2 days omfg

Okay okay I know Valentine’s Day was ages ago but the last gift from my boyfriend turned up yesterday and I felt like I needed to post about it.
My boyfriend knows how much I *l o v e* Sniper and Medic (and knows that I ship the fuck out of them too) so he bought me this absolutely gorgeous shirt! I freaking adore Lintu’s artwork, which makes it even better!❤
I’m just so in love with this shirt, as well as my boyfriend so much for getting me this (and for putting up with my love for these two mercs)😍😂




“Let’s live while doing things we like” 

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mask wearing protags;;; persona 2: innocent sin (an amazing game that i love to death) also has mask references/a red colour scheme so obviously tatsuya and p5mc go hand in hand! even p5mc’s persona reminds me of apollo so much!