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Wake me up

-Day 1-
Mark tapped his foot on the glossy floor, the sound echoing through the empty hallways. The nurses told him he could stay, so here he was, sitting in an itchy ass blue chair. Perfect. Nate’s face remained monochrome; dead and lifeless, and Mark couldn’t do anything but stare. He brought his chair a little bit closer, to the point where he could hear his unstable breaths and frowned. “Well,” Mark started, tracing Nate’s hand, “I never thought you would be here. I feel it would always be me, I’d do some dumb shit and end up here, but like here I am…and Here you are.”

-Day 2-
Mark opened the door an inch, checking for anybody before he walked into Nate’s hospital room. He pulled a chair up to the bed, watching the clock next to the IV tubes. Mark took a deep breath, playing with his fingers. “You would always wake me up exactly at 6:47 in the morning, whispering in my ear, laughing. Now I have an alarm clock. It’s not as effective. I was late today. Hopefully Arin won’t stay mad at me, I mean he probably pities me. I would.” With that he put the chair back, walking out of the hospital

-Day 3-
At this point, Mark didn’t need to wait to sit down to start talking. It’s not like he would get a response anyways. All that aside, he talked anyways. “Nate, remember when you always complained that the house reeked of cigarettes, since Ryan was addicted? I’m not sure if you know this, but one time, it was a Saturday. Ryan was smoking inside. You were about to come over, and I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable, so I sprayed fabreeze all over the entire fucking house. The whole place ended up smelling like citrus and lemongrass, even though I hate the smell of citrus and lemongrass, but when you walked inside, and I saw your face curve into a smile, it was all worth it. Even when I got a huge migraine afterwards.”

-Day 4-
Mark didn’t even need to walk into the hospital room. At this point, he was basically living there; along with Nate, of course. He grabbed the remote, flipping through movie titles when he heard the distinct soundtrack of Boyz n the Hood. For the first time in forever, he smiled, turning to his unconscious lover.
“I’m pretty sure your favorite movie is Boyz n the Hood. Probably because we watched it like 15 times together. I’d never expect you to like it that much, mainly because you’re the whitest person ever; even though you’re half Korean. You would get really emotional when that one guy gets shot. I never remembered his name. You’d always get pissed at me for that. I remember his name now. It’s Ricky.”

-Day 5-
Mark stared at the ceiling, throwing a makeshift ball out of foil into the air. “I almost got a tattoo with your name on it. Dumb, right? I might do it anyways, I don’t know. Honestly I don’t know anything anymore. Matt and Ryan moved out. The house is empty. It’s depressing. I’m depressing. This is depressing” He tossed the foil ball into the trashcan, watching it bounce off the rim.

“I failed you. I failed this ball. Fucking hell Of a life I’m living, aint it babe?”

Nate didn’t respond. Mark didn’t expect him to.

-Day 6-

Mark leaned over Nate’s hospital bed, studying his features. He could see the small freckles on his nose, the gauges in his ears. He could imagine his lips curving into a smile, a smirk, a frown. Every part of his face told a different story. Their story.
“Remember that one fight we had? The one where I got mad because you cut your hair, and you didn’t see why it was a big deal? How I died my hair from pink to blue, just to spite you afterwards? Why were we both so obsessed with each others hair? To be honest, we were so obsessed with each other in general. Matt always said that we were sickeningly adorable. We were pretty damn cute together. I guess all good things must end, huh?

-Day 7-

"Well, I guess today is the day. I don’t want this to be really wordy, so I guess I’ll just rip the band aid off. I am in love with you. I never knew that, but now, you in a hospital bed, made it clear that I am so in love with you. I, Mark Fischbach, am completely infatuated with you, Nathan Smith. If only I could wake you up like you did me, everyday, at 6:47 AM.
Mark tapped a pen on the desk, waiting for the nurse. She finally arrived, clipboard under her arm.

"Today’s the day.”

She hastily looked at Mark, eyebrows raised.

“Are you sure?”

He nodded, tears swelling up in his eyes. She shrugged called over Nate’s doctor.

“Take Patient Smith in room 453 off life support.”

Mark walked out of the hospital, dragging his feet along. He looked at his watch as he put the key into the ignition of his car. It was 6:47 AM

lol this is what happens when google gives me a discount ed sheeran album -Mod H

10 Lyrics Challenge

Hello flowers 💕🎀🌷 I was tagged by the lovely @harryslovelylocks THANK YOU so much, I love doing music tags 😊 Rules:
- Write the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle (no skipping)
- Quote your favourite lyrics from that song
- Tag 10 people

1) From Eden - Hozier

You’re familiar like my mirror years ago 


I slithered here from Eden just to sit outside your door

2) Through the dark - One Direction

I will carry you over fire and water for your love and I will hold you closer, hope your heart is strong enough. When the night is coming down on you, we will find a way through the dark.

3) The man who sold the world - Nirvana 

We spoke of was and when, although I wasn’t there he said I was his friend

4) Where do broken hearts go - One Direction

gaaaahhh whyyyy!!! You can’t make me chose, I literally love every single word in the song.

OK *breathes in and out* 

Shadows come with the pain that you’re running from, love was something you’ve never heard enough. It took me some time but I figured out how to fix up a heart that I let down.

(I’m honestly tearing up while writing this…)

*louis’ voice* ANYWAYS! 

Sorry for the digression, clearly I can’t control myself when it comes to wdbhg


5) Sweet disposition - The Temper Trap

Won’t stop ‘til it’s over, won’t stop to surrender

6) These streets - Bastille

These streets are yours, you can keep them, I don’t want them. They pull me back, and I surrender to the memories I run from

7) Stand back - Stevie Nicks

No one knows how I feel, what I say unless you read between my lines

8) I want to break free - Queen

I want to break free from your lies you’re so self satisfied, I don’t need you

9) Same mistakes - One Direction

Circles, we’re going in circles, dizzy is all it makes us. We know where it takes us, we’ve been before

10) Stand by me - Ben E. King

If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall or the mountain should crumble to the sea, I won’t cry, I won’t cry. No, I won’t shed a tear just as long as you stand, stand by me

I tag @niall-horan-bitches @samckybestpals @larrypottery @dunkirkstyles @dillyson @when-curly-met-boobear @slytherineleanor @harryasfuck @madharrie 

I know I always repeat myself but honestly, don’t feel obliged to do this if you don’t want to 😊 And if you’ve been tagged already, then sorry! 🙈


68 Dodge Charger R/T by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Follow this link for more car pictures: www.flickr.com/photos/greggjerdingen/collections/72157631… 1968 Dodge Charger RT440 V-8 727 AutoSureGrip rear-endThis is a numbers matching 440, runs and drives great! The red paint with black top will turn heads and bring back the old days, new interior, new fuel tank, new exhaust, this car is ready to enjoy and is a great iconic car.


68 Mercury Cougar by Greg Gjerdingen