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You can’t tell me this is not how 100 80% of their arguments end up like. Also, this was only supposed to be four panels but HA, yeah (I understand that the lighting on the end makes no sense given the prior panels but shhhh) I’m also sorry for my handwriting, but I liked the texture of the brush, so I’m keeping it.

Dedicated to @manalfedz for creating this awesome Edwin Family Portraint (that’s also dedicated to me! Please check it out to be buried in fluff!) Good luck with the fic! And thanks so much to @kriselledraws and @pahndah for helping with the anatomy and other stuff! ;; 


Another “small” collection of shokunba onedraw entries

i draw these two way too much but im not ready to stop yet


the rest is under the cut because there are too many lmao

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10/21/2015- Happy Back To The Future Day!

“All it takes is one bad day
to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy...
Just one bad day

Lupicus is Zhaitan’s Sailor.

Just like Adryn, Diarmid or Hareth are Mordremoth’s ones.

I was supposed to draw this after this post (Kudzu+Lupi). But the joke was too stupid, so I said ‘better not’.

But since Halloween is close, the Mad King Thorn allows bad jokes. So I finished it.

Also, I’m so sorry Gondul…

Quick billdip grind down doodle, featuring post-wendigo dipper and bill. Apparently there’s been quite a number of people showing interest for a reboot of this scrapped idea (cuz i lost the files for it :\), but I’m still not so sure if I’m gonna do a full reboot. I’ll see the initial reactions first, and if its positive and there is popular demand, I will consider re-drawing the whole storyline.