you would do just fine.” you walked into the nursery and he was a bit startled by your sudden presence.

“I know and thank you. Not just for believing in me, but for them.” he said. “I only met them a few days ago but I love them so much.” he said.

“How old are they?” you asked realizing the days all seemed like one due to lack of sleep.

“I think it’s the 24th. So 8 days old?”he said.

“No the 24th was 2 days ago, I think. Aren’t they 10 days old?” you said.

“I’m so tired I don’t even know. If they are I’m gonna cry.”

“Why?” you asked concerned.

“My babies are growing up so fast.” he faked cried.

“They’re not even 2 weeks old Josh. We still have 18 years.”

“You’re right 18 wonderful more years.” he said and kissed you.

hello, i’m erin.

i’m really poor, my family is financially unstable all the time because my parents have walking/moving disabilities and it’s hard for them to find proper jobs since they can barely move. lately we’ve been having major financial problems. 

they both used to work until the thing i was afraid of happened; my diabetic mom’s health condition started getting worse and worse. she couldn’t handle the pressure and the bullying at work so she had to quit her job. her health is the main priority in this entire thing so i don’t blame her at all.

as for now, my father is the only source of income. his monthly salary is $150 and as you can see that’s far from enough to maintain three people. i’ve tried to get a job myself but no one wanted to hire me because i’m a minor. 

for the past few months my mom’s illness has been progressing, we even got her a wheelchair since she couldn’t walk at all. she needs a damn expensive diabetic healthcare course right now. my father works day and night just to gain some money. also, i contributed with my savings even though it wasn’t much.

however, our efforts are not enough for my mom’s medical assurance. the amount of money we have by now can provide only half a month of medicines. my dad is working all the time he doesn’t even sleep at this point, it’s a miracle if he gets at least 2 hours of sleep a day. but unfortunately it’s never enough.

i feel pathetic and useless; the tears are streaming down my face as i’m typing this and the fact that i can’t help in any way is killing me.

only money can help us in this harsh situation so if you can donate i’ll be forever thankful. 

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i’m desperate please help, i don’t want to lose my mother. 

thank you.

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That post you reblogged about poly families raising kids together is just *something I want in real life*. Like, why can't poly relationships be more accepted? If three or more people genuinely care about one another or wish to be in a relationship then it should be fine. If A, B and C are in a relationship where A and C and in a relationship with B and not each other and they're all okay with it *THEN IT SHOULD BE FINE TOO*. No judging. It would be really convenient in the modern world 1/2

(or most worlds) where, to earn enough money to live comfortably you need to work long hours. Take the stuff Absent Father Syndrome in Japan: with a trio or more raising kids you could guarantee that all parents would be able to work decent hours and still spend time with their kids. Or just Naruto where you could have poly families so the chances of anyone ever being orphaned would be really low because there are three plus parents and one would probably be in-village most of the time.

I completely agree. Just - if people are happy, and they’re not hurting people, why not?? How are poly relationships worse than a man who gets married six times and divorces five out of the six? If we’re weighing the morality of that against one large happy family, I call bullshit. 

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Hi! Can you do where the reader is the youngest of the team and Hanzo, Mcree, and Solider play the adult in their life and one day during training they break down cause they never wanted to hurt anyone thank you! ^^


It’s been almost a year since you’ve joined Overwatch, a dream of yours for a very long time and now you’ve made it. You’re the youngest member of the team, younger than D. Va so naturally you are the butt of a lot of jokes, but you like them and join in on the jokes.

Jack waits awkwardly in the training hall; he fidgets with his gear and looks at his watch. ‘10 minutes late’ he thinks inwardly. He was surprised that you wanted to train together but he was more than happy to help you. Another five minutes pass and you come barreling through the door. You double over, visibly exhausted and out of breath. He walks over to you and hands you a water bottle.

“You’re late,” he said sternly, almost like a father talking to his kid. You gladly take the bottle and down the water.

“I’m sorry, Dad,” you say teasingly as you stand up and slow down your breathing, “the time sorta got away from me.”

He moves away from you to give you some space. “Well, when you’re ready we can get started kid.”

“I’m not a kid,” you say laughing at his remark.

The training session goes well enough. Jack corrects you where you need help, drills you and continues to drill you for about 2 hours. He notices your performance, though far from terrible seems slow, and hesitant. He ends the session, and begins to leave when the sound of sniffling stops him. He turns around, and notices you are looking at the ground and your shoulders ever so slightly shaking.

“Hey,” Jack says walking slowly to you. When you feel his hand rest on your shoulder and begin to openly cry. You put your head in his chest and continue to cry. He awkwardly stands still, unsure what to do. Ultimately he settles to gently pat your back, and lets you cry.

“What’s wrong? Did I push you too hard?” he asks concerned.

“I’m sorry Jack,” you say as you move away from him. Sniffling you say, “It’s just…I never wanted to hurt anyone.” You wipe away the tears and continue, “I love Overwatch, I love that we are helping people but at what cost? I just—” you turn around, ashamed to look at him, “The reality of what we’re doing is sinking in and just, I don’t know what to do, what to think.” You begin to cry more.

Jack places his hand around your shoulder and awkwardly hugs you. “It’s ok, kid,” he says softly. “This life isn’t easy, but if you want I can help you figure it out.”

“Thanks Dad,” you weakly say, trying to joke around.


“McCree, do you think you have time to train me for a few hours tomorrow?” you say ask after you cornered Jesse.

“Aww, you want me to teach you how to be like me?” he says teasingly.

“Oh shut it, Jesse,” you laugh, “So you gonna help me or not?”

“For you shorty, sure thing,” he said ruffling your hair.

The next day, you begin your training with Jesse. You are shocked to learn that he has very strict training drills. It’s refreshing to see this side of him, and in a way very humbling. You remember how nice Jesse was to you when you first arrived to Overwatch only 5 months ago. He’s always looking out for you, everyone does seeing as you’re the youngest and it warms you inside just how much you’ve learned about Overwatch…how much you’ve learned about the world and the reality of it.

An hour into the training session, you stop shooting the targets in front of you. Jesse doesn’t immediately notice that you’ve stopped. When he finishes shooting the targets and turns around to you he sees the tears falling down your face.

“Hey,” he says concerned. He wraps an arm around your shoulder and takes you to a nearby bench. You begin to openly cry. “What’s wrong?”

You cry on his shoulder, and he continues to hold you, not saying anything else. After a good while of crying you calm down, you try to control your breathing.

“Shh, there there,” Jesse says as he pats your head, a very comforting gesture.

“Jesse,” you begin softly, “I joined Overwatch to make a difference, to help people. But all we do, what I do is just hurt people,” you feel tears falling down your face again but you try to keep your voice level. You need to say this. “I never wanted to hurt people Jesse. I wanted to help people.”

You both say there, Jesse holding you while you left out your frustrations, anger, regret, insecurities, you let all of it out.  

“You feel better shorty?” he asks trying to cheer you up. You give a snort, trying to wipe away all the snot and tears.

“Yea. Thank you Jesse.”

“Don’t sweat it. Seriously, if you need to talk more about this, let me know anytime ok?”

You smile up at him, “Sure thing boss.”


Hanzo was already in the training area waiting for you to arrive.

You were new to the team and the youngest but you’ve already shown much potential thus far that you’ve amazed everyone. Even Hanzo was impressed with your skills. What surprised him even more was that you asked him for a training lesson today. It wouldn’t help the jokes that were now spreading like wild fire about how you always look after the new teammate and worry about them like they were his kid. As he continued his musings, you arrive ready and excited to start training.

“I must warn you,” he begins, “that I will not go easy. I will show what I have been taught and we will not slow down. Is that understood?”

“Shit you make it seem like this is life or death,” you joke, “But yes, I’m ready!”

He smiles at your enthusiasm, “Then let us begin.”

An hour into the training and Hanzo is all the more impressed and happy that you’ve been able to keep up with his rigorous training. However, something doesn’t seem quite right. He’s happy, but he notices the lack of intensity you are exhibiting. That passion, that enthusiasm that he’s seen you show on the battlefield isn’t present. He looks at your face more carefully this time and he finds what he’s looking for. He sees the sadness in your eyes.

“Stop,” he says. You stop and look at him.

“Why are we stopping?”

“Because,” he says standing in front of you, his arms crossed over his chest, “You are hiding something. You are not fighting as you normally do and it shows.”

“So you notice huh?” you say looking away from him, “I should have figured you would have noticed it.”

Tears quickly begin fall down your face.

Hanzo grabs your shoulders when he sees you crying, “What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t want this,” you begin. You sink to the ground and cover your face. Hanzo sits down next to you and awkwardly pats your back.

He’s never been in a situation where he had someone cry openly in front of him much less him trying to comfort them. After a while you slow down and try to wipe away the tears.

“What did you mean by ‘you didn’t want this’?” Hanzo asks.

You still continue to look at the floor, ashamed.

“I came to Overwatch wanting to help people. But I never thought that helping people would mean that I would need to hurt other people. I didn’t know that, and I didn’t want that,” more tears fall down, “I was living in a dream, thinking that I could do something to change the world. If I’m hurting people, how am I any different from the bad guys?”

Hanzo stays quiet for a long time thinking. You rest your head on his shoulder.

“I cannot tell you what you need to do, but what I can tell you is that made that choice and will need to learn to accept it. Yes, we hurt people, but we hurt those that have hurt the innocent and those that cannot fight back. We are trying to save those that cannot fight and to one day stop the fighting all together.”

You stay quiet for a while thinking about what he said.

“Hanzo, would it be alright if I can talk to you about this more? I’m really tired right now and want to go to my room.”

“You can always talk to me.”

Hurricane || Calum Hood || Chapter 2

You’re like a hurricane, you hear about them in news and sympathize with people who are affected by it, but once it hits you, you still get shattered totally even though everyone warned you before

Summary: Everything suddenly changed when 5 Seconds of Summer’s managers discovered your band Blurred Sounds. You got everything an upcoming artist could ever dream of, signed by a huge record label, a growing fanbase and being an opening act for a world-famous band. But every dream has his dark sides and trouble was already waiting for you. Friendship, enemies, love, support, hate, jealousy, will you survive the hurricane of feelings?

warnings: strong language

Chapter 1

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Postive (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

Request: Could you please do an imagine where the reader finds out she’s pregnant with Liam’s baby but before she can tell him he breaks up with her because he thinks he can’t protect her. She doesn’t tell him but he eventually finds out

A/n:Thank you to @fan-ficing-tastic for writing this imagine! Remember to follow her and I hope you like it x

 The little plus sign stared back at you, pregnant. You were pregnant. There was a baby inside of you, a life that now depended on you to take care of you and of it. A soft-more in high school and pregnant. You took a deep breath.

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A list of all the boys I’ve kissed:

1. It was October and my hands felt a little empty until I found yours. 
2. We both had a little too much to drink. It didn’t mean anything.
3. I did it out of spite. I knew that if I kissed you- something in him would break. I’m sorry.
4. For the record,  you kissed me. 
5. Thank you for singing Ed Sheeran songs with me in your car and even more for holding my hand. For kissing me with music playing in the background. I’ll always remember those songs.
6. I needed a friend and you ran all the way from your house to see me. I just needed someone who listened but you gave me so much more.
7. You tasted like stale cigarettes.
8. I knew about her and I still kissed you back anyways because it didn’t mean anything, did it? You love her and I love him. 
9. Thank you for loving me as best as you could. 
10. You sat there in silence and listened. I couldn’t help it. 
11. I loved you but I wasn’t the only one. 
12. You were drunk and you were lonely. I was too. 
13. I gave you my silver ring with the word love engraved on the outside. It’s been two years since then and you’re father to a beautiful boy. Be good to him. 
14. Damn are you fucked up. You never mentioned you were having a daughter.
15. You loved me. You were good to me and I’m sorry that I couldn’t be what you needed me to be. 
16. I made a mistake. You did too.
17. We’re not bestfriends anymore.
18. I guess I miss you but not enough to go back to you. I know you miss me too. 
19. You drove 2 hours to see me for 5 minutes. Next time though, remember that I hate roses.
20. You were sad and I was there when she wasn’t. We’re still bestfriends.
21. It was December and he was gone. 
22. You took me by my wrist and left bruises. That wasn’t love. 
23. I never saw you again. 24. I’m never going to see you again. 25. Two years later and I can still feel the ache of loving you. Please come home.

—  A list of all the boys I’ve kissed // thewordsyouneverunderstood
Come Home//Josh Dun

Requested: Can you do one where josh comes home from tour and sees his two your old daughter for the first time in a few months and he gets really emotional Idk I thought something like this would be really cute haha


               Just like the times Josh had left for the studio, your daughter preformed her “mommy, when is daddy coming home?” act. Otherwise known as your baby girl crying, begging, and hopefully asking when her father would be returning. The studio situations weren’t as bad though, it was only a few days at a time and she would mope it out and squeal in happiness when Josh returned and gave her their secret hug-shake (yes, your 2 year old named it that because secret handshakes weren’t cool enough and she loves her daddy’s hugs). Except, this time it wouldn’t be that way. Josh wouldn’t come back in a few days, he wouldn’t be able to call her directly before bedtime (because now the timezone differences wouldn’t be an hour or two), he would be gone for so long.

               You could tell this thought bothered Josh to the core as well, although he played it off as nothing; trying to be the strongest of the three of you. Claiming it wouldn’t be that long before he was home. That the two of you would have a blast with your “girl time” and it would feel like he was only gone for a week. Oh how wrong he was.


               “Daddy!” You were awaken by your daughter squealing from her room. You hated to admit it but this was a normal occurrence, she would have a dream that Josh was finally back from tour; realize it was only a dream then fall into a puddle of sobs. “I want daddy back.” You heard her quietly sob as you walked into her room. When you sat beside her she snuggled right into your side, tears wetting your shirt as you sat in silence; rubbing her back in an attempt to soothe her back to sleep. “Tell Uncle Marky and Ty to give me my daddy back.” She sobbed, the sound broke your heart. She was struggling so much without Josh’s presence, and it killed you knowing there was nothing you could do.

               “Go back to sleep baby. We can call daddy tomorrow, okay?” When she gave you no answer, you took it as a sign of her falling back to sleep. You tucked her back in under her plush blanket, giving her the small kitten Josh had won her from the carnival before he left and returning to your room. Now wide awake. You opened your phone, going on snapchat. Looking at various people’s stories. Mostly of them hanging out with family, friends, some drunk snaps. Then you saw Josh had updated his (surprise surprise really; he always had snaps of his performances on there). When you opened it though, a surge of anger and jealously went through you; from your head to your toes you were furious. There he was, playing with somebody else’s daughter and having the time of his life. He had time for that but not your own daughter? Throwing your phone to the side you flopped down in bed, forcing your eyes closed and willed yourself to sleep. You knew deep down there was no reason to be angry, but in your half asleep heart-broken state that crossed so many lines.


               “Mommy, mommy!” Your daughter jogged back into the room, your phone in hand as she had done so. You were currently in your Livingroom working on orders from the Twenty One Pilots webstore. An easy way to help the guys in their dream, while taking care of your daughter while getting money for it. A win-win job; not to mention the idea of how happy the customers would be when they received their order. “Look at what daddy posted!!” You grabbed your phone out of her small stubby fingers, praying she hadn’t seen the one where Josh was playing with someone else’s daughter (you couldn’t even begin to imagine what would happen if that was the case). To your happy surprise, you saw a picture of Josh with a slight pout on his lips with the caption “missing my favorite girls back home”.

               “Awe. He misses you honey.” You ruffled your daughter’s hair, ignoring her screeches for you to stop. At two years of age the girl was obsessed with her hair (which may or may not have a bright pink streak in it thanks to a certain drummer).

               “He misses you too mommy! Girls means more than one. More than one means you and me!” You rolled your eyes at her logic, pulling her into your lap smiling. “I’m happy he didn’t forget me. I really miss him.” Your daughter sighed, resting her head against your shoulder. You decided not to press the subject, or say anything in response. But rather hold your daughter a little closer for a few minutes. Though you couldn’t do anything to make Josh come back faster, at least you could hold your daughter close and show her that you were there. “I love you mommy.” She pressed a soft kiss to your cheek before wriggling out of your arms and scurrying off to her room.


               “Mommy, I have a question!” Your daughter ran into the kitchen, markers in hand with a piece of paper. “I need you to bring me to town so I can get supplies!” You raised an eyebrow at her, grabbing her little list from her hand. “I need a drum thingy, you know the thingy you hit” To enunciate her point she smacked the counter, only to get a stern “mom” look from you, in which she immediately apologized with a giggle. “A picture of you, me, daddy and Scully” Scully being the family cat; aka your daughter’s best friend aside from Josh. “And yeah! Let’s go!!” She grabbed her jacket, boots and everything before you stepped in.

               “Honey, its late. The stores are all closed!” You weren’t lying, it was 8’oclock on a Sunday, all the stores probably closed 2 hours ago.

               “Well they should open!” Your daughter huffed, taking off her outside clothes before storming angrily back into her room. You softly laughed at her reaction, and began to wonder what on earth she needed a drum head and a family picture for.


               “Thank you mommy!” You heard your daughter yell as she scurried back to her room with the bag, calling for Scully to join her as she did so. Needless to say that was the last you saw the picture, and drumhead for the months Josh was on tour.


               “Daddy!” Your daughter cried in happiness, after 3 long months he had finally made his way through your front door. Back to his family. “I missed you so much!” The girl was sobbing at this point, clinging to her father’s shoulder as he lifted her. He pressed a long, loving kiss to her head; obviously trying to fight tears himself. You sat and watched, wanting to cry yourself.

               “What are you doing over there, get in here.” Josh mumbled, tears now visible down his cheeks as he held his open arm out to you. With no second thought you wrapped your arms around his middle; missing the warmth of his embrace, the smell that radiated from his shirts, the sound of his heartbeat when you pressed your face to his chest.

               “Daddy, can you put me down?” Your daughter asked, and to his dismay Josh put her down; watching in a mix of fear and pain as she ran off.

               “Does she hate me? I didn’t mean to have her hate me because of tour.” You felt both of his arms tighten sadly around your frame as you clung to him. Rubbing his back reassuringly—because frankly. You weren’t expecting your daughter’s reaction either.

               “Look! I made this so you don’t have to miss us as much on tour. You can put it on your drums. There’s me, and you, Scully and mommy!” She smiled, pointing to each person as she spoke. Your daughter had decided to glue the family picture, which had you holding her in your lap; and Josh holding the cat like a baby (which Scully did not like one bit). Along with her sloppy scribbles that you couldn’t quite make out. “It says we love you daddy, we miss you very much but you’re always awesome!” Josh’s smile was indescribable as he went over and pulled his daughter tighter than ever.

               “Thank you sweetie. I can’t play on it though; it’s too pretty. But I am definitely going to bring it with me. Put it on the wall of my bunk so I can see you guys right before I fall asleep and when I first wake up. I love it” Josh pressed a loving kiss to your daughters head, obviously overwhelmed by love with the gift your daughter had spent months making him.

               Although the distance and time apart was rough; moments like these made it all worth it in the end.


Day 11: Jane Headcanon

So I’ll be honest…Jane is not a character I’ve put a lot of deep thought into. Don’t get me wrong, I love that sassy little gal, I just don’t feel like she gets enough screen time for me to start inventing an elaborate headcanon yet. I felt bad that I didn’t have anything which is why I spent like 2 hours making gifs for this post so I wouldn’t be completely empty handed. LOL. But let’s see what I can come up with. 

I think she visits her mother every Sunday to bake apple cake and read a bit of Henry Lawson. I think she cares more about books than boys and devours every book she gets her hands on. I think she wouldn’t mind looking to Jack as an *ahem* father figure. I have this scene that keeps playing out in my head where he helps her with her Shakespeare homework. Books and papers spread out on the dining room table as they interpret some passage with significant Phrack implications, Phryne standing in the door and exchanging looks with him while he sends her secret sex messages via Jane’s schoolwork…UGH yes yes YES. Season 3 make that happen NOW.

Oh, and I will love Jane forever and always for her mistletoe stunt. SHE TRIED, YOU GUYS. She TRIED to get us a kiss. Sigh. I dearly hope she keeps trying next season.

Throughout the series, Katniss and Peeta struggle to differentiate dreams from reality, nightmares from the horror around them, real from not real. In this round of Prompts in Panem, your challenge is to explore the symbolism of the images that plague them.

Whether you are inspired by Katniss’ dream itself or the potential meaning behind it, please incorporate the following quotes and dream interpretations within your fan fiction and art. Both canon and AU are welcome.

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Proyect. Reasons to love Killian Jones: Captain Cobra

I love Captain Cobra, and I want to use this post to analyse who is Henry’s main father figure based on screentime and quality scenes. We hace three men: Killian, David and Robin.

As much as I considers Robin a good man and father I don’t considers him a father figure for Henry. Even if it looks Robin and Henry have a good relationship we don’t have any specific scene dedicated to them bonding

Second David. He lives with Henry, and season 2 was great for them. with such beautiful scenes. But in the last seasons he hadn’t shared to much good scenes, I believe because Henry was gaining a father figure

My point is: Killian is presented as Henry’s main father figure. They shares several scenes on screen dedicated to them bonding, like in 3x16 and 3x17. And we have lots of information about their time off screen: Killian spent enough hours teaching Henry how to sail that Henry can sail the Jolly without any problem. Also they did plans for a home, and Henry date with Violet was suspiciouly like Emma and Killian’s first

The shared looks between them are so beautiful because they show they feel a real connection, with or without memories. And Henry and Killian would never put the other down because they are different person while cursed.

Killian is very protective of Henry, even when he didn’t remember him in the AU. And the look of proud dad “my boy is so grown up” it’s so cute.

I love how Henry trusted Killian with getting Emma back home in 3x22. I am in love with 2 scenes from season 5: when Henry looked at Killian with such awe and admiration, and Killian touched Henry with his Hook (because he doesn’t hate his lack of hand so much anymore) and Henry’s reaction to Killian’s death: he was really affected, and no one could stop him from going to the Underwold after Killian

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State of fear

A long time ago, my dad was telling me about a time where he was in an elevator. The elevator stopped at a floor, and a woman was standing there. She did not want to enter the elevator because my dad, a man, was there. He explained to me that some women had been assaulted in the past, or are afraid of being assaulted, and will sometimes not enter confined spaces with men to avoid sexual assault.

I learned that day that many women treat men as natural threats.

Another time, I was listening in to a conversation where my father was talking with another father. The other father, also having a daughter, was explaining that he avoided picking up his daughter at playgrounds because his daughter would often scream in protest (didn’t want to go home). This drew the attention of other parents, who threw dirty looks.

I learned that day, shortly afterwards, that fathers who pick up their daughters from the ground can draw the suspicious attention of others as potential pedophiles.

While talking to someone who is a male nurse, they explained to me that, in medical college, they were given special instructions when handling female patients. In short, they were told they should never be left alone with a female patient without being accompanied with a female nurse or a doctor. The professor singled them out in the classroom, naturally, given they were the only male nurse in the class.

Similar story goes for a kindergarten teacher. Another child or another adult must be present, most of the time, only if male.

I think a lot of men are aware at this point that society paints them as perpetual potential rapists.

On the subway, I don’t look at anyone’s face for more than a few seconds. If I stare at a woman, I might be labelled as a creep or assaulted and that’ll cause a scene. If I stare at a dude, he might shank me and that’ll definitively cause a scene.

On a late Saturday night, walking through a longer parking lot, I can’t be the only one that plays with my keys on my way to my car if a girl is around just so I don’t surprise her. At the same time, it’s not just surprising the girl that I’m worried about, I’m also naturally worried that I might be jumped by someone on my way to the car by a malicious vagrant or thug.

I could also be potentially assaulted by the girl, for which I’m actively avoiding to aggro her. You don’t know if she’s an overly sensitive tumblr-ite who’s all “#killallmen”-ish. Thankfully, that level of irrationality has been pretty contained to the internet, so that’s a low risk.

I’m not living in perpetual fear. Even when I’m walking through a bad neighborhood. I’m not a big guy, I can’t really defend myself barehanded. I walk swiftly, determined pace, aware of my surroundings. I’m aware of everyone around me and what their intended direction is. Being aware makes me safe.

Given the vilification men are going through recently, I wouldn’t be surprised if the trend got worst overtime, and that could be worrisome. If these kinds of concerns amplify into mass hysteria, it certainly won’t be healthy for society.

Looking at my dad, being a provider and a father is pretty difficult already as it is. Working long hours, and then trying to make up lost time with the kids later. Thankfully, he was above this folly and was an excellent father to us, despite the natural father’s challenges and raising us through 2 economic crashes.

Other fathers already have a very detached relationship with their children due to work and the unforgiving economy. I would hope it doesn’t get to the point where they have to stop acknowledging their kids altogether in a playground.

Fathers often get blamed for being absent parents, or not providing their children with enough affection, or being too detached. From the little psychology that I know, from what I understand, being neglected by a parent is not healthy for the development of a child.

Well, if some feminists have it their way, this campaign of fear has the potential to go very far and could be very damaging for the average healthy family. It’s bad enough that there’s natural threats out there due to criminal deviancy, I’m not sure what would happen if we painted all men as criminal deviants.

What would be the effects on families? On society?

Could this risk making the gender divide wider? Could this reinforce the requirement for men to have a stoic outlook and “suck it up” outlook on things? Could this worsen the issue men have with acquiring medical help? Worsen the gender divide?

What’s going to happen when a 5 year old boy is taught that he’s going to grow up to be dangerous to society?

I really don’t know what the effects are going to be. I’m just making observations on the past and present, and looking where the future might be with the direction we’re taking as a society.

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        Poor people are not the weakness of society, the weak is the one who had all the opportunities but never once used them. 

I always complain about how my life is hard, how i don’t have this or that, how I hate going to school, how people are this or that to me. I forget that it’s a blessing that i’m even living, that I have a place to stay, that I have food and mostly that I have a Great education. 

These kids are probably in 2nd or 3rd grade, you can see that some are older than the others. One of the main problems is that to go to school in some regions  is sometimes not even required, the other is that due to the fact that they are not that many classrooms or teachers available you so they end up putting people with different ages together, they learn the exact same thing. These kids probably walk miles and miles to go to school. No they have no school bus, they wake up early in the morning walk more than 1 hour ( my father used to walk  2 hours to go to middle school) so that they can get there on time. They are so happy to get to school, so happy to learn new things, because they take education not as granted but as a blessing. In highschool I had a chair and nice board and a computer in every room i went to, but I always managed to complain about how school was unfair. These kids do not even have enough chairs;they have to sit on the hardest floor , they have no windows; when it rains all they can do is sit in the middle of the room. They do not have books to read like other kids their age.

Now i’m asking you, are your excuses really worth it? You can do anything you want in life, and you have the opportunity to do so. These kids are asking for no pity party at all they know what they want and they will get it no matter what! So why shouldn’t you? you have a bus, you have nice roads, you have schools/universities, you sit on a chair, you have books, you have clean clothes, you have food, so what’s stopping you to become your best self? 

Change your mind, change how you see things and success will come!