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Korean Numbers, Days of the Week and Months

I just read through my blog and I realised that I haven’t written anything about numbers, days of the week or months. So this post is dedicated to those people who were like “hEy wHErE DID THE NUMBERS, DAYS OF THE WEEK AND MONTHS GO???”


Numbers in Korean is actually simple; a lot simpler that English numbers tbh. The only somewhat hard ones are numbers from 1-10 and they aren’t even hard. Okay wait the other confusing thing is that there are two number systems in Korea. The Sino-Korean which derived from China and the Native Korean system deriving from Korea. I’m gonna show y’all both because we use both

NUMBER               SINO-KOREAN               KOREAN

1                             il 일                                   hana 하나

2                             ee (i) 이                             dul 둘

3                             sam 삼                              set 셋

4                             sa 사                                 net 넷

5                             o 오                                   da-seot 다섯

6                             yuk 육                               yeo-seot 여섯

7                             chil 칠                                il-gop 일곱

8                             pal 팔                                yeo-deol 여덟

9                             gu 구                                 ah-hop 아홉 

10                           ship 십                              yeol 열

Numbers 11-19 in Sino-Korean is ship-(insert Sino-Korean number from 1-9)

Numbers 11-19 in Native Korean is yeol-(insert Native Korean number from 1-9)

Double digit numbers that end in 0

Sino-Korean: (insert number of the tens digit. e.g. in 20 the tens digit number would be 2) then add 10 to it. For example, 20 is ee(i)-ship 이십, 30 is sam-ship 삼십. If the number is 21 then you add the word for 20 (ee-ship) 이십 with the word for 1 (il) 일; ee-ship il 이십일.

Native Korean: There is no pattern, nor order in Native Korean, making it harder to use.

20-seumul 스물 30-seoreun 서른 40-maheun 마흔 50-shin 쉰 60-yesun 예순 70-ilheun 일흔 80-yeodeun 여든 90- aheun 아흔

For numbers like 21 you add the word for 20 (seumul) with the word for 1 (hana); seumul-hana.


Days of the week in Korean is also REALLY EASY to learn because you only need to change one word. The name for the days of the week derive from Chinese as well.

Monday- wol-yo-il (wol meaning moon) (yo-il meaning day) 월요일

Tuesday- hwa-yo-il (hwa meaning fire) 화요일

Wednesday- su-yo-il (su meaning water) 수요일

Thrusday- mok-yo-il (mok meaning tree/wood) 목요일

Friday- geum-yo-il (geum meaning iron/metal) 금요일

Saturday- to-yo-il (to meaning dirt) (to is pronounced shortly so don’t say the name of the letter) 토요일

Sunday- il-yo-il (il meaning sun) (This il is different to the number 1) 일요일


Pronouncing months in Korean is very, VERY easy. you add the word for the number of the month (Sino-Korean) and add wol to it. For example, January- il-wol 일월, Feburary- ee-wol 이월, March- sam-wol 삼월, ect all the way up to December, which is ship-ee wol 십이월. Can’t be easier than that. Easier to understand and learn compared to October meaning the 8th month actually being the 10th month.


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