2 exclamation marks

Sports animes be gettin more and more hyped about themselves like

Free!: Yes! We have an exclamation mark in our name! Whoa! We are excited and passionate about swimming! 

Haikyuu!!: I see your exclamation mark and raise you… 2 EXCLAMATION MARKS!! WE ARE SO HECKING HYPED ABOUT VOLLEYBALL MAN!! YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE!!

Yuri!!! on Ice: … Hey guys :)

Free! and Haikyuu!!: whoa!!!

anonymous asked:

your guess on who tweeted after the mv? is it jin? hobi? and how do you know

it’s jin imo. the only 3 people can call namjoon “namjoonie” is jin, yoongi and hoseok. if it’s hoseok, he would typically use a space followed by 2 or 3 exclamation marks. it sounds too cute for yoongi’s way of talking (말투). jin usually uses “fighting” and this has the same format as the tweet he posted that day he went to play the claw machine.