2 goals this season am i right


Hey Everyone!

This Fall I’m doing something a little different than things I have done in the past, I’m going to start interacting and helping the young music community!

Some things I’m going to do (upon request) are Video calls, Youtube videos, Tumblr Response videos, and much more!

My goal is to help and educated young marching musicians who are trying to get their foot in the door when it comes to Drum Corps and Indoor Percussion Ensembles.

You might be asking, why would I skype some stranger about band?

Well, here are some facts about this that might convince you to give it a go…

1. It’s FREE INFORMATION. The best things in life are free, am i right?

2. Get the inside scoop from someone who is currently on his 8th season of Front Ensemble, with 3 seasons of Battery percussion. I’ve marched 2 seasons of drum corps in both open and world class, and I’m on my 5th indoor season where I have marched both open and world class as well. I have also performed in both WGI World Class finals and DCI World Class finals. and I’m only 19!

3. I have great connections that can help me find the answer that is best for you. Do you want to be a Blue Star? My best friend is a Blue Star! Do you want to march Mellophone? My best friend also plays mellophone! There are many people I can turn to so you can get your section/corps/ensemble/etc. questions answered!

So please, if you are a young percussionist looking to find your place in your dream ensemble, sign up for my advice sessions!

To sign up, Please follow me on either Tumblr, or Instagram at “coolglasseskyle.” Once you have done that, please direct message me your tumblr URL or Instagram username so I can check that you follow me. From there, I will give you skype information or answer your question in a post.

Thank you, and Happy Practicing~

✨Squad Goals Season 2 Episode 7: History ✨

Rhiannon Zendaya pushes a foul smelling Freddie in his stroller right into the living room, where moments before Justin and I had candidly discussed our potential breakup strategies. Louis looks pretty confused when he spots Justin and I on the couch but no one is more confused than I am.

 "What are you doing here?“ I ask Louis and he closes the door to the loft behind him, handing Zendaya what I assume are her house keys. 

 "Zendaya and I had coffee right up the block from here” Lois nods at Justin who gives a weary glance back.

 "No I mean what are you doing here Lou? In Justin’s flat" Justin gives a cross between a snort and a cough and it is only then that I realize that I am the world’s largest hypocrite. Grilling my boyfriend on why he was with another woman while I practically dry humped another man.

 "Freddie had an accident and Zendaya said it’d be fine for us to use her washer and dryer" Zendaya smiles, unaware of the underlying tension that radiates between Justin and I.

 "Hey babe, you good? I got your text" She says sitting on the couch opposite Justin as Louis begins to pull of Freddie’s beyond soiled onesie.

 "Hmm?“ Justin asks as he’s distracted by the sight of Louis who is gingerly carrying a half asleep Freddie. 

 "Justin” Zendaya snaps her fingers twice. 

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Yesterday I went to the Nagisa/Rei and Rin-Uke (two different events happening at the same time right beside one another, so) doujinshi events at Tokyo Big Sight! I met so many people from Tumblr and Twitter and the Kyoto event, which was the best part, BUT-!!!

The last time there was a NagiRei event was back before I’d decided if I liked Free! enough to go buy doujinshi and we can see how that turned out, but my NagiRei doujin collection was always very lacking and I felt sad as it’s probably my favourite pairing in Free!. I am happy I got a really nice haul!! I haven’t read them all yet but I have a feeling I’ll like them :D I also got cute fan-made goods, but I am now regretting not getting the Free!-boy themed earrings I also saw… in any case, my NagiRei shelf is much fuller now and I am extremely happy :D

And I did go to the last Rin event, but I am very freestyle about Rin pairings and was just enjoying ALL of the books and artwork but didn’t buy much back then because I wasn’t sure what I liked best. I still really don’t know, but I do know I’ve come to (not)secretly love MakoRin and I got some really cute books of them :D I can’t explain what it is about MakoRin that’s made it so majorly popular, besides it’s the two most popular characters in Japan and they are both super hot and childhood friends also, so…? It’s almost as popular as RinHaru, even more popular than NagiRei, and has a HUGE presence in Free! fanworks in Japan. So I’m not exactly sure why, but I am certainly not complaining.

I also got some RinRei books?! I just love Rin and Rei a lot right now, so I decided to give those a try… have not read them yet, though. I am just dying for them to be better friends/bigger rivals in Season 2 and can’t hold in my enthusiasm. I also got a bag with the cutest RinTori, NitoRin? art ever :D And……….

THERE WAS A SOUSUKE BOOK!!!!!!!!! It was my number one goal to find at least ONE THING with Sousuke and I DID AND IT WAS A REAL BOOK!!!!! An actual book, not just a copy machine book! This artist really busted ass getting this done in time!! It’s kind of a MakoRinSousuke book, which is just, wow that’s hot.

I don’t know if I will even like Sousuke yet, I just know right now I am really excited for a new character? So I get excited over him regardless of whether I will even like him or not. Aren’t many of you the same? :D

My favourite thing about these events, besides doujinshi, is that many artists dress up their plushies. I found the best plushies in the HaruRin section, which I walked up and down many times just admiring the art and chatting with fans (Rin/Haru books have such amazing and beautiful artwork and the fans here are so wonderful) and taking photos of the plushies.

A few people came up to me remembering me from the Kyoto event, and one even said thanks as I had let her see my pamphlet while in line, apparently!! I also met up with one of my EIGHT LINE BUDDIES and gosh I was so happy to see her again and she seemed really happy to see me too!! It felt like a reunion despite that it was only last week and my back is still hurting from it. One of the artists who remembered me was beside the artist who did the Sousuke book, and invited me to the mini Rin/Nitori event going on at the next Freestyle Love (general Free! pairings of all sorts!) Doujin event in July, and also to a Samezuka Doujin Event that was just decided for October! I said, you’ll have to change your posters if Sousuke is confirmed to be in Samezuka! And we fangirled over a guy nobody even knows much about for a while.

So that was how I spent my weekiversary after the Kyoto event… thanks to everyone from Tumblr and Twitter who said hi :D And sorry I talk so much @____@

anonymous asked:

They didn't "shove" anything with Laurel. And KC contract has nothing to do with anything. Actors are fired all the time. And FYI Marc himself confirmed 95% of the hate mail he received in season 2 was from fans angry he made Sara Canary over Laurel

Howdy, Anon! I’m not quite sure what you were hoping to accomplish with this submission. If your goal was to illuminate me on my wrongness and totally blow my mind with your rightness, you made a few fatal mistakes to sabotage your mission. My sympathies, chum.

Fortunately, since I am so historically magnanimous toward folks who send rude anonymous asks my way, I am more than willing to help you understand where you went wrong.

As best I can, anyway.

Let me start by rephrasing your ask:

“Hello, Laura! My name is Lord Voldemort. You have no way of confirming or denying that this is in fact my name, but I just know that chances of my criticism being taken seriously would increase exponentially if I do so without the protection of anonymity.

The gardeners did not ‘shove’ anything by planting that variety of the laurel plant in Missouri botanical gardens. The Kansas City contract has nothing to do with the types of greenery that could be made available. On an unrelated note, actors are fired from cannons all the time. Also, for your information, the singer Marc Anthony confirmed that 95% of the hate mail that he received in Season 2 was from fans that he enraged when he made somebody named Sara Canary do something on top of a laurel plant.


Lord Voldemort”

I want to first say that if I have misinterpreted the intended message of your ask, I am truly sorry. The total lack of specificity on any front that could have provided a grounding context to your complaint forced me to fill in a whole lot of blanks myself.

I did not know to whom you were referring with “they,” so I naturally assumed that you were thinking of gardeners. Of course, since gardeners were involved, I understood that you’d made a slight typo by capitalizing “Laurel” when referring to the plant in general rather than a specific species. Don’t fret - it’s a common mistake.

Without an apostrophe after the “KC,” I was unsure as to which particular contract you were trying to draw my attention. As you were discussing gardens, however, I quickly realized that you were using those botanical refuges in Kansas City as an example. I’ve never been to Missouri, but Kansas City is certainly a large enough city that my mind would leap to such a conclusion when no other modifiers were included to guide me in a different direction. I am somewhat alarmed for the Kansas City community of gardeners if their contract has nothing to do with anything. Honestly, that would just be a waste of paper.

I’m not sure why you suddenly changed the subject from gardening to actors being fired out of cannons, but I can’t say that I blame you. What an exciting prospect! Personally, I was unaware that people were fired out of cannons anywhere not involving three rings and a creepy variety of clowns. I learned something new today. Thank you, Anon.

Finally, I really appreciate the update on Marc Anthony. I’ve fallen sadly behind on my gossip about this particular singer. I do not know how this Sara Canary person relates back to the Kansas City gardening conundrum regarding the laurel plant, but perhaps it is time for me to pop my old Marc Anthony cassette back into the boom box and do some research.

It was nice corresponding with you!



P.S. You should check out this show called Arrow. It’s a real winner.