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It’s A Vibe - 2 Chainz ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz & Jhene Aiko


2 Chainz, “It’s A Vibe” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz and Jhene Aiko.



Track 1: Busan (I Was Born There First) feat. Jungkook crying in the background

Track 2: Same Height feat. Yoongi

Track 3: Jams (Fuck You Namjoon)

Track 4: Excuse Me BIIITCH


Track 1: I Hate Snakeu (Talking To You Jimin)

Track 2: Flower (Fuck You Jimin)

Track 3: Hope (I’m Yours)

Track 4: Lines (Where Are Mine?) feat. Jin screaming into the mic


Track 1: Happy Theories (What Are Those?)

Track 2: Art Hoe

Track 3: God of Destruction (Fuck I’m So Sorry I Didn’t Mean To Break That) 

Track 4: Proud Parents of Five feat. Jin


Track 1: Beach Bitch feat. Jimin

Track 2: ChimChim feat. Jimin giggling 

Track 3: Turn Up (Let’s Go Party?)

Track 4: Cypher (Gotta Do This Shit Myself)


Track 1: Friends (What Are They?)

Track 2: One Time I- (I DID IT FIRST) feat. Jimin

Track 3: Jungcook feat. Charlie Puth

Track 4: International Playboy feat. G-Dragon and Jungkook fanboying into the mic


Track 1: Infires feat. Jungkook

Track 2: Three Dolla Chain Make These Hoes Go Cray

Track 3: I’m A Centimeter Taller feat. Jimin (possible rap battle that Jimin will lose)

Track 4: Just Like Jay-Z


Track 1: Wasn’t I Speaking First feat. Yoongi (and possibly the rest of BTS)

Track 2: Girl You’re So Fine You’re Zero Calories

Track 3: Beautiful (Aren’t I?)

Track 4: Acknowledge Me I’m The Backbone of This Group feat. BTS screaming Jin’s name

Track 5: No One Fucking Helps Me In This House


Min Yoonji

Track 1: I Got A Glock In My Pocket feat. Jimin

Track 2: Boys Boys Boys! Get The Fuck Away From Me feat. BTS

Track 3: Should’ve Put A Couple Rings On It feat. Jin

Track 4: Hair Flip

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Gon faces his greatest challenge yet-  moneyyy

Who will feed the cat? When will the stress of debt be lifted? And how will he manage to pay bail for Hisokas latest stunt most recently pulled from his shwinging? Who flipping knows? 

Stay tuned to find out OTL

 I’ve never been a commission kind of person but now is the time, I am pretty desperate. *nervous laughter*

[Audio] DJ KnockOut’s NightShow Mix Pt.2

“Ain’t no netflix and chill bih, we listening to KnockOut’s NightShow Mix. ”

Twitter/IG: @IamDjKnockOut

Track List:

01. Tyler The Creator - Find Your Wings
02. Childish Gambino - So Into You (Cover)
03. Frank Ocean - We All Try
04. Jacquees - Persian Rugs (Cover)
05. Tory Lanez - Talk On The Road
06. Bryson Tiller - Just Another Interlude
07. Dej Loaf - Me U & Hennessy Ft. Lil Wayne
08. Future - The Percocet & Stripper Joint
09. Chris Brown - Liquor
10. PartyNextDoor - No Feelings Ft. Ca$h Out & Travis $cott
11. Drake - The Real Her
12. Ty Dolla $ign - Solid Ft. Babyface
13. Post Malone - Holyfield

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ok so Blueprints is my shit rn, au where soulmates have some kind of tattoo relating to each other like a name, keith and lance have lil pawprints and keith figures out lance is his soulmate but lance has no idea, it’s just like, nOICE there’s some smut as well n its hot bruh (its not finished but the writer updates on the reg so stick w it yo)

Sharing is like, a super smutty one, I was like whoa son ngl I read it a while ago but I just remember being like dang das some good smut there yo, keith and lance get body swapped and ya u can imagine 

In my mind is another goodun, keith can read lance’s thoughts and lmao some truth happens boy oh boy, not rlly smutty but still 10/10

I bet you look good on the dance floor is like, a godsend rn, its so damn good and keith is so raunchy mine and lance’s poor lil bi hearts can’t take it, he needs a trip 2 church, but yeah its a step up au ppl are goin crazy for rn bc its fukin amazing, no actual smut has happened yet  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) its so good tho read it (this one isnt finished yet either but its worth waiting 4)

Dirty omg, I’m gonna take this opportunity to yell about this fic bc it OWNS my ass rn, oh my GOD I can’t stop thinking about it, no real smut happens but its just so fricking good??? why aren’t there more ppl talking about it???? I love it so much, its basically lance seeing how gross keith is and shows him the world of cleanliness and they bath 2gether and its cute bc u see them bonding and having fun and being happy, like honestly I love it, LOVE it plus they see each other naked #intimate 

Halcyon days is a fic that I eagerly await each chapter of, its so good and the relationship being built between lance and keith mmmm ye boiii, lance is royalty but he doesn’t know it and keith is a knight on a secret mission to get him and its just like mmmmmm yeeee boiiiii they’re traveling together n being gay losers its just gr8, no smut yet either but the storyline makes me nut enuff

I don’t rlly read much smut tbf bc I don’t really come across it, but these are some fics I’ve read and loved recently, enjoy my fellow klancers~


2 Chainz FT Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz & Jhené Aiko - It’s A Vibe (Official Video) (New)