2 dec 2013 tuesday


Eddie Redmayne at Peninsula Hotel attending the Academy Circle of BAFTA event on 2 DEC,2013 (Tuesday)

My REPO of the first day of BATFA event in Hong Kong

Photos of his signatures

I received the news that Eddie was coming to Hong Kong on that Saturday midnight and I just totally FREAKED OUT. 

The news was so sudden and I had totally zero preparation.

I searched any fans on the Weibo(China’s twitter) and so luckily I found 2 companions at last!!!! 

We just knew the location but not the time. Before I’d tried to call the organizor, Catering and PR but failed. We guessed such an event won’t be started in the early morning so we went there at 1:30pm waiting. 

We asked the receptionist and he kindly told us the timing. The event would be held at 6:30pm. We waited at the only pathway they would pass.

Not until 6:30, Eddie finally and suddenly shown up.

The first impression that came into my mind was that he was so lean and tall!! He must have been losing lots of weights for the Hawking movie…


We said Hello to Eddie and he was a little bit shocked that there were fans waiting him there but then he smiled profoundly.

We asked him “Could you sign for/take photos with us please?”

“Yeah sure!” he said. And we handed him our album/books/photos for him to sign, and took pictures with him, taking turns. 

When I handed him the Les Mis Blu-ray Booklet for him to sign on his page, he joked, “ I looked angry in this picture.”

And I immediately said “No, you’re not. Your performance in it is really great. I love it very much. ” (Hell-yeah!!! I did it!! I successfully told him what I had been planning to say to him! YESSSSS)

He said, “Oh thank you, glad that you like it”

And when he signed me the Les Mis album, I asked could he also write my name on it. 

He said sure and asked what my name was. I told him it’s Mori. He asked me how does it spell. I told him it’s M-O-R-I. He didn’t catch it and so he hunched over me to listen me saying again. His head was so near me. 


When he was signing, I told him and his companion ( BATFA’s ) that we’re so sorry to disturb them. She shook her  head and told us no, don’t say that. 

OH YES, I touched his back when we’re taking photos, OH YES, I was so close to his chest. 

When he had to leave, if my buddies didn’t remind me that we had prepared a card and a souvenir for him, I would have totally forget it Orz

We told him we got a present for you and he said, “Oh, for me!?” and happily thanked us. 

Then he and his companion left and went for the event. 

When he just wanted to turn around, totally out of my impulse and subsconciousness, I quickly reached out my hand to him and said “Thank you for all of these!!”.

AND HE TOOK IT WITH BOTH OF HIS HANDS, SMILED AND SHOOK. He said welcome and thank me too. 

DAMN. THIS. He is so nice!!!!!!! I just can’t asdgdjgwekjtbwekjbawkej

It was still like a fxxking dream for the 3 of us. When he showed up from nearly out of nowhere suddenly, all my little bunnies and butterflies were jumping and flying so violently in my stomach.

He is incredibly nice and adorable and when he talked to you, he looked into your eyes. 

DAMN, this is too much (shouting in my brain)

My heart was gonna burst at that moment…GAWD…

My second REPO of the second BAFTA event the masterclass with Eddie Redmanye will be posted on tomorrow.