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Guardians of Notra pt. 1
  • Random New Blood, sets their hand on Cal's: If I touch someone, I can feel their feelings.
  • Cal: that's nice.
  • Random New Blood: You feel love.
  • Cal: yeah, I guess yeah, I feel a general unselfish love for just about everybody-
  • Random New Blood: No... sexual love...
  • Cal: No, no I dont-
  • Random New Blood, points to Mare: FOR HER!
  • Cal: NO!
  • Cal: Dude come on, I think you're overreacting a little bit.
  • Mare: blushing a lot
  • Kilorn, bouncing up and down and grabbing the New Blood's hand: DO ME! DO ME! DO ME!

An update on @lordminion’s new little Japanese fans (a follow-up to this post)

Last week I went back to that school (I’m only there once a week) and after class the two boys came up to me. The first one was yelling about how cool it was and how there was SO much dead by daylight (buddy, I KNOW lol) then he was (very literally) dragged by another friend to the back of the room to play.

The second boy is incredibly shy around me (big scary foreign girl, u know) and once the first boy left, boy 2 got really quiet. He practically mumbled “sensei, your friend is really cool.” Unfortunately, this class is super rowdy, and I couldn’t hear boy 2 over the yelling… What’s more, he was only speaking Japanese so I had to listen really hard AND translate..and the conversation went a bit like this

Boy 2: “your friend” *mumble mumble* “really cool” *mumble*
Me: “what? My friend?”
Boy 2: “from YouTube”
Me: “OH my YouTube friend??”
Boy 2: “he has a lot of followers”
Me (I don’t know the term for YouTube subscribers): “a lot of what?”
Boy 2: “like one million people”
Me: “OOOH you mean subscribers!!”
Boy 2: “I thought he was really cool”
Me: “he was really WHAT?”
Boy 2: “nothing nothing” *walks away embarrassed*
Me: “wait no I couldn’t hear you I’m sorry!!”
Boy 2: “It’s nothing sorry sensei”

I’m going to try talking to boy 2 again this week. He’s really shy and I don’t even know his name (I’m new and have about 600 students lol)

BUT, the important thing is they think Wade is SUPER cool. Boy 1 liked all the dead by daylight and thought Wade is funny, boy 2 thought he was “kakkoii” and impressed by all of the subscribers

I’m so glad Wade has given me an opportunity to connect with some of the students(´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Kent Parson snorts when he laughs, like, genuinely laughs, so he tries to never do it. The only person who has heard it is Jack, when they were younger and they were watching some stupid sitcom and a not funny joke showed up, Kent laughed until it hurt and he snorted and snorted and snorted and Jack thought it was so endearing at the time. Kent refuses to laugh like that around anyone else one, because snorting is embarrassing, and 2, because it reminds him of Jack and it reminds him of spending time with his mom when she wasn’t working, and his sister before he moved away and she resented him for getting away.
Then he met Tater, who made it his life’s mission after he and Kent became friends to make Kent laugh until he couldn’t breathe. He tried everything, dad jokes, pranking other people in front of Kent, he even tried puns, for fuck’s sake, and only got wide grins, soft looks, and pretend laughter. He is not here for pretend laughter, dammit. He almost gives up, then, he’s hanging out at Kent’s house when they both aren’t busy, and Kit Purrson was scratching at his ankle, looking for something to do, and Tater starts arguing with her, half jokingly, half seriously, “You want to square up, kitty? We can take outside.” He hadn’t expected a reaction from the cat, much less Kent, who had just walked in.
Kent laughed, his face was red, his mouth was open, his head was thrown back, and, most importantly, he was snorting. Tater hadn’t expected that. Tater lit up like the sun, and he started to laugh too. And they laughed for minutes, though it seems like hours, and Kent would sit down, stomach hurting, and he would rest his head on Tater’s shoulder, and they would catch their breath. Tater would look at Kent with pride and be like, “I knew I could make laugh.” and Kent didn’t even realize Tater was trying. They’re happy.

taeyang coming down the aisle at his wedding like

When i first saw Junkrat, i thought he could be reaaaaaaally good friends with Krieg frm bl2 :>