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I’m that person who won’t actually admit she actually loves Valentine’s Day because no one’s supposed to love Valentine’s Day because it’s “materialistic” and “sappy” but dude sorry I love love and I’m a sap for love day

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(part 1) okay so one time i went to this girls house who in college who i had known for maybe a couple of months and we along with another friend spent the night because we were going to a concert and her house was close. So the next day we planned to go out and grab lunch on our way back to campus but the girl told her dad that we'd stay for lunch. So we're forced to stay and the girl is like he's going to make our famous spaghetti. The dad runs out to the store to but the ingredients.

(part 2) so when the dad gets home he pulls out spaghetti noodles from the grocery bag (normal right, but wait). then he pulls 4 fucking family size ketchup bottles out of the bag and my friend and i make eye contact with looks of horror on our faces and the girls whose has that we’re at just smiles and is like “bet you guys can’t guess our secret family ingredient”. and my friend with a deadpan look is like “ketchup:”. my friend absolutely hated ketchup and is spoiled so she didn’t eat it. i am too polite to decline anything so i ate a bowl of spaghetti with ketchup for sauce and it was probably the worst meal of my life. 

as an extremely picker eater I can relate!

Weird KND Headcanons

- When first coming to Earth, 74.239 had a small break down very similar to Peridot.
- He’s also an environmentalist

- Numbuh Infinity’s true form is that strange cat that appeared on the G:KND website (you know, with the pictures above where you enter an operative’s numbuh)

- Numbuh 2’s dad was a comedian, which is why he tries so hard to be funny (in his memory)

- Numbuh 86 has a pet ferret (odd I know)

- while 86 does hate boys, out of her brothers she tends to prefer Shaunie over Paddy

- the Delightful Children are the secret reincarnation of Elvis, and they both died the same way: on a toilet (really out there, this one’s my favorite)

- Numbuh 1 is actually a secret fan of Doctor Space Time and the Continuums, but is in denial (he saw it after what 362 said)

- as teenagers , 362, 2, 3, and 86 become Internet reviewers (2 for Yipper, 3 and 86 for Rainbow Monkeys, and 362 for Doctor Space Time)
-2’s style is similar to Rebeltaxi, 3’s to KP, 86’s to Nostalgia Critic, and 362’s to MrEnter

- Numbuh 60’s autistic (although it’s more similar to Asperger’s Syndrome)

Anyone else have any weird KND headcanons?

Y'all know I don’t like babies, or pregnancy, or anything related, but this was just such a strong display of the family values that queers are supposed to be destroying. This woman, possibly a lesbian, was surrogating for two gay men who wanted a baby. I just thought it was fantastic, she was the first person I saw at the parade after my friends, and bless her heart she was there for four hours. Every single person in the parade wanted her picture. Pretty sure she’s Pride’s new main campaign picture. 

Photo credit to me, please.

jlo & liam were working on songs together now shes gonna be on jimmy fallon the same night as zayn….juicy & liam are working together now juicy following zayn on twitter…when will liam & zayn work together again