2 door coupe


Same place and colour, different car: Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, I guess an early Seventies 1300 or 1600 Junior with modified grille, not so original rims and just a GT badge. But you can’t deface a 105 series Bertone.


Sexy-mini-super-flower-pop-op-cola. Alles ist in afri-cola (German soft drink Ad)

1968 German Coke-bottle line Opel Rekord C Coupé 1900 L

1949 Porsche 356/2 Gmund Coupe | 2 Door Sports Car | 1.1L B4 Flat-4 40hp | Top Speed 142 kph 88 mph | Chassis No. 356/2-017 | This specific 356/2 was the 17th Porsche built | This is one of the oldest known Gmund Coupe in existence | Part of the Ingram Collection

The early 356 automobile bodies produced at Gmund were handcrafted in aluminum | The aluminum bodied cars from that very small company in Gmund, Austria are now referred to as prototypes | Only 25 Coupes were produced in 1949

The Maserati Zagato Coupe | One-off Double Bubble Roof

1955 Maserati A6G/54 2000 Berlinetta Zagato | Corsa Sport | Double Bubble Roof | 2 Door Sports Coupe | Zagato | Chassis No 2121 |
2.0L Tipo A6G54 Straight 6 150hp | Top Speed 210 kph 130 mph

Around 60 unit of different body types of A6G were produced | Of the sixty, 20 A6G/2000 berlinettas were done by Zagato | Of the twenty Zagato Coupes, only 1 A66 with a double bubble roof was ever made - Chassis No 2121