2 d art

So I caved and finally got a tablet… and of course, the first thing I draw is @therealjacksepticeye  (obviously because he is awesome psshhhh :D )

This whole thing was inspired by a Spyro kigurumi I saw while browsing the interwebs and thought that would be perfect considering I loved Jack’s playthrough of Spyro so much! (it’s seriously a great LP, go check it out) 

Hi everyone! Since I’ve reach 1000+ followers (IM SCREAMING YOU HAVE NO IDEA), i’ve decided to make another art raffle to celebrate! Thank you all so much for following me and liking my content, you have no idea how happy and grateful i am! Thank you again and I hope ya’ll enjoy this art raffle event! Also, I’ve added more prizes and slot winners because THE LARGER THE BETTER

I’m thinking of making the deadline on August 1st, but i might change it soon so we’ll see!