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notyetbulletproof  asked:

Hello. I really liked what you wrote about Barry 1 and Barry 2 and I sincerely apologise for how dumb this sounds (all the time travel has warped my brain) but given this is a Barry living in a timeline constructed by Eobard. Why does Barry still go missing? Wasn't that crisis because he went back in time? Or is that a red herring that the show will now change because Barry 1's timeline no longer exists? So Barry could have disappeared for so many other reasons. Whats your take on it? :)

Oh, now you started it.  Divergent Universe theory crash course time!  (And shush, it is far from a dumb question.)

Luckily for you, I have pictures!  (It was a cold day at the beach, what can I say?)

So, three things:

  1. The seashell represents Barry.  In this case, it’s the first Barry in our travels.  We could call it “The First Barry,” but I’m more fond of using the dash-# format.  End result: this is Barry-1.
  2. The line represents his original universe.  Say hi, Universe 1!
  3. The line is unbroken.  That’s one word for it.  I like uninterrupted, because what comes next is more like an interruption than a break.

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