2 hour waiting!!

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If you miss me, contact me, call me, text me, message me, find someway to send something to me. Don’t tell me you miss me and disappear for days. I miss you too. But I’m getting tired of being the only one starting talks.
—  Zachary Wolfgang Applebaum

my first small comic? i think so!!
(read it down, and left to right :) )

(also i came up with this idea while i was waiting 2 hours for my doc appointment lol.. they forgot about me haha)


TRAILER #2 of DC 2-hour-special: EPISODE ONE!!!!!!

Reveals shots of the special like the roller coaster, Shinchi, Gin & Vodka and SHERRY!

It seems to faithfully adapt the manga chapter, since it showed Shinichi with a camera while spying on the suspicious deal (something that was only seen in the manga) !! I’m so hyped!!

marinebiologistjotaro  asked:

I know you're primarily desert/jungle dwellers, but do the Pillarmen have favorite sea creatures?

(( these all have their scale completely off, but, y’know, for the sake of cute~ ))

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TRAILER #5 of DC Episode ONE Special!!!

This awesome trailer reveals that the special will tie in the flashback events from Movie 4, as well as showing us Yukiko’s diguise as “Conan’s mom”, Takagi and Chiba in the roller-coaster case, Chianti on stealth mode, and Sherry searching the Kudo House!

the HYPE isn’t dying down at all!

So I was trying to get my first job at this fast food place. Three of my friends already worked there and liked it, so I thought it’d be fun. Got an interview, got there 20 minutes before the interview, and waited outside in the cold (since non-employees weren’t allowed inside) for almost 2 hours waiting for the manager to arrive. He never did, and an employee just he told them to tell me to come back at the same time tomorrow. Whatever okay. Come back the next day, get there early, wait an hour with 6 other people scheduled to be interviewed at the same time. I got there first. Manager gets there after we’ve been waiting for an hour, and I get interviewed last. He doesn’t even interview me, just tells me, “I’ve had a long day so just come in tomorrow to work and we’ll fill out the paperwork then.”

Sweet okay so I got a job!

Get there early. Manager isn’t there, ask someone else to help me and they can’t. Someone calls the manager and now they’re supposed to train me. They immediately put me on drive-thru, and don’t even teach me how to use the equipment or the board, which by the way is very unorganized and had never been changed. You need to have an in depth understanding of the menu to understand this board, and I know about 2 things on the menu. Customers are yelling, I’m messing up a lot, and I get no help from anyone.

Manager gets there FINALLY and I talk to him about it, very visibly having a panic attack. He asks me if I get those a lot, I say yes because I have an anxiety disorder, and he fires me right there. “I just don’t want to deal with that.”

Never did paperwork. Never technically worked there, or clocked in. Never got paid for the 2 hours I worked.

Never going back.

The Cycle of Unfinished Business...
  • me: Yes! I did it. I have finally finished my fanfic, finally. Just got to check for any mistakes...
  • 2 hours later...
  • me: Where's the sexual intercourse?!?!
  • 2 hours later...
  • me: wait...I thought this was supposed to be fluffy?
  • Another 2 hours later...
  • me: ...okay, I'll save this for like a sec. and come back to it 'cause I just thought of another great AU and I don't want to forget it.

St. Patrick’s Day in a university town is always surreal. My friend and I saw cops breaking up three different house parties at 11am while we were driving to a grad faculty event.