2 days!




“You think you have the advantage here?… That’s cute.”  -Mare Barrow 

A little purple Mare mood-board/aesthetic for your Tuesday evening! I have been sick for a week now and all of your likes/reblogs really make my day. 

@vaveyard It would mean a lot if you noticed this Ms. Victoria because my great dane Preston is in the hospital right now cause he is having trouble breathing. He is my baby even though for a great dane he is really old. I am really worried and can’t be there for him cause I am sick. :( 

2.5k promos ☁️

hey cutie patooties! so i just reached 2.5k a few days ago, and this is what i wanted to do to celebrate this rather hUGE milestone! thank you so much for all of your amazing support; it’s been an extraordinary journey with you guys by my side ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

now, what to do:

— mbf this hoodie lover
reblob this post plz (likes count as bookmarks only!)
— also blacklist/track the tag #chloe.promos if you want to!

and that’s it! i’ll be doing promos in batches of 4-5 blogs! thank you so much again, and i’ll see you guys later! :D


Anyways if anyone cares I got my Dragon Age bag I designed today from Redbubble. I’m always taking requests for stuff as well.