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Hey, I was wondering, a couple of friends and i are making OCs based off Cakes?. it's set in like..A modern kingdom. the Princess is Red Cream *Based off Red Velvet Cake*. The Cliche of The princess who doesnt want to be a princess.. A butler *No name and is based off Cheese Cake* And the Jester. *No name again and based off Angel Cake* and we were wondering if you wanted to join in with us?

Idk if I’d have time to join in with anything proper, but a cake kingdom sounds fun!

The good knight Sir Battenburg, stepping up to the plate!





Design belongs to @ehuante!

So, as you can see, next to every picture of the chibi, there are crayons, pencils, markers and a high lighter.

-The first picture shows the marker that I do the line art with. It’s thin around 0.4.

-The second picture shows a pencil that I do the skin with, and a crayon (light pink) that I do the shadow with. 

-The third picture shows the two markers that i used to color the hair.

-The Fourth picture shows the marker and the two crayons that I used to do the upper clothing.

-The fifth picture shows the crayons, marker and pencil that I continued coloring the clothing with. I used the pencil for the blouse, the marker for the shadow of the skirt and the crayons for the bows.

-The sixth picture shows the pencils and the crayon that I used for the coloring. 

-The seventh picture shows the high lighter that I use for highlighting.

And the final picture shows the final thing. :>

For the anon who asked about the things I color with, there ya go, and also, if someone else was curious, then there ya go. :D

Hope you like it! ☺♥☺




Come join Nightengale Needles at @animeboston​!

A featured artist for a second year running, this year our head artist, Emily “Gale” Smith, will be using her knowledge and expertise to present two panels. We hope to see you there!

Cosplay Fabric 101
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Panel 309 Fri

Learn how to pick the right fabric for cosplay! Translate a 2-D anime character design into real life in a convincing way. Hand, drape, weight, knit, weave, fiber type, finish? When looking for the right fabric to sew your cosplay, there’s way more to it than just picking the right color.

Perfect Little Models: Ball-Jointed Dolls & Your Art
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM Panel 306 Sat

Ball jointed dolls, or BJD, are a category of collectible art in their own right. Created by small teams of artisans, they represent a fusion of chemistry knowledge, artistic talent, determination, and patient practice. Get inspired by them and learn the many ways they can help you practice your own art. Photographers, sewers, cosplayers, sculptors, artists, and jewelers can all benefit from the help of these little palmtop muses.

Panel times are static and will not be moved do to scheduling adjustments by the convention.


ahhhh so here’s my pokemon white 2 team in gijinka form-

Liepard (female)- Impish; Level 77 

Emboar (male)- Bold; Level 81

Leavanny (male)- Rash; Level 80

Watchog (female)- Careful; Level 74

Ampharos (female)- Quiet; Level 81

Azumarill (male)- Quirky; Level 85


Michael Defeo - Tomorrow Never Knows                                                         Resin cast                                                                                                             15.5x15.5x3.5

Michael Defeo is a sculptor whose specialty lies in translating 2-D character designs into fully realized 3-D models. He built the modeling and sculpting studios at Blue Sky Studios in Greenwich, Connecticut, and served a the head of each department for 15 years. While at Blue Sky, Michael helped bring countless characters to life for the ICE AGE series, ROBOTS, HORTON HEARS A WHO, RIO, and EPIC.

To enable him to pursue more freelance and personal work, Michael decided to strike out on his own in 2010. He has always dreamed of working in Paris and was determined to make a go of  it.

With the help of Illumination Entertainment, Michael spends about half the year in the city of light, helping t create characters for DESPICABLE ME 2 an THE LORAX, as well as characters for French impresario Joann Sfar and others. In his exclusive relationship with Galerie Arludik in Paris, he has created many an homage to his animation roots, most recently featured in the venerable Cornette St. Cyr auction of modern art.

Born in Pennsylvania to artistic parents, Michael began his career pursuing his passion for special effects and makeup, later making stop-motion puppets for commercials, television, theater and film. Michael’s versatility and unique use of traditional and digital mediums give life to a wide array of characters, from teddy bears to creatures for the film ALIEN RESURRECTION.