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the blacklist appreciation week → day seven

hopes for season 5 | I’m really excited to see how things will unfold this season, mostly between Red and Liz. Also I’d like to see them team up more and take down Blacklisters together. And I want to see more strong and badass Lizzie, going undercover and being awesome.

Also, please, more scenes with Red wearing a tux and being cute with dogs.



a sudden surprise! this is my first time at Fanime, and first time in CA ever. here’s a glimpse of you can pick up this weekend. @hannahconnollyart will be with me with their own good$ so please come say hi, vibe kindly, and pick up some highly attractive JJBA/Superpose merch ✨🌴 hope to see you tomorrow!

Levihan Week Day 2: Nightmare

Pairing: Levihan

Word count: 814

A/N: Day 2! This one is shorter, and it’s been done a hundred times, but I don’t even care because you can never have too much sleepy Levihan cuddles, right? Anyway, yeah, enjoy reading! 

A slow, drawn out creek had immediately whisked Levi from the light slumber he had managed to drift off into. He peeled open his eyelids, directing his blurry gaze towards his door. “Levi, are you awake?” A hushed voice carried out into the darkness of his bedroom.

The raven-haired man frowned at her voice, moving to groggily sit up. “What are you doing, Four-Eyes?” He said flatly, his voice thickened with sleep.

“Is it alright if I sleep in here with you tonight?” Her voice drifted towards him, and he furrowed his brow at the anxiousness he caught in her even tone.

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d-0 to seventeen’s anniversary

a love letter to seventeen:

thank you for always making me laugh and for being my healing when life gets difficult. with you fantastic 13 balls of sunshine, these past two years have been much more than just very nice. i’m so proud that i’ve been able to see all of you grow, and just thinking about it causes tears to well up. but, i’ll try to hold these tears in because i don’t wanna cry

seventeen, i’m glad we’ve made it this far, and i’ll continue to adore u for years to come. let’s keep on walking on this flower path.

happy 2nd year anniversary!

Does Michael Clifford Know I Exist Yet?

Day 132: nope